Tucker: Left's critiques of Trump are projection

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TUCKER CARLSON, HOST: Good evening and welcome to "Tucker Carlson Tonight," in just a minute Donald Trump, Jr. will be joining us, Piers Morgan on the show, too, but first there are some negative things that you could say about Donald Trump. What is interesting that the left almost never says them and instead, they spend a lot of time telling how Trump is a fascist, who poses imminent and terrifying threat to our constitutional order.

Sounds pretty scary. Is it true? Well, consider the major freedoms protected by our Bill of Rights - the document that makes America distinct from all other countries, freedom of speech, freedom of worship, the right to keep and bear arms, due process under the law.

Now, take a close look at today's news. Who exactly is threatening those freedoms? Is it Donald Trump? Whatever his faults, it is not Donald Trump. It is the left and they are doing it more aggressively than they ever have before. As usual, their critique of Trump is pure projection.

If you want to know what the left is actually doing, listen to the way they attack other people. Start with our foundational freedom -- speech -- if they can tell you what to say, you are not free. There is nothing they can't make you do. That is why the Founders put it first. It is the freedom that comes before all others. The left has spent decades trying to weaken the First Amendment. They have done it in the sneakiest way possible by creating phony hate speech exemptions out of thin air.

So far, the courts have not accepted this idea, the idea that you can limit speech simply because someone else doesn't like it. So the left has a new plan now. They have allied with big corporations to make it impossible for people who say the wrong things to make a living in this country.

You may have heard of the company PayPal, it's an online payment platform, the biggest. If you want to make money online and many people do, PayPal is essential.

In a recent interview with the "Wall Street Journal," the CEO of PayPal, Dan Schulman explain that diversity and inclusion are his company's top values. But of course, he doesn't mean it, he means the opposite.

Like most on the left, which Schulman actually wants is utter conformity, a world where only approved opinions are allowed. Last year PayPal, banned Alex Jones from using the platform for saying things they didn't like. They have also banned anti-Muslim activist, Laura Loomer, the publication "V-Dare" and a number of other people and organizations whose speech they believe should be silenced.

Schulman admitted that his company takes guidance on who to ban from the Southern Poverty Law Center -- that's an entirely fraudulent organization that works as an arm of the Democratic National Committee.

According to Schulman quote, "The line between free speech and hate, nobody teaches it to you in college. Nobody defined it in the law." Well, that is ridiculous, it is very much defined in the law and has been for 50 years.

In 1969, the Supreme Court conclusively decided that hate speech does not exist. But it doesn't matter to Schulman or any of allies on the left. To them the First Amendment is merely a legal obstacle. It's something to subvert rather than celebrate.

And PayPal is just one small example of this. Across the country, the left is working to crash any organization that stands in the way of its power. In New York State, Governor Andrew Cuomo is trying to shut down the NRA, why? For the crime of disagreeing with his agenda. Cuomo is harassing financial companies to do business with the group and it is working.

The media celebrate this just as they celebrate the endless attacks on Fox News. Their entire nonprofits whose only purpose is to close the network you are now watching. They are tireless and they are well-funded. If they someday succeed, you won't hear a word from the left about censorship, no. They will celebrate.

An entire news media with one perspective -- that is their goal -- total conformity, which is the same thing as obedience. To achieve that, they are working to nullify the Second Amendment as well. Almost every Democrat now running for President would like to disarm the public and they say that out loud.


AMY KLOBUCHAR, U.S. SENATOR, MINNESOTA, DEMOCRAT: Why do you need assault weapon for hunting? Why can't you have universal background checks?

KIRSTEN GILLIBRAND, U.S. SENATOR, NEW YORK, DEMOCRAT: So much corruption, so much greed. We can't actually pass common sense gun reform in this country, not because the American people aren't behind it because they are, but because the NRA is more worried about gun sales than they are about the well-being of our kids.

BERNIE SANDERS, U.S. SENATOR, VERMONT, INDEPENDENT: We need to take on the NRA, expand background checks, end the gun show loophole.

KAMALA HARRIS, U.S. SENATOR, CALIFORNIA, DEMOCRAT: The United States Congress needs to have the backbone and courage to pass more smart gun safety laws.

(Cheering and Applause)


CARLSON: "The NRA, smart gun safety laws, common sense, gun reform and the gun show loophole." Don't believe a word, those are just talking points. They don't mean any of it. They plan to take your guns away. They have to. How else can they make the population obey? Once you understand that their goal is total control, their policies begin to make sense.

To a literal person, for example, the Green New Deal sounds like it is something to do with the environment, it's green after all. But of course, if you really cared about the environment, the quality of air and water, you would push China to stop polluting. China is the world's biggest polluter by far, but the Green New Deal doesn't even mention China. Instead it's all about controlling you -- the job you have, the house you live in, the vehicle you drive.

