Why We Must Never Forget 9/11

Some day there will be a building at Ground Zero and not just a vast pit. Some day, I'm told, there'll be a park and a memorial.

But more likely, it'll be all about commerce and business. About people moving on and not looking back. I like how we Americans do that. I just hope we don't forget this.

Ground Zero isn't just a death scene, it's a crime scene. People were murdered here. Families were blown apart here. And it was perpetrated here and at the Pentagon and in a field in Pennsylvania.

Multiple murder scenes: scenes that shouldn't only be memorials to lives lost, but reminders to lives that still could be lost if we forget, if we gloss over the ugly. If we fail to show the planes hitting those towers, the people jumping from those towers and the brave rescue workers doomed in those towers.

The images are raw and ugly and frightening. And, save a quick glance on a round-number anniversary, they are few — if any.

We can't stand to look. I say, we can't stand not to.

Those who wished us ill then hope we are getting forgetful now, of the brutality committed here and the crime scene that is here.

Because long before Iraq and Afghanistan and weapons of mass destruction, they plotted "our" destruction, "our" murder.

They killed people here. So let's not sanitize what happened here.

We owe it not only to the dead. We owe it more, to all those who still live.

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