Will new Bin Laden film impact election?

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ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: President Obama taking credit in countless victory laps for the bin Laden kill. And now, there's a new film that's provoking some interesting debate. Take a look.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The HVT is in a walled compound. And D.C. wants us to put an immediate action plan in place.

Analysts have on several occasions recognized the man who appears taller than the rest.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The HVT is Usama bin Laden.


BOLLING: All right. The film is called "Seal Team Six: The Raid on Osama bin Laden". But a couple of interesting notes: the film is produced by Harvey Weinstein, an Obama bundler and the film will air on November 4th, at National Geographic, a News Corp. property.

Kim, you can't get more fair and balanced than that.

KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE, CO-HOST: Well, it gets convenient, right? It's going to come out in time before the election and, although in two days, depending on what kind of impact it's going to have.

But, I mean, it's self-promotional and this is Harvey Weinstein is obviously close to the president. He's hosted a number of high-profile fundraisers. That's a fact, they're very close. So, this is something he wants do to highlight his foreign policy experience.

GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: If there's anybody who rises or dies from this movie, I expect Harvey Weinstein to be picked up and arrested on some kind of murky parole violation.

BOLLING: He must have done -- parking tickets, right?

GUTFELD: Back in the '90s.

DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: This doesn't surprise me. Remember on September 11th when the Navy SEAL book came out and he was contradicting what the press reports had been and the administration reports had been about the bin Laden raid, there was all this have outrage. And then we had the Benghazi attack and then we have had the month's worth of blaming the Benghazi terror attacks to a stupid video.

But now moving up the production of this video to basically, I don't know, why? There's no other way to explain it, of the release date except to say they're trying to help Obama.

BOLLING: Thoughts?


JUAN WILLIAMS, CO-HOST: Why do you think? Didn't they just say that it's a News Corp property?

BOLLING: National Geographic is.

PERINO: Nobody at News Corp is controlling all of that.

WILLIAMS: I don't think so either. So, I mean, if they thought it's a problem I mean, someone would have raised a flag.

GUTFELD: I think that they wouldn't, that's the point.

PERINO: But why did they delay the other movie until December?

WILLIAMS: I don't know. I don't --

BOLLING: Can we move on with breaking, not necessarily breaking, but some new Libya news this morning. I believe two people arrested in London, if I'm not mistaken, Tunisians, right? Maybe link a little bit to this thing.

PERINO: Yes. So, on a day that you had the debate coverage, there's still debate coverage going on in the media and you had the jobs numbers which was getting a lot of attention, you actually have this report that e-mails showing that the State Department actually rejected security requests from Libya.

This is one of those slow burn stories. And I think that the information in the news is going to keep coming out and keep coming out, and we will get to the truth at some point.

Very troubling if you're at the State Department today and you have lied on the record about this.

GUILFOYLE: Yes, how is this not the biggest deal ever? How is this not something that automatically throws this administration out of office?

This is what I think is so outrageous. I mean, we've left people there to be murdered despite repeated requests to get proper security there. It's very upsetting to me that we have such disregard for people who are serving this country.

GUTFELD: But you know --

GUILFOYLE: What's wrong with them? All the cuts they're making too.

GUTFELD: I think it's a fundamental lack of understanding of the evil in the world, which is why they didn't have the protection there and so dangerous.

GUILFOYLE: They still don't get it, Greg?

GUTFELD: No, but the scary part is no, they don't, because they were more threatened by a low budget trailer featuring radical Islam that nobody saw, that actual radical Islam that people saw and died from, they were more frightened of four minutes or 15 minutes of tape than actual you know, a real honest to God threat.

BOLLING: Well, what's the name of the film that's going to come out? The Kathryn Bigelow movie? Zero, something 30 --

GUILFOYLE: "Zero Dark Thirty."

BOLLING: "Zero Dark Thirty" -- Juan, if "Zero Dark Thirty" comes out and it shows bin Laden being killed, what's going to happen to our consulates and embassies around the world?

WILLIAMS: Well, I don't know. I hope nothing happens. I hope people view it as a work of art.

BOLLING: And if something happens --

WILLIAMS: I have no clue. My worry was, you know, Greg says, if this movie comes out, the one we were talking about a few minutes ago, there could be, what would happen. I think you would be the one rioting. I think you'd be upset because you would think it might help Obama.

I just don't think people react that way. I think they see it for what it is.

By the way, on the Libya story, I couldn't agree more with Dana. Look, as more comes out, people are going to have to decide whether or not the government is negligent.

But let me just say --

GUILFOYLE: Reckless.

WILLIAMS: I really disagree with you on this. You know what, because --

GUILFOYLE: No, I'm talking a legal standard, you said negligence, and reckless and --


WILLIAMS: And what happens is down the line, people make decisions and what the news was today. It says that contingency plans both for the diplomats and the security team were not followed on the day of the attack. Why was that? Why were the people who are on the ground in the situation deciding, you know what, we don't have to put in place --

BOLLING: Sounds like a State Department problems, right, Juan?

GUILFOYLE: Because the State Department are Boys and Girl Scouts trying to fight terrorists. They don't know what they're doing, and they're understaffing and under-manning our consulates and embassies. See what happened?

BOLLING: You mentioned something very important.


BOLLING: If sequestration happens, goes off the fiscal cliff, about $130 million will be pulled from funding security in our embassies.

GUILFOYLE: Haven't they seen and learned enough from this to realize that this is absolutely outrageous and cost more lives, Greg?

GUTFELD: I don't think they have.

GUILFOYLE: Are they forgetting 9/11?

BOLLING: We'll leave it there.

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