Trump vows to send troops to stop the migrant caravan

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DANA PERINO, FOX NEWS HOST: Hello, everyone. I'm Dana Perino along with Emily Compagno, Juan Williams, Jesse Watters, and Greg Gutfeld. It's 5 o'clock in New York City, and this is "The Five." 

It's Emily Compagno, like lasagna she just told me. OK. President Trump vowing to send as many troops, quote, as necessary, to stop caravan of thousands marching towards the United States if they reach the southern border. The president also blasting Democrats for the problem. 


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: You know how the caravan started? I think the Democrats had something to do with it, and now they're saying I think we made a big mistake. That is an assault on our country. That's an assault. And in that caravan, you have some very bad people. You have some very bad people. And we can't let that happen to our country. 


PERINO: Trump also not backing down after saying terrorists and gang members may be among the migrants. 


TRUMP: I spoke with Border Patrol this morning, and I've spoke to them last evening, and I've spoke with them the day before. I speak to them all the time. And they say, and you know this as well as anybody, over the course of the year, over the course of a number of years, they've intercepted many people from the Middle East. They've intercepted ISIS. They've intercepted all sorts of people. They've intercepted wonderful people from the Middle East and they've intercepted bad ones. They've intercepted wonderful people from South America. 


PERINO: President Trump continuing to answer questions from the media. I do want to play this one more sound bite from -- something you're not gonna believe about what was said about our military. Watch this. 


CHRIS CUOMO, CNN: If you put military down there, we know what the God forbid is in this situation. And then how does it play? How was that good for anybody if -- because, you know, you're not going to turn away thousands and thousands of people even if people start getting shot, and what message does that send? Who wins in that? 


PERINO: It did surprise me a little bit that he would say that because our military is not known for going after innocent people. They're there to try to protect the border. So, anyway, we'll start with you, Greg, on this issue of the caravan not stopping. 

GREG GUTFELD, FOX NEWS HOST: He's not very bright is that Cuomo fellow. 

PERINO: Well, that was not a nice thing to say. 

GUTFELD: It wasn't. It wasn't a nice thing to say. No, it wasn't. I just wonder about the media because they tend not to ask the very specific questions, like how did the caravan start? Who called it a caravan? How is the event being managed? Who are the people managing it? They always keep saying that the caravan is blooming like it's some kind of natural event or that is spontaneous. But, no, it's actually quite organized. It's organized by, actually, Mexican advocacy groups. And then, when you get to the sizable group of people in which you can't tell who's in the group and who isn't, which is why you need a process, because there could be terrorists and, obviously, there could not be terrorists, but who's going to know? 

So, the media then takes the narrative and they twist it. So after helping the onslaught multiply, right, the accused Trump of seizing it as an issue when beforehand, it was the media and the advocacy groups who had seized on this spectacle to begin with to create an ugly political issue. And then they go, but look what Trump is doing. They're a bunch of hypocrites. And you know what's even sadder? Avenatti is telling the Democrats to grow a spine. When Michael Avenatti becomes your voice of reason for your party, you're in trouble? 

PERINO: Yeah. I'm talking about that in terms of the media coverage, some media critics saying that the media should not take President Trump's words and use them so that onslaught was too strong. That they think maybe there was softer language that should be use because they're doing his bidding. 

JESSE WATTERS, FOX NEWS HOST: It's like the mob controversy. 


WATTERS: Don't call it a caravan. It's a parade. That's what they were probably going to say. To Greg's point about the media, they've reported breathlessly about how many scoops of ice cream this president has, and they're not even curious about how this caravan is happening. Right now, I think the only people who've sent reporters down to embedded in the caravan, Fox News, we have Sarah Carter down there. 

PERINO: And William La Jeunesse. 

WATTERS: And William La Jeunesse as well. The Washington Post has someone down there. And Judicial Watch even has someone down there. There's just not a lot of interest in the mainstream media, so when Trump says something about the caravan, there's no way for them to fact-check it. They're going to assume that the president is saying incorrect things. And some of the reporting coming out of there is very interesting, 80 percent of those people in the migrant caravan are males under the age of 35, and they're not fleeing violence. These are economic refugees. And you know what they told the Washington Post? When they get there and start making money in America, they're going to wire the money back to El Salvador. Some of these people are gang affiliated. A lot of these people also have been previously deported, and that's been confirmed. So, if they're really that upset about the conditions in their country, instead of marching up north to America, march against your own corrupt government. That would solve a lot of problems in my opinion. 

PERINO: And in here, Juan, of course, we're two weeks away from the midterms, two weeks today. So somebody like a Joe Donnelly and a Claire McCaskill, two red state Democrats that are running for reelection, they know that for the next 13 days if -- the Republican candidates are going to be using this issue and it's not good for them in their campaign. 

