Why are Dems trying to block the release of the Nunes memo?

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Breaking right now, we will describe in detail how the Democratic Party, they're a party of petulant children. They have no ideas, no solutions, to help you the American people. Now, they proved to all last night by sitting on their hands last night and pouting like children while president Trump was highlighting America's successes at the State of the Union address.

And the out of touch liberal media, historical upper President Trump's speech that you, the American people, overwhelmingly approved. We're going to show you the many unhinged examples.

Also breaking right now, we have sources are telling us that the release of a highly classified memo showing massive FISA abuses against the Trump campaign could happen perhaps as early tomorrow, perhaps as late as Monday. Plus, some top ranking FBI and DOJ officials who are absolutely terrified about what that memo will expose and they should be. We'll explain.

That and much more, tonight's breaking news opening monologue.


HANNITY: All right. The president delivered a historic State of the Union Address, almost 50 million Americans watch last night.

And, by the way, by far, more people watched the Fox News Channel. We really want to say thank you so much for trusting us. We want to earn that trust every day.

Now, the speech highlighted the president's many accomplishments and he touted how it is -- he is now enacting Reagan style conservative principles and they are working. Now, of course, the vast majority of Democrats, led by negative Nancy Pelosi, they hated every single second of it, and it was obvious. And they sat on their hands with a scowl on their face, refusing to applaud things you would think they would want to applaud -- historically low unemployment in the country.

Now, just take a look at some of the examples of the Democrats just playing petty partisan politics. Take a look.


PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: We are finally seeing rising wages.


African-American unemployment stands at the lowest rate ever recorded.


Hispanic-American unemployment has also reached the lowest levels in history.



HANNITY: All right. We're going to have more on the Democrats ridiculous behavior. That's coming up later in the show.

You see, the left in America, they have no ideas, they have no solution. They don't stand for anything except they are against President Trump. They hate President Trump.

Now, Congressman Luis Gutierrez even walked out of the speech during chants of "USA, USA." His excuse, he had to get ready for an interview.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders is calling out Pelosi and the Democrats with some really, really powerful truth. Take a look.


SARAH SANDERS, WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: I think Nancy Pelosi looks like that all the time. I think she should smile a lot more often. I think the country would be better for it. She seems to kind of embody the bitterness that belongs in the Democrat Party right now. I think last night was a good step forward. Hopefully, they can let go of some of that and I have to make a big decision. They need to decide, Chris, do they love America more than they hate this president? And are they willing to put some of those differences aside, come together, and do what's right for this country?


HANNITY: Now, wouldn't that be great? What a terrific -- come together, fix the country, help the forgotten men and women. Will Democrats ever put the country before the hatred of the president? Interesting question to ponder.

Now, we have our doubts. Remember, they s supported eight years of Obama's failure. We had 13 million more Americans on food stamps, 8 million more on property, the lowest labor participation rates since the '70s, the worst economic recovery since the '40s and the lowest home ownership rate in 51 years and Obama accumulated more debt than any other president combined, and he was the only president never to reach three percent GDP growth in the course of his presidency in any one given year.

And then you have the liberal mainstream media. They are in full breakdown, freak-out mode over the president's successful State of the Union Address. You can't make this up. Their bias is so transparent.


JAKE TAPPER, CNN: What you saw tonight was President Trump I think, with one hand reaching out his hand, to Democrats, and the other hand, holding up a fist.

MATTHEW DOWD, ABC NEWS SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT: If the president met with me after the speech, I would say to him, well, that is how not to give a unifying speech.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE, ABC NEWS: Again sort of stoking many I think would say racial tensions by bringing up this issue of kneeling.

CHUCK TODD, "TODAY"/NBC: I think his rhetoric last night to set things back.

The way he sold immigration really offended a lot of Democrats that were listening in that room.

If that was an attempt at unity, he's got a lot of work to do. I go through these teleprompter speeches he gives, it's not him. You can tell he's reading it. He doesn't own it.

VAN JONES, CNN: He was selling sweet tasting candy with poison in it.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE, MSNBC: It reveals Donald Trump's deep and almost sort of bad obsession with being liked.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI, MSNBC: You tell me that that room is supposed to but respond like this to the great dictator?

