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I'm Sean Duffy, in for Tucker.

Now, tomorrow is the end of an era. It is the eve of new beginnings. Now, just after the ball drops in Times Square tomorrow night, a new day begins.

Now, we're not talking about New Year's. We're talking about the end of Bill de Blasio as mayor of New York City, so undoubtedly the worst mayor in American history.

So tonight, we say goodbye to Bill de Blasio.

Now, Bill de Blasio was born Warren Wilhelm, Jr. and he did what no other Mayor dreamed possible. In just a few short years, he has completely ruined New York City.

By almost every measure, he has been a complete and utter disaster. So, since Bill de Blasio took over, murders in New York City have spiked by nearly 50 percent, rapes are up by 26 percent.

According to a report by BusyBee which looked at data from the American Housing Survey, along with other Federal data, New York City is by far the dirtiest city in the country.

New York City also had more than two million homes with pest infestations, which include rats, roaches, and mice. A State audit confirm the filth with most inspected city blocks and sidewalks found to be dirty, so it's confirmed.

So under Bill de Blasio, New York City Transit is disgusting, too. According to Internal Mass Transit Authority documents released earlier this year, subway cars have been soiled with blood, vomit, urine, and feces.

In June of this year for example, there are over 130 incidents of soiled train cars that included 27 trains covered in poop, 26 covered in vomit, and 21 in urine.

When Bill de Blasio hilariously tried to run for President, this show was one of the first to challenge him on that.


TUCKER CARLSON, FOX NEWS CHANNEL HOST, TUCKER CARLSON TONIGHT: The city is dirty, and it is getting dirtier. One of my producers told me just yesterday that he was in a crowded subway car and a man dropped his trousers and defecated in the middle of the car, and no one did anything about it.

And that's a metaphor for what's happening. I go there regularly and I have my whole life and every time I go under your Mayorship, it is dirtier. There's filth on the sidewalks.

Do you notice any of that?

You weakened the sanction against public urination and as a result, the city smells like urine. Do you notice that?

MAYOR BILL DE BLASIO (D), NEW YORK CITY: We believe in this city -- no.

CARLSON: You don't know the truth.

DE BLASIO: It is not true. I go all over New York City all the time. I'm sorry. I've been here for decades and decades. This city is more orderly and cleaner and safer than it has been for many, many years. We've got more to do and we're going to keep making it better.


DUFFY: So Bill de Blasio hasn't done anything to fix the filth. He doesn't even seem interested. Instead, he is too busy erasing history.

Bill de Blasio supported the removal of the Teddy Roosevelt statue outside New York City's American Museum of Natural History, which is a museum Roosevelt's family helped found.

In his last few months in office, he helped remove a statue of Thomas Jefferson from the City Hall where it stood for the last 187 years.

It is no wonder that hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers have fled the city and that was even before COVID. The city's population dropped by over 200,000 from 2017 to 2018, which at the time, was the largest drop since the 70s.

Over 300,000 have fled between March and October of this year alone. Former President Trump. He summed it up best, Bill de Blasio is a joke.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Mayor Bill de Blasio taking questions for the first time as a presidential candidate already trading jabs with Donald Trump.

De Blasio responding to the President who made his feelings known on Twitter, calling de Blasio the worst mayor in the U.S., adding "He is a joke. But if you like high taxes and crime, he's your man. NYC hates him."

And as for the voters who know him best right here in New York City, a recent Quinnipiac poll shows 76 percent of them say he shouldn't run.


DUFFY: So during his failed run for President, de Blasio cost taxpayers $320,000.00 by using the NYPD as security detail. Now, he still hasn't paid that back and his office hasn't said if he ever will. That's in addition to the $850 million taxpayer dollars de Blasio's wife supposedly lost track of while overseeing her Thrive NYC mental health scheme.

So these are just a few of the reasons why we will be happy to see Bill de Blasio leave.

But before we celebrate the end of Bill de Blasio, we would be remiss if we didn't look back at some of his greatest hits. Now, we're going to start with the rough beginning when his clumsiness killed Chuck, the groundhog


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This footage from Groundhog Day 2014 shows freshly inaugurated Mayor Bill de Blasio appearing to drop Staten Island Chuck.