JUAN WILLIAMS, FOX NEWS HOST: No, because any time you use fearmongering, I think it really pushes a button. And I think the president and the Republicans, right now, absent a message for the midterms have decided this is the button to push. I read today where Stephen King, the horror film -- horror book writer said, you know, that the Republican campaign theme here is be afraid. Don't be brave, be afraid. And therefore, even today the president, who suggested, oh, guess what, there could be Middle Eastern terrorists among these people. They're all gang members. Today, he said, well, we don't have proof but they could be, couldn't be. 

GUTFELD: That's the point. 

WILLIAMS: That's all he does. He just pushes -- he just pushes the fear button when he doesn't have anything else to say. And to me, what's incredible is, my Republican friends buy this stale bread of hatred because it is so -- so the president even goes farther. He says I'm a nationalist last night. You know what? These globalists want to come in here and take over. Nationalist, where we've heard that from? White nationalist, Steve Bannon, that whole line. 

GUTFELD: They're all racists. 

WILLIAMS: So horrible. So intensely divisive. Oh, these brown hordes. 

GUTFELD: Don't you think it's divisive to call your fellow Republicans -- your sons are Republicans. You're calling Republican racist. 

WILLIAMS: No, I'm calling this action by this president, given the divisive nature of it, intentionally. 


PERINO: Should we just do nothing? 

WILLIAMS: No, because, remember, we've had things like the Mariel boatlift is you think back in 1980. 

PERINO: Yeah, that was not a good thing. 

WILLIAMS: Right. But guess what? How did America react, Dana? Think about how we reacted in terms of. 

GUTFELD: We are generous. 

WILLIAMS: If you think about the Jewish exodus, you think about Irish people coming to this country as a result of famine. 

GUTFELD: You're comparing this to that? 

WILLIAMS: Every moment, there were people on the far right who react, oh, stop them. Stop those Jews from coming in here. Why? Is that the way. 

PERINO: Emily, do you think that -- this is comparable? 

EMILY COMPAGNO, FOX NEWS HOST: No. And I also want -- I want to point out two things here. Number one, that this humanitarian crisis pre-existed this caravan. And to me, the mixed messaging and hypocrisy is coming from the left who are ignoring the fact that 16 journalists were killed this year alone in Mexico, and all of the attention is on Khashoggi. Or this 600 migrants that were found dead in Texas because of the choke hold the cartels have on -- not only those governments south of us but also those people, including the fact that an entire police office was arrested for corruption in Jalisco. 

So this -- the border security is a small portion of the absolute crisis that is going down south. And the humanitarian crisis aspect of it is because of the porous border and the lack of the laws that we have to keep strong. And then, secondly, about the military and about these military comments, you need to understand that the National Guard comes under state authority, obviously, with federal funds. The president can federalize them. Active-duty military, the exception to the Posse Comitatus Act is the fact that it's active duty military is a support, not in law enforcement role, and that's how that is legal. So the conflating of the issue and the hyperbole from the left, they're saying that they're going to start shooting people is absolutely offensive and totally incorrect. 

WILLIAMS: Emily, I just wanted to pick up on something you said. 


WILLIAMS: We disagree, obviously. I feel so passionately about this. I just think this is. 


WILLIAMS: This is lowball politics. But something you've said, so important -- this is a humanitarian crisis predates this and people should think of it in those terms, because I think that conservatives, historically, have been empathetic, compassionate people, not like what this president is doing. 

WATTERS: Juan, I have to address some of the things that you just said. Sara Carter, one of your colleagues here at Fox News went down there. Actually, you're not there. She's down there. She's a colleague. Spoke to Guatemalan intelligence and interview people in the caravan and is confirmed that there's MS-13 affiliated gang members among the caravan. If you're going to sit there and call your colleague a liar while you're sitting on your tosh in a nice air-conditioned studio in Manhattan, I really think that's unbecoming. Second of all, you have not said. 


WATTERS: What are you going to do about the caravan, Juan? You have no plan to do anything about it. Have you add anything? Do you want to add substance to what to do with this 7,000 strong migration coming up north? What are you going to do? 

WILLIAMS: I think that it's very clear, given the Republicans control the White House. 

WATTERS: Enough with the Republicans. What are you going to do? 

WILLIAMS: Why don't they fix the immigration system that's so badly broken? 

WATTERS: Fix the immigration system? 


WATTERS: It's because of Democratic politics. 


WATTERS: The Feinstein memo and the other thing in the administration. This is what attracts these people, Juan. 

WILLIAMS: This is lowball politics and you're on message for President Trump. Well, today, he said he has no proof. 


WATTERS: You want to protect the election integrity, but you don't want to protect the integrity of the border. If these were Russians coming across, you'll probably build the wall. 

WILLIAMS: And so these people are coming with guns. They're hordes coming now. They're going to take over America? 

WATTERS: No one is taking over anything, Juan. 

GUTFELD: According to Juan's logic, Mexico is also racist because they're trying to limit the immigrants as well. They're sending troops at their border. So clearly, the Mexicans are racists too, Juan. Everybody is racist if they don't agree with you. 