FRANK LUNTZ, POLLSTER: No, they are not supposed to sit on their hands.



HANNITY: All right. That is not all, the shh-hole network, fake news CNN, they went on full on conspiratorial mode about the color of the first lady Melania Trump's outfit. Now, this speculation is an utter disgrace but sadly very predictable. Let's take a look.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Is there anything you want to tell us about her outfit?

KATE BENNETT, WHITE HOUSE REPORTER: You know, she's wearing a cream colored suit there, which I find interesting. Remember last year, the female Democratic senators all wore white, a bunch of them to protest Trump's policies against women. So, there was even a hashtag, women wear white. Listen, it could be a total coincidence, but I just find a lot of the stuff she does these days to look at it twice.


HANNITY: And NBC News, they can't give up their obsession with the, quote, Russian investigation. Even moments before the State of the Union, this, too, a disgrace. Watch.


SAVANNAH GUTHRIE: This is a president who's under criminal investigation right now for obstruction of justice with regards to the Russian investigation. So, a lot going on in the background.

TOM BROKAW: There is a missing major figure in this hall tonight that we ought not to forget about, and that is a special prosecutor of the United States, who is at this hour probably meeting with his team.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He sort of hovers over the chamber.

BROKAW: That is an extraordinarily important part of what is going on in Washington, D.C.


HANNITY: An abject lesson, this shows you how out of touch the liberal mainstream destroy Trump media really is. It didn't matter what the president said last night. The media had already predetermined that they were going to hate it. But, of course, you, the American people, you had a very different reaction to the State of the Union.

Let's look at the CBS News poll. Seventy-five percent of people who watched, they approved of the president's speech, and even fake news shh- hole network CNN, their polls showed a combined 70 percent of speech watchers, they had a positive reaction.

And if you just watched the media's hysterical coverage, you wouldn't know any of this and you probably think that everybody hated the speech. That's why on this program, we call them the destroy Trump media.

Now, also, important breaking news this hour. We have massive developments regarding the release of the four-page classified memo exposing Obama era surveillance of members of the Trump campaign and the Trump transition. Sources are telling me tonight that there is an internal debate at the White House about whether they should release the memo with other supporting documents, and I, for one, and for full transparency, release it all, and I don't want anything redacted. Maybe if it impacts sources and methods of security only.

Make the memo public. And, by the way, it's about getting the truth out and that is scaring the living hell out of some people at the FBI at the DOJ tonight, and of course, the deputy attorney general, Rod Rosenstein, and, of course, Peter Strzok.

According to The Daily Beast, Rosenstein, he is named in that memo and according to other reporting, the deputy attorney general is responsible for extending the FISA warrant to literally spy on Trump campaign manager -- remember, the pretext was all under Carter Page, they went much further. And, clearly, Rosenstein is shaking in his boots tonight.

We are hearing from sources that he is the most scared individual in Washington right now and at this point, it's all about self-preservation for him. Now, just look at what fake news CNN is reporting tonight, that President Trump asked Rosenstein if he was on his team. Now, some might want to check Rosenstein's phone records and emails because isn't it a little too convenient that when the walls begin to close in on him, especially after McCabe being fired, all of a sudden, there is a targeted leak to make Rosenstein look better?

The FBI is also trying to attack the memo, and Peter Strzok, he's trying to distract away from his own scandals by selectively leaking information to CNN to try and make himself look better.

Now, Sara Carter, who will join us in a little bit, is reporting tonight that the U.S. intelligence agencies are joining the effort to block the memo from being released. They don't want us to see it, they don't want you to see it.

You have liberal Senator Cory Booker is saying, releasing the memo would be, quote, treasonous.And in a statement earlier, the FBI wrote in part, quote: "With regard to the House Intelligence Committee's memorandum, the FBI was provided a limited opportunity to review this memo the day before the committee voted to release it as expressed during our initial interview. We have great concerns about material omissions of fact that fundamentally impact the memo's accuracy.