A week after the de Blasio fumble, the groundhog did a few more events before being found in its zoo space deceased on February 9th.


DUFFY: So Bill de Blasio's sloppiness didn't end there. Then there was the time he tweeted and then deleted a picture of himself staring at a woman's chest. No, we're not kidding. His line of sight was so clearly visible in the reflection of his sunglasses. I mean -- or how could we forget when he sounded like a chipmunk at a campaign rally?


DE BLASIO: We're doing -- some of these should have been done a long time ago in this country. We're passing legislation this year to guarantee working people like every other industrialized country in the world to guarantee working people by law two weeks paid vacation every year.


DUFFY: All right, then, this year, the clumsy and dumb Mayor of New York City, the slob, stuffed his face with French fries to try to bribe New Yorkers to get vaccinated.


DE BLASIO: Do you say free fries when you get vaccinated? I got vaccinated. You're saying I could get this -- these delicious fries. Just think of this when you think of vaccination. Vaccination --


DUFFY: If only de Blasio cared enough about cleaning up New York, as he did about putting the jab in your arm.

Well, farewell Bill de Blasio. You won't be missed.

All right, Miranda Devine is a columnist for "The New York Post" and she joins me now.

Okay, Miranda, are we being too hard to say that Bill de Blasio is the worst mayor in America history after showing that package?

MIRANDA DEVINE, FOX NEWS CHANNEL CONTRIBUTOR: You sure aren't. I think you're being too kind, Sean, really. We call him Mayor Putz. He's just awful.

And you know, only eight and a half percent of New Yorkers actually voted him in for a second term. It's really apathy that voted him in and he is hated by everybody. That is the one, I guess, achievement of his eight years is that he's managed to unite New Yorkers, whether they're Democrats or Republicans, they are united in wanting him gone. He cannot go soon enough.

And, you know, you just played some of his greatest hits. He started his reign of terror by killing the groundhog, you know, killing Staten Island Chuck. He dropped him on his head and the groundhog never liked Bill de Blasio. He was trying to get away from him and he was just too chicken to hang on to him. So the poor ground have died of internal injuries.

And basically, that's exactly what Bill de Blasio has done to New York at the end of eight years, New York is dying from internal injuries caused by Bill de Blasio.

DUFFY: So Miranda, I am a Wisconsin guy. I had no idea that he actually killed the groundhog. But we have to add that the stats of all the murders in New York, which are completely tragic, but what I find fascinating about this failed mayor is the fact that he is so rich that he would think that after crushing and destroying New York City, he was going to run for President, so he could do what he did to New York City to the whole country.

DEVINE: He is utterly delusional. And you saw that in that piece that you played of Tucker Carlson interviewing him. It's ridiculous.

He ran for President. Now, he thinks he's going to run for the Governor of New York. This is a guy who is so delusional that he thinks that he is somehow a great leader. He talks about New York being the safest big city ever. That is what he inherited.

He inherited a safe big city that was clean, and where people were getting along and working hard and enjoying themselves. He has managed to through COVID that gave him all this power that went to his head, you know -- what there is of his brain and he was a tin pot dictator.

He destroyed small business. He destroyed the gifted and talented programs, you know, for kids in New York City, particularly underprivileged children. He just had no real philosophy other than this sort of vague, hippie communism.

And you know, this is a guy who was having to have press conferences regularly at which he had to deny that he smoked pot every night at Gracie Mansion. He brought pot into the city. That was about his, you know, I guess you would say his notable flagship policy was to actually legalize marijuana. So the stench of pot is everywhere in the city, along with the stench of human excrement.

So the city is much worse than Bill de Blasio having been mayor.

DUFFY: Miranda, I think so many people watch their show around the country and they think, why do I care about Bill de Blasio?

New Yorkers voted for him. They deserve what they get, and I am a Wisconsin guy. I haven't felt that way for a long time. The problem though is when you see de Blasio implement a vaccine mandate in New York. You see those bad policies spread.

We've seen now D.C. implement that same policy. Chicago is doing the same. I want to see it spread across the country and that's why that matters. Really quickly, I've got to go, but is de Blasio's political career over when he leaves the office?

