When did abstinence become an alternative lifestyle?

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GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: So an Olympic hurdler named Lolo Jones confessed to a strange, alternative lifestyle. In a TV interview, she said she is staying a virgin until marriage. I know. What a freak! Take a listen.


LOLO JONES, OLYMPIC HURDLER: This journey has been hard. I'm not, there are virgins out there, I'll let you know, it's the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. Harder than training for Olympics. Harder than graduating from college has been to stay a virgin before marriage.


GUTFELD: So, why is this news? For a culture rife with reality shows about pregnant teens and scuzzy celebrities who would sleep with a reindeer, she is a glaring throwback, especially for the mass media who don't know anyone as screwed up as the mass media.

So, to them, a young woman saving themselves for marry seems as rare as Bigfoot in drag. I should stop there before Bob is turned on. If you examine Jones' life, you're going to learn something. Here's a lady's who is disciplined, allowed for great success. That success was unfettered by crap that our culture deems cool. Fact is, delayed gratification rarely leads to failure. But you have can't say the same for the opposite.

Lolo shows you what happens if you say forget, just say no, and embrace just not now.

Now, feminists love to champion sexual freedom. But isn't Lolo defining her own freedom? And sure, she said it's tough, more so than being an Olympian. But why is the latter cool and the former not? She should get a medal for both.

I have a theory, Andrea -- Bob, I'm not going to you first.

DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: Yes, please --

GUTFELD: I'm not going to you, because I know what you're going to say and it's not going to be very nice.

Andrea, I have a theory, that all of these prodigies, people that do incredible things when they're young, do something because they pick something and they do it really, really well and it's not sex. It comes later.

Isn't that -- does she set a pretty good example of --

ANDREA TANTAROS, CO-HOST: That's a great example. She devoted her life, most athletes do -- sacrifice, social gathering, trips to the beach, and all of that other stuff, to focus on sports. She did that. So, her focus hasn't been sex. Too much now, the culture is just focused on sex.

GUTFELD: That's all it is.

TANTAROS: And they cannot believe that there's a woman out there or anybody, who's -- as you point out, a freak, for no having sex. Now, she's known for this, unfortunately or fortunately -- it's a great example for young girls, then her talent.

PERINO: I think that Andrea deserves a medal for getting through that without looking at Bob who is cracking up the whole time.

GUTFELD: Yes, exactly.


GUTFELD: See, Bob reflects the media, though, the newspaper guy that says I've never met a girl like this. They can't exist.

BECKEL: Before you draw conclusions here, can I say something?

GUTFELD: Absolutely.

BECKEL: I admire this woman for doing this. I think it takes a lot of courage. It take a lot of courage to say it.

GUTFELD: That's true.

BECKEL: Particularly in this society that we live in.

GUTFELD: I'm surprised.

BECKEL: And I give her credit for it and I hope she sticks by this and she gets married. She has a wonderful life. And then gives up her virginity in marriage, and have a kid and wonderful life. And I think it's a good --

TANTAROS: Who are you?

GUTFELD: What happened to Bob? Where's Bob?

BECKEL: I think -- I mean, look at here. It'd be tough to stay a virgin.

ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: You know, yes.

BECKEL: She's beautiful. She's beautiful.

BOLLING: Oh, good. I thought you were going somewhere else.

BECKEL: No, no, I said I admired her.

PERINO: I just find it weird that we're all talking about it, though. Why is anybody talking about this?


GUTFELD: It's been everywhere all week, Dana.

PERINO: No, but how did that first start then?

GUTFELD: It was in an HBO question.

PERINO: But anybody wouldn't know you're a virgin unless you told them.

GUTFELD: I hadn't put them on the blog.

BECKEL: Can we talk about this next subject?

TANTAROS: But she was asked, you know, she wasn't said, are you a virgin or not? She said I'm sick and tired asked why I'm single.


TANTAROS: And there's a lot of women who I think are probably sick and tired of being asked why they are single, but they don't offer that much information.


GUTFELD: Eric, I want to ask you, MTV, who I know is your favorite network, canceled casting call for a new show where they follow young adults, 18 and older as they lose their virginity. After it came out in the press, they decided to drop the idea.

It broke your heart, didn't it?

BOLLING: They couldn't find young adults 18 and older who are still a virgin.


PERINO: No one showed up to the casting call.

GUTFELD: That might have been it.

Bob, this is your favorite story.

BECKEL: I showed up for it.

PERINO: Hoping to meet someone.


BECKEL: Let me tell you something, the reality TV shows are living the worst example for young people you can, starting with the "Jersey Shore" junk. And all the rest of these house wives of dope city. They are imbeciles anyway. And they're all dressed like a bunch of --

BOLLING: You were a reality show in your youth.

BECKEL: I was. That's why. I'm a good example they shouldn't have these reality shows.

When I was a reality show, everybody was a dog.

TANTAROS: The kids want to get famous, so they are willing to put --

GUTFELD: Yes, they are betting against their future, this will be the best it will ever get. They don't think that 10 years from now, this stuff will still be on TV.

BECKEL: It gets better and better.

GUTFELD: Yes, exactly.

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