So, today, the FBI, they are trying to take shots at the memo. But yesterday, our own Catherine Herridge reported this: Two senior FBI officials that reviewed the memo, quote, could not point to any factual inaccuracies. Now, the House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, he is firing back with a powerful statement of his own, here's what he said and it's revealing.

"Having stonewalled Congress' demands for information for nearly a year, it's no surprise to see the FBI and DOJ issue serious objections to allowing the American people to see information related to surveillance abuses at these agencies. The FBI is intimately familiar with material omissions with respect to their presentations to both Congress and the courts and they are welcome to make public to the greatest extent possible all the information they have on these abuses. Regardless, it's clear that top officials used unverified information in a court document to fuel a counterintelligence investigation during an American political campaign. Once this truth gets out, we can begin taking steps to ensure our intelligence agencies and courts are never misused like this again.

Now, it makes perfect sense, the FBI would try to tear down or delegitimize that memo because the memo clearly, according to Devin Nunes, exposes top ranking officials at the bureau using an unverified Clinton bought and paid for dossier as we have been telling you as an part of the justification to spy on an opposition campaign during an election and the president-elect and his team.

Now to be clear, the media will never report this. We are not talking about rank and file members who work every single day at the FBI, the DOJ, the intelligence community. What we are talking about, we are very specific, are a few bad actors in those communities that are on the verge of being exposed for committing massive constitutional violations. Now that is why they are desperately trying to prevent them on Michael from coming out, from you having an opportunity to see it.

Now, you remember back in January, after almost a year of stonewalling, Devin Nunes, and the House Intel Committee, well, we know that Rod Rosenstein and FBI Director Christopher Wray, they went crawling into Speaker Paul Ryan's office, begging at the last hour, after a year, don't give the House Intelligence Committee access to the Russian investigation related documents. Nunes had to threaten to hold them in contempt before they would comply. Thankfully to Speaker Ryan's credit, he held his ground in that meeting.

Now, if they did nothing wrong, if they didn't do anything wrong, then why fight so wrong to prevent Congress from seeing the documents? Release the memo, release the underlying documents with it, the documentation of it all. If they did nothing wrong, well, then why are they trying to stop the memo from coming out?

What don't top FBI and DOJ officials want you come at the American people, to know? This is an important question. We are heading towards a showdown.

The author of the best selling book "Vengeance," former speaker of the House, FOX News contributor Newt Gingrich is with us.

They didn't want the information released in the beginning and as I -- this is pretty powerful, this letter, of Devin Nunes, the House Intelligence Committee chair. He's basically confirming what others, what I suspect for a long time, that the Hillary Clinton bought and paid for dossier was used in part during an election season to get a FISA warrant to spy on an opposition party and then an incoming president. None of it was verified.

If that happened, and we find out that happens, what would that mean to you?

NEWT GINGRICH, R-FORMER SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE: Well, you have two things right here that are I think fascinating. The first is it turns out there may have been collusion to undermine the American presidential election by a government bureaucracy. It just turns out that the bureaucracy wasn't Russian, it was American, and that it was the Department of Justice senior leadership and the FBI senior leadership.

Now, that at one level is a really frightening insight about the future and about the danger of letting powerful police force deciding force the rest of us which politicians are going to go after. The second thing that had me as you were talking, though, there is this new movie out which glorifies The Washington Post, the printing of government documents, the courage of The Post leadership.

You go back and take the whole period of the Pentagon Papers, the attitude of The New York Times, The Washington Post, isn't it interesting, that none of these papers are coming in and making the same demands? Of course we should publish this. Of course, the American people should see it.

HANNITY: Where's the lawsuit?

GINGRICH: Of course there's a right to know.

HANNITY: Maybe it will be Hannity and company that has to file the lawsuit to get the information.

The really dangerous thing here -- and I'm making a very strong distinction because I have such great respect for the FBI and the DOJ and intelligence -- but the powerful tools of intelligence we now have to get is and al Qaeda and enemies of this country, if we turn it and politicize it and spy on opposition party candidates, and use that information to destroy people, we've lost the country, Mr. Speaker. That is so serious that is to me.