DEVINE: Well, he is absolutely hated in New York. No one is interested in him. I mean, no one is interested in him when he was the presidential candidate. He was the joke candidate, just like Donald Trump said. He is a clown. And no one takes him seriously except himself.

And I think that you know, when he leaves tomorrow night, December 31st, everyone in New York will be cheering and clapping and the lasting memory we will have of him was last New Year's Eve when he and his wife were dancing when the rest of New York was locked down.

DUFFY: Yes, unbelievable. Miranda, thanks for joining me tonight. I appreciate it.

DEVINE: Thank you, Sean.

DUFFY: Yes. All right. Jeffrey Epstein's lover, Ghislaine Maxwell was found guilty for her role in the child sex trafficking ring. But will anyone else be charged?

Brad Edwards is a Civil Rights attorney who represents more than 50 of Epstein's victims. He joins me now.

Brad, welcome to the show. I guess my question for you, if you're there, I'm going to come on up.


DUFFY: There we go. There you are, Brad. Good.

So you represent 50 of the victims, are any of your clients going to name names of whether there was anyone else involved in this operation other than Maxwell and Epstein?

EDWARDS: Are my clients going to name other people? Yes, I think that that is going to happen. It would be preferable if those people especially now would come forward and give us a call and talk to us because as we have seen by this verdict, it's never too late to be held accountable and that is going to happen and it is never too late to come forward and share your story if you're a victim.

DUFFY: No, that's true. And I guess for your clients, the 50 of them or more. With this verdict, do they feel like there was some kind of justice that was served? Obviously, this was really late justice.

This case should have been prosecuted and investigated a long time ago, but did this ruling verdict give them some kind of peace of mind?

EDWARDS: This verdict did a lot for them. I mean, look the government, the way that they were treated the first time around with the Jeffrey Epstein case in Florida caused him to lose a lot of confidence in the system and the government. And this went a long way toward resurrecting that lost trust in all of them.

And like one of my clients said last night, we finally feel like we matter. I think that's a really, really important comment and statement, and it is pretty consistent throughout the 20 or more clients that I've had a chance to speak to since the verdict came out.

DUFFY: Brad, there's some speculation that Miss Maxwell, in some effort to try to reduce her sentence might actually expose people who are involved as well. And as we've reported, some of those people may be very famous and wealthy, maybe Royals. Do you think that she is going to actually expose who was all involved in the sex ring?

EDWARDS: Well, Ghislaine Maxwell had a chance for the last 10 years to tell all who she knew. In fact, there was the time where she could have just simply ratted out her boyfriend, Jeffrey Epstein, and probably done pretty good for herself, and she didn't.

It doesn't seem to me that she is the kind of person who is going to turn rat now, especially on some of her good friends. That's not how she got where she is.

And honestly, she's the top of the pyramid. Anybody that she rats out as someone lower on the rungs than she is, I can't imagine that's really going to work down her sentence too significantly even if she were to do that.

DUFFY: So Brad, I was a prosecutor for 10 years, and I tried a lot of cases like these child sexual assault cases, and they absolutely destroy little girls. It's not a short term crime. It's a crime that lasts with them for their whole lifetime and I'm grateful that you would represent, you know, 50 other young women out there who had this happen to them.

How are they doing? Are they putting their lives together right now? Can you give us a quick update on how they're doing?

EDWARDS: Well, as you know, having been a former prosecutor, it's not a one size fits all. Some of them are doing very well considering, but you know, as you mentioned, it is essentially a life sentence for most of them. It's not pain and suffering that just goes away even with a verdict like this, you know, and so I think I was asked previously about the sentence that Ghislaine Maxwell is likely to receive, which in essence will probably be a life sentence for her.

But considering that she was directly or indirectly the cause of a life sentence of pain and suffering for dozens, if not hundreds of young women, it is as close to justice as you could imagine. But some of my clients are doing fairly well, and some aren't.

DUFFY: Listen, Brad, thanks for doing the work; and again, you destroy little girls' lives when you sexually assaulted, no doubt. Thanks for joining me tonight and thanks for your work.

All right, a conservative in Canada was just denied a mortgage because of his politics. I can't believe that. How long before that happens right here in America? We're going to talk about that next.