Today, those are choices that you get to make. Under the Green New Deal, the Democratic Party would make them for you. That is why so many of their candidates have endorsed the Green New Deal.


JOHN KING, ANCHOR, CNN: You will hear things like The Green New deal.


KING: You'll hear things like Medicare for All or you will hear things like whether its taxes.

HARRIS: Right.

KING: At what point do you say, "That is our north star," but we have to be realists.

HARRIS: There is no question we have to be practical, but being practical also recognizes that climate change is an existential threat to us, as human being.

KING: Can we afford it?

HARRIS: Of course, we can afford it.

KING: Two and a half, three trillion dollars a year for Medicare for All by some studies?

HARRIS: It's not about a cost, it's about an investment.


CARLSON: Medicare for All, another power grab. A total Federal takeover of the healthcare sector. That means more power for them. Just the other day, Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez speculated it may no longer be right to have children -- kids.

Today, she considers that a debatable question, just asking, but in 20 years, it may be settled theology. One morning you'll wake up and Commissar Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will be proposing control over who is allowed to have children and when. Don't believe it? Well, the same thing is happening with reparations. It moved fast. Twenty years ago, seizing people's possessions and giving them away to atone for the sins of those who died more than a century ago, that was considered a fringe position. Nobody said that out aloud and wanted to be elected.

Today, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Julian Castro -- they have all said they are for it. At this pace, we'll be knocking down statues of Barack Obama someday soon for the crime of opposing reparations.

Does this all sound a little paranoid? Okay, do this. Find a big city newspaper from just ten years ago. Read the whole thing. Then compare it to this morning's "Washington Post." How far has the left moved in just a decade? A long way, and the pace is quickening.

Fascism? Yes, it is a threat and it's not coming from the White House.

Donald Trump, Jr. joins us live tonight. Don, thanks very much for coming on.


CARLSON: Do you think -- you talk to a lot of Republicans in Washington. Do you think they understand the threat of woke capitalism, the alliance between he activist left and big business that is shutting down speech?

TRUMP, JR.: You know, I think they are starting to get it. I think they are starting to see it. I mean, that's why I have tried utilize my platform. I did an op-ed in "Real Clear Politics" the other day, because I see it from so many real Americans, guys that are Second Amendment accounts, people that follow me, like my politics or whatever it is and they are reaching out to me when I made a big deal of this saying, "Wow, it is happening to me, too."

But I have a platform to actually do something about it. There are guys -- Kevin McCarthy has been pretty vocal about it -- but the reality is that nothing has changed.

I put up an Instagram post two weeks ago about the Smollett thing because I had the gall to be a little bit cynical about the entire ridiculous situation that was laid out, and Instagram just deleted it.

I sort of responded in my normal fashion rather aggressively, saying, "What is wrong with this? Here is the problem yada-yada," and I got inundated, Tucker. Hundreds of people sending me DMs, "Don, you know, my account was shut down because I tried liking one of your tweets. Or I tried liking one of your father's Instagram post that was like him and his grandchildren, nothing even controversial and time and time again, I've had to follow you, Don, three times in the last week because they keep unfollowing you."

It is really sad and it is happening. And the excuse that, "Well, it is spam-like behavior." No, spam-like behavior is not making Instagram unfollow people who want to follow my content and other conservatives.

CARLSON: So free speech doesn't mean anything if people can't hear you speak. And this alliance between the activist left and big corporations is preventing people from being heard. So it is in effect, an attack on free speech.

TRUMP, JR.: One hundred percent.

CARLSON: The media benefits from our freedom of speech. They are the prime beneficiaries of the First Amendment and yet, they don't even cover it and places like CNN actually encourage companies to de-platform voices they don't think should be heard. Why is the press standing by as the First Amendment erodes?

TRUMP, JR.: Well, because again, I think the majority of the press are now left-wing activists. They are on the side of that. They are not on the side that is being stymied. They are not on the side that is being oppressed, guys like me; again, I can do this because I have a big platform, I have a big soapbox, I can get it out there.

But some of the little guys, they can't. They don't have that ability. They just end up taking it, and is what has happened. You've never seen someone on the left say, "Huh, it is weird, Don, all of a sudden I'm following Fox News, I was never following that." Like many conservatives are complaining to me and saying that all of a sudden they are following these crazy left-wing accounts that they never signed up for.

This is happening. It is a one-way systematic attack on free speech and to me, it reads like it's a trial run for 2020. How are we going to do it? I'm not saying that every account is suppressed, but you do it enough. You take off X percent off of the top. You cut the message in half. You get rid of some of the viral nature of what my father frankly did very well in 2016.

