Woman launches petition to keep Ebola nurse quarantined

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KACI HICKOX, NURSE WHO TREATED EBOLA PATIENTS: I still believe that I'm fighting for something much more than myself. I am completely healthy. You know, you could hug me. You could shake my hand. There is no way that I would give you Ebola.


MEGYN KELLY, HOST: That was defiant nurse Kaci Hickox telling the "Today"show, she was not going to comply with the quarantine order to stay inside because she had been exposed to Ebola overseas. True to her word, she and her boyfriend were riding around her hometown in Maine today.  And my next guest is also from Maine and is so concerned about the risk to public safety, she has started an online petition to have Kaci Hickox do the quarantine time or lose her medical license.

Jamie Gaskey, welcome to you.


KELLY: Were you reassured at all by what she said there, Jamie?

GASKEY: Yes ma'am, I did.

KELLY: Were you reassured by what she said?

GASKEY: No, ma'am, not at all. Because she's an R.N., she should be setting actually a positive example to society and encourage collaboration between health care providers and federal and state institutions. And with her not complying she's encouraging other health care providers do the same thing.

KELLY: Do you think she wants the showdown?

GASKEY: I feel like she is actually setting the stage for a showdown with health care practitioners in picking and choosing what policies and procedures they're going to follow and whether it's convenient or not.

KELLY: You know, she says, I'm not symptomatic and you can't get Ebola from somebody who's not symptomatic. And she looks at all those doctors in the white coats who were behind Barack Obama when he held his presser yesterday who also just came back from treating Ebola patients.  She says, why are those guys standing a couple feet away from the president, she and her supporters and fine, they're at the White House all is well. And I have to stay inside my house. She is sort of, you know, arbitrary who gets subjected to the quarantine state by state and who does not. Does she have a point?

GASKEY: Well, actually I just think that because of all the uproar and all because of everything that I've seen from online and from everything that I've seen in the media, she should just do it. It's inevitable. This is something that you should do. You knew the risks and you took the risks when you went over there. So, why can't you do the same thing for us and take the risks when you come home.

KELLY: I think, you know, she believes that there was no quarantine there. There wasn't a mandatory quarantine order in place when she went.  Right? So she came back and got surprised by it. But she said yesterday I think, on one of the morning shows, she said, quote, "I am the one who's suffering." You know, she thinks she is the one who is being victimized here. She doesn't see herself as potentially victimizing the folks who live in Maine. Your thoughts on that.

GASKEY: My thoughts on that is that she just needs to hear our voices, hear our opinions. We don't hate her. We do not want ill will on her. We just want her to understand that we are very concerned. And all we want her to do is just the 21 days. Just do these short 21 days just to reassure and just as a precautionary.

KELLY: Jamie, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

GASKEY: All right.

KELLY: All the best to you.

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