DUFFY: Discriminating against someone for their political views is already illegal in America. You can get kicked off of Twitter and Facebook for being a conservative. You can be banned from payment processing platforms like We Pay and blocked from raising money on GoFundMe. You can even be removed from the internet, like we saw with Parler.

So what's the next step for political discrimination in this country?

So of Canada is any indication of what's next, it is being denied mortgages for your political views.


ROYAL BANK OF CANADA: It's just about the nature of the business altogether because the bank has been -- I'll be blunt with you, the bank has been, you know, trying to pry away from certain, you know, clients where they're kind of out there in the media and very strong opinionated, you know, which is your business in a way.

So we're just clearing some internal hurdles to make sure that the bank is okay to kind of onboard user client internally.

EZRA LEVANT, FOUNDER, REBEL NEWS: Spoiler alert. We did not clear those hurdles, even though I've done all of my personal banking at that same Royal Bank branch for decades.


DUFFY: Ezra Levant is the man you just saw in that clip. He was speaking to a banker from the Royal Bank of Canada. He is the founder of Rebel News and says he was denied a mortgage because of his conservative views. Ezra Levant joins us now.

So Ezra, the in the video clip we played, it wasn't quite clear if you were being denied because of your political views, or if it's just because you're a media personality who has a public presence. What was it?

LEVANT: It was very clearly our views. I had several discussions with that mortgage officer, I just want to make it clear that our mortgage application was financially sound. If he would have said it wasn't financially sound, I probably would have believed him.

But he was candid with me, I call him a sort of whistleblower. He said, it was our opinions, because Rebel News, the new site that I run, has conservative opinions.

And the Royal Bank is Canada's largest bank. I should say they do a lot of business in Communist China, and I wonder if they have brought some of that social credit approach that they have to use in China to Canada. And by the way, they have thousands of clients in the United States, too. And discriminating against people based on inappropriate grounds, if you're a bank is called redlining and that's illegal in the States.

I only caught this because this banker at the local branch really wanted to give me the mortgage. He said he was fighting against the head office. And then it was the head office that vetoed this mortgage application.

I think social credit, as they call it in China, or cancel culture is here in North America. Banks in America, too, remember Royal Bank is in America as well.

DUFFY: So I don't know if you know this, Ezra, but I was on the Financial Services Committee when I was in Congress, and under the Obama era, they had a program called Operation Choke Point where the Federal regulators, the FDIC would put pressure on banks to stop banking gun dealers, smoke shops, small dollar lenders, and in essence, if you can't bank and you know this as well, if you can't bank, if you can't cash checks, if you can't process credit card payments, you can't do business in America.

So the power of banking to just live your life is incredibly powerful if you can't access it, right?

LEVANT: Yes, and in Canada, we have far fewer banks and they have much more power. The Royal Bank is the largest bank in Canada. I should tell you, there's a revolving door between Justin Trudeau's liberals and the Royal Bank.

Trudeau's first ambassador to China was a senior RBC Bank executive. He was awful by the way, Trudeau just appointed another RBC executive to the Senate. So I think it's a political, I scratch your back, you scratch mine.

Rebel News is hated by Justin Trudeau. We are one of the few conservative media in this country. Trudeau has made that clear. It wouldn't surprise me if the bank was doing him a favor considering how many favorites he does them.

They received over -- Canadian Banks received enormous bailouts over the years. They get tremendous privileges, even more than U.S. banks get, and I think this is a political quid pro quo.

You don't want your banks to have a political criteria when it comes to mortgages. I mean, really even convicted murderers when they get out of jail are allowed to get a bank account.

Imagine punishing conservatives and de-platforming them.

I think this is a scandal. I only found out about it by accident because I had an honest local banker. I bet you this is more prevalent than we think. How would you know if they never actually had a whistleblower tell you?

DUFFY: Ezra, you are 100 percent right. But what is interesting with banking is that they need the government, so in the States, banks have FDIC insurance, right? So if banks want to be political, well politics can be political as well. And if you want to take away woke banks, FDIC insurance or you can take away their charter, they're chartered by the Federal government or by a state government. Those are all tools that conservatives have when they get into leadership to address this wokeism that is happening in the banking industry.

We're going to continue to follow this. It is going to be, I think, an increasing phenomenon across the country. So, Ezra thanks for joining me tonight.