He played monkey in the middle with the media and what they tried to do with messaging. He went right to his people. He went right to the people with his message. He didn't allow them to manipulate it, he went right over them.

I think, to me, it reads as though they are trying to figure out how to minimize that ability again and let the media, which again, what? Ninety three percent, ninety four percent left-wing activists at this point? And let them drive that narrative. Make sure that that is the only thing that regular hardworking Americans see. And we've got to call it out. We have to hit it aggressively.

CARLSON: I mean, I'm a little surprised that the Republican Congress has sat back for the two years they controlled the House, they took control of the Senate and let this happen. Is there a reason to have Mitch McConnell as Senate Majority Leader? Like what is the point of having Republican Senate if they can't stand up for free speech, especially when their own voters are being targeted?

TRUMP, JR.: Well, listen, I hope that this creates the platform for them to sort of jump on board to get it. Like I said, if it is me and I'm seeing literally hundreds of people. Those are just the people who actually saw that post and are willing to take the time to reach out and send screenshots. Imagine how many other people it's actually happening to -- imagine how many don't even realize that it's happening.

So I think the Republicans, a lot of these companies are getting a lot of benefits from the government, from the internet, from all of these things, you know, it doesn't seem like it would be fair to have a one-sided platform. And you saw it, I mean, you covered it in the opening segment, what is going on with PayPal? I mean, they are not even hiding it anymore. They are not even pretending anymore. It's just become the norm.

If Donald Trump has shown conservatives one thing, it is that you don't just have to take the loss when the other side want you to. You can actually fight back. You can fight back and win. I think we have to take that message to heart. I think we have to start pushing back, and I think we have to start pushing back hard. If we don't, we will never get the chance again, Tucker.

CARLSON: And there are still Republicans -- elected Republicans who will tell you, "Oh, it's just the free market at work," no it's not, it's fascism and if you don't --

TRUMP, JR.: It's hundred percent fascism. That's not the free market.

CARLSON: No, it's not the free market, it's ridiculous. So Michael Cohen set to testify before the House Oversight Committee tomorrow. You haven't heard his testimony. Obviously, you've heard stories about what he may say or not, what is your take on it from what you know?

TRUMP, JR.: Honestly, my take is -- you know, I have my father. I know he is in Vietnam right now trying to negotiate nuclear peace settlement with North Korea after 60 years of failed attempts trying to end the war, trying to end nuclear proliferation on the Korean peninsula, you have finally a President who is willing to do it.

Finally, a guy who has actually got a meeting with the other side. And for the Democrats to try to counter program that kind of progress -- to try to perhaps somehow distract him with this nonsense by you know, a convicted felon who has been lying to those same committees. It just goes to show you how much those Democrats really disdain Trump, but also America.

I mean, who wants to try to stymie that process? Who doesn't want peace in the Korean peninsula? Who doesn't want to end nuclear proliferation and a dictatorial state? I mean, who doesn't want that, Tucker? It is crazy, but they show you that they really hate Trump much more than they would like America because I get nothing from counter programming those kind of peace talks with this nonsense that has been proven with a convicted felon, other than they just want Trump to fail even if it means America fails, and that is a really sad state of affairs, Tucker.

CARLSON: Donald Trump, Jr., thank you so much for that.

TRUMP, JR.: Thank you.

CARLSON: Those talks in Vietnam are continuing. We are going to talk to Ed Henry who is live from Hanoi with a report on what is happening in just a moment.

And then, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the new head of the Democratic Party has said that having children could be immoral. We tried our best to find someone to defend that proposition and we did and that's after the break.


CARLSON: President Trump has arrived in Vietnam for his summit tomorrow with North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un. What exactly is going to happen there, Ed Henry is in Hanoi tonight with the very latest -- Ed.

ED HENRY, FOX NEWS CHIEF NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Tucker, great to see you. It is game on here in Hanoi. Now, the President is about to kick off all of this in a couple of hours. First, with some meetings expecting to yield an important trade deal between the U.S. and Vietnam. He is sitting down with Vietnamese officials. The President who arrived aboard Air Force One about 12 hours ago could be shrewdly using that trade deal as another reminder to Kim Jong-un about the thriving markets here in Vietnam and the potential for North Korea. And the fact that they could get in on the action to rebuild their own shattered economy.

But first, Chairman Kim who arrived before the President aboard his armored train is going to have to move toward denuclearization. That is the position from President Trump in order to get the U.S. to remove sanctions that have been throttling the North Korean economy.

Now to give you a sense of the excitement here on the ground before the Summit kicks off, there were crowds of Vietnamese people lining the streets when President Trump came from the airport to his hotel where we are now. They were all just trying to get a glimpse of the President. I went out and spoke to some of those people on the streets, and they said, they are of course weary of war here in Vietnam.