GINGRICH: Well, look, there's a whole pattern going back at least to the 1970s of people on the left who were genuinely worried that an intelligence state during the Cold War would require so much power that it could actually subvert the whole process. It's sad that almost none of those people are now speaking out about the current problem because the people at the top, and I agree with you entirely, this is all a thin layer of largely politically appointed type people. It is not the great bulk of hardworking, everyday folks out there trying to protect America and trying to enforce the law.

But this thin layer, I think we will discover the next few days, clearly conspired to mislead a judge in order to get an ability to spy, which was totally illegal. And I think that is part of why you saw McCabe leave. I think you're going to see some more people leave.

I'm really shocked that Strzok is still there. After all the stuff we learned about him, I don't know why he is not gone already. I think you're going to see more people have to leave and then you will see whether or not in fact they get involved in a serious criminal investigation because a lot of what they were doing wasn't just unwise, it was illegal, and they were threatening to freedom and the rights of the American people.

HANNITY: You know what's amazing about this is this dossier, the Fusion GPS said in testimony, before the Senate committee, they never verified it, Hillary Clinton never verified it, they are suggesting may try to shop the salacious stories of hookers and the Ritz Carlton and Trump, they were shopping it and coordinating with the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Now, Hillary Clinton clearly fix the primary, she tried to use the dossier to lie to the market people in the general come of that dossier was used to get a warrant against an opposition candidate. We had a year of Trump- Russia collusion and no evidence and the media in this country has ignored, I would argue, the biggest story in their lifetime.

This is bigger than Watergate, it's like Watergate is like stealing a snickers bar for my candy store, drugstore, and comparison. Am I -- Is this hyperbole? Or am I accurate?

GINGRICH: I'm not sure I'm quite into the Snickers bar versus stealing an entire automobile. I know where you're going with this. I think it's -- remember, the elite media is part of the deep state. The elite media group has survived by being in collusion with the senior bureaucracy, the city of Washington, the senior reporters, the senior bureaucrats, the senior lobbyists, they all hang out together, they all talk to each other, they all compare notes.

But it is -- you are exactly right about the scale of this. And this is what people, when they get to be this, what the American people need to understand is, that the Obama administration, and a series of steps that clearly violated the law, tried to both protect Hillary Clinton and tried to destroy Donald Trump, and both actions were illegal. We are now in a situation I believe you are going to see a requirement in the near future for an independent counsel literally to clean out the senior FBI and the senior Justice Department, and to go after people who have left office who were part of the Obama team that were so clearly violating the law.

HANNITY: what do you make of this massive disconnect? The president has his need of the union address. We have great news. We've got 2.4 million new jobs. We got 2 million fewer people that are on food stamps.

The president gets all this great economic success, people are building factories and manufacturing centers and the taxes are down, Americans are getting a lot more money starting February 1st in their pocket. He is trying to keep the country secure.

You get one reaction from the news media and another reaction even with the CBS poll and the CNN poll, you know, that show something very different. What would you say about that disconnect?

GINGRICH: Well, I keep telling you, the elite media in the United States is not neutral, they are not referees, they are the offer and suffering of the other team. You saw this in the clips you had. Tia some of which are frankly outrageously anti-Trump in a way that is almost bizarre. These are folks who are so deeply hostile to what Donald Trump is trying to accomplish that they are fully as much a part of the opposition as is Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer and that is part of why you are getting this unbelievably biased coverage.

I must say, when I watched last night, and I saw the president to say "we have the as much a part of the opposition as his Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer and that is part of why you are getting this unbelievably biased coverage. I must say, when I watched last night, and I saw the president to say "we have the lowest black on employment and history," and nobody in the Black Caucus could applaud.

I thought to myself, who are they loyal to? If they are not happy that their constituents have a job, because they are not happy that the tax cuts really dramatically helped their congressional districts, then who do they represent? I think this is a real challenge to the entire left-wing ethnic leadership in America.

HANNITY: We have that montage and a lot more coming up. Mr. Speaker, thank you.

When we come back some of the memo from the House Intel Committee could be released as early as tomorrow. Sara Carter, Gregg Jarrett, Congressman Matt Gaetz, as we continue. Stay with us.


HANNITY: All right. Joining us now to reaction to tonight's opening monologue, Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz, Fox News contributor Sara Carter, and Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett.

