Who's Sorry Now?

Did he or did he not apologize? We still don't know. The fact Tony Blair didn't directly answer that question, had everyone thinking, maybe he did apologize to Iranians holding those British soldiers and maybe that's what got them out.

I guess that depends on the nature of such an apology.

If he said, "I'm sorry we stranded into your waters," that's one thing.

If he said, "I'm sorry we offended you if you were under the impression we stranded into your waters," well... that's another.

But people like apologies. They give closure.

Frankly, I think they're overrated.

Back when Bill Clinton was president, we seemed to be apologizing for everything.

American-Indians and their treatment centuries ago.

African-Americans and their treatment only decades ago.

Apologies are meant to cleanse souls and make the wounded party feel better — that a wrong has been righted.

Apologies also come with a certain degree of responsibility: "I was in charge and I botched it and I'm sorry" — that sort of thing.

I think they state the obvious. But for people who want to hear them, even demand to hear them, they seem to fill a void.

I just think to say you're sorry must mean you truly are sorry. Saying you're sorry you acted like a jerk and then continuing to act like a jerk, doesn't hide the fact that hey, you're still a jerk.

Just remember, when you apologize, you're apologizing for something you did wrong, not just to make the other guy feel right.

One compromises a crisis. The other compromises your soul.

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