They went through it for so long, so they are actually optimistic about the prospects of President Trump forging some peace. That is interesting to me here on the ground because it is a sharp contrast to some in the media and Democrats in Congress back home who have been talking down the possibility of a deal, Tucker.

In fact, I went to this barbershop where the barber is offering free haircuts. You can either pick a Donald Trump cut that looks a little bit like the President, a little bit interesting color to it, or a Chairman Kim haircut, you imagine what that looks like, I thought it was a goof.

But I asked the owner of the barbershop, "Why did you do this?" And he told me, he looked me in the eyes and he said, "My family was so impacted by the war here. I want to see the President and the Chairman get peace." So the people here in Vietnam seem to get what this is all about, Tucker.

CARLSON: What a choice. Ed Henry live for us from Vietnam, great to see you.

HENRY: Good to see you, Tucker.

CARLSON: Well, the left has long had a fraught relationship and sometimes, a hostile posture with nuclear families. They are a rival to the power of the state -- the main rival. But they were not always overt about it, now they are.

Just days ago, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said that due to environmental concerns, it could be immoral to have children.


ALEXANDRIA OCASIO-CORTEZ, U.S. REPRESENTATIVE, NEW YORK, DEMOCRAT: Our planet is going to be a disaster if we don't turn this ship around. And so it is basically like there is scientific consensus that the lives of children are going to be very difficult. And it does lead, I think, young people to have a legitimate question, you know, should -- is it okay to still have children?


CARLSON: Ethan Bearman is a radio show host in the State of California and he joins us tonight. Ethan, great to see you.

ETHAN BEARMAN, RADIO SHOW HOST, CALIFORNIA: Hi, Tucker. Thanks for having me on.

CARLSON: What I find so interesting about this is the one country, a big country that has made an aggressive effort to limit the number of children born is China, which had a one-child policy of course for decades.

China also, maybe not coincidently, has the lowest environmental standards in the developed world. It's the world's largest polluter. So it's not obvious that having fewer kids makes you cleaner and if it is, then what about China?

BEARMAN: Yes, well, China is just one example. What about Japan across the sea and they have chosen to go that route. What about Brazil where the women of Brazil where they used to have a birth rate of over six per woman through a peer pressure campaign to empower women to have more control over their own lives through a peer pressure campaign, nothing more than that, dropped the birth rate to about 1.73, where it is right now. These are valid questions when we have large environmental concerns.

On Monday, scientists just released a report that says that they have Five Sigma level of certainty, one in a million now that they are wrong about the data regarding our climate and our changing climate and how much impact we are having on it. I think this is a fair question.

CARLSON: Okay, but hold on, but there is no certainty about how to fix it, okay, so let's not pretend there is a consensus on that because there isn't as you know. But back up a second. You said it is empowering to have fewer kids, it's more empowering to work for some corporation to serve markets. You are aware that that is like the ugliest kind of corporate propaganda that you are spewing? Are you being paid to say that or ...

BEARMAN: Tucker, but I am not -- listen, I am definitely not ...

CARLSON: ... do you really think most people find it more empowering to work as a wage slave than to have children, I mean, really?

BEARMAN: No, I'm pro-entrepreneur, and so women starting their own businesses, women being in charge of their own lives, choosing to start a business. You are pro-entrepreneur, I am pro-entrepreneur. I am not a corporatist by any chance.

CARLSON: No, I'm actually pro-children. I am not pro-entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are fine. What I'm really for is kids and families and loving relationships between people who are related. The oldest unit in humanity is the family -- that is when I'm for. What I am not for is telling women that you are somehow liberated to work a wage job over having children because that is a lie. And the only people who will benefit from that are the people who are getting rich from the global economy. It is a lie and it's just weird to hear a liberal repeat that lie.

BEARMAN: Yes, I'm not suggesting that the alternative is to work a corporate wage job. But what I'm saying though is that ...

CARLSON: You could be an entrepreneur.

BEARMAN: ... Representative Ocasio-Cortez is absolutely -- entrepreneurship is something that we celebrate in this country, that's how we grew our country and developed it ...

CARLSON: I guess.

BEARMAN: ... and created it. But it is important to ask the questions and I think there is nothing wrong with asking the question, are you ready to have children? I mean, isn't that better than an abortion? Shouldn't we be thinking about these things before we engage in behaviors ...

CARLSON: Oh, gosh, of course.

BEARMAN: ... that maybe have outcomes that you don't like. I mean ...

CARLSON: No, but I mean, happy people reproduce. Depressed countries like Japan don't. But let me ask you, if we are concerned about population, then why are the same people telling us not to have kids, you are to import millions of new kids? Shouldn't we want reduce population by stopping immigration tomorrow if we really cared about the environment?