I have a source, Matt, that suggested to me that is as shocking as this four-page memo is going to be, the foundational information by which it was written, its almost, it is going to come on the heels of it, it is going to be a slow drip. Those that are saying, release it all. Would that be a good idea?

REP. MATT GAETZ, R-FLA.: That is what so many of us had called for. We believe the memo should be released in the supporting documentation that doesn't reveal sources or methods should also be available for the American people to review. But it's important to note, Sean, this mama lays out facts. These are not opinions, this is not conjecture, these are facts assembled by the intelligence committee staff and that presented to the members of that committee.

I have every confidence that this will persuade the American people that we've got to make major changes in not only the people that are currently in these agencies of government, but also in the regulatory structure of this behavior so that this type of behavior never happens again.

HANNITY: But if it's a document that fuels and intelligence investigation during a political campaign that is unverified, isn't that basically saying in Devin Nunes' statement that the dossier bought and paid for by Hillary was actually used to get a FISA warrant in an election year concern opposition party candidate? I think my reading comprehension is pretty good.

GAETZ: Well, Sean, as you know, to answer that question with particularity with or violate the terms of our nondisclosure agreement. I can say that I believe that many of the issues that have been discussed --

HANNITY: You can confirm my good reading comprehension skills, can you confirm that?

GAETZ: Undoubtedly. You demonstrate them eat each and every night on television.

HANNITY: All right. Sara Carter, what we see tonight is so transparent and obvious. Rod Rosenstein wants to look better, he scared to death and Peter Strzok wants to look better. Why is he working at the FBI, that's a mystery to me.

But you have sources tonight ignore breaking new information.

SARA CARTER, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: That's right. I mean, it appears that there is a concerted effort on the part of the FBI, members of the intelligence community, and the Department of Justice, to try to force the president to delay the release of the memo. And they are doing this in an effort to buy time, according to sources I've spoken with, so that they can leak information to try to find a way to either discredit the memo or placate those members of the DOJ that don't want to see this released.

Sean, they are terrified about the American people finding out what's in this memo, because it does expose members of the DOJ and members of the FBI and others, violating --

HANNITY: And it names names.

CARTER: Yes, it names names and it actually shows extensive FISA abuse. This needs to be made public. The American people have a right to see this and the intelligence people I have spoken with, and U.S. officials who are familiar with this memo say this memo in no way violates the intelligence community's standards as far as enclosing anything related to national security.


GAETZ: Let me interrupt right there. If you are trying to convince the president not to release this memo, they won't be successful. He sat on the floor last night, when Congressman Jeff Duncan was pressing him that he would release it, he said imagine what would happen if we didn't. So, he knows the American people are demanding at.

HANNITY: Gregg Jarrett, I'm reading the Devin Nunes memo back in response to the FBI, Rod Rosenstein, remember, within hours, they were looking for the documents for a year. Just hours before the deadline, it was Rosenstein, going, begging, pleading with Paul Ryan, don't release it, the same thing going on about the memo. I assume you have the same reading comprehension skills that I do, and what I'm reading is the dossier was used at least in part to get a FISA warrant to spy opposition party candidate in an election and that dossier was full of the Russian lies paid for by Hillary.

GREGG JARRETT, FOX NEWS LEGAL ANALYST: And that will be a crime called the Deprivation of Rights Under Cover of Law punishable by 10 years. You can't use a false document to spy on somebody --

HANNITY: Or unverified but it's false.

JARRETT: If they altered the 302 forms, the witness forms, that is obstruction of justice. Look, Rosenstein and the FBI must think everybody in America is really stupid. They are compounding their felony by trying to cover it up. First, the pretense of oh, you will reveal sources and methods, they have dispensed with that fiction and now, they are saying, well, it's omissions.

Well, they're the ones who are responsible for the omissions. They have been trying to obstruct the legitimate investigation by Congressman Gaetz and others on Capitol Hill, which have oversight responsibility under the Constitution.

HANNITY: Sara Carter, let's talk about the altering of the 302s, because this came up in the McCabe firing. This is beyond serious. Have you reporting on this. Can you share it tonight?

