With Friends Like These

I guess it's not exactly "news" to say a lot of the world doesn't like the United States.

Save maybe England and Australia — and maybe the more rural regions of Canada — the Stars and Stripes sickens and stings the world.

Even amongst our friends, we incite events like a huge anti-U.S. rally in South Korea over the weekend — protesting the relocation of an American military base there.

All this has got me wondering.

What would happen if we simply ceded to the protesters demands and got out of "their" countries?

What if we told South Korea, "You hate our troops there? We're pulling our troops out of there. You deal with that nut to the north. We're out of it."

Same thing in Germany: "You're no fan of ours, you're clearly no fan of our troops. They're gone. You're on your own."

Ditto the rest of Europe: "You don't like us protecting freedom? Then we're done protecting you."

Or Japan or the Philippines: Places where our very presence endears more a screw you than a thank you.

I say, then enough with you — all of you.

What do you think would happen?

Some might welcome it… until trouble hits. Then, I suspect, they might miss it. Until then, the Italian-Irish kid in me, feels tempted to say "stick it."

It's probably a good thing that U.S. authorities are more mature than I am. I just think it's a pity the countries we try to help are not.

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