GUTFELD: You're obsessed with race. Your filter is nothing but race. 

WILLIAMS: I think you have a difficulty acknowledging where there's racial injustice and where someone is using a racial pitch to stir his base in order to try. 

GUTFELD: That's your filter, Juan. 

WATTERS: Just trying to protect the borders, Juan. It's not racist. 

PERINO: OK, we have more. President Trump and Barack Obama battle it out on that campaign trail. Which one will be able to close the deal for their party in the final midterm stretch? We'll tell you. 


WILLIAMS: The midterms are just two weeks away, and what's turning into a fierce fight for control of congress, President Trump continuing to go after Democrats in an attempt to turn out his base. 


TRUMP: This will be the election of the caravan, Kavanaugh, law & order, tax cuts, and common sense. The Democrats want to replace freedom with socialists. And they want to replace the rule of law with the rule of the mob. Democrats produce mobs. Republicans produce jobs. The blue wave, that's coming, all rights. You don't hear about it too much. 


WILLIAMS: And President Obama, he's back on the campaign trail campaigning for the Democrats. He's taking aim at President Trump and the GOP. 


BARACK OBAMA, FORMER U.S. PRESIDENT: It is not a Democratic or a Republican idea that we are not supposed to pressure the attorney general or the FBI to use the criminal justice system to try to punish political opponents. That's not how America works. That's how some tin-pot dictatorship works. They try to get people angry, you know. And they appeal to tribe, and they appeal to fear, and they try to pit one group against another. When you hear all this talk about economic miracles right now, remember who started it. 



WILLIAMS: Emily, what do you think about this tin-pot dictator? 

COMPAGNO: I think that part of the laughable quality about former President Obama's speech, and also Joe Biden's speech, is the fact that they highlighted -- it's all about the Donald. And they highlight -- they try to get away from the divisiveness while totally doing the same thing themselves. Obama referenced himself, what was it? Ninety-two times in 38 minutes. Joe Biden is all about himself. And so I feel like that transparency is so obvious, and it just reminded me of the fatigue I've had during the last administration. I think moving forward, the most important thing is the messaging in those last two weeks and also the fact that we need to galvanize on both sides what gets people to the midterm elections is being galvanized for a specific issue, obviously. 

And the GOP cannot remain complacent or victorious after the Kavanaugh hearings given the fact that the Democrats have sworn to move for impeachment if they take control of the house, plus a whole host of other issues. But I do feel it's important for the GOP, should they want to maintain the lead, that they remain galvanize and impassioned about it because otherwise the blue wave -- some have said that the blue wave, by calling it that, it leads to complacency. The same can happen with the GOP as well. That it's messaging it's important. 

WILLIAMS: Jesse, so what the president has done recently is he said, you know what, we are opposed to any kind of limits on pre-existing conditions in terms of health care. I think that speaks to the Democratic message about wanting to help with health care. Then he's also said we plan to change the rules on lesbians, gays, transsexuals, so that people are defined by who they are registered as at birth. And finally, he's said we're going to give you a major tax cut for the middle class before this election. You think, wait a second, is any of that true? 

WATTERS: Well, I think he wants the tax cuts, and he's always believed in helping people out with pre-existing conditions. And right now if you look at that clip that you've just played of the president, just landing a series of brutal political haymakers on the Democrats, really strong black- and-white contrast, and going negative by also going positive. These are really withering attacks that no other previous Republican president has ever really unleashed on the Democratic Party. You know, other Republican presidents have tiptoed around branding the Democrats. And Donald Trump has just gone in there and just gone all in. And it's very refreshing to see a president so unafraid to label Democrats as soft on crime, open borders, socialists. 

And in the age of television, and twitter, and social media, these tightly round political slogans go viral lightning fast and just have overwhelms the Democrats, have overwhelmed the media. And it's just an overwhelming onslaught that the president has unleashed on his political enemies. And if you're not even the political viewer, as like an advertising executive or a communications director, it's just amazing to watch the raw talent on display while he smothers yet brands his political enemies so effectively the Democrats can't even come up for air. And when it comes to Barack Obama taking credit for the economy, remember he said, oh, yeah, it's like someone has a magic wand and thinks they can bring all the jobs back. Now he says he had the magic wand? I'm not buying it. 

WILLIAMS: So our local media expert, Dana Perino. Dana, I was curious about the idea that he is doing exactly what Jesse said, painting the Democrats, for example, as open borders, socialist, is this. 

PERINO: Well, if you look -- if you look at what they say about him, I mean, it's kind of mild by comparison in some cases. I do think if you're a red state Democrats, you're up for reelection, that when it comes to President Obama being out there campaigning that they're saying, well, better than Hillary, because that is actually one of the things that was hurting them. Every day we were talking about Hillary Clinton here. President Obama is a better campaigner. The race is very close in the midterms. If in the next two weeks we are talking about left-wing mobs and the caravan, then the fertile ground could go to the Republicans. But if in the last two weeks we are still re-litigating the 2016 election and talking about Trump's presidency, then it could be a good night for the Democrats. So we'll have to see. 

