Who's Looking Out for America's Kids?

Who's looking out for American children? You will not hear this in the presidential debates or the campaign this year, but American kids are under siege and society is not helping  them.  Recent rulings by the Supreme Court have pretty much said that anything goes on the Internet as far as sex and explicit violence is concerned. Even simulated sex with children is legal now.

That's just one example, but think about it. When most of us were kids, we were exposed to sex, drugs, and violence much later than the children of today.

Now some kids as young as 6 years old know what pot is, know what sex is, are using four-letter words.  And even if you're a good parent, someone who protects your children from harmful influences, once your kids get into the school yard, they're bombarded with negative influences.

Gangsta rap, crude television, radio shock jocks, Britney Spears (search), Paris Hilton (search), steroid ballplayers. The list goes on and on.

American culture is hammering children into adulthood far too soon. It is flat-out wrong. So I have written a book called "The O'Reilly Factor for Kids:  A Survival Guide for America's Families." This book, out today, is aimed at children ages 9 to 16 and to their parents.

You may remember about a year ago, we asked kids to send us e-mails about their own problems.  We received thousands.  We took many of them and crafted the book, giving kids answers to their concerns and specific ways to deal with troubling situations.

Both children and their parents need to read this book and talk about it.  Studies show the best way to help your kid cope with this dangerous world is to talk with him or her. And children like that. They like it when you ask them their opinion on something. "Who's Looking out for You?" is a survival guide for adults. "The O'Reilly Factor for Kids" is its counterpart.

Finally, I consider myself extremely lucky to be where I am in life.  My column this week about my conversation with President Bush behind-the-scenes makes that point.

So with all I've been given, I have a responsibility to help folks out if I can. When I was a child, I could have used a book that helped me deal with stuff, but that book did not exist.  Now it does.  I hope every American child gets to see it.

And that's "The Memo."

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Yet another example of why San Francisco is, well, let's say, a unique place.  The city

As we told you yesterday, most politicians will now speak with "The Factor." They realize the reach of this program.  But some remain holdouts, like Howard Dean (search).  So we went to him.


UNIDENTIFIED MAN:  Dr. Dean, why won't you come on "The O'Reilly Factor?"

HOWARD DEAN, FMR. PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE:  Bill's show is about Bill, not his guests.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN:  All the other candidates have come on.  Why won't you come on the show?

DEAN:  I consider it to be a mark of pride.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN:  It will be a fair and balanced interview.

DEAN: Yeah, right.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN:  Are you going to make this one out to Bill O'Reilly.

DEAN:  No.  But thank you for asking.


Hey, Doctor, you're afraid.You are afraid. Ridiculous? You bet.