LEVANT: Thank you for having me.

DUFFY: All right, Australia is turning into an authoritarian hellhole. A senator in that country who was forced into quarantine camp joins us next with an update on the tyranny.


DUFFY: Joe Biden wants trillions of dollars to Build Back Better. He can just print the money and he probably will, but just in case that doesn't work, Joe Biden needs to make sure he can get the money, which he plans to do through taxes.

So now we're learning his administration will leave no stone unturned. The I.R.S. has reminded Americans in 2021 guidelines that stolen property must be reported to the Federal government, quote: "If you steal property, you must report its fair market value in your income and the year you steal it unless you return it to its rightful owner in the same year."

The I.R.S. must be expecting billions of dollars in new reported income next year. Additionally, in case there was any drug dealers out there who might have forgotten, the I.R.S. would like to remind Americans that income quote, "from illegal activities, such as money from dealing illegal drugs must be included."

Also remember, you cannot deduct quote, "illegal bribes and kickbacks" from your income. But these guidelines leave a lot of questions right? They're not answered. Like, do you have to itemize your stolen property? What if your property item has depreciated? And are people who stole from you counted as your dependents? We're not really sure.

Maybe the criminals can call the I.R.S. and find out. That'd be nice.

All right, Australia has become a tyrannical COVID hellhole. Citizens of that country are being stripped of their freedoms and forced into coronavirus quarantine camps when they enter their own country. Here's how one Australian describe his experience in one of those camps.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We are just waiting patiently to be fed. It's like when you shake the bag of dog -- the dog treats and dogs come running. We are all just outside waiting.

Just let the cops come around and tell this woman off "stand over here" as well.

Because that was about five seconds in between her taking a sip of a cup of tea. And she took her face mask down, cops came around literally on the dot and just pulled her up for it. And she said well, I'm drinking my tea and they said well not right now, you've got to put your facemask on.

It's been intense.


DUFFY: An Australian senator named Alex Antic was also forced into a quarantine camp, even though we didn't even have the coronavirus. He recently came on this show to warn Americans how our freedoms are also at stake.


ALEX ANTIC, AUSTRALIAN SENATOR: This is the lesson for the United States, Parliaments all over the country in Australia have gifted unrivaled powers to the bureaucrats, and they did so on the basis that we were told there was two weeks to flatten the curve. They never did so on the basis that they were going to be two years to keep people locked down and mandate vaccinations.

The bureaucrats are everywhere across the world, but certainly in Australia, it's true. They never like to get out of the warm bed of power and coercive control.


ANTIC: They won't do it here, and I'll tell you, they are holding on for dear life.


DUFFY: Alex Antic is the Australian Senator you just saw in that video and he joins me now. Alex, welcome to the program.

You know, just first of all, as an American I watch these videos of what happens with law enforcement arresting people who are out without a mask outside. I hear your story. It's absolutely outrageous.

But you said you were quarantined in the COVID camp and you didn't have coronavirus. Were there other people that were quarantined in those camps that didn't have the virus as well?

ANTIC: Well, Sean, look, thanks for having me. Look, the answer is yes. There have been many, many, many who have been quarantined in a similar sort of way and that's part of the issue here.

One of the problems that we've had, as I said to Tucker in the previous clip was that we have been told -- we were told originally that this was a two-week to flatten the curve scenario. And ever since in this country, we've been pursuing a zero COVID strategy rather than a suppression strategy.

So the levels of testing have been extraordinary. The levels of caution have been draconian. I mean, in my example, I was detained in what is known as a Midi Hotel, which is basically a repurposed hotel with a metal fence around the bottom police guards down the bottom.

Hearing the commentary from the person that was in one of the detention facilities earlier there is very true. There were meals produced three times a day. The door was knocked on like you're in prison. You weren't allowed to come out too soon to get it or too late to get the meal.

All of these rules have been effectively put on the Australian people by an unchecked and uncontrolled bureaucratic class in this country. That is the very nub of what's happened in Australia. And that is the lesson for the United States.

We are, I guess, a standard bearer for what happens when the political class all across the nation, throw the keys to the bureaucracy and allow them to make the rules up as they go along. That's what we're seeing in Australia. It's dangerous and places like the United States should do well to learn our lesson.