WILLIAMS: So, Greg, there's been some early voting and the reports are that the early voting favors Republicans in terms of who's getting to the polls. What do you think? 

GUTFELD: I voted twice. 


GUTFELD: What I find interesting about what -- President Obama, I think he mentioned the word anger, like the anger, the traffic in anger, is that I've never seen the Democrats more angry in my entire life. And I have to remind young voters that when you hear about the race and the division messaging, they act as if it's unique to Trump. It's not. They used the same messaging about fear and race and everything on Mitt Romney, on McCain, on Bush, on Paul Ryan. They've done -- this is a different time. That's king of bogus. 

The Democrats were like a fat boxer and they hoping that the clinches will safe them. So they've to get close and they got to get intense, but they're miserable. I saw an ad that was made by the Democrats featuring the resistance, the Kavanaugh hearings, Alyssa Milano, it galvanize me. And I don't think that they can see that the anger that they're ginning up is actually having an opposite reaction and we're going, you know what, these people are freaking me out. 

WATTERS: You have to vote three times. 

GUTFELD: Now I'm going to have to vote three times. I have a wig and sometimes I cross-dress. 

WILLIAMS: Wow, I hope President Trump doesn't find out about this voter fraud. Lotto fever reaching a boiling point with tonight's historic mega millions jackpot. So, are we at The Five in it to win it? You're going to have to find out by tuning in. That's next on The Five. 


COMPAGNO: Mega millions mania is sweeping the country. And in case you haven't heard, tonight's jackpot is now a whopping $1.6 billion, the largest in the history of the world. So, you guys, did you buy individual tickets and/or are you in an office pool? 

WATTERS: I bought tickets last night in Texas. I think that's a big move. 


WATTERS: You know, you want to buy out of state. 

PERINO: Everything is bigger in Texas. 

WATTERS: That's right, especially my mega millions. So, we're coming back for the Mavericks game and we've decided to stop at the quickie mart. And I bought $10 worth of numbers, and then I made a deal with the hair and makeup artist in the back seat. They thought they were entitled to some of my winnings when I won. I shook on giving them each $1 million if I hit this thing. I want to take this moment to officially renege. 


WATTERS: I was feeling a little generous at the time. They're not entitled to jack. 

WILLIAMS: Oh, why did you do that? 

WATTERS: I was feeling nice. 

COMPAGNO: Look, Jesse -- they've recognized verbal agreements unless gambling in states is illegal. So essentially courts are loath to. 


COMPAGNO: Basically. But I'm sure you would win. There's a bigger chance of like getting struck by a meteor. Anyway. 

WILLIAMS: Wait a second. You know, this is what happened -- I think I was in New Jersey and he bought the office pool ticket and then he decided who was in and who is out, and they sued him. So I'm with the hair and makeup people. 


COMPAGNO: There's multiple of those. No one ever gets away with being a Grinch. That's the bottom line of the office pool. Don't be a Grinch. 

PERINO: My husband is really good with numbers and he sent me a note today and he said it's so hard to think about that much money. So it's like receiving $87,000 a day for the next 30 years. So you think about it that way. It's a lot of money. Leland Vittert. 


PERINO: I had Leland Vittert come on the show today because he was at the luckiest lotto store in Washington, D.C. He's buying like -- I think they put me in a little ticket pool. Thank you very much. With Julian Turner, I appreciate that. But I had them do the story about how the lottery can ruin your life. That was really just to make myself feel better. 

GUTFELD: By the way, a lot of that is baloney. But I will tell you this. 

PERINO: What? 

GUTFELD: Yeah. I love the lottery because it's a voluntary tax. No one is coercing you to buy it. But I hate it because it's not replacing another tax. It's just adding another tax. It would be -- that's why I don't like tariffs. I would like tariffs if they're placed actual taxes because then a tariff is great. You're paying for it, you're buying something. But the other thing that I don't like about lottery, and I say this every time we do this, you have greater odds of being murdered or dying of a disease, so why root for something that has less odds than your own miserable death? Why? Because if you're going to rely on luck, means you can't curse luck if something bad strikes, right? If you're rooting for something that's really rare, something equally bad can happen to you. So why would you want to root for something rare if something rare can kill you? It's like OK, yes, I won, but you also got hit by a truck. You can't curse your luck. 


WILLIAMS: Emily can't handle it. 

WATTERS: Don't you like to dream about winning a billion dollars because that is after taxes, $904 million. 

GUTFELD: No, I don't dream about that. I dream about other things that I can't bring up here, but no. It's like a dream about, you know, things -- I always dream about things that already happened, and how they could have been better. 

WATTERS: If you hit, would you stop working? 

GUTFELD: No, are you kidding me? 