BEARMAN: The better question is, why do we not support birth control around the world and allow that to be handed out more freely so we don't have to worry about it in impoverished nation where they have 10, 11, or 12 children?

CARLSON: We do. We pay for birth control all around the world.

BEARMAN: No, President Bush stopped that project.

CARLSON: I mean, I'm for kids, I'm sorry, I don't see kids as bad. Ethan, great to see you.

BEARMAN: I don't either.

CARLSON: Thank you very much.

BEARMN: Thanks, Tucker.

CARLSON: Well, in case you need more evidence that there really are people who are against children, they have their own political party. They are running it anyway, Democrats just voted down a bill to protect newborn survivors of abortions. That actually happened in Washington, and we've got details after the break.


CARLSON: Well, recently, a number of high-profile Democrats have been talking up an economic system called socialism. In Venezuela, they've had socialism for 20 years. The results, not good. Some of the worst income inequality in the world. Ninety percent of the country lives in poverty while ruling class vacations in Switzerland, quite a spread.

The average Venezuelan has lost 25 pounds from starvation, in a word, a "disaster." But it could get worse for Venezuelans and for us here in the United States. The U.S. has just imposed new sanctions on Venezuela. Some lawmakers are now cheering on the idea of regime change there. Sound familiar?

Recently, one Republican Senator tweeted out two photographs of former Libyan Dictator Muammar Gaddafi. The first showed Gaddafi smiling, the second showed him covered in dirt and blood, shortly before being tortured, sodomized and killed. The point was clear -- bad dictators will be overthrown by the United States. Maduro should watch out.

What the tweet did not acknowledge is what happened to Libya after Hillary Clinton intervened and Gaddafi was toppled from power. Is Libya a thriving democracy now? No, it is not. It is still a war-torn hell hole worse even. Slave markets thrive in its major cities. Gaddafi once protected Europe from mass migration, now Libya is the main departure point for huge numbers of migrants coming into Europe illegally.

The lesson here is pretty obvious. Sometimes, even horrible dictators are preferable to the chaos that replaces them. Our leaders have not learned that. How will attacking Venezuela improve this country? Will it make America safer? More prosperous? No, it won't. That is not even the point though.

The idea that American foreign policy should somehow help America has become a quaint historical relic, something you don't see any more like phone booths or compelling network television. It is just gone.

A Brookings Institution report predicts that the Venezuela crisis could create eight million refugees. That is even more than the number created by the Syrians Civil War. It is a disaster. Two reckless Florida Congressmen have proposed granting Venezuelans temporary protected status in the U.S. In other words, even if they came here illegally, they could stay forever.

Temporary status like this never ends. Nicaragua still has temporary status so it can recover from a hurricane that hit the country more than 20 years ago. If Venezuela gets this benefit, it will be around when your grandchildren are old, guaranteed.

And if we send troops there, they will never leave either just like American troops had never left Syria or Iraq or Afghanistan or Korea for that matter.

Permanent obligations to solve temporary problems. That is our foreign policy in a nutshell. In Washington, nobody learns anything.

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam came very close to being expelled from the Democratic Party for the possibility that he wore a blackface decades ago. The Party somehow though cared a lot less about an interview that he gave just before the blackface yearbook controversy in which Northam defended the practice of literal infanticide. Watch.


RALPH NORTHAM, VIRGINIA GOVERNOR: The infant would be delivered. The infant would be kept comfortable. The infant would be resuscitated if that is what the mother and the family desired, and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother.


CARLSON: Keep in mind that Northam was not some confused layman. He is a pediatric position. He knew exactly what he was saying. And it turns out he's not alone. Senate Democrats just filibustered a bill that would have imposed criminal penalties on doctors who failed to care for infants who survive late-term abortion.

Abortion survivor, Melissa Ohden weighed in on the question earlier today.


MELISSA OHDEN, ABORTION SURVIVOR: I survived a failed saline infusion abortion back in 1977 that was meant to poison and scald me to death from the outside in. I actually endured that procedure over a five-day period.

My biological mother's labor was induced with the intent of me being expelled from the womb as a deceased child. And accidentally, I was born alive.

The Democrats who voted last night against this bill really showed us that they are willing to sacrifice lives like mine to keep abortion on demand right there.


CARLSON: Pretty stunning interview that played earlier on "Fox and Friends," this is the only channel that would play and I am glad, we did.

Tammy Bruce is President of Independent Women's Voice and she joins us tonight.

So Tammy, what is interesting is that this vote took place against the backdrop of a much broader healthcare debate. So Democrats are in effect arguing for healthcare for all except for children who survive abortion. How does that argument work?

