Vicente Fox: We need Trump to listen and learn about life in Mexico

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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: All right. I think they call this an olive branch. Or it could be a taco bowl. But to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, Donald Trump, well, enjoying this fine classic Mexican dish in his Trump Tower offices, and reminding folks how much he loves Hispanics.

This coming a little more than a day after Vicente Fox, the former president of Mexico, said he maybe went too far with some comments he has made about Donald Trump, now wants Donald Trump to come down to Mexico to see Mexico for himself.

Mr. President, very good to have you.

VICENTE FOX, FORMER MEXICAN PRESIDENT: Thank you very much, Neil, thank you.

CAVUTO: It sounds like you want to make amends here and he wants to make amends, too, to the Mexican people.

FOX: Well, it is the intention, because what we need is him listening and learning the way of life of others, starting with the migrants in the United States. By the way, my grandfather was a migrant that came from Cincinnati, Ohio, down to Mexico, the state of Guanjuato, looking for his American dream.

So I do have a very strong respect for this nation. And I really want to contribute to keep this strong partnership that we have built with the United States through NAFTA. So yes, the invitation is open. Let him decide when.

CAVUTO: Have you heard back, sir? Have you heard back from him?

FOX: No, no, no, not at all. I see that he is now having some enchiladas and some Mexican food. I hope he will not get an indigestion.


FOX: But it's very important.


CAVUTO: You know, you had kind of a crass term you used last time. And you acknowledged maybe you went too far. Do you regret that now?

FOX: What I worry about is, is issues, is fundamental things besides the discussion or personal discussion with him. His thinking about trade, for instance, I think it's an absolute mistake and error, because the way to create jobs, to create wealth, is by trading and through investment.

And the idea of enclosing this great leading nation in four walls and isolated from the rest of the world is crazy. It does not go with the 21st Century. And specifically on trade.


CAVUTO: Well, we've got a problem here, though, Mr. President, right?  We've got a problem in this country. I know, I understand, and your bias is Mexican, the Mexican people. But do you think it goes a little too far when you claim that he's a bigot?

I've covered the guy for 30-plus years, I've never seen any indication of that. He wasn't against Mexicans, the way that was played, the way you kind of reacted to it. He was against those who get into this country illegally and don't play by the rules. What is wrong with that?

FOX: Well, he did not clearly express what he meant. He has been aggressive with every single component of the community, society, nations.  But let's get to the point. He says he's.


CAVUTO: No, my only point is he do not indict all Mexicans. He did not indict all Hispanics. He did not indict all immigrants. He went after those who get here illegally and we ignore. And the country that -- in your country's case.

FOX: Let him then explain.


CAVUTO: . hasn't done enough -- no, believe me, I'll let you respond to this, because it cuts to the core. Does Mexico have to do more for its people?

FOX: Let him then explain what he meant by -- let me tell you that imposing a 40 percent tax upon automobiles manufactured in Mexico, because we have a (INAUDIBLE), is two errors, one, the bad tax is going to impact U.S. consumers, Americans are going to pay 40 percent more for the car they're buying.

Number two, it has to do with the idea of building a wall and Mexicans paying for it. He knows pretty well we're not going to pay for it. But if he is still going to build that wall, U.S. taxpayers are.

CAVUTO: Well, he says you are.

FOX: . going to pay for that wall.

CAVUTO: Well, with our current account trade gap, you would have the money to pay for it. Leaving that aside though, I understand your frustration here, but we've got a big mess on our hands with.

FOX: No, I don't have any frustration at all. At all.

CAVUTO: No, sir, just hear me out. We've got a lot of illegals here, largely from Mexico. And the problem seems to be that Mexico makes it so.  That Mexico and things are so horrible in Mexico, that naturally they want to come here.

So isn't the burden on Mexico to improve its economy so that people don't run away from Mexico?

FOX: No, no, it's not horrible. Ninety-six percent of Mexicans have a job. Same as in the United States. And they come through the desert because they want to do better.


CAVUTO: So why are millions of them coming here? Why are millions of them coming here?

FOX: Why U.S. Americans go everywhere else in the United States to work and to do a little bit more money? Hundreds of thousands, not to say, millions of Americans work outside. Work abroad.

CAVUTO: No, I understand, sir. But don't you think that the problem.


CAVUTO: The problem should be addressed in Mexico. If people are leaving Mexico for better opportunities, maybe that says something to the Mexican government officials, you're not providing good opportunities. It's your fault.

FOX: Well, then why Americans go outside to work in Mexico? Tens of thousands of them.


CAVUTO: I think the numbers are a little different, Mr. President, right?

FOX: No. I don't think so. There is millions of Mexicans, migrants in the United States contributing to the wealth, to the greatness of this nation. And he didn't speak about them. They are my heroes. They are great people. And I want to be at their side, because they've been offended. And they are not criminals. And they work hard.


CAVUTO: He didn't call them all criminals. He didn't call them all criminals. Those who abuse this system and go around the laws, they're the criminals and technically that is the definition of a criminal, right?

FOX: You have criminals everywhere and, unfortunately, we don't want that.  We need compassionate leadership that understands the problems of the economy, that understands the problems of the people, that work with the people.

It's good that he suggested to increase wages. Great.

CAVUTO: Understood.

FOX: But the way to increase wages is through productivity.

CAVUTO: That's it, I've got to go.

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