Will George Soros Buy the Presidential Election of 2008?

The real story behind the MoveOn smear attack on General Petraeus is far left financier George Soros. He has given millions to MoveOn and other Internet sites that smear conservatives and traditionalists.

If you want to know the full extent of Soros' intrusion into the political process, read Investors Business Daily's editorial today. Go to their Web site. It is downright frightening.

Now the far left billionaire has bought politicians, journalists, an Internet character assassins. He wields tremendous power in this country. So much power that 24 Democratic senators were afraid to condemn MoveOn for its outrageous attack on General Petraeus. Those senators include Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Christopher Dodd, and Harry Reid. Again, those senators would not vote to condemn the MoveOn ad.

Well, today, "The Factor" went to Capitol Hill and confronted some of the senators:


GRIFF JENKINS, FOX NEWS: I just wanted to see if I could ask you one question about why you voted the way you did on the Cornyn Amendment. Just a comment?

Senator Kerry, can I ask you a question? Can I ask you one quick question?


FOX NEWS: Mr. (INAUDIBLE), hi. Can I ask you one question?

Senator, your vote against the court amendment? Tell me why?

SEN. FRANK LAUTENBERG (D), NEW JERSEY: Yes, well, because what the Coryn Amendment tried to do was blacken the reputation of the senators, trying to entrap them in a political cesspool by throwing this out.

SEN. JEFF BINGMAN (D), NEW MEXICO: I don't think the Congress should get in the business of checking the morning paper every day and then drumming up resolutions for and against the various ads in the paper.


Well, when an irresponsible far left outfit succeeds in frightening a quarter of the Senate, you know there's big trouble in this country. Not only that, some loons are even supporting the attack on Petraeus.

Elements at NBC News, for example, who parrot far left propaganda incessantly, insist the ad is a legitimate form of dissent.

The New York Times is happy to discount the ad more than 60 percent for MoveOn, as we've reported. And if you read the far left blogs, they're thrilled that General Petraeus was smeared.

All those people, of course, are disgraceful. Even if you disagree with the Iraq war, a general decorated for valor fighting on a vicious battle field does not deserve to be smeared by anyone.

The Democratic talking points say that the MoveOn situation is an attempt by people to divert attention away from Iraq. Well, that's false. Most Americans do not support the war. And that's fine, but they do support the troops in the field. That is called loyalty.

George Soros and his far left puppets are anti-military. They believe our forces are oppressors, corporate tools, instruments of evil. You heard NBC News commentator William Arkin say that. And it is implied in the pages of liberal newspapers every single day.

All of this makes George Soros very happy. He is the real Wizard of Oz — the man behind the curtain. He has succeeded in terrorizing much of the Democratic party.

George Soros is trying to buy the presidential election of 2008. And he just might do it.

And that's "The Memo."

Pinheads and Patriots

Our patriot is the wealthiest man in America: Bill Gates. He's estimated to be worth more than $59 billion. And Gates has been very generous with his money.

Now comes word his foundation will donate $280 million to a dozen different health organizations to try to fight tuberculosis, a disease that kills more than two million people a year. For that Bill Gates is a patriot.

On the pinhead front, one of the most cowardly university presidents in the country. As we reported, Columbia University will allow Iranian President Ahmadinejad to speak there on Monday.

Remember, this is the same Columbia University that allowed out-of-control students to threaten the Minuteman leader when he spoke on campus. And nothing happened to those students.

It's not about Ahmadinejad; it's about courage. Columbia President Lee Bollinger does not have it. He is a pinhead.