Who's to Blame for Debt Divide?

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BOB BECKEL, CO-HOST: Welcome back to "The Five."

Listen, President Obama said that the media is -- blames the media for the divide going on in the country. He said among other things that liberal --


DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: Always blaming someone else.

BECKEL: Well, he could blame you.

PERINO: He has.

BECKEL: He says that liberals only read The New York Times, conservatives only watch Fox. Mr. President, I know you, love you, I support you, but I don't read The New York Times, I'm a liberal and I'm on Fox. So, I'm not the right guy.

But I'm not sure that that's exactly right. I mean, I haven't done a lot of polling here. But there's a lot of people who are Democrats who watch Fox.

Any merits to this? This is your bailiwick.

PERINO: Well, I read all of it. I'm a voracious news consumer. But I also think that Greg had the best point. That this is not really about a divide in the country. It's a slam at Fox News.

GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: Yes, the idea in a splintered media is basically whining about the fact that there's a new entity in the last 10 years that is strayed away from the lockstep of mainstream media.


GUTFELD: Before there was Fox, you never had this discussion, because everybody -- because centrists to the left owned the ball. They owned the playground. They owned the players. They owned the audience. If a conservative went in there, no one would let them play.

Fox is the new team. They beat the crap out of everybody, and now, they have to deal with it. They don't want to deal with Fox.

PERINO: We should listen to what he said --


JUDGE ANDREW NAPOLITANO, CO-HOST: Even if the president's argument is correct, both sides are being represented. Liberals can read The New York Times --

GUTFELD: Yes, exactly.


NAPOLITANO: The conservatives can watch FOX.


PERINO: Why don't we hear -- why don't we hear about what President Obama had to say so that we can know what we're talking about?

BECKEL: Oh, I was suppose to say that -- thank you.


PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: You've got a media that has become much more splintered. So, those of you who are of a Democratic persuasion, you know, are only reading The New York Times and watching MSNBC. If you're on the right, then you're only reading The Wall Street Journal editorial page and watching Fox News.


PERINO: What president could actually -- even if you thought that, why would you say it?

ANDREA TANTAROS, CO-HOST: I do read The New York Times and then use it as a toilet paper.

NAPOLITANO: Isn't that simplistic for him to assume that people only read that which reinforces their views?

BECKEL: Yes. I want to, first of all, thank Dana for doing my job here. I was out for a day, folks. I'm a football player. I forget these things.

Now, first of all, the president also ought to know that when he talks about that, I don't know of six people that watch MSNBC, but, you know, I don't want to pick on a rival, because they're not a rival. They're like a kindergartner playing baseball against the Yankees.

OK, having said that -- how are you, Chris?

But I think there is something to be said -- and the blogosphere, it's dominated by the right. Dominated by the right.

GUTFELD: I disagree. I disagree.

NAPOLITANO: What blogs do you look at? What do you mean dominated by the right?

BECKEL: Well, I read -- I actually read that right wing trash as much as I can, but, look, are you not suggesting Drudge is the biggest of the big.


NAPOLITANO: The Huffington Post is as big as he is.

GUTFELD: DailyKos, Democratic Underground and --

PERINO: Not to mention Media Matters.

GUTFELD: By the way, they galvanize -- they galvanize the left.


GUTFELD: I mean, they helped defeat Bush.

BECKEL: I mean, you guys, let's move on.

NAPOLITANO: Before you move on, can I put a different gloss on this?


Is it not typical for politicians when things aren't going their way to blame the coverage that they're getting?

BECKEL: Of course. Sure.

NAPOLITANO: Isn't that's why he's saying this?

TANTAROS: Well, I do think, though, there is a new -- not the Pew one -- but "The Washington Post" poll that shows 80 percent of this country is divided. And I think that it's ironic we just watched a president talk about these divisions, which he has contributed to. I mean, you listen to the language -- Republicans get to the back of the bus. I mean, he has divided the country further than we've ever been.

BECKEL: No president has been under assault like this one has.


PERINO: Bob, come on.

BECKEL: Let's bring up the poll about white voters. Let me try to educate people both in our audience and here about this.

GUTFELD: Thank you so much, Bob.

BECKEL: You're very welcome. Here's the deal. They said here's the big news. White voters are going toward Republicans and minorities are going toward Democrats.

Let me explain something to you. About this time out from the presidential election it starts to firm up. Republicans always win white voters and Democrats always win -- by much bigger margins -- minority voters.

PERINO: I don't think John McCain would agree with you on that.

BECKEL: Well, you know, McCain won -- first of all, I don't agree with this poll number -- I think he won bigger than two points, but he did win among whites. I think it was four points.

But let's remember that Obama took 60 percent of the Hispanic vote and he took 98 percent of the black vote. The one guy that -- I'll give Bush credit for this -- the one guy who understood Hispanic voters was George Bush. And they should have listened to him, because when they got in Tancredo, the idiot that keeps running about building 13-foot walls on the border, it drove Hispanics away.

GUTFELD: Here's the thing. I made a mistake earlier when I was talking about how the Web actually beat McCain, not Bush. But I want to say this, I think this is a hard poll to believe in, because there are going to be whites that say they vote for Obama because it sounds good. So, that might -- that gulf might actually be larger. And then you have blacks who say they vote for Obama because it would sound traitorous if they didn't.


BECKEL: That latter one, you're not right on.

And, listen, we factor those in, believe it or not, we factor those into the equation, and we do think there's a certain percent who do that. But in blacks, no.

TANTAROS: But he has dropped in his support, not among African Americans, but among Hispanics and among women and --


GUTFELD: And there are conservative blacks --

PERINO: I think that the Hispanic vote is not --


PERINO: I don't think the Hispanic vote is solidified.

BECKEL: Oh, I'm supposed to get out, sorry. Dana, thanks. But you didn't remind me this time. But you know something, I want to say one thing, on Friday, my good dear friend, Juan Williams sat in there in this seat against outrageous barrage of people coming at him from the right, as I do every day. And Juan has got a new book coming out, "Muzzled: The Assault on Honest Debate." And it's out tomorrow, I believe.

And I wish you all the best, Juan. You're a great writer. And thank you for being here. And you're going to be back, brother, because I can't handle these people myself.

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