DUFFY: Alex, I was -- obviously, it is outrageous that you were quarantined when you didn't have COVID. But what I found outrageous was that you actually have COVID camps that you actually are putting people in against their will. That's fascinating, but just give us a set of ideas of what it's like to live in Australia right now? What kind of measures are in place to try to stop the spread of COVID that's been implemented by the government?

ANTIC: What we're seeing -- if you open the window at the moment, you'd see Australia as it used to be. I mean, it does look like Australia on the outside, but the feeling is quite different. The sort of authoritarian creeping into this country is quite, quite astonishing, really.

I mean, two years ago, we're a country, probably very much like used to seeing those old Paul Hogan ads. We are throwing a shrimp on the barb, sailing around on the Sydney Harbor and being very carefree and fanciful. Now, we're living in a country where in many instances because of safety, because of control and fear, and this necessity to push this zero COVID strategy, the bureaucrats in this country have taken the reins of power in many instances.

We're seeing things like now, instead of going into some of these camps, now, in certain circumstances, where the discretion is applied by the bureaucracy, you're able to download what is known as the home quarantine app, which is effectively a piece of software which goes on your phone, it rings you three times a day from your home, it takes your facial biometric data and your GPS location. And if it doesn't all match up, then the police come knocking on your door.

This is the sort of stuff that you see in Xinjiang in China, and I'm very concerned that Australia is becoming a test case for a brand new social credit system. This is not something that we want. It's not a path we want to go down to.

DUFFY: And Alex, hopefully the Australians will stand up and push back on this. There's a lot of protests that are happening and hopefully more will join, and you can regain your freedom and get back to where you were in those Crocodile Dundee days.

That'd be great. Thanks for joining me tonight, Alex.

ANTIC: Thanks a lot, Sean. Thanks for having me.

DUFFY: Yes, thank you. All right, new details have just been uncovered on how the Biden administration continues to secretly fly illegal immigrants into the country in the middle of the night. That's coming up right next.


DUFFY: We have some disturbing end of the year news brought to you by a Florida man. It is 2021's version of Harambe, who was of course the gorilla shot in the Cincinnati Zoo in 2016 after a boy climbed into its enclosure.

An endangered Malayan tiger named Eko from the Naples Zoo in Florida is now dead after a man decided to put his arm inside the Tiger's cage. According to the local Sheriff, a 26-year-old who worked for a cleaning service was trying to pet the tiger.

Police say they shot the tiger because they couldn't find a tranquilizer.

Like Harambe before him, we remember Eko, the Tiger. Rest in peace.

All right, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been slamming the Biden administration for secretly flying illegal immigrants into the state.


GOV. RON DESANTIS (R-FL): Well, actually, the Biden administration puts people on planes and flies them in to Florida in the wee hours of the morning. So, they've done over 70 flights in the last six months, dumped people here and we had a few weeks ago, one of those people that Biden dumped ended up committing a murder in Northeast Florida.

And so these are crimes that would not have happened, but for Biden's recklessness.


DUFFY: Now, we're learning that illegal immigrants are also being flown into other swing states like Pennsylvania. According to a new report, several flights full of illegal immigrants landed in Wilkes Barre Scranton Airport in December. One even landed on Christmas night.

Congressman Dan Meuser of Pennsylvania just sent a letter to the Department of Health and Human Services demanding answers. He joins us now.

Congressman, good to see you. So tell me this, why aren't these flights coming in? You know, at noon or three o'clock in the afternoon? Why are these flights coming in under the cover of darkness at night when nobody sees them?

REP. DAN MEUSER (R-PA): Great question, Sean.

Listen, thanks so much for having me here. This message is very important. The American people need to know the details of this tragic situation that the Biden administration has created.

Yes, you're right. If they're so proud of how they handle the border and how they're handling children in such a compassionate way. Why isn't Jen Psaki and others about it? You know, riddle me that.

We have flights coming into Wilkes-Barre in the middle of the night just as they occurred in Florida and other places. They were two flights that came in on Christmas evening, seven o'clock, nine o'clock at night.

Those flights by the way didn't have buses waiting, and I got all of this the following day from people at the airport. That's the only way we found out about it.