WATTERS: You would sit at that chair with a billion? 

PERINO: He would lord it over you. 

WATTERS: I don't know if I can tolerate him rich. 

WILLIAMS: Jesse says he's going to quit "The Five" if he wins. 


WATTERS: I said after the midterms. 

WILLIAMS: But -- OK, but the thing about it, Jesse, is, you're on TV. People will know. Hey, Jesse is missing all of a sudden? 

WATTERS: I think they'd think I'd be missing for other reasons. 

GUTFELD: I would definitely go out with a bang, though, if I won the money. I would tell the people upstairs, "Yes, I'm still here," and then there would be a show where something-- 

WATTERS: That monologue would be so good. 

GUTFELD: Yes. Terrible. 

DECICCIO: All right. We will take you inside the growing migrant caravan that's marching toward the U.S. border when "The Five" returns. 

WATTERS: I want to hear the Gutfeld won the lottery -- 


WATTERS: Meek Mill, Juan. 

The massive caravan of migrants heading toward the U.S. border is getting even bigger. The total number of people is now over 7,000, as President Trump threatens to shut it down. 

Let's bring in William La Jeunesse, who's with the caravan in southern Mexico. What's going on down there, William? 

WILLIAM LA JEUNESSE, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Well, Jesse, let me say they are -- they spent last night here. I'm in the town of Huixtla. Obviously, there's a lot of garbage here. They're trying to clean that up. 

You can see this is -- they've taken over pretty much the entire town square. Seven thousand people, all these other side streets, as well. You've got families here, looking for food, looking for water. The Mexicans have been very generous to them and provided them with this kind of stuff. 

Tomorrow morning, 5 a.m., they leave here for the next time. That's a 42- mile walk, we are told. 

You know, immigration from Central America is somewhat discretionary. Remember that when President Trump was elected in that March of '17, there were 16,000 immigrants apprehended. Last month, that was over 50,000. So the message down there for these individuals -- and I've talked to them -- is you can get into the United States. 

But it's remarkable, Jesse, the amount of naivety and how uninformed a lot of people are as to what they're going to say when they get to the border. When they might get there or what city they're going to go to. They're remarkably uninformed. That, of course, often changes when you get up to, say, Tijuana, and they start talking to American lawyers about what they might say. 

But I mean, I literally talked to about a dozen women today about their families and saying, "Listen, what are you going to say? Where are you going to go?" 

And they simply said, "I'm leaving poverty, and I need a better life." There was no even word mentioned of asylum. That's the kind of thing I'm hearing. But that could all change. 

The trip to Tijuana is about 2400 miles. That could be two to three months, rather, traveling by foot. They've got a lot of kids here. I saw a lot of people today with foot injuries, going in for medications. Dehydration. Several people collapsed from heat stroke. So it's not an ideal situation, especially for the children. 

Back to you. 

WATTERS: Wow. Excellent reporting down there, William. I appreciate it, and thanks for keeping us posted. 

All right. Well, we're going to react to that report, as well, but we want to first listen to sound from then-Senator Barack Obama in 2005, saying this about illegal immigration. 


OBAMA: We simply cannot allow people to pour into the United States undetected, undocumented, unchecked and circumventing the line of people who are waiting patiently, diligently and lawfully to become immigrants in this country. 


WATTERS: Wow. I mean, how things have changed among the Democratic Party leaders. 

PERINO: I actually think if you -- if you did not know who said that, if you were just reading the words, it's actually -- President Trump has said the exact same thing. So there's actually agreement there. The frustrating thing is it was about two years after that that President Obama decided not to vote for comprehensive immigration reform. And which, if he had, we might not actually be having this conversation right now. 

WATTERS: Juan, what do you think about that sound from the former president? 

WILLIAMS: I think he's right. It's 10 years old. And so much has done, not just by President Bush but President Obama to shore up security, both in terms of manpower, technology, even the use of drones on the border. And we have, in fact, done much. 

We need comprehensive immigration reform at the moment to deal with people who are inside the United States. But even with this caravan, it's not the case like anybody thinks these guys could run over the border and just do they want to do. They have to go through -- this is a popular republican phrase of the moment -- due process in applying for asylum or whatever. 

And as William La Jeunesse just said, I thought that report was terrific, because he's talking about families and people who are fleeing economic disaster. And he's not talking about anybody from the Middle East or any MS-13 gang member. So I mean, you know, get it straight, folks. Wake up. You're being used. 

WATTERS: No one is being used, Juan. That was one report by William and gave us a certain set of facts, and we appreciate it. 

What do you think? 

DECICCIO: Well, economic disaster is not grounds for asylum under our current laws. 

I want to point out the fact that a lot of coverage has been kind of -- and national conversation has been about the duality of the United States and Mexican governments, that it's incumbent upon these two governments to somehow fix or address the problem. 

But the U.N. secretary general has put reinforcements down in Mexico ad working with agencies down there to help that government, along with other member-nation states, deal with the crisis. And he said specifically that -- he called for the principle of full respect for countries' rights to manage their own borders. 

