Vice President Pence: 4.1 percent growth a testament to Trump's leadership

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MARIA BARTIROMO, HOST: Good Sunday morning.

Moments from now, my exclusive interview with Vice President Mike Pence.

The U.S. sends a message to China, Iran and Turkey.

And the push to get President Trump to declassify more parts of that recently released FISA application.

Good morning, everyone. Thanks so much for joining us. I'm Maria Bartiromo. Welcome to "Sunday Morning Futures."

BARTIROMO: And since my conversation with the vice president about that, the State Department says Secretary of State Pompeo spoke to the Turkish foreign minister Saturday about the case of Pastor Andrew Brunson.

The State Department says the secretary and minister are -- quote -- "committed to continue discussions to resolve the matter and address other issues of common concern."

This as Turkey's president is speaking out, saying that Turkey will not back down in the face of the U.S. sanctions threat.

After my interview with the vice president -- and, by the way, that interview took place in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building in his ceremonial office.

But, after the interview, Vice President Pence took me on a tour of his private office inside the West Wing. A place as you can imagine is full of history, including some of that is very personal to the vice president. The vice president showed me a photograph of his father -- Second Lt. Edward J. Pence, receiving the Bronze Star for his service in the Korean War for heroic achievements, as well as the metal itself. He showed me both of which he proudly displays. You can see much more of this rare glimpse inside the vice president's private office tomorrow morning on "Mornings with Maria" on the Fox Business Network -- join us tomorrow morning, 6 to 9 a.m. Eastern.

Still ahead, Senator Lindsey Graham is here, he sits on both the Arms Services and Judiciary Committees. On North Korea, China, Iran, the Supreme Court nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh -- all topics of discussion for Lindsey Graham as we look ahead on "Sunday Morning Futures," next.


BARTIROMO: Welcome back. We just heard from Mike Pence of North Korea. The Trump administration urging patience for the process of denuclearization. With Secretary of State Mike Pompeo last week saying that the country is still producing nuclear fuel. Meanwhile the North is delivering on a promise to return the remains on U.S. Service members killed in the Korean War. What does that all mean for the ultimate goal of dismantling North Korea's nuclear arsenal?

Let's bring in Senator Lindsey Graham, who sits on the Senate Arms Services Committee. Senator it's good to see you this morning. Thank you for joining us.

SEN. LINDSEY GRAHAM, R-SOUTH CAROLINA: Thank you. A lot to talk about.

BARTIROMO: Your thoughts on where we are on this -- I'm sorry?

GRAHAM: Lots to talk about.


GRAHAM: North Korea, my thoughts? I think the only reason we are moving forward with North Korea is that President Trump convinced China and North Korea he was serious about them giving up their nuclear program. In return they'll have security prosperity.

Having the remains returned to the United States is much appreciated by the families in the country as a whole. But we're looking for complete irreversible, verifiable denuclearization. I fear that North Korea and China are trying to run the clock out. China has pulled North Korea back because we're in a trade dispute with China.

So if I were President Trump, I'd keep the pressure on. I'd be willing to walk away. And the only way to get a deal that matters is to convince China and North Korea we use the military option to stop their nuclear program if we have to,

BARTIROMO: And do you think the North believed that now or has it been emboldened by new strength coming from China?

GRAHAM: I think China is undercutting President Trump when it comes to North Korea. But I think North Korea believes that President Trump will not allow them to develop the capability to hit the American homeland with a nuclear weapon. He has set his policy in stone. Complete, verifiable, irreversible. Iran is watching, Russia is watching. The only way it will get there is to put a deadline on this. President Trump said he wanted this to happen in his first term. I see the timeline slipping. That worries me. But the only way we made progress is because Trump has been strong in the eyes of North Korea and China and you have to stay strong.


GRAHAM: I don't want a war with North Korea. But if there's going to be one, it's going to be in China's backyard, not America's backyard and I hope China understands that.

BARTIROMO: Well let me move onto it other nuclear power, Russia and the potential for sanctions.


