Who Is Sudan's President Blaming for Darfur's Problems?

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Israel to Blame for Darfur?

The president of war-torn Sudan — whose government has been accused of allowing genocide in the Darfur region — came to the U.N. yesterday and laid the blame for many of his problems squarely on Israel.

Omar Hassan al-Bashir says the move to get U.N. peacekeepers into Darfur is actually a plan to redraw the region's borders to Israel's advantage.

And Bashir said last Sunday's Darfur peace rallies in several countries were "invariably organized by Zionist Jewish organizations."

Rangel Rips Bush Tax Cuts

Congressman Charlie Rangel — who is in line to head the Ways and Means Committee if Democrats retake the House in November — says he "cannot think of one" of the president's first-term tax cuts that merits renewal.

Republicans were quick to pounce, sending out a list of tax cuts that could be threatened, such as the child tax cut, marriage penalty relief and tax breaks for families of fallen soldiers.

The New York congressman tells Bloomberg News he would work toward a greater level of bipartisanship and would like to simplify the tax code.

Global Warming Natural?

A leading climate expert from Colorado State University says the idea that humans are responsible for global warming is a fear perpetuated by the media, and scientists trying to get grant money.

Dr. William Gray is a noted global warming skeptic who says the current heating of the earth is part of a natural cycle.

He says that even if humans do cause global warming "we can't do anything about it anyway," saying that India and China will continue to pump out greenhouse gases, and alternative energy is too expensive.

Abramoff Bad for Golf?

The Professional Golfers Association is worried that the Jack Abramoff lobbying scandal is giving its sport a bad name. Abramoff used lavish golf trips as incentives in his attempts to influence members of Congress.

So what did the PGA do to fight back? It hired a lobbyist of its own.

He says industry pros want to make sure Congress realizes the game generates $62 billion a year in economic activity.

—FOX News Channel's Aaron Bruns contributed to this report.