So globally, there's an agreement here that it isn't just about us. But also that border security should be respected in that, and I'm curious know, too, how many of those -- the members of the caravan are seeing that, is seeing any type of international presence? 


GUTFELD: Well, I think this is actually proving the exact point about that popular phrase called due process. Because when you have a large mass of people; and you don't know who they are. And they could be refugees. They could be non-refugees. They could be gang members. What kind of word would be useful here to figure it out? A process. 

And what the Dems have done is, any issue in which you ask for a process, you are deemed as hateful, intolerant, or racist. So whether it's borders, national security. Like, if you're anti-terror, well, obviously, you're Islamophobic. If you're pro-borders, you hate -- you hate everybody down south. Law & order, you're pro-brutality. So you look at all these. You look at borders, national security, and law and order. These are the things that create a prosperous, free, secure country. 

So now you have a prosperous, free and secure country, and what do the Democrats want to do? They want to take those things that made that country what it is. 

And if you disagree with it, if you disagree with it, you are a racist, just like Barack Obama was ten years ago when he said that, because apparently, according to the logic of Juan today, what Barack Obama said there today is clearly racist. 

WILLIAMS: Absolutely not. 

GUTFELD: Because he wants borders. 

WILLIAMS: Absolutely not. 

GUTFELD: You just condemned the same -- the same sentiment. 

WILLIAMS: No, I did not. 

GUTFELD: Fifteen minutes ago. 

WILLIAMS: No, I did not. 

GUTFELD: It's exactly the same language. 

WILLIAMS: It is not. When you are using something like immigration -- 

GUTFELD: When Trump says it, it's racist. I've got it. 

WILLIAMS: -- in the midst of a midterm election with one specific purpose, which is to stir hatred, it's Orwellian. 

WATTERS: Stir hatred? 

WILLIAMS: It's Orwellian. That's not what President Obama was taking about. 

WATTERS: Juan, just because you want a country, doesn't mean you hate other people. 

WILLIAMS: Say that again? 

WATTERS: Just because you want a country intact, doesn't mean you hate other people. 

WILLIAMS: Oh, we all want a country intact. 

GUTFELD: How is it Orwellian? 

WILLIAMS: This is the biggest lie, that somehow Democrats want open borders. What a lie. 

WATTERS: You do, because you want the caravan to come in willy-nilly. 

WILLIAMS: Get out of here. 

WATTERS: Up next, we're ready to have some fun. I think we're having fun now. We're taking you deep into the heart of Texas for some delicious Dallas barbecue from our trip. Right back. 


GUTFELD: As you know, we were in Texas yesterday. We had a great time, met some great people. Jesse got a facial. Some people have to go to Dallas, and the first thing they do is get a facial. I'm not joking. 

DECICCIO: Pretty boy. 

GUTFELD: But it wouldn't have been complete without trying some actual Texas -- 

WATTERS: That's the first time you said that. 

GUTFELD: I'm never going to let you forget it. When we had barbecue. That's important, that we had Texas-style barbecue. And we did a segment. Here it goes. 


PERINO: Hey, everybody. We're here at the Hard Eight Pit Barbecue in Dallas, Texas, which is amazing. Of course, I've got Greg and Jesse with me here. Are you guys ready to eat? 

WATTERS: We're so hungry. Let's go. 

PERINO: At about 5:36 p.m. every day in the commercial break, who will ask this question? 

WATTERS: A little spicy. 

PERINO: So every day at 5:36, Greg in the commercial break will ask, "What am I going to eat tonight?" and it's usually ribs. 

GUTFELD: That's all I eat. I think I eat ribs four times a week. 

WATTERS: I like the brisket. I like the brisket and what is this right here? 

PERINO: Jalapeno sausage. 

WATTERS: Jalapeno sausage and the brisket. 

PERINO: I like the sausage. And I'm going to -- I'm after that shish kebab over there. 

WATTERS: That's the meat shish kebab? What is this? 

PERINO: That's a beef shish kebab. Here's a piece of white bread. 

GUTFELD: I have something stuck in -- right in the gap of my tooth. I hate that. I need, like, a business card. 

WATTERS: Do you want some floss? 

GUTFELD: I need a business card or some floss. Or maybe -- sometimes I'll use a paper clip at work. 


WATTERS: It's not very tough to ask for floss in Texas. 

What's in Greg's cup, by the way? I that -- is that sweet tea, Greg? 

GUTFELD: I call it sweet tea. Some people might call it just hard wine. 

I may hate the Democrats. I may hate the libs, but man, I do love these ribs. 

WATTERS: You can tell, though, that the Dallas Cowboys lost just by the mood of this place. 

PERINO: Is that what's going on? 

WATTERS: Yes, you can feel it. You know? Because the Redskins just beat the Cowboys. 

PERINO: That's a big rivalry, right? 

