Why the NAACP May be Hurting Black Americans

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Why the NAACP may be hurting black Americans.  That's the subject of this evening's Talking Points Memo.  In a statement today, the NAACP says it is  angry with Senator Joseph Lieberman (search) because he didn't visit its convention in  Miami.  And they're extra mad because the senator spoke with me.  We'll play you a bit of that interview coming up.

Said Connecticut NAACP guy Jimmy Griffin, "the interview with O'Reilly should upset us."  But why?  And why is the NAACP misbehaving on a regular basis?

Earlier this week, chairman Julian Bond (search) said the Republican party practices racial division.  And he called Vice President Cheney a draft dodger.  Last year, some members of the NAACP made a deal with Fidel Castro (search) to have black American farmers sell their goods in Cuba.  And increasingly, the NAACP is embracing radical left wing causes.

This, of course, alienates mainstream Americans and angers many blacks who object to all the political nonsense going on within that organization.  And it's a shame.  The NAACP used to look out for black Americans, all black Americans, not just left wingers.  But now a man like Joseph Lieberman, who has championed civil rights his whole career, is vilified because he did not pay homage to that organization.

High handed tactics like that signal desperation.  And that is why I believe the NAACP is in decline.  Perhaps the organization should change its initials to W.W.S. -- We-Want-Stuff, because instead of zeroing in on the enormous social problems within the African-American community, like 70 percent of black babies being born to single mothers, the NAACP continues to demand reparations, entitlements and government subsidies.  They want stuff as the problems go unattended.

Now I understand full well why the NAACP doesn't like me.  I'm big on personal accountability and don't believe the government can solve your problems, no matter what color you are.  I do respect the president, Kweisi Mfume, who is articulate and well intentioned, but I have no use for Bond, who's a racial polarizer.

The NAACP is a tax-exempt organization, which says it is nonpartisan.    Yes, and I'm Whoopi Goldberg.  The hard truth is that an organization once devoted to equality in the USA has been hijacked by radical fanatics.  No longer is the NAACP looking out for what's best for African-Americans.  It is now committed to a political agenda.  That's fine for a pressure group, not fine for a tax exempt humanitarian organization.

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The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

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It's not ridiculous to us, but it may be to people who don't like the FOX News Channel.  We may be taking over the world.

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