There were leaks from the airport from folks who work there that were scared. They didn't know what was going on and describe to me in detail what a nightmare situation it was for them to have to handle this, as well as for these poor children that are overwhelmed -- that are overwhelming the Southern border.

DUFFY: So Congressman, you have a pretty competitive congressional district. I know that, and these illegals are being flown into places like Florida and Pennsylvania, you look at politics, these are relatively swing states. Is this politics behind where these migrants are being flown into? Is this about changing the voter makeup? Or is there some other reason why these folks are coming in and especially the middle of the night?

MEUSER: Well, that too, is a great question that gets to the end game here. You know, you can't help but think why such an upside down backwards, senseless, illogical policy would be in effect now for the last 11 months that is a disaster for all for the American people and for the poor people that are part of this.

They are coming in, being encouraged and carried by drug cartels. That's who is bringing even these minors across. And guess what's coming with it? Drugs.

Fentanyl is up double what it was last year, and last year was a bad, bad year. So that could be the incentive.

But Sean, also just appreciate this. H.H.S. has done this in such a clandestine way. Now, they are legally required to carry out this mindless Biden policy, but they are not required to keep us in the dark and not inform folks to what regions of the nation as to what's going on.

Are they COVID tested? Have they been vetted for criminal records? Where are they going? Are they going to show up at schools? Are 50 of them going to show up at a School District that don't speak English?

So it's just -- it is madness and my people in my district in Pennsylvania are outraged.

DUFFY: So Congressman, thanks for standing up for your constituents, number one, but also you have to be concerned about the money that's expended on folks that come into your city and your state that you actually have to fund with your tax dollars. It's incredibly unfair and the administration should be transparent when they are going to fly illegals into people's communities.

Tell the community, tell the congressman, tell the governor. Thanks for exposing this for us and great work in Congress.

MEUSER: Thanks. Great to see you, my friend. Happy New Year to you and Rachel and the family.

DUFFY: To you as well.

So in some cases, illegal immigrants don't even need help from the Biden administration. They're getting it from Uber.

Uber is helping illegal immigrants enter the interior of the United States. FOX News, even spoke to several drivers in Arizona who confirmed they had driven illegal immigrants.

Doug Nicholls is the mayor of Yuma, Arizona and he joins us now.

So Mayor, this is outrageous. I mean, here we have cartels that are funneling people, drugs, humans into the country, and they get them to our border, and then the last leg of the mission is being executed by Uber.

MAYOR DOUG NICHOLLS, YUMA, ARIZONA: Yes, that's it. That's a new development for us here in the Yuma Area. It started back when Border Patrol was so overwhelmed and above capacity that they couldn't pick up people along the border that were waiting for Border Patrol to pick them up to get them through the system, to get them their paperwork to stay in country for the next few years while they wait on their court date.

And that's kind of the process of what happens. So they did a couple of things. Some of them called 9-1-1 to try to get a ride from the police department, which we don't do. And then some of them took it into their own hands and called Uber to get over to the Border Patrol station and not wait for the officials.

And then some of them actually took to foot and we had hundreds of people, which isn't again -- that's not something we typically see walking through our community. And they had to traverse probably about 10 miles in order to get to the Border Patrol station.

So they were walking through the community without any resources, not really even knowing where they were going. And so there was a mix of things that led to me declaring a local proclamation of emergency.

DUFFY: So Mayor, I don't know if you know the answer to this, but when I get in an Uber, they make me wear a mask. They're making everybody get vaccinated. Is Uber implementing and enforcing the policy of these migrants who they pick up at the border. Do they have to actually wear masks when they get in the Uber?

NICHOLLS: So I'm not sure if they have that requirement. However, what's interesting is you see migrants coming across the border. They're already wearing masks. I don't think I can remember seeing someone coming across that didn't already have a mask with them if not already on.

So it's very likely that they're enforcing it, but that's not a big hurdle for people to come across.

DUFFY: Well, Mayor, no doubt that the folks that Uber is -- yes, well, no doubt that the folks that the Uber is picking up are gotaways. These are not folks that are turning themselves in to Border Patrol. They're walking away across the border and we don't know who they are or where they are going and it's a security risk for the country, no doubt.