WATTERS: So there's a little bit of a pall over the crowd. Yes, Dana. 

GUTFELD: If Juan was here -- 

WATTERS: Cowboys and Indians were a rivalry a long time before football. 

PERINO: Greg, I think this is our first road trip with Jesse. 

GUTFELD: I know. 

WATTERS: Any advice? Any advice for me on the road? 


PERINO: You know, Lawrence Jones is here with us, and he is from Texas. You know him from Fox News. Let's bring in Lawrence Jones. 

GUTFELD: Hi, Lawrence. 

PERINO: This is your recommendation. Why did you pick this place? You used to come here a lot? 

LAWRENCE JONES, FOX NEWS COMMENTATOR: Yes, because they don't rush the process. They season their meat. They marinate it, and then they put it in the smoker, get that extra flavor in there, and it's so good. Right? 

WATTERS: When they say that everything is bigger in Texas, what specifically are they referring to? 

GUTFELD: Jesse, this isn't some kind of sick "Watters' World" game. 

JONES: The state fair, the guns, the buildings. The only thing that's not big is the taxes. We don't have a state tax. 

GUTFELD: Jesse's hair is big. Big hair. 

Do you see that thing up there? That's a wolverine. Do you know what a wolverine is? It's half wolf, half "erine." 


PERINO: That's, like, worth more than the Mega Millions. 


WATTERS: That's a lot of meat. 



WATTERS: That looks good. 

PERINO: Is it Greg's dream come true? 

GUTFELD: I'm going to take a picture so I can look at it before I go to bed at night. 

WATTERS: Could one person eat one of these by themselves? 

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We do have some lineman that come in here from the Dallas Cowboys that will devour one of these things. 

WATTERS: One per lineman? 

So what's the key to barbecue down here? What's your secret? 

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You know, it's kind of a -- the national pastime for the country of Texas, down here. That's what we do. Everybody barbecues. Everybody is in their backyard. 

WATTERS: The country of Texas? 

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The country of Texas. 


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes, let's get that right. 

WATTERS: Ted Cruz was saying that Beto O'Rourke wants to get rid of barbecue in Texas. 


WATTERS: What do you think about that? 

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That has got to be -- it's got to be a joke. 

WATTERS: It's not a joke. 

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Because anybody that's anybody in the state of Texas can commit political suicide by saying that. 

Fill these all the way up with wood. It will burn all night long. My guys will get here at 5 a.m. in the morning. We'll start warming up the pits again and getting ready for the cook for that day. 

PERINO: Have you ever put a small boy in there, about the size of Greg? 

WATTERS: Can you close that? My face is melting off. 


PERINO: Pretty fun. 

GUTFELD: Yes, you know what? I know you're going to want to check out more, because that blew my mind. Go to our Facebook and Instagram pages for all of our behind-the-scenes photos from our Texas trip. 

I just realized by watching it, I am an unattractive eater. 

PERINO: I couldn't get that sausage in my mouth. I was eating, chewing, and I was like -- 

GUTFELD: We'll be using that in the "best of" later. 

DECICCIO: I have a question, Greg. What were you going to say? In the package, you go, "If Juan were here --" and then it cut off. 

GUTFELD: Because we're talking about cowboys and Indians. 

PERINO: Yes, yes, the Redskins and the Cowboys. 

GUTFELD: Yes. And I was going to say Juan would say, "Don't say that word." 

WILLIAMS: No, I wouldn't said -- I would've said, "Ha-ha, Cowboys fans. Ha-ha, ha, ha. Your snapper made a mistake, and now you want to blame the Redskins -- the official." 

PERINO: I think the one thing we learned in this thing, when we go to Hard Eight Barbecue, you might want to eat beforehand. Because we were so hungry and the food was so good that we couldn't even talk. We were eating so much. I'm still full. 

GUTFELD: I actually have to say, the nonmeat items that I found delicious, like the creamed corn. 

WATTERS: The creamed corn was good. 

PERINO: Whiskey -- whiskey pie. 

WATTERS: I'm a little upset about the facial jabs still. This is the third day in a row. Getting a little sensitive about it. I get one facial. I tell one person about, and it's on national television. 

PERINO: Why did you tell Greg? 

WATTERS: I know! I'll never tell him anything ever again. He put it in the prompter, too. It wasn't even an adlib. 

GUTFELD: No, I put that in there before the show. I've got to bring it up. It's OK to have a facial. It is. You look great. 

WATTERS: Thanks. You don't. 

GUTFELD: I know. That's a few years off you. 

WATTERS: All right. 

GUTFELD: All right, I guess we're done with this, but that was fun. 

PERINO: We love Texas. Thank you, Texas. 

GUTFELD: "One More Thing" up next. 


PERINO: It's time now for "One More Thing" -- Greg. 

GUTFELD: All right. Roll the little thingy thing. 

GRAPHIC: Greg's Singing Donkey News! 

