Will the Oscars Turn Into An Anti-Bush Bash?

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Will the Oscars turn into an anti-Bush bash? That's the subject of this  evening's "Talking Points Memo."  ABC has installed a five second delay to protect itself against any dubious musings during Sunday's upcoming Oscar  telecast. Some believe that a few winners may pander to the crowd about politics, including the gay marriage deal. Obviously, that would cause controversy and ABC's nervous. "Talking Points" has no problem with famous people speaking out on issues, but there's a way to do it.  Americans are getting fed up with cheap shots, I believe.  And the people who make them put themselves at risk.  And they know it.

Listen to Meryl Streep (search) at last weekend's Screen Actors Guild Awards (search).


MERYL STREEP, SAG AWARD WINNER:  If anyone's biting his cuticles, lest I say anything political now.  I'm only an actor, this isn't "The Factor."  God forbid I should seem hypercritical.


O'REILLY:  All right.  The problem with Ms. Streep, and others, is they won't answer any questions about their opinions.  We'd love to have her on "The Factor."  Obviously, she knows who we are. Yet every time we call, we are insulted by her highly paid publicist.

The same thing with Martin Sheen (search), Alec Baldwin (search), and on and on.  These people don't want to debate.  They want to slash.  And it's wrong.  If you attack a politician or really anyone, you have an obligation to explain why you're demeaning that person.

Here's another good example.  Last year, Michael Moore (search) made a spectacle of himself at the Academy Awards (search) by bashing the president.  Moore will answer questions, but when he does so, he exposes himself as a radical.


MICHAEL MOORE, AUTHOR:  I believe that the wealthy should pay their fair share of taxes.

O'REILLY:  Which is what?

MOORE:  And I believe that they should pay those who work for them a decent and livable wage.

O'REILLY:  OK, but what's fair share of taxes?  What do you say?  I mean, I'm paying 50 percent now.

MOORE:  Yes, so am I.

O'REILLY:  OK, is that fair or?

MOORE:  Absolutely.

O'REILLY:  All right, more?

MOORE:  Yes.

O'REILLY:  Should I pay 60?

MOORE:  Yes.

O'REILLY:  70?

MOORE:  Yes.

O'REILLY:  80?


O'REILLY:  You know, most people don't want to be questioned the way I question Moore.  Pin him down. They prefer the cowardly cheap shot routine, which we are not going to let pass without comment.

"Talking Points" believes there will be an anti-Bush action at the Academy Awards.  It will be largely unfair and embarrassing to ABC.  Obviously, we will be all over it.

And that's "The Memo."

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Time now for "The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day."

The Fomer (ph) twins from Missouri are looking out for us.  At 7 months old, Karen (ph) and Sidney (ph) are devotees of "Factor" gear -- they look a little stunned -- and are looking real good, in my opinion.

Their parents say they are "The Factor's" youngest fans.  We don't know that for sure, but we know two cute babies when we see them.

Ridiculous?  Not at all.  A "No Spit Zone" is a must.