Wounded Vet's Purple Heart Comes COD

And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine:

Deceptive Strategy?

The American Federation of Teachers has taken an internal report off its website describing the union's successful plan to water down school reform in Connecticut.

Media reports say the union replaced a proposal that would have given parents the power to force changes at schools with a so-called Governance Council that is just advisory. The document says the name of the group was designed to mislead legislators into thinking parents would have real power when in fact they will not.

The union now says the document does not represent its position even though each of the 19 pages has the union logo and is signed by an official.

Postage and Handling

The United States is home of the brave, but not necessarily the grateful. A South Dakota news station says when Army Sergeant Major Rob Dickerson finally received his Purple Heart in the mail -- 4 years late -- it came with $21 postage due. The retired vet said -- quote -- "COD is how I received my Purple Heart."

Dickerson was seriously wounded by a rocket blast in Iraq in 2007. Because of a paperwork mix-up, the medal was late and he did not get a pinning ceremony.

Dickerson did get an apology and a refund check for the postage. But he couldn't cash it because it was made out to "Roy" instead of "Rob."

Lease of His Problems

And the man who rose to national fame for proclaiming "the rent is too damn high" is facing eviction from his Manhattan apartment because -- he says -- "my rent is too damn low!"

Jimmy McMillan pays about $875 for his rent-controlled apartment. He tells The New York Post that his landlord is kicking him out so he can charge a new tenant more rent.

The building's owner says McMillan violated his lease by maintaining another apartment -- a claim McMillan denies.