GUTFELD: "Greg's Singing Donkey News!" Check out this ass. 




GUTFELD: Yes, it's a singing donkey all right. It's an Internet sensation in Ireland. They do have the Internet in Ireland, Jesse. 

WATTERS: I did not know that. 

GUTFELD: I know you said -- you asked me -- 

PERINO: …for the E.U. 

GUTFELD: They have it. Anyway -- 


GUTFELD: -- the owner did not know that the donkey could sing. But apparently, it has a beautiful -- beautiful voice. And I hope to hear more from the donkey. 

PERINO: That reminds me of the story of the talking dog. 

GUTFELD: Reminds me a lot of Maroon 5. 

WATTERS: That's not nice. 

GUTFELD: They're also fronted by an ass. 

WATTERS: The Super Bowl halftime show. 

GUTFELD: Terrible! 

PERINO: They should've gone with garth brooks. 

OK, I get to go next. I have something exciting about a friend of ours, Clayton Ingraham. 

GUTFELD: I don't know him. 

PERINO: On Sunday he was at the U.S. Formula One Grand Prix that took place in Austin, Texas. He is one of the future stars, the F-1 Future Stars. They also call them Grid Kids. 

And they have the opportunity, they go behind the scenes. They attend media events, and they get to meet the drivers, shake their hands. He also received his own personal F-1 driver's fire suit, which is very cool. And for the national anthem, Clayton was assigned to stand in front of Esteban Ocon, who is a driver from France. Didn't know they could drive in France. 

Pretty big day for young Clayton, and regulations -- Juan. 

WILLIAMS: Duquesne University held a conference on the First Amendment last weekend. And so as a working journalist who's paid the price for speaking out, I was in a session on free speech in the 21st Century. 

My co-panelists included Hugh Hewitt, the conservative radio host; Nadine Strossen, the former head of the ACLU; and Jeffrey Rosen, president of the National Constitution Center. 

I want you to know, Hugh suggested there be no more anonymous postings. Strossen, on the other hand, stressed that anonymity is an important protection for people who fear being punished when they speak out. 

I don't think we're going to do away with anonymous speech. But today, everyone, every viewer, every reader or listener has to be a media critic. So double check everything before you fall for anything. 

PERINO: All right. Jesse's next.

WATTERS: Italian elevators are out of control. Look at this footage over in Rome. 




WATTERS: A bunch of Russian soccer fans were in Rome for a match, and you know, I suspect foul play. Some of the Italians might have turned the switch up a little bit. That has not been confirmed. We're still checking on it. 

But imagine being on that and then having it speed up like that. That's extremely dangerous. 

PERINO: It scares me. 

WATTERS: People were very hurt. It looks like none of the injuries are life-threatening. 

PERINO: Thank goodness. 

WATTERS: Thankfully. Wow, look at that! 

PERINO: That is so, so dangerous. 

GUTFELD: That's why I don't take escalators. 

WATTERS: Also frightening, I'll be on "Hannity" tonight at 9 p.m., and we will not be talking about Facial-gate. Hopefully, we buried that. 

PERINO: That will resurrect. All right. Emily, take it away. 

DECICCIO: OK. So London Green, now 5, this little boy saw the original "Ghostbusters" when he was just 3, and he's been obsessed with it ever since. 

He was born without a pulmonary artery and had several surgeries to fix his heart defect. And so when the Make-a-Wish Foundation found out about London's dream to be a real ghostbuster, they recruited his hometown of Sacramento to make his dream come true. And he got to gear up in his own Ghostbusters suit and follow a trail of slime around the city. He was tracking down ghosts, and like a true hero, he was given the key to the city by the mayor for his hard work afterward. 

And thankfully, his dad says he is now doing well and that his heart is working the way it should. 


PERINO: All right. Well, we've got a little bit of time. I have to ask you guys. So the road trip was fun going to Dallas, Texas. Where should we go next? Where would you like to go? 

GUTFELD: I would like to go downtown. 

PERINO: OK. I should not have asked you. Jesse, where do you want to go? 

WATTERS: We're going to go to Key West, I think. 

PERINO: Really? 

WATTERS: I think we'd be great down there. 

PERINO: Key Largo? 

GUTFELD: How about Maui? A road trip to Maui? 

WATTERS: We'll fly to Maui and then take a bus. 

PERINO: Juan, where do you want to go? 

WILLIAMS: Let's go to the middle of the country. Let's go to, like, Kansas or Missouri. Let's see what people are thinking. Because I think the 2020 election is coming. We better -- 

PERINO: I think it would be great. Emily, we'll see you there. Why don't you come along with us? 


PERINO: Set your DVRs. Never miss an episode of this -- "Five" -- what is this called? 

GUTFELD: "The Five." 

PERINO: "The Five." . OK, "Special Report" is next. Hi, Bret. 

BRET BAIER, FOX NEWS ANCHOR: I think it's "The Five." All right, thank, Dana. 

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