What Ticks Tea Partiers Off?

You know what I think turns off voters? Not lying politicians, but lying politicians who insist they're not lying politicians; politicians who say one thing, then do another.

I know, I know: Nothing profound here. But you'd think those guys in Washington would get it there.

People have had it with phonies; politicians who scream transparency on health care, but pitch more than 60 billion bucks in backroom deals to get union support for health care.

Who hold bipartisan forums to bring in the other side, even while talking nearly three times more than the other side.

Who swear off lobbyists, but keep in their employ more than 50 former lobbyists.

Who release White House guest lists and brag about being open, but conveniently omit that one of those guests has a brother just nominated to be a circuit court judge and say deals are not being made.

Which is the kind of stuff that has voters feeling had. Voters who've had it with Republicans who vowed to watch the spending when they were in power but didn't. And now Democrats who promised to deliver a different tone but haven't.

I'm telling you, that's what pisses people off. Pardon my French, but I guess that's why voters think we're worse than the French. Not all the French, just the ones who backstab us at the U.N.

And in Washington, just the politicians who brag about being transparent, but transparently show us the worms they really are. No better, no different, no character.

That's what ticks off Tea Partiers: Not that these guys spend, but that they're morally spent.

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