TAMMY BRUCE, PRESIDENT, INDEPENDENT WOMEN'S VOICE: Yes, look, obviously it doesn't, but it is informative, isn't it? The same people who want the government to control our healthcare to be the only resource for insurance and the decisions of who gets healthcare can't even find it in their hearts to save a born child. That is who now say that they are the ones who are superior to us and who should decide all of our healthcare. That is one point.

But the other thing is it's fascinating, Tucker, nobody wants what they are supporting. Not even Democrats. A Gallup poll from last year, 18 percent of Democrats are okay with late-term abortion, with third trimester abortion. Only 13 percent of independents are. Not even Democrats want this. And so you have to ask, why are they doing it? Who are they pandering to?

All I can think is that those Planned Parenthood checks must be gigantic. So they are willing out of for money and for their position, for their job, to stop a bill that is the simplest thing in the world that all of us agree with that if there is a child that needs healthcare that we attend to the child. They can't even do that.

That is why Americans are rejecting the status quo and this process. And that it's --I am beyond words, which does not happen very often. It is so appalling ...

CARLSON: No, but you're right because you make the point that this is not an abortion debate.


CARLSON: It's a debate of whether to provide healthcare to a child.

BRUCE: Yes, and look, 80 percent of Americans agree with Roe vs. Wade limitations. You know, at certain circumstances to 12 weeks and then support craters. Nobody thinks -- 80 percent is like okay, but this is not about abortion. This is something very different. And it also, it speaks to also the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez dynamic of like, well, maybe you shouldn't even be having children. This is the mind of these individuals. A person on my block had noted very cleverly, that at least now, maybe we wouldn't have to worry about that free tuition if the Democrats get their way because no one will be there to go to college.

CARLSON: Why am I laughing? It is so ghoulish. You're right.

BRUCE: It is ghoulish, but this is important for the American people to realize. This is not all roads leading to Rome. This is for those of us who are Democrats and have identified as pro-choice, and this is the other thing that has happened the last month.

Marist poll last month, pro-choice identified 55 percent, pro-life 38 percent. And now February, it is even, 47 percent to 47 percent. A remarkable change in the attitude.

CARLSON: Right, extreme -- well, that's exactly -- no, you are totally right because there is a cost to extremism. I hope there is a cost.

BRUCE: And it's been an education in the last four weeks.

CARLSON: Tammy Bruce, it really has been shocking even to me. I am shocked. Tammy Bruce, great to see you.

BRUCE: Thank you, dear.

CARLSON: Well, as you know everything you do is racist. That would include smiling, standing in place, and now brace yourself, knitting. Knitting like hats and gloves and we are not joking at all. We will bring you the latest after the break.


CARLSON: You might assume the left has run out of things to call racist after they branded ice cream trucks and snow as racist, but it turns out it is a bottomless well. And every day, they surpass themselves finding new things that are indeed racist.

Just yesterday, a piece on vox.com, some kind of website, carried this headline, quote, "The knitting community is reckoning with racism." For evidence, the author of the piece, Jaya Saxena pointing to the cost of the hobby and a prominent knitter being excited to visit India on vacation. That is very racist, apparently.

We Saxena first to make this was serious and not a joke and second we wanted to know how to fix the problem. Do we need a new government agency? Yarn subsidies for community of color? Sadly, she has not responded to our request. She is obviously welcome on this show any time she is free, but in the meantime, Robby Soave is associate editor at "Reason" and author of the book, "Panic Attack: Young Radicals in the age of Age of Trump." He joins us tonight. Robby, it's great to see you, were you as surprised as we were to learn that racism in America is so bad those old ladies with knitting needles you see on the bus, they are bigots?

ROBBY SOAVE, ASSOCIATE EDITOR, REASON: Yes, it is because of that tendency that is unfortunately so common I think on college campuses these days to find something else to be furious about, even if it strikes absolutely everyone else as completely ridiculous.

I mean, this knitting blogger, right, who had said the purportedly offensive comment about visiting India. I bet you could not find a single Indian person who lives in India who would be offended by that. This is only something that affects --

CARLSON: I know. It's totally true.

SOAVE: It's only something --

CARLSON: That's is exactly right.

SOAVE: You are actually taught, I think in places like Reed College, Oberlin College, and Middlebury, right, to be outraged and you have no natural outrage about this. No one is angry about this, but it is a taught thing in some academic disciplines and we laugh, but it is spreading.

CARLSON: You have to be a precious white liberal to be upset about this. Will you do me a favor, because I know that you are one of our country's great chroniclers of this sort of thing and a great spotter of hate hoaxes, will you keep these pieces for future generations as we look back, I will probably be dead by then, but our children look back and say, "You know, what happened to America in 2019?" You will have the evidence to show them just how crazy what mass hysteria looks like?

