Washington hypocrisy on full display?


Charles: Listen, we have seen it from day one with this administration. No matter what is important to the American public, if there's a smidgen, if I may borrow that word from the administration. There's no urgency or we never get the answers. They bring the guys in, they are arrogant and pompous. Someone on the panel, usually Elijah Cummings, is blocking and tackling. This weekend, call Gruber and try to associate them with Romney. It's ridiculous. We haven't gotten answers on anything.

Charlie Gasparino: The torture stuff happened ten years ago, five years ago. The health care debacle is happening now. There's a debate whether torture worked or saved lives and whether it's torture.

Dagen McDowell: They have a right, but being a hypocrite is a requirement for being a politician. This is not a partisan problem. It goes both ways. Republicans want to cut spending unless it's for earmarks that go to their district.

Ben Stein: Contempt for the American people. Contempt from Senator Feinstein embarrassing America. We fooled you, we fooled you, you are stupid, we fooled you. Contempt, contempt, contempt for the American people is the common thread.

Adam Lashinsky: You mentioned there was a rush by the senate democrats to release this report. It's not a rush. It's something they have been studying for a long time. It's a very important topic.


Charles Payne: It gets scary. After what we went through, they are desperate. First time home buyers, are doing different things. 620 Fico scores. This isn't the problem. Young people and other people don't believe in the American dream anymore. They don't believe in investing in the future. They are living in a moment because they lost faith in it.

Dagen McDowell: There's a bigger problem with them. Controlled by the government, the profits go straight to the treasury. They have spent a quarter of a trillion dollars into the U.S. Treasury. It's $38 billion more than the bailout. They paid that back plus 38 billion dollars. You know what? Here is the thing. These are revenue sources for congress, for lawmakers.

Ben Stein: This is begging for problems. The slightest deviation in a work habit, they are under water, put the house on the market and we have a new crisis. I think the stock market is better for people than a house in any event.

Adam Lashinsky: I don't think they should be involved in anything less than 20% down loans. I agree with ben, it's stupid. Where I disagree is I don't think the young people have no faith in the American dream, I think there's a shift in interest in home ownership. That might be a good thing.

Charlie Gasparino: What actually got us in trouble in the first place is the government inducing people to own homes. My old man put down 20% on a crappy house, but put down his 20%. People don't do that anymore because we have low interest rates, banks handing money to everybody. I have no problem with the treasury getting money from Fannie and Freddie.


Dagen McDowell: They do because their parents spoiled them. Gave them a cell phone at 12, turned driving age, they've got to have a brand new car.

Charles Payne: I have to agree with everything Dagen said. In part, I've hired millennials. My son is a millennial we're going through our issues, I spoiled him.

Ben Stein: My experience, most millennials are pretty damn spoiled but I was incredibly spoiled when i entered the labor force, too. My wife, spoiled. I think it's a characteristic of young Americans to be very spoiled but there are plenty that work very, very hard, and it very much depends on the person I don't think you can generalize.

Charles Gasparino: The greatest job security an old man like me has is millennials. They don't work hard enough, aren't smart enough, don't know the issues. That's why I love millennials.

Adam Lashinsky: I just think it's incredibly hard to generalize, a bunch of Millennials I work with including at Fortune magazine amaze me.


Charles Payne- Boeing (BA)

Adam Lashinksy- Costco (Cost)

Ben Stein- G.E. (GE)