BARTIROMO: Do you want to see sanctions put against Russia?

GRAHAM: One hundred percent. I will give President Trump credit for being tougher on Russian than Obama. That is without a doubt clear. Army, the Ukraine, expelling diplomats, imposing sanctions, tougher than Obama did.

But it's not working, Maria. They're still trying to interfere in our election. This week was good news for me in two ways. The president met with the National Security Council on Friday, ordering them to harden our electoral infrastructure against Russia and other actors for the 2018. That's presidential leadership I've been looking for.

I've talked to homeland security folks, I've talked to everybody in the government. I think a good package is coming out of the administration to protect the 2018 election. Pompeo told Menendez that he would work with myself and Senator Menendez and other groups to put new sanctions on the table for Russia. I'm going to come out with sanctions from hell on Russia. Because what we're doing is not working.

BARTIROMO: Well the president said that, we're not going to see Vladimir Putin come meet with the president at the White House until after what the president called the witch hunt is over. Let me ask you about the Michael Cohen news. He taped his clients which seems unprecedented to me and now Rudy Giuliani is saying this morning that they tampered with the tape.

GRAHAM: Yeah, you know the one thing about Michael Cohen is I've never seen a lawyer behave this way my entire life and I've been a lawyer most of my adult life. When it comes to Michael Cohen, you should be suspicious of what he says, he's on the hot seat. He's looking at going to jail. So people like him are subject to making things up.

And I can tell you this, I talked to Richard Burr yesterday. Michael Cohen has already appeared before Congress talking about a lot of things. And this idea he told Trump about the Russian meeting before it happened is to us very much new news. So, Mr. Cohen, if you have something new to say you need to come to Congress and say it under oath.

BARTIROMO: In terms of him saying it under oath -- is that a possibility? Will he actually testify again?

GRAHAM: I don't know but I'm tired of having President Trump tried in the media. This is the oddest way to communicate with Mueller is to leak a story to NBC News that you got some new information about the Russian meeting regarding President Trump. I've been lawyer all my adult life, I've never seen that work. That's the media strategy.

So I know what Cohen has said in the past about President Trump not knowing anything about the meeting. He's on record -- Cohen is -- and if he has something new to say, don't leak it to NBC News. You need to come to either the Judiciary Committee, the Intel Committee or both and be willing to say what you have to say under oath and to every American. If I were you, I would be very suspicious of Michael Cohen, right now.

BARTIROMO: Senator, I've gotta switch and ask you about Iran, stay with us. We've got a lot more to come with Senator Lindsey Graham --


BARTIROMO: -- who is with us live this morning. We're looking ahead on "Sunday Morning Futures." Back in a moment.


BARTIROMO: Welcome back. We are back now with Senator Lindsey Graham, a member of the Senate Arms Services and Judiciary Committees. Senator, it seems like the Trump administration is quietly pushing ahead with a bid to create a new security and political alliance with the Middle East to go against Iran.


BARTIROMO: Give us the latest in terms of your viewpoint of Iran where we're seeing more provocations against this president.

GRAHAM: Yes. I've never before more pleased for President Trump than I am right now regarding Iran. He's working with the Arabs in Israel to isolate Iran. The European Union needs to help us, instead of doing business with the ayatollah, who is a religious Nazi, who is dismembering the Middle East, who wants a nuclear weapon and will use it one day.

Our European friends should join with the United States to break the back of this regime. The Iranian people are our friends, the ayatollah is our enemy. And I like the idea of withdrawing from the nuclear agreement. He took the money -- the ayatollah did -- and spent it on military. The people have just about had it with the ayatollah. There was a sign out in the streets during the Obama era, "Are you with us or are you with them?"

To my European friends -- are you with the ayatollah or are you with Iran people? Keep it up Mr. President. Keep it up, Secretary Pompeo. Break the Iranian regime's back. Regime changes are coming to Iran.