SOAVE: I will preserve the knitting needles for future generations -- the bloodstained, racism-soaked knitting needles for future generations to remember the strife we went through at this frustrating period in time.

CARLSON: Well, then just need to make it stop. Too many gloves and hats, and socks, stop. Afghans, throw pillows -- Robby Soave, great to see you as always.

SOAVE: My pleasure.

CARLSON: An illegal immigrant has been arrested after assaulting a man for wearing a "Make America Great" hat. Rosaine Santos flew into a rage when she saw the man with the hat at a restaurant. Her attack was caught on video. Here it is.


BRYTON TURNER, ATTACKED FOR WEARING A MAGA HAT: See this right there. This is the problem. Ignorant [bleep] people like this. I am just trying to sit here and eat a nice meal. Yes, yes, you see this? You see this. People like that. That's the problem. She was trying to grab my hat in front of four officers and that's smart. She is getting cuffed. Have a nice night in the cell, Rosie.


CARLSON: Well, after the event you just saw, Santos detained was detained by I.C.E. which has not yet been banned by the Democrats. I.C.E. said she was here illegally and has been for a long time. She overstayed tourist visa back in 1994. Howie Carr the voice of New England, a radio show host in the region and he joins us tonight. Howie, this might be the perfect story.

HOWIE CARR, RADIO SHOW HOST: I would think so. This is a real hate crime what you just saw, a video involving a MAGA hat. The only thing, it doesn't fit the narrative. It is an American citizen being attacked by a woman who turns out to be illegal alien by her own admission, drunk. She says, "What are you doing in this Mexican restaurant wearing a MAGA hat?" And he says, "This is America. I can wear this hat wherever I please."

You know, Tucker you would think, this has all of the elements. So I texted him tonight. His name is Bryton Turner who was preparing for the hoisting exam, you know, he is in the trades. He has calluses on his hands. I guess that was really triggering the illegal alien and all of that stuff, not just the MAGA hat. And I said, "So, I guess you will be on with Robin Roberts tomorrow on "GMA" and then you'll go on with Brooke Baldwin and she can say, "This is America in 2019."

And Kamala Harris and Cory Booker, are they comparing this to a lynching? You know the old country song, you know, "When The Phone Didn't Ring," he knew it was CNN, MSNBC, "Good Morning America," NBC -- nobody called him. Nobody called him, Tucker, except for one group nationally. Well, two groups if you include my radio show, "Fox & Friends," wants him on. Nobody else called him all day long.

CARLSON: Yes, so this is self-serving, but I have got to be honest. If they got rid of the few independent voices in media and we are one and I are one, it would just be a chorusing of the same tune and that's what they want. Trust me. Howie Carr, thank you very much.

CARR: Thank you, Tucker.

CARLSON: Too much insanity, we've got to go. But it is great to see you. Up next, something that we never thought we'd would say, but it has happened very fast and now, it is real, transgender athletes becoming dominant in women's sports. Is this a good thing for girls? Piers Morgan after the break.


CARLSON: Connecticut just held its annual high school track championship. For the second year in a row, so it is a trend, in the women's events, the standout performers were two biological males.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Andraya Yearwood says even as a child, she identified as a girl. Yearwood is a sophomore at Cromwell High School, born a boy, she is now transitioning and runs track and field on the girls' team. She and Bukley high school sophomore, Terry Miller swept the competition at the girls' track and field state championship last week. Miller is also transgender. Some parents and athletes say the first and second place finishers have unfair advantage and they want a level playing field.


CARLSON: This is increasingly common story. The U.S. has long been a global leader in giving sporting opportunities to women, but now biological males are increasingly intruding on that space.

Some women object, but those who say so out loud find themselves punished. Even tennis legend Martina Navratilova has been. She was just kicked out of the Gay Rights Group for objecting to the transgender takeover of women's sports.

Lesbian activist Julia Beck suffered a similar fate as she described on the show recently.


JULIA BECK, LESBIAN ACTIVIST: In many states, men can legally identify themselves as female and gain access to women's single sex spaces, and sports is just one institution where men are taking titles, scholarships, and this is a problem.

Many women like myself have been pushed out of spaces that we built, spaces that are intended to include us simply because we acknowledge biological reality.


CARLSON: Piers Morgan is the editor-at-large for dailymail.com and we are proud to have him tonight. Piers, you are not allowed to say that you are against this, Martina Navratilova, if anyone you'd think would have license to give her opinion on women's sports, it seems she can't, she was punished. What is your view of this?