CARTER: What I know is this, I've spoken to a number of source who have said that McCabe had actually asked members of the FBI and an FBI official, actually, to alter the 302. Whether the 302 - - those the witness interviews that the FBI conducts with the witnesses --

HANNITY: Who they want to alter?

CARTER: Well I don't want to talk about just yet until we verify it, but there's one person in particular that they believe McCabe had asked the FBI agent to alter the 302s. I think this is significant. It doesn't mean they altered the 302s, but if they were asked, allegedly if this actually happened that is a huge violation, Sean. And it is something needs to be investigating.

HANNITY: What your saying is assuming we get the memo tomorrow, that means the day after -- and that means next week, and the week after that we're going to find even more abuse than what it is I'm talking about, right?

CARTER: Absolutely. And another very important question here is when the warrant was issued. Who kept reauthorizing the warrant over and over again base on --

HANNITY: Was it Rob Rosenstein?

CARTER: There is a lot of discussion that it was Rob Rosenstein who kept reauthorizing the warrant base on false implication.

HANNITY: That would mean Rob Rosenstein, the guy that appointed the Special Counsel Mueller could have extended a FISA warrant without asking you to review anything. Let's say that is true, didn't it mean Robert Mueller's investigation was predicated on a false information based on a false FISA warrant?

GAETZ: Sean, this is an issue where some Republicans disagree. I believe the information in the memo absolutely proves that the Mueller investigation is built on a rotten foundation. The entire Mueller probe is a fiction and never should have been started in the first place, but for bad acts. That is my view and I suspect most the American people will hold that view once they read these memo.

HANNITY: All right, release the memo. Let the American people see it. Release the supporting documents. Methods, sources, national security, beyond that release it all. All right. Thank you all. When we come back, Dr. Sebastian Gorka, Dan Bongino, they will weighs in on this growing controversy straight ahead.


HANNITY: So the President gave a powerful state of the union address and he praised the nation and called for bipartisanship to pass an American agenda that works for us, works for you. Let's take a look.


TRUMP: Let's begin tonight by recognizing that the state of our union is strong. Because our people are strong.


This in fact is our new American moment. There's not been a better time to start living the American dream. So to every citizen watching at home tonight, no matter where you've been or where you've come from, this is your time. If you work hard, if you believe in yourself, if you believe in America, then you can dream anything, you can be anything and together we can achieve absolutely anything.

Here tonight is Preston Shock, a 12-year-old boy from Redding California who noticed that veteran's graves were not marked with flags on Veterans Day. He decided all by himself to change that. Preston's reverence for those who have served our nation reminds us of why we salute or flag. Why we put our hands on our hearts for the pledge of allegiance and why we proudly stand for national anthem.

Tonight I'm extending an open hand to work with members of both parties, Democrats and Republicans, to protect our citizens of every background, color, religion and creed.



HANNITY: All right. Here with reaction former Deputy Assistant to the president, Fox News national security strategy, Dr. Sebastian Gorka. Former secret service agent Dan Bongino. You know so the president takes on -- it brings up the culture wars, in god we trust, the national anthem, we stand for our flag. He also talks about this is a new American moment. This is your time. He talks about the era of economic surrender being over. He talks about energy and about its successes and security and talks about defeating ISIS. Dr. Gorka, I watch a bunch of Democrats sitting on their hands looking angry that things are turned around in just one short year.

SEBASTIAN GORKA, CNN NATIONAL SECURITY STRATEGIST: Sean. We expect them to be partisan, to be childish, but what do we now know from the analysis of the video footage -- several of them, this are people that we pay for, are sitting there playing video games on they're on their phones. What did it say about the lack of respect for that building that they were in? Forget about who the President is, they're in the people's house. They represent us and represent their constituents and they will play computer games. Look, it's bad news for democracy in general, but you know what, it is bad news for the Democrats. I'm not worried. They didn't get one vote yesterday for November. In fact with their response with that weird response with the member of the Kennedy clan afterwards they proved again they're disconnected from the American people. Most important of all, they don't understand -- they still don't understand what happened on November 8, 2016.