BARTIROMO: It's a fair question. And then there is China. The president has meeting with the E.U. apparently. Do you think it strengthens the unity of Europe and the U.S. together to go up against China's bad behavior?

GRAHAM: That's the only way you'll bring about change. The WTO doesn't work when it comes to China. The European Union, Japan, all these nations are being affected by unfair Chinese trade practices. Here's how this movie ends. Get a deal with Europe. They heavily subsidize Airbus and that hurts Boeing. They have a 10 percent tariff on cars coming into Europe made in America. It's two and half percent if you sell a car in America from Europe. Let's go to zero as soon as we can, get rid of these subsidies, reunite and reform the WTO and tell China if you want to stay in the WTO, we're going to have new rules you have to abide by. Either kick them out or we get out. One of the two because the WTO is not working.

BARTIROMO: He's been tough on China, that's for sure and poking holes in that as well.

GRAHAM: Yes, he has.

BARTIROMO: Let me ask you real quick before you go. Do you have the votes to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court? You just heard the vice president tell me he's expecting a confirmation before the midterms.

GRAHAM: There is a lot of doubt when it comes to Brett Kavanaugh. I have zero doubt he's going to be on the Supreme Court before the end of October. He's highly qualified, well-deserving. We're going to break the back of every democratic effort to stop good man from being on the Supreme Court. The president couldn't have chosen better. He's going to get confirmed with democratic votes.

BARTIROMO: All right, well we'll see if one of those votes is Donnelly or Manchin -- which of course, is going to be meeting with next week. Good to see if you sir --

GRAHAM: Or both.

BARTIROMO: Thank you so much. We will see you soon.

GRAHAM: Thank you.

BARTIROMO: Senator Lindsey Graham. House republicans are working to declassify key portions of the FISA document meanwhile on former Trump campaign Carter Page. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes will join me next, live. Back in a minute


BARTIROMO: Welcome back to SUNDAY MORNING FUTURES. My next guest has been pushing for President Trump to declassify key parts of the highly redacted Carter Page FISA application. House Intelligence Committee Chairnan Devin Nunes joins me right now from the World Ag Expo in Tulare. Good to see you sir. Thanks very much for joining us.


BARTIROMO: Yeah. I have here the FISA warrant in my hand and it's incredible the number of redactions. Every page is blacked out, Congressman. And I want to ask you about that because you basically said, look, this has to be declassified in order for the American people to understand. Tell us why?

NUNES: Well it's kind of like Groundhog Day. If you remember a few weeks ago when I was in New York and on your show, we were talking about the heavy redactions done to the House Intelligence Committee's report that actually had the information on what Russia was doing in the election; however, it had been totally redacted so the public couldn't see it. While the meantime, the media was essentially attacking the republicans' work.

Well now here you have another situation where with FISA that we fought so hard to make the public has understood that Clinton paid for dirt was used to get a warrant to spy on an American citizen using our secret counterintelligence capabilities in this country. So now, I can't see it, but you held it up -- I think roughly 70, 75 percent of that FISA that came out last week that look -- we're glad this came out for the public to see, but at the same time, there is so much that's redacted, Maria.


NUNES: And if you notice what the left and mainstream media said. We were exonerated once this came out. Because we had put out the memo, or we said that this dossier or the dirt used to get the FISA warrant. We were exonerated last weekend.

But now, if you look at what they are saying, they were saying oh but the really juicy stuff is -- actually the stuff that proves collusion and how bad Carter Page really was and how they were colluding with Russians. That's what's redacted. Well that was kind of news for 48 hours. But once the left and the media found out that the House republicans on the Intelligence committee had asked back in June for the president to declassify up to 20 pages -- you hear crickets. You will hear nothing. You don't hear them.

They don't want transparency for the American people. So the president has the letter from us. I think his lawyers are looking at this to see if they can declassify it sooner rather than later. But the sooner this comes out, the better off we all are. Because what I've said is what's left that's redacted, the American people really need to know what's underneath of it.

