Will There Be Justice for Baby Jason Midyette?

On February 24, 2006, a nurse in Boulder, Colorado called 9-1-1:


NURSE: I need to have an officer respond ASAP.

DISPATCHER: What's going on?

NURSE: A two month old. Significant abuse.


Two police officers quickly arrive and are told by doctors that the tiny baby — actually just 10 weeks old — had a fractured skull and 27 other fractures. A week later, baby Jason dies. The Boulder County coroner rules it a homicide.

Then little happens. The suspected parents, Alex and Molly Midyette lawyer up; are not arrested and the case goes nowhere.

Finally we sent "Factor" producer Jesse Watters out to visit Boulder D.A. Mary Lacy, the same woman who botched the JonBenet Ramsey/John Mark Karr case.


JESSE WATTERS, "FACTOR" PRODUCER: The coroner ruled it a homicide months ago.

MARY LACY, BOULDER COUNTY D.A.: I do not discuss pending cases with anyone.

WATTERS: Are you gun shy because of what happened with John Mark Karr?

LACY: Please leave my premises.

WATTERS: The forensic pathologist said it was the victim of repeated and deliberate child abuse.

LACY: You are trespassing. You need to leave my premises now. Do you understand?


What we don't understand to this day is why it took Lacy 14 months to indict the Midyettes. Yesterday, they were charged with child abuse, not murder.

A few weeks ago "Factor" producer Porter Barry caught up with coroner Thomas Faure:


PORTER BERRY, "FACTOR" PRODUCER: Do you have any idea what could cause these kinds of injuries?

THOMAS FAURE, BOULDER COUNTY CORONER: I'm not going to speculate as to what the method or how these injuries came about.

BERRY: Our medical expert back at FOX News says he thinks it's murder. What do you think?

FAURE: Well, we certified it as a homicide. A murder is a legal determination.


Of course child abuse charges carry lesser penalties than murder, but there's no question that this baby was brutally beaten to death. So what's really going on here?

Boulder, Colorado —the home of Ward Churchill — is a secular-progressive enclave, a college town run by a few rich people and some far left ideologues. Alex Midyette's father is one of the richest guys in town. And he and his wife were able to make bond totaling more than a million dollars.

D.A. Lacy is simply incompetent, a woman who has embarrassed the state of Colorado time and again. But she was elected by the SP voters of Boulder.

So there you have it. It takes Lacy 14 months to bring charges that could have been brought in hours. Somebody beat baby Jason to death in a horrific way. But that somebody isn't facing murder charges tonight. After all this time, it is now a child abuse case.

And that's "The Memo."

Most Ridiculous Item

The lead editorial in the Wall Street Journal on May 9 describes how one of George Soros's best friends is trying to take over the World Bank. — It's a little complicated but you might want to check it out.

Now on the Soros front here in America, as we discussed with the General [earlier in the show] the far left is furious. We have outed the radical billionaire trying to buy influence in the presidential election.

Connie Schultz, this woman, who writes for the Cleveland Plain Dealer, told her readers that I, your humble correspondent, call people names every 6.8 seconds. She got that from a bogus Indiana University study. Now, Ms. Schultz misled her readers throughout. Here's just one example: "O'Reilly also claimed that Media Matters was disseminating the results of the ndiana University study far and wide. Wrong again."

Oh, really, madam? Well, here is the Media Matters press release on that silly study. So either you, Ms. Schultz, cannot read or you are not telling the truth.

By the way, Connie Schultz is married to Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown, and the family of George Soros donated almost $16,000 to Brown in 2006. See?

Ridiculous? You make the call.

It's frightening how many tentacles George Soros has and how many dishonest journalists are in his pocket. And I hope you're not getting bored with this but just every single day — I mean, this guy is everywhere!