Will the new national security strategy work?

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: And earlier today National Security adviser Susan Rice laid out the administration's latest national security agenda. Listen to what she said here.


SUSAN RICE, NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISER: While the dangers we face may be more numerous and varied, they are not of the existential nature we confronted during World War II or during the cold war. We cannot afford to be buffeted by alarmism and a nearly instantaneous news cycle.


HANNITY: Wow. Joining us now Heritage Foundation Foreign and National Security Director Steve Bucci and senior fellow at the Hudson Institute who also served on President George W. Bush's National Security Council Michael Doran is with us.

Michael, alarmist? I mean, 9/11, almost every European country, African country, even Australia, you know, almost every continent now being impacted by radical Islam. Is it alarmist? Is it equivalent of what we faced in World War II?

MICHAEL DORAN, SENIOR FELLOW, HUDSON INSTITUTE: Yes, this is a particularly thin document that they put out, Sean. And they've got the Middle East is collapsing, the regional order is collapsing. That's the issue I work on the most. And they basically just want to ignore that and kick it down to the next administration.

HANNITY: Steve, as I least to this it kind of fits in with the narrative the president has been advancing is that the Islamic state is not Islamic, 99.9 percent of Muslims want exactly what we want. He can't say "radical Islam." It seems like a level of denial in spite of all of the evidence in Australia and Charlie Hebdo and what happened on 9/11. This president seems out of touch, the landmass grab in Iraq and Syria by ISIS.  What is he missing here?

STEVE BUCCI, FOREIGN AND NATIONAL SECURITY DIRECTOR, HERITAGE FOUNDATION: Sean, the president is delusional if he really believes what's written in this document. Susan Rice should be embarrassed to stand up and say the things she did. Just because this isn't the same size threat as the Nazis or the Soviet Union, we shouldn't be worried about it? It's still an awfully big threat, and we need to deal with it. And this administration is not doing it.

HANNITY: Isn't this, Michael, as big -- if you look at the world, World War II and the battle against fascism and Nazism and Tojo's Japan and communism and the millions slaughtered under Stalin, isn't this as insidious and ideology that is spreading like a cancer worldwide that has declared war on the west and free world?

DORAN: It's a huge threat, Sean, and it's a multi-dimensional, multilevel threat. If we don't start putting a strategy in place to take care of it now we're going to have to deal with it in much worse circumstances down the line. One of the things really striking about the document is I think its dishonesty on some of the key issues. It's really not expressing what our actual policy is. On Iran, for instance, it's very thin. On Syria --

HANNITY: We're about to give them free reign, money, nukes, go right ahead. Go for it. That's A squared plus B squared equals C squared.  Radical Islamists with weapons of mass destruction, that's almost certain destruction and a holocaust potentially in our time.

DORAN: That's right. And you know, they're saying, though, they're actually stopping Iran. The Washington Post gave that claim they're halting the Iranian nuclear program three Pinocchios, meaning that it's a completely untrue statement, and it's repeated in this document.

HANNITY: Three Pinocchios, which means if they're wrong we could suffer a holocaust in our time. Guys, thank you for being with us. I appreciate it.

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