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This is a partial transcript from "Your World with Neil Cavuto", February 11, 2004, that was edited for clarity.

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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: What would you do if you were my next guest? He owns the rights to a Web site named WhiteHouse.com. It’s actually a porn site, and it’s easily confused with the official White House Internet page, which is WhiteHouse.gov.

He makes $1 million a year on this thing. And now he wants out before his son gets in school. Why? He doesn’t want his son to get teased.

Joining me now is Daniel Parisi, owner of WhiteHouse.com.

So you want out?

DANIEL PARISI, OWNER, WHITEHOUSE.COM: Yes, I’ve been in the business now for seven years.

And right now we have options now, because we started the last couple years, we have started a CycleHouse.com, which is a national real estate site. And right now, it just turned profitable earlier this year.

So now we have an exit strategy at this point.

CAVUTO: All right. But is it because your kid is going to school now and you’re embarrassed?

PARISI: Well, yes. Because obviously I think next year is coming to the understanding age at this point. Because before he was a young child, and they really don’t know what is going on.

But now he starts going to school. He’s going to look around, you know, what does Daddy do and so forth.

CAVUTO: Yes, but the bad news flash here: there are other kids who went to your site thinking they were getting the White House site and instead they’re getting a porn site. So you don’t feel bad for them, but you feel bad for your kid?

PARISI: Well, it’s not really him going to the Web site. We’re doing adult content, you know, not...

CAVUTO: Yes, but it doesn’t bother you that other kids did?

PARISI: I have always thought has been exaggerated. Because when we first...

CAVUTO: Come on! Come on! What do you mean, anyone when they type in WhiteHouse.com, I would think you’re going to go to the White House, not go to a porn state.

PARISI: Well, you’ve got to understand we started the site, you know, seven years ago. We were a free speech and political site. And nobody actually went to the site.

So after three months we had to change it, because there was nobody was coming in. And so we saw the article about the adult sites making money. So at that point, we made the changeover.

CAVUTO: Do you feel guilty?

PARISI: No, it’s something we had to do. We really didn’t have a choice.

CAVUTO: You must feel guilty enough to want to disband it now, because your kid is getting into school and he could be teased.

PARISI: Well, I think, you know, at this point I really don’t want him to, you know, have me being in the adult business at this point, at his time of age, when at this point we have options.

CAVUTO: OK, but my point is, again, you’re doing this because of your kid. But you don’t apparently give a rat’s patoot about all the other kids you’ve affected.

PARISI: I’ve never really thought there’s been a problem.

CAVUTO: You don’t find any problem with someone sort of unwillingly or unwittingly, I should say, typing in a site to get information on the White House and instead getting a naked model?

PARISI: Well, you have to understand over the time our traffic numbers are always higher than the White House, so...

CAVUTO: Duh! I mean, that’s a news flash there.

So I’m just saying what do you do now? I mean, you’ve got a million bucks a year off this site for doing essentially nothing on the site itself, right? That’s just money coming in to you.

What’s going to be the compensating factor now?

PARISI: Well, right now we obviously have been using that money to build up other companies. And we also run our free speech site, MyBossSucks.com, which, you know, we’ve been operating that for free. It’s a free service for people to do gripes about companies.

CAVUTO: Are you done with pornography?

PARISI: I will be done, yes.

CAVUTO: All right. And you’re done with pornography, because you feel guilty or embarrassed?

PARISI: Well, I just think it’s time to move on to something different.

CAVUTO: If you didn’t have a kid, would you be moving on?

PARISI: I don’t know. That would be something I’d have to see.

CAVUTO: All right. But do you have any regrets to the -- all the people who visited this site in the past and continue to, that you hoodwinked them?

PARISI: Well, I mean go to the page, I don’t think anyone would ever think that’s ever -- you know, have anything to do with a government site. Because you’ve got Kerry over there with the girl and -- maybe, I don’t know!

CAVUTO: All right, Daniel Parisi, the WhiteHouse.com owner for now.

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