Trump says Pelosi had 'meltdown' during White House meeting on Syria policy

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST:  All right.  Welcome to "Hannity."

We have a lot breaking tonight.  The president just excoriated the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi right to her face.  In a closed-door meeting at the White House, he called her a third-rate politician.  Of course, the president is right.  Her party's deranged, psychotic rage, obsessive "hate Trump" agenda is all that matters in her world.

But the speaker's sloppy execution, well, that leaves a lot to be desired.  
Today, we saw this all play out in real time.  Pelosi and her colleagues are attending a meeting surrounding the administration's policy in Syria and while they say a picture, well, speaks a thousand words.  On Twitter, the president called this nervous Nancy's unhinged meltdown.  Looks like she's pointing at him.

At the very same time that photo was taken, the House voted for a measure spearheaded by Pelosi rebuking the president's withdrawal of American troops from Syria.  Some Republicans even supported the measure.

Here's what these lawmakers need to keep in mind.  President Trump -- well, he promised to beat the living beep out of the so-called ISIS caliphate.  
Not so-called.  It was a caliphate.  He removed Obama's insane, ridiculous Democratic rules of engagement that put handcuffs on our troops.

And guess what?  He bombed the living daylights and beat back the entire caliphate in Syria of ISIS.  That's a promise he made and a promise he kept.

And President Trump also promised to get the United States out of all foreign conflicts.  We can have endless wars.  He ran on this.  He got support for this.

In Syria, where weapons of mass destruction were used, he didn't draw any meaningless line in the sand like Obama, no, he actually acted.  Another promise made, another promise kept.

And look at this new poll.  A majority of even Republicans do support the president's decision to withdraw troops.

America's wars are no longer thought to be won.  Instead eventually they'll get politicized right back here at home.  Dangerous restrictions are placed on how our brave men and women, our national treasure, our soldiers operate.  And then disaster ensues.  Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan.

You start the fight, politicized the fight, then we don't fight anymore.  
Our national treasure dies.  They lose their limbs.  They come home disfigured.  And we even abandon them with the V.A. scandal under the Obama-Biden administration.

Now, instead of endlessly putting brave men and women in harm's way, the president -- well, he is sanctioning Turkey for their aggressive action in the region.  It had a huge impact on Iran.

And, tonight, Republicans, you need to keep something in mind here.  Pelosi and her liberal friends, they don't care about what happens in the Middle East at all.  And how do we know that?  They are the ones that helped start the wars, and then when the going gets tough, they are the first people to politicize them and put handcuffs on our troops and ridiculous rules of engagement during war.  We are supposed to win.

Now, we are supposed to believe they are hawks?  Really?

On top of that, we also know this, Democrats are only reacting with rage because they are completely preoccupied with just smearing Trump, bludgeoning Trump.  So, Pelosi's radical extreme socialist supervisors in the Democratic Party, the squad, they are demanding that this duly elected president of the United States be thrown out of office.

She wants to keep her job.  She is doing what they say.  Without a doubt, the left hates Trump more than anything.  They've now convinced themselves he is Satan incarnate and they will do anything and say anything to destroy the president, even act like they are really hawks on defense just to ruin his agenda no matter what.

By the way, this is why we need the next generation of weaponry, so we don't do this to America's treasure ever again.  I want any future conflicts to be fought in the air-conditioned offices in Tampa where buttons are pushed and the enemy dies.  Offensive weapons and defensive weapons so we don't have to send kids door-to-door to eat their legs blown up again and not give them armored Humvees and then treat them like crap when they come home from injuries.

Now, a president -- if this president cured cancer, they would hold an investigation into how we did it the wrong way, or would impeach him for the issue of curing cancer.  This is how sick and ugly and twisted it has now gotten.  It's a complete and total waste of our time.

Remember, breaking last night, Pelosi announced that there will be no formal roll call on impeachment.  They don't have the votes.  That's because there are enough Democrats in the swing districts, we keep scrolling the names, and they know that impeachment is the end of their political careers come 2020, November.

By the way, they also know it's a manufactured scandal.  They know for them it's political suicide.  Pay close attention.  Maybe that person is in your district.