HANNITY: I think that is a big part of it. Dan Bongino we talked a little about when we came on later, the lowest level of African American employment in history, same with Hispanic American unemployment, lowest ever. 17 year low for women in the workplace and all these jobs created, all these businesses coming back, all this opportunity in energy that he is opened up. They can't even clap once. It begins to raise the question, do they want us to succeed? Are they unhappy that he is successful, because it makes their last eight years look so bad?

DAN BONGINO, FORMER SECRET AGENT SERVICE: They don't want us to succeed, Sean. Can I be candid? I'm not talking about voting Democrats -- don't tweet me, I always get hate mail after this. I'm talking about the hill Democrats and the partisan far left extremist liberal hacks. They hate the country, they hate economic freedom, they hate Donald Trump, and they hate everything.

Look, I have friends -- I think they love their own power and instinctively they know that eight years we have failure and that represents a demise of their ideology and philosophy. That scares them.

I think the voting Democrats of America are probably patriotic group that we had political differences with. The radical far left extremists -- I have to tell you, they hate the country. They can't stand the idea -- they just don't like it. There's something about the ability to control your own life they can't stand. For the first time Sean, we have a President who understands the difference between the message and messaging. This guy gets it. Think about the way he talks and contrast the focus-group tested Republicans when he talks about Americans, he calls them dreamers, tax, it's your money, Obama care it's a disaster, the border build the wall.

HANNITY: True. And their ideologies fail. Dr. Gorka, I want to go back to the FISA memo and there's talk now of releasing the corresponding documents with it. That might include some redactions. For example, sources, methods, secrets -- so there might be a need for, but I'm in generally in favor of full transparency. Your thoughts.

GORKA: Devin and his team have done incredible work for months and months. They've been scrupulous. I know who these people are. Most important thing now, forget about the other material, the memo must be released un- redacted, ideally tomorrow. No changes, no amendments. This is a congressional document. The American people have to know and the memo has to be untouched and released, back to Dan's point, one important thing, what we saw last night is a clear example, the Democrats love power. The speech last night was about loving America, like the President does. It was illustrated for everybody to see.

HANNITY: We have to run. We're a little short on time. Thank you both for being with us. All right. We'll show you the low-light and how disgraceful the left behavior was last night. You won't see this elsewhere in the media, I can tell you that. That is straight ahead.


HANNITY: All right. President Trump address, the left show the country just how low they are willing to go. Their behavior was disgraceful and proved they'll play petty politics at every turn, but watch how the congressional black caucus reacted when President Trump saying that African American unemployment is at an all-time low. Take a look.


TRUMP: African American unemployment stands at the lowest rate ever recorded.



HANNITY: One person clapping. Now, unfortunately doesn't stop there and a chant of USA broke out during the speech and Democratic Congressman Luis Gutierrez he abruptly walks out and said he has to prepare for an interview. Watch this.




HANNITY: Well I don't want to recognize the one Democrats Senator Joe Manchin criticizing his Democratic colleagues who doesn't stand for the president at all, but Joe Manchin did vote against repeal and replace and voted against tax cuts for the people of West Virginia, but anyway, take a listen to this.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Did you see disrespect by Democrats?

SEN JOE MANCHIN, D-W.VA.: They are not seen on both sides. I was there when Obama gave speeches. I was there in that horrible night when they said you lie, OK and I saw there not standing. That was disrespectful. That is not how I was raised in West Virginia and the family I was raised in and then I saw last night the disrespect the office.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What is the different view on what he said?

MANCHIN: You could disagree, I can stand up and still disagree and respectful. I want to move forward.


HANNITY: Joining me the national syndicated radio talk show host he is in the Salem radio network Larry Elder and Fox News correspondent at-large, Geraldo Rivera. Geraldo for the first time in 8 years we're seeing a ground swell, a shift, the economy is roaring back, jobs are coming back, manufacturing's coming back, 2.4 million more people working, 2 million fewer people on food stamps. If you can't clap for the American people on that why are you even there if you're supposed to be a public servant?

