Twenty-one Days Until Crunch Time

Twenty-one days until crunch time.  That is the subject of this  evening's "Talking Points Memo."

Three weeks from tonight, we'll be counting the votes right here on  the FOX News Channel.  But, until then, keep an eye on which media is  rooting for which candidate.

A study by the Center for Media and Public Affairs (search) analyzed the second  debate, focusing on which news operations praised Kerry and which praised Bush. You'll remember most people thought the debate was a draw.

According to the study, ABC News, CBS News and CNN all praised John  Kerry about 20 percent more than President Bush.  FOX News, the fair and balanced network, thank you, was just about even. Our commentators praised Kerry 48 percent of the time and Bush 46 percent of the time in the post-debate analysis.

So all the left-wing nuts out there who think FOX News is biased right only have to look at this study to see we treated both candidates evenly.

But here's the crusher. We've been telling you that Tom Brokaw and his NBC News crew have been the most pro-Kerry TV outfit in the country. Now here's proof.  Ready? After the second debate, once again, a debate  most felt was a draw, NBC commentators praised John Kerry 74 percent of the time and President Bush 31 percent.

Now come on!  We report. You decide.  But I told you there's something going on over there at NBC, and it's strange because Tim Russert, the chief analyst they have, gives both sides a hard time. He grilled John Edwards (search) last Sunday on "Meet the Press." Other NBC people should take note of that.

On another front, Sinclair Broadcasting (search), which owns 62 stations across the country, is going to broadcast an anti-Kerry documentary without  commercials. We'll report on the Sinclair situation in a moment.  But if  they do run the anti-Kerry documentary, they should give the senator's campaign equal time to reply. Come on. Fair is fair.

So, summing up, "Talking Points" wants you to know that the elite media in the USA will do its best to get John Kerry elected. There's no  question about that. That's a big advantage for the senator.

“The Factor”, however, will continue to watch the process and balance  out any unfairness to either candidate.  After all, American voters deserve the straight story when deciding an election as important as this one.

And that's "The Memo."

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Over the Columbus Day weekend, I was in Syracuse, New York, in the Berkshires (search) and in Boston, and everywhere I went people asked me when John Kerry's coming on “The Factor”.  On the radio, all the callers want to know  the same thing, when the senator will be here.

So here's an update: I don't know. We are still awaiting word from the senator's people. We're still optimistic that the interview will take  place. We will keep you updated on a daily basis. To not to do so would be ridiculous.