They don't want to go on the record as an official anti-Trump conspiracy theorist in a district that voted for Donald Trump.

Look at this.  A brand-new focus group featuring voters from the great swing state of Ohio show just how unpopular this impeachment hoax really is.  Nine of 11 participants raise their hands to say impeachment is a distraction from the issues they care the most about.

So, now, Pelosi's sloppy strategy is hitting a speed bump.  Her top deputy, the cowardly, Shifty Adam Schiff, well, he's holding closed door meetings, secret meetings.

I thought they wanted transparency.  Didn't they want the unredacted version of the Mueller report?  Oh, no due process for the president whatsoever.  By the way, the cowardly Schiff expects us to believe that an official impeachment proceedings underway.

By the way, as House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy pointed out, several basic constitutional rights are being denied during this impeachment sham following questions yet to be answered.  By the way, all things Newt Gingrich gave the Democrats when the Republicans were in control of the House when real impeachment was going on with Bill Clinton because the independent counsel saw 11 felonies in Bill Clinton's conduct and identified them.

Now, Speaker Pelosi, do you intend to grant coequal subpoena power to the chair in the ranking member of the committee level?  Do you intend to require all subpoenas to be subject to a vote of the full committee at the request of either the chair or the ranking member?  Do you intend to provide the president's counsel the right to attend all hearings and all depositions?  Do you intend to provide the president's counsel the right to present evidence?  Do you intend to provide the president's counsel the right to object to the admittance of evidence?  Do you intend to provide the president's counsel the right to recommend a witness list?

And finally, do you intend a referral of this to Jerry Nadler and his committee, chairman of the judiciary committee.  That's actually prescribed by the rules of the House.  Or is the cowardly Schiff in charge of leading this inquiry as has been reported in the press.  Every other impeachment proceeding historically has followed the simple, basic, fundamental rules of fairness and justice.

Speaker Gingrich afforded those rights to President Clinton and the Democratic minority.  But, today, the speaker won't even hold an official vote.

As constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley put it, quote: Pelosi seems to believe that she can hold a press conference and expect courts to accept that a formal impeachment process has begun.  Well, some judges are likely to be uncomfortable with such immaculate impeachment.

Very creative.

Our own Gregg Jarrett, he called it a venomous affront to constitutional principles.  And breaking tonight, one of those closed-door hearings, the secret client, the people that demanded transparency of the Mueller report, well, Schiff pressured a key witness to lie.

Look at this brand-new report from the "Washington Examiner."  One American diplomat Kurt Volker repeatedly refused to agree with Schiff's phony quid pro quo allegations.  Schiff said, quote: Ambassador, you're making this much more complicated than it has to be.

I guess he wasn't getting the answer he was hoping for.  And now get this, the lying cowardly Schiff, well, he doesn't want his fake whistle-blower to testify.  Now, he's rightfully, likely concerned that the non-whistleblower whistleblower will be forced to answer questions about, yes, their connection to Schiff's office and they advise they were given by Schiff's office to get an attorney and go to the inspector general.

And, by the way, the non-whistleblower whistleblower's work for sleepy, creepy, crazy Uncle Joe Biden, and how this was essentially from the get-go a Democratic lead set up from the beginning.  Wow.  We've read that book before too.

And at least one prominent Democrat is now calling for this non- whistleblower whistleblower to testify.  Looks like the radical left's attempt, the latest scheme to boot the president out of office, yes, once again boomeranging, coming apart at the seams.

Well, that's really bad news for the Democrats running in 2020, because as far left Congressman Al Green stated a few months ago, if they don't impeach Trump, this president will get reelected.

Here now is the House Minority Whip, Steve Scalise.  Congressman Scalise was in that meeting today at the White House with Nancy Pelosi.

Also the author of the book, yes, another breakthrough, big huge "New York Times" bestseller.  It's only been out a week.  It's called "Witch Hunt: 
The Story of the Greatest Mass Delusion in American Political History", FOX News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett.

Congressman, let me begin with you, and ask you, you were in that meeting