PIERS MORGAN, EDITOR-AT-LARGE, DAILYMAIL.COM: Well, I am with Martina Navratilova, and I think the way she has been treated is extremely worrying, Tucker, because all she said -- and bearing in mind, she is probably one of the leading advocates for Gay Rights that America has ever seen.


MORGAN: She is somebody who herself employed Renee Richards who was a transgender. She was the first major transgender coach. Who employed her? Martina Navratilova. So this is woman who has been at the forefront fighting for rights for gay people and transgender people.

But here is the rub with this, Martina has always taken a position. Now, what she wants is fairness and equality. And in her column she wrote last week for a London newspaper, she made a very, I think obvious point, which is nothing is fair or equal about what is now going on in women's sports.

If you allow people who were born biologically male and I completely accept hat transgender people say, "Look, you know I was in the wrong gender, the wrong body. I want a transition." I completely respect that. I have no issue with that. And it is bigoted, by the way to say that you have an issue with what is going on with the sport as some of them like to claim.

But here is what Martina said. She said, "Look, you can have a situation where a male athlete in tennis or golf or one of the sports that relies a lot on perhaps power and size. A male athlete who is may be number 200 in the world and earning not much money that he might decide to -- decide that he wants to be a woman purely for financial gain, that he can just have some hormone treatment, doesn't need to have any surgery and then he can take part in women's sport, win vast amounts of money and perhaps after two or three years, simply go back and be a man again. And that would be a corrupt thing to do. It would be the wrong to do, unethical and frankly, cheating," as Martina says. But it doesn't mean it can't happen.

And that is what really worries me about this. They haven't thought this through about what the consequence will be. If you simply allow anybody to identify as male or female.

CARLSON: What I'm confused by is why they shut down the conversation over the details, which are the most important part as you just suggested it. What does it mean to change biological genders? What is the threshold? Saying you are changing, clearly that cannot be a standard we can live with, so what is the standard? If you even ask that question, you are shouted down and in the case of Navratilova, you are punished.

MORGAN: Well, she was thrown off of a charity which he was a big advocate for. She has been vilified on social media to the extent that she basically silenced herself and said, "I'm taking myself out of this debate." She is now indicating she may talk about this again later this week perhaps.

And I hope she does. I hope she doesn't back down and doesn't succumb to the mob on this. Because it is not transphobic to express a concern about what is going on in women's sports. In fact, what it is, is unfair and unequal to young women, to girls who have been competing at a certain level and maybe have great aspirations in sporting scholarships or turn professional, who are now seeing themselves coming down the line, down the ladder, down the wrung, disadvantaged purely through biology, because they are physically not able to compete with these young transgender women who, as we can see, from that picture are tall and powerful, and have grown up in male biological bodies.

And that is an issue that I think ought to be discussed rationally and calmly. I would urge transgender communities in America and around the world to be sensible about this. And say, "Okay, there is an issue here and we need to address that issue without identifying anyone," particularly supporters like Martina Navratilova because that doesn't get anybody anywhere.

CARLSON: I mean, it is bullying, really is what they are engaged in. It is not enough, it sounds like to say, I want to stand up for the rights of women and girls. It used to be that was a conversation ender. I'm here on behalf of women and girls, listen to me. Now, nobody cares, why?

MORGAN: You know, Tucker, I had an interesting conversation with Caitlyn Jenner who of course, as Bruce Jenner, was the Olympic decathlete gold medal winner at the Olympics of America and is now Caitlyn Jenner, a woman, and she told me that when she plays golf now -- bear in mind, she's two inches taller than me and I'm 6'1". She is 6'3" I think, Caitlyn Jenner, and powerfully built -- she plays golf when she plays golf now, she plays off of the women's tees.

Now, if you play golf, you know what that means, she gets a 50-yard or so advantage on every hole if she plays me. And yet, this is somebody who won the male decathlon gold medal at the Olympics.

And I said to Caitlyn, "Well, how can that be fair?" And she kind of acknowledged that it gave her an unfair advantage if she played against other women in particular or against men as well, frankly. So it's just an unfairness and inequality is what my concern is. It's not about disrespecting transgender rights.

CARLSON: No, of course not ...

MORGAN: It is about saying to transgender people, "Come on. It's not fair."

CARLSON: That's a very smart point. In the name of equality, we make things less equal. In the name of fairness, they become profoundly unfair.

Piers Morgan, everything you said was common sense and it is brave of you to say it, so I appreciate it. Thank you very much.

MORGAN: Well, you know what Tucker, we are going to get attacked just for having the debate and that is also one of the major problems with this. We know we, are. We're probably -- well, we're probably trending already. I don't care either, but we're trending already by just having a debate about it. You're running a little --


CARLSON: I'm not going to check. We've got to go to Hannity. He's in -- thanks, Piers. Sean Hannity is in Vietnam. There he is.

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