US relations with Israel on the rocks?

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: In a clear indication that Israel is growing tired of the president's weak stance on Iran's nuclear facilities, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu put Washington on a notice with a very strongly worded statement on Israel's defense against Iran.


PRIME MINISTER BENJAMIN NETANYAHU, ISRAEL: The world tells Israel, wait! There is still time! And I say, wait for what? Wait until when? Those in the international community who refuse to put red lines before Iran don't have a moral right to place a red light before Israel.


HANNITY: Joining me with the reaction to the growing rift is the author of the brand new book, "Israel, The Will to Prevail," Knesset Deputy Speaker, Danny Danon is with us. Good to see you, sir.


HANNITY: These are not good times -- we are close allies. This is probably the greatest divide I can think of in my lifetime.

DANON: In my book, I write about the close relationship between Israel and the U.S., but today it is a time of crisis, you expect your partner to stand with you. Nuclear Iran is not only a threat to the Israelis. It is a threat to the American people, and what we see the appeasement policy of President Obama brings austerity to the region.

HANNITY: The prime minister -- I have known Bibi for years. The prime minister requested when he comes to the United Nations, a meeting with the president. But the president's too busy. He will be on Letterman, a late-night comedy show, he's going to be with Jay-Z and Beyonce, campaigning in a time of such tension. What is your reaction to that?

DANON: He wants to meet President Obama not to discuss the weather in Washington, D.C. We want to ask him what he is going to do. I think President Obama is avoiding the meeting because we want to know -- he is telling us to wait with Iran. He's telling us, hold your horses. But you ask him, until when? What do you intend to do? And he decided, President Obama, not to decide on the issue of Iran. And actually, what he is telling us, Sean, that we have to act on ourselves, we have to take our destination in our own hands. And I believe that when Prime Minister Netanyahu will go back home to Israel he will have to sit down with the government and take a decision.

HANNITY: The words "never again." You see it all around Israel, correct?

DANON: When you look at Ahmadinejad and he said, I want to wipe out the Jewish people. And he's saying it. And I believe him.

HANNITY: I believe him.

DANON: And he's saying it to the little Saturn. And then I am going after the U.S., the great Saturn. What do you want to wait, to check to see if he means what he's saying?

HANNITY: This is the point. The reality is at some point, there is no other option. Now you are being surrounded. Now we've got the Muslim Brotherhood surrounding you in Egypt because the president did not, I think, think through or certainly made an intelligence -- huge bungle with the Muslim Brotherhood.

The difference between Bibi, the prime minister of Israel, and our president, is I hear clarity from him, moral clarity. I hear ambiguity and fear from our president, the fear being I can't say the word Islamic terrorist. I don't want to say war on terror.

DANON: Look at the picture from Libya, from Egypt. We are in a war against the Muslim extremist terrorists. We have to fight back. You cannot ignore it. It will come to your shores. Maybe some people think it is not in my back yard, why should I care about the Middle East, about Israel?

HANNITY: Because it is coming here.

DANON: It is coming up here.

HANNITY: -- Islamic caliphate. When I look at this, though, I see between Egypt and now the alliance with Morsi and the Iranians and meetings, I see what is coming -- an alliance against first Israel and then the United States.

DANON: It is against the values that we represent, democracy, western societies. And because we happen to be close by, they are coming after us. But in my book, I reveal that today in Iran, you have 25,000 Jews. Every morning, they marched at school and when they go into the public school in Iran, they are marching on the Israeli flag, the American flag --

HANNITY: What do you see there? We've only got about 10 seconds.

DANON: I have to say -- you know what the time is in Egypt? As we speak, it is morning. It is 5:00 in the morning and those people are running against the U.S. embassy. You give them food, a billion dollars --

HANNITY: We have to roll.

DANON: To buy ammunition.

HANNITY: More with Fox News straight ahead.

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