Wedding woes: High cost of being a bridesmaid, groomsman

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KATIE PAVLICH, GUEST CO-HOST: It's summertime and wedding season is in full effect. But you know what that means. Time to empty out our bank accounts. According to a recent survey from American Express, guests are expected to spend an average of 539 bucks per wedding this year. That's up 59 percent from 2012.

We're also learning that a record number of bridesmaids and best men are turning down being in wedding parties now because it's too expensive.

But is it OK to say no to your friends? I think it is. I think -- the average wedding now costs $30,000. I think that the 500 number is very low. What do you think?

GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: Yes, I agree. I have a maxim. The divorce should match the wedding. So, if you're going to have a destination wedding on the beach in linen, the divorce has to be on a beach in linen because I don't understand showy weddings.

I want to ask Kimberly this, because you've been married and unmarried.


GUTFELD: What happens --

KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE CO-HOST: For real. That's not true, because writes me on Twitter. It's only twice.

Go ahead.

GUTFELD: What happens to the massive wedding albums? Where do the pictures go? Is there a divorce dump where everybody goes and drops off these giant things? You know what I mean?

BECKEL: Kimberly has got a library full of them.

GUTFELD: Do you still have it?


GUTFELD: You don't look at it.

GUILFOYLE: When I move, I do.

GUTFELD: And you get angry?

GUILFOYLE: No, I don't get angry. Both weddings were very nice. One destination and one in church, very lovely memories.

GUTFELD: Destination, that would be city hall.

BECKEL: Can I say one thing here? I got married once and I'll never get married again. It got $175,000 and my wife's father walked away from it and I had to pay for it. Now --

GUTFELD: What costs that much? How much cocaine --



GUILFOYLE: We didn't include that.

BECKEL: The stripper came out of -- no.

WATTERS: At the wedding.

GUILFOYLE: That explains the divorce.

BECKEL: It's ridiculous. The guy got mad and walked away.

WATTERS: Really?

See, I had a funny wedding. O'Reilly got me a great gift for the wedding. But --

BECKEL: That's surprising.

WATTERS: On my wedding way, two hours before I go to the church, I'm getting dressed in my tuxedo, I get a phone call and it's from Bill O'Reilly's assistant and she says, "Jesse, Bill would like to speak to you now. Do you have a minute?" I said, "Oh, OK."

So, a second later the phone rings again and I said, he said, "Watters, it's O'Reilly, how are you doing, man?" I said, "Pretty good. About to get married, Bill. What can I help you with?"

"Listen, little chaos here at the house with the kids. Not going to be able to make it to the church. But I'm going to be there for the reception, all right? So, you'll see me there."

And I said, "Bill, thank you for letting me know. That's very kind of you. You know, I'll definitely see you there. "

GUILFOYLE: Is that hilarious or what?

WATTERS: I love the guy to death. That was a great call.

BECKEL: Five hundred thirty-nine bucks, I just went to Finley's wedding and it cost me like 2 grand and I didn't --


PAVLICH: Yes, I think if you have to fly across the country or fly with the destination wedding to see your friends, ticket alone is at least $300, $400, not to mention to get a gift. And what was interesting to me is that men are actually spending more than women to go to this wedding.

That's not amazing?

BECKEL: I'm not surprised. My wife's wedding dress costs about 18,000 bucks and she wore it one time and they put it in a bag up in the attic.

PAVLICH: Now, I just think that these are getting ridiculous. I mean, there was a Huffington Post reader who wrote to Huffington Post about how she went to the wedding and the bride wrote and saying that her $100 cash gift was cheap and that she needed to pay for her own wedding reception, therefore people who attended this wedding should pay more.

Don't have a wedding you can't afford.

WATTERS: It's not a fundraiser.


BECKEL: Italians do that.

WATTERS: If I was the groom there and my wife started complaining about the cash gifts directly after the wedding --


WATTERS: -- time to hit the road.


WATTERS: That's a red flag.

GUTFELD: If you want to do a favor to all your friends, I got married at city hall. Was in line, and they had a Christmas tree, and a Kwanzaa tree, or Kwanzaa bush, I'm not sure what it was, but it was a beautiful ceremony in a tiny office.

PAVLICH: All right. OK.


PAVLICH: We've got to go. We've got to go. Bob, we know you're getting married this weekend but we've got to go.

BECKEL: No, I'm not.

PAVLICH: "One More Thing" is up next.


WATTERS: It's a civil union.


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