Thank you for joining me tonight and giving me your insight.

NICHOLLS: Thank you very much. I appreciate being on.

DUFFY: All right, a Minnesota School Board has decided to pay certain teachers more money based on the color of their skin. That's coming up next.


DUFFY: A School Board of Minnesota just voted to provide, quote "additional stipends to non-white teachers." So in other words, they believe certain people should be paid more based on the color of their skin. Here is one School Board member defending the decision.


ERIN ROBERTS, SCHOOL BOARD MEMBER: I've had some conversations with some folks that work in our district, specifically those that would be a part of the BIPOC community. And I want to make a comment -- just a comment on some of the things that we've been hearing specifically related to this whole idea of -- that we be segregating them.

They feel isolated, when they're alone. When you're one of a majority, it can be very isolating and lonely. To have a support system in place for them is not to segregate them. It is absolutely to support them.


DUFFY: Peter Kirsanow is a member of United States Commission on Civil Rights, and he joins me now. So Peter, is this going to stand up in a court of law? If there's a lawful action taken on this, will the Court strike it down?

PETER KIRSANOW, MEMBER OF UNITED STATES COMMISSION ON CIVIL RIGHTS: Absolutely. This is racist, discriminatory, unlawful, and worse, imbecilic. But it's part of a growing trend we have seen at least since the explosion after the George Floyd incident of segregation K-12. Also in college and graduate schools, also in private employment, and also disparate treatment with respect to pay even in medical practice, there's disparate treatment in real estate. But it's almost as if this is a form of tacit reparations.

Anyway, in this particular incident, as described, it's a clear violation of Title 7, which prohibits differences with respect to pay for equal work and also with respect to classifying employees, regardless of the intent if this is well intended or even though, I think it's moronic, it's against the law.

But the other thing about this is it speaks of kind of condescension or patronizing of, quote-unquote, "BIPOC" employees, PROTIP whenever you hear a term like BIPOC, you know that idiocy is going to result afterwards.

But it's presumed that black and brown employees are these fragile creatures that need to be shepherded and mentored in a way that other employees don't have to be.

But yes, Sean, this is unlawful.

DUFFY: But doesn't it make sense that you'd want black, white, and brown teachers, people of all races and colors and sexes to come together, and kind of join in this common mission of teaching kids, educating kids as opposed to trying to segregate and divide people?

KIRSANOW: Absolutely. Martin Luther King content of character versus color of skin, but we're concentrating now on color of skin. It's been growing, as I've said, over the last number of years, specifically speeded up after George Floyd.

And consider the message it sends to the children who are being taught in this fashion. Any kind of embrace of segregation or discriminatory treatment is going to have a domino effect. It's going to have unforeseen consequences, none of which are going to be good, all of which are un- American.

DUFFY: You know, I don't care about the color of the teacher of my child, I just want good teachers, I want the School Board to retain good teachers, not teachers of a certain, you know, gender or race.

And because I care about, you know, the quality of the education that my kids get, why isn't that the focus? We want good teachers, teaching math and science and reading and writing. That's how we get good kids to the school system that can be productive members of society.

But this is, again, focus just on race as opposed to quality.

KIRSANOW: It would be helpful if more would challenge these practices. Unfortunately, I think potential plaintiffs are cowed by the wrath of the woke mob, so they don't challenge it.

And you're talking about one of the wokest professions when it comes to the teaching profession. Now, again, this may have been well intended, but is moronic on steroids.

If we have more challenges, and by the way, I may be filing a complaint with the Office of Civil Rights of the Department of Education, although I don't think it's going to go very far with this administration, but more complaints need to be filed.

This is clearly unequivocally unlawful, and it is unlawful for very good reasons. Based on the history of our country, we decided to implement the 1964 Civil Rights Act, a very good act for a reason, and now everyone thinks, well, we can tinker with it now and think that there won't be unforeseen deleterious consequences.

DUFFY: Peter, so right, and hopefully we have lawsuits and hopefully we prevail because this is 100 percent racist. Thank you for joining me tonight. I appreciate your insight.

All right, that's about it for us tonight. Tune in each night at 8:00 PM to the show that is a sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink.

Tucker is back on Monday with his first commentary of the New Year.

You won't want to miss it.

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