Will the Radical Left Doom the Democratic Party?

First off, big victory for the folks in Virginia. The city of Virginia Beach is partly renouncing its sanctuary policy, and will now demand immigration status in DUI and other alcohol related cases. We hope drug cases as well. —Now that comes on the heels of Virginia banning mentally ill people from buying guns. Some good news in the Commonwealth.

The "Talking Points Memo" this evening: will the radical left doom the Democratic party?

More immigrant demonstrations took place across the USA on this May Day. It was the usual call for compassion in dealing with illegal aliens living in the USA. In our Judeo-Christian tradition, compassion is a good thing.

What is not a good thing is the radical left using illegal immigration as yet another issue in which to drastically change America. Whenever you hear the words "comprehensive immigration reform", you know that is code for blanket amnesty with little border protection.

The far left wants open borders. It believes foreign born nationals have a right to come here illegally and enjoy our constitutional rights.

But most Americans believe that's insane. So the words "comprehensive immigration reform" are there to mask intent. If Congress would secure the border and heavily fine employers who hire illegal workers, then I believe most Americans would be willing to support guest worker programs with possible citizenship down the road. But without a stick, the carrot is worthless.

This is the basic dilemma of the Democratic party. The big money is being doled out by radical billionaires like George Soros and the ideology doled out by newspapers like The New York Times. Both want profound change in America.

But most every day folks don't want a drastic overhaul of the country. So the candidates, the Democratic candidates are stuck in the middle. If they surrender to the radicals like John Edwards has done, they can't win a general election. If they forge their own path like Hillary Clinton has done, they get pounded on the far left Internet sites.

The Iraq war's another good example. The cut and run crew wants a "holistic approach" to terrorism, not aggressive action because the radicals basically feel much of the terrorism in the world is America's fault. You hear Cindy Sheehan call Islamic fanatics who murder women and children in Iraq "freedom fighters." That's their loopy point of view.

So once again, most Americans reject that. And any Democrat who gets tied in with it is done!

But if you go up against the radical left, they'll try to hurt you. And most moderate Democrats don't want the pain.

So from open borders, to fighting terrorism, to the culture war at home, the radical left is making things very difficult for mainstream Democrats, just as the Iraq war has badly damaged the Republicans.

Today, President Bush had to veto the war spending bill. The George Soros brigades are doing the same to the Democrats. And that's why the presidential race of 2008 is going to be very close.

And that is "The Memo."

Most Ridiculous Item

Time now for "The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day", which, tonight, isn't ridiculous at all. But short preview of my interview with former CIA Chief George Tenet, which I mentioned. It will run tomorrow evening.


TENET: When you plan a war you have to — you have to transition from war fighting to conflict termination to peace keeping and stabilization. And we needed to have an integrated plan from beginning, middle, to end. If you go back and look at this.

O'REILLY: But you didn't?

TENET: We didn't.

O'REILLY: Whose fault is that? Is that your fault?

TENET: Well, look, fault — you know, listen, let's not get into fault.

O'REILLY: Why not? Don't people have the right to know?

TENET: You guys love laying blame.


All right. I consider that interview with Mr. Tenet to be one of the most important we've done here on “The Factor”, because we all depend on U.S. intelligence for our survival.

I hope you'll tune in tomorrow evening. I can guarantee you it will not be ridiculous. It will be well worth your time.