GERALDO RIVERA, FOX NEW ROAMING CORRESPONDENT: I think Senator Manchin is right. We've had rudeness and disrespect for many years certainly in the Obama administration. I think that the congressional black caucus did not stand up, one, I think they were so profoundly disrespectful that I found it disheartening. There are times -- even in the worse of the McConnell/Obama feuding, there's times where I stand, you sit, you stand, I sit. And there's times like with the historically low minority unemployment and the 12-year-old kid putting the flags on the graves and the call for $1.5 trillion in infrastructure where all congress should stand together. We only get one President at a time. This night, this state of the union and the monstrously high ratings that Fox News got is an indication that the American people want to give this President a chance. He had a rocky start, but he is cruising now and they want to give him a chance and that disrespect, I agree with Sebastian Gorka didn't earn the Democrats a single vote.


LARRY ELDER, SALEM RADIO NATIONAL SYSNDICATE HOST: Well Joe Manchin saying you lie. I don't know why the left brings it up all the time. Joe Wilson apologized at night and the next day and still can't live it down. I've never seen this level of disrespect towards any President including George W. Bush. In the eight years of the Obama administration I don't recall anybody walking out like that and if they had, I dare say the next day the headline would had been this guy is a racist. The reason Donald Trump has been prosecuted for collusion so far is a joke. If the same evidence was applied to Obama administration that a staffer had a meeting with a Russian person who might have had dirt on my opponent and therefore I'm now under investigation for collusion, a word people couldn't even define the country would be on fire.

HANNITY: Tomorrow, Geraldo Rivera we may very well get the memo and that memo may confirm if the Hillary Clinton bought and paid for dossier served as a foundation for a FISA warrant to spy on an opposition candidate and incoming President, if that turns out to be it, what does that mean to you as a constitutional lawyer?

RIVERA: It shakes me to my core. It is very unsettling. If indeed this partisan document was the basis for the FISA warrant then shame on whoever --

HANNITY: Shame on? Jail time for the process --

RIVERA: Let's cool it a little bit. First, congratulations to you and the team of investigators you've had. But for your efforts I think the whole issue would have died away. But now if indeed the dossier is the basis for the FISA warrant that Carter Page ultimately trapped General Flynn and caused the President this turmoil and distraction then shame on the DNC, shame on the Democrats --

HANNITY: Shame nothing. You can't lie to a court. You can't hand an unverified document for a warrant in a Presidential election year. Larry, the final word.

ELDER: Sean. Let us say this. You have the black lives matter people and their supporters all talking about institutional racism and how wide spread police misconduct is including illegal profiling but somehow the DOJ and the FBI are beyond reproach. It doesn't make sense. Let's look at it and find out where it goes. As I said before Donald Trump will be in office seven more years. They better get used to it.

HANNITY: All right. I got to go. When we come back -- thank you both, an incredible video of the day and your comments as you speak out on the Hannity hot line. Straight ahead.


HANNITY: Time for video of the day. Massachusetts Congressman and the grandson of Robert Kennedy delivered the Democratic rebuttal to the State of the Union last night. And to the amusement of many on Twitter, social media, his lips were kind of shining in the spotlight. It looked weird. Here is what Kennedy had to say about the ongoing mystery earlier today.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Twitter had a field day with your shiny lips. So did you bring your Chapstick this morning?

REP. JOE KENNEDY III, D-MASS.: Oddly enough, I decided to go a little bit light on the Chapstick this morning. More on the coffee and light on the Chapstick probably a wise choice.


HANNITY: All right. Mystery solved, giving the rebuttal is always hard. But at least we didn't have to listen to Nancy or Chucky or any of those socialists like Bernie Sanders. All right. Time for the "Hannity" hotline. Time for you to speak out. Let's hear what you have to say.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You kind of have become here lately awfully annoying grand standing punk. You need to tighten up, son.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I want to tell you are doing a good job and Hannity stands for honest authentic news no idiotic treasonous yuck. Thank you very much for exposing all of this corruption on the Democratic Party. Good luck.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Whatever you talk, what do you do? I mean what is your job title? To me, you should be riding along back side of a dump truck picking up trash the rest of your life. That is what who you are to me. Trash. Trash. Jump in that trash bin with them.


HANNITY: I am a talk show host, I am an opinion journalist, and I am an advocacy journalist. Sound off 877-225-8587.

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