'Washington Post' Columnist Attacks 'Factor' Viewers

A columnist for "The Washington Post" attacks you, “The Factor” viewer: that is the subject of this evening's "Talking Points Memo."

It was utterly predictable. The far left media going crazy because University of Colorado professor Ward Churchill (search) is being held accountable for comparing the Americans killed on 9/11 to the Nazi killer Adolf Eichmann (search).

Now last night I told you the crazed ideologues would strike back. But I won't be surprised if you, “The Factor” audience and I, are blamed in certain circles for the unfortunate plight of Ward Churchill.

Now I'm beginning to think I'm Kreskin (search) here, because this morning Richard Cohen writes this in "The Washington Post": "Then Bill O'Reilly struck. The FOX TV commentator went to town on the [Churchill] controversy, finding the usual liberal idiocy at the usual liberal college perpetuated by the usual liberal morons. O'Reilly ended a segment about Hamilton College by providing the name of the college's president, Joan Hinde Stewart, her e-mail address and the school's phone number. Then, with blood dripping from his evil heart, he asked his deranged viewers to 'keep your comments respectable'."

Deranged viewers? Can you believe this Cohen guy just insulted you and millions of people all over the world? Can you believe the arrogance and nerve of this man? In his eyes, anybody watching this program right now is unbalanced. Here's more from Cohen:

"Because O'Reilly had, in effect, organized an Internet lynch mob, a collection of cyber-goons — one of whom threatened to bring a gun — the school simply junked the program. It chickened out."

Now Cohen must be self-destructive to write this kind of a loopy column. A committed progressive who rarely strays from the liberal template, he has to know that Churchill's story was reported all over the place. It's huge news on talk radio and on the Net. Millions of Americans are angry about the situation and they all aren't watching “The Factor.”

Sure, Churchill and Hamilton got threats. I get them every day, along with defamation, slander and libel. And who drives that kind of hate? Richard Cohen and his pals, that's who.

But as I said last night, this isn't about Ward Churchill or freedom of speech. This is about a power shift in the media. Cohen's a phony. He couldn't care less about Churchill or Hamilton, but he does care about his declining position and the fact that FOX News can now influence what happens in this country.

Cohen hates that. His progressive cabal no longer sets the media agenda. They no longer can ram their views down the throats of Americans without challenge. They no longer have a stranglehold on the national discourse.

Finally, we invited Richard Cohen to come on “The Factor” this evening. Guess what? He chickened out.

And that's "The Memo."

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

A sign of the times in American high schools, as we have been telling you. Conflict resolution is a real problem for many American teens, as they see terrible displays in the media every day.

Thus, we were not surprised to see these scenes at Prattville High School (search) in Alabama. A fight broke out during a girl's basketball game. Some punks started wailing on each other, and things rapidly got out of hand.

Three adults, six juveniles have been arrested. Police had to use taser guns to break things up. Isn't that nice? This is a high school.—Public high school.

Ridiculous? What do you think?