Undermining the War on Terror, Part 97...

Undermining the War on Terror, Part 97: that is the subject of this evening's "Talking Points Memo."

Federal judges blocked the transfer of 13 suspected terrorists being held at Guantanamo Bay (search) after a left-wing group, The Center for Constitutional Rights, sued on their behalf, saying they might be tortured if they were sent home or to another Muslim country. Wait a minute. I thought they were being tortured at Guantanamo Bay! --That's what the Progressive press keeps telling us. Now they want to keep these guys at Gitmo? What's the deal?

Well, the deal is this, undermining the Bush administration's war on terror is priority number one for the progressives. On Saturday, for example, "The New York Times" ran another page one story telling the world the two Afghan prisoners were killed by American soldiers. And where did the "Times" get the information? From an investigation by the U.S. military, that's where. The Army has already charged one soldier with manslaughter. The Times played the story on page one, making a huge deal out of it.

"The Washington Post" put it on page 14 in a much smaller presentation. The only other organization to print the story was in France. --What a surprise...

Once again, there are going to be atrocities by American soldiers. They must be reported, but responsible journalists will report fairly.

And on that subject, a new study by the Project For Excellence in Journalism at Columbia University examined the Iraq war coverage. On cable news, it broke down like this: 38 percent of the stories FOX News ran were favorable to the war effort; 62 percent neutral, negative or not able to be classified. Over at CNN, 20 percent of the stories were positive; 80 percent neutral, negative or not classifiable. And at MSNBC, just 16 percent positive, 84 percent neutral, negative or not classifiable.

So once again, you can decide which network is fair and balanced. And by the way, the same study looked at election coverage: 250 stories in the media were examined. And 36 percent of the stories about President Bush were negative; 12 percent of the stories about John Kerry were negative.

So there is no question the majority of American news agencies tilt sharply left. And one of the few that doesn't, FOX News is demonized beyond belief. The latest tactic is using entertainment programs to smear us. Nice. --NBC by far the worst offender.

Finally, I guarantee you the Progressive media will not question the judge's ruling that terror suspects cannot be sent abroad. I guess the progressives want to give these guys condos on Miami Beach. The whole thing is just insane. No country could fight a terror war the way the far- Left envisions.

And that's "The Memo."

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Time now for "Most Ridiculous Item of the Day"...

It's spring, and that means craziness in Florida. Several people were arrested over the weekend in Daytona protesting a ban on topless women in public. It's the same old story. The ladies, some of them, are angry that the men can go topless and they can't.

I'm angry, too, but for a different reason. Having seen some of the guys in the Daytona area, I think it should be illegal for them to go topless. I'm with the ladies, except on another plane. --I want to expand the topless law for the sake of the visual environment.

To not do so would be ridiculous. I don't look like that guy, if you know what I'm saying to you.