BARTIROMO: Yeah, that's what I want to ask you about because I read the op-ed this weekend with you in the Wall Street Journal. And it's titled "Devin Nunes: Washington's Public Enemy No. 1" and in it you say if people think using the Clinton dirt to get a FISA is bad, what else is in that application is even worse? And you identify a specific number of pages in the letter you sent to President Trump that need to redacted. Can you tell us anything about what could possibly be even worse than using an unverified piece of nonsense actually to get a warrant to spy on an American citizen?

NUNES: Well, therein lies the problem, right? So the mainstream media and left they can run out and say what is really bad in there is the public can't see. It's redacted. But the realty is that's not the case. Those of us who have providing oversight over this issue -- we've had several of our members who have painstakingly going through it piece by piece. And we are quite confident that once the American people see these 20 pages, at least those that will get real reporting on this issue? They will be shocked by what's in this FISA application.

BARTIROMO: Has the president read the unredacted portion?

NUNES: I have no idea what the president has or has not read. All I know is we sent him a letter back in June asking him to declassify the 20 pages or more -- I mean if they can declassify -- the more the better. But I think the bulk of what we would like to see are 20 pages in the last FISA that was signed by the deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein.

BARTIROMO: You know, it seems like that mid-term elections become that much more important, the stakes are so high on these mid-term elections. We wouldn't know any of this stuff without your committee and colleagues and judiciary and oversight. We wouldn't know half of the stuff half of what took place in the 2016 elections. What happens if the House flips and the democrats take the majority in the House come the mid-term election?

NUNES: Well that's what I said in the Wall Street Journal interview. Yeah, in the Wall Street Journal I stated that I'm quite confident because I've seen this game played many times before. There is a stall game going on at DOJ and FBI.

They are trying to stall as much as they can that, hoping and betting that Republicans would lose the House in the fall. And if that happens, then you've essentially shut down everything. Rod Rosenstein will not be held for contempt, FBI will not be held accountable.

All of these investigations will be shut down, everything will be buried and you will be left with media narratives saying oh, what the public can't read, what you really can't read -- what's blacked out that's the really bad stuff against Carter Page and the republicans and the Trump campaign.

That's why the sooner the president declassifies this, the better. And I think the American people need to understand how important it's going to be to get out and vote in the election.

BARTIROMO: Well, tell us were your investigation stands right now. Is Rod Rosenstein performing? Is -- do you think his leadership is encouraging them to be upfront and show us justice?

NUNES: Well, what I can tell you is there was a move late last week to begin impeachment. I think there are grounds for impeachment and we should hold him accountable. I think Congress has given them way too much power. The way I understand it is the Judiciary Committee and Oversight Committee got commitments on Friday, I think the Speaker also got commitments -- from what I understand that documents will be provided.

So we're short a few documents, we are supposed to see those this week. But in addition to that, interviews/deposition will begin over August. So we will have members of Congress that will be flying back to Washington during August to conduct interviews with very important witnesses that need to be interviewed as it relates to getting to the bottom of this the Russiagate scandal.

BARTIROMO: Mr. Chairman, let me switch gears and ask you about what's going on with Twitter and shadow banning. The president tweeted about. Do you think social media is censoring conservative views and conservative speakers?

NUNES: Yeah, you know what? I had no idea what shadow banning even was. I had absolutely no clue. For several months people have been contacting me saying I tried to find you on Twitter. I couldn't find your account, why is that?

And then we had a report that came out where in fact there were four people in the House of Representatives -- and the only four politicians in the country, elected officials that were being quote-unquote, they don't call it shadow banning, but effectively we were getting tied up in some kind of trap --


NUNES: to where people couldn't see our Twitter feed. That was Mr. Gates, Mr. Meadows, Mr. Jordan, and myself.


NUNES: So I don't know what Twitter's up to, it sure looks to me like they are censoring people. And they ought to stop it. We are looking at any legal remedies that we can go through.

BARTIROMO: Mr. Chairman. Good to see you this morning. Thanks so much.



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