Why Black and White Americans Differ Over Obama

By Bill O'Reilly

A new Gallup poll says 88 percent of African-Americans continue to support President Obama, but just 38 percent of white Americans feel the president is doing a good job. That is a 50-point differential in the president's job approval rating, which is stunning. So what is going on?

Let's take the white situation first. According to the polls, most white Americans don't like the huge expansion of the federal government. They also oppose the big spending increases that the president has imposed. It's simple. White Americans fear government control. They don't want the feds telling them what to do, and they don't want a bankrupt nation.

That attitude was on display in Missouri this week when 71 percent of the voters approved a state statute blocking the federal government from forcing them to buy health insurance. Seventy-one percent said no to that. Since Obamacare is the centerpiece of the president's domestic strategy so far, you can see he's in some trouble.

But black America has a totally different view. For decades, African-Americans have supported a bigger federal government so it can impose social justice. A vast majority of blacks want money spent to level the playing field, to redistribute income from the white establishment to their precincts, and to provide better education and health care at government expense. So the African-American voter generally loves what President Obama is doing.

As for Hispanic-Americans, 54 percent now support Mr. Obama, but that is down nine points since April. The social justice component is there as well.

There's no question that there are now two Americas. The minority community continues to believe that society is not completely fair to them, and they want a huge government apparatus to change that. And while the white community may sympathize with the minority situation, they apparently believe that more harm than good is being done to the country with the cost of social justice programs.

My own belief is that President Obama is well-intentioned, but if the wild spending continues, this country will be gravely damaged. As far as social justice is concerned, strict oversight on fair rules, but not the imposition of expensive entitlements, is the answer.

The USA is the strongest country on Earth because of self-reliance and the industry of honest, hardworking people who don't want to be told how to live. Independence and self-reliance is what has made this country great, powerful and generous.

And that's "The Memo."

Pinheads & Patriots

Wednesday was Barack Obama's 49th birthday. He partied in Chicago with Oprah and friends. The first lady is in Spain on vacation.

A new poll says that 27 percent of Americans still believe that President Obama was not born in the USA. Kind of crazy.

We wish the president a happy birthday.

On the pinhead front, singer Enrique Iglesias was sighted waterskiing in the buff. Apparently Mr. Iglesias vowed to do that if Spain won the World Cup, so the other day in Miami he acted out.

Of course this is a giant publicity stunt, and you can supply your own jokes, but Enrique may be a pinhead.