What We Don't Know Could Kill Us

How many of us are ticking time bombs?

The reason why I ask is because of the death of actor John Ritter. He was only 54 and apparently succumbed to something he didn't even know he had -- a flaw in his heart, a dissection of the aorta.

And, it got me thinking: What do we know about what's in us that could kill us?

The Heart Association puts out warnings for heart attacks. There are signs you look for for a variety of cancers. But hidden dangers, dangers like those that claimed the life of Mr. Ritter, well, those there are few, if any signs for.

Some medical experts say an examination could have revealed Ritter's deficiency. Others aren't so sure.

We live in an age where almost anything we eat seems dangerous and almost anything we touch seems risky.

There are so many ways we can die, maybe it's a good thing a lot of us don't know until we do. It would be very easy to get paranoid and easier still to turn into a hypochondriac.

I just wish there were a telltale checklist of signs, or signals, or something that says, "Hey, look into this."

Many women do. Most men do not. And so it goes, living day-to-day with things that could kill us.

I know we'll all meet the same fate. I just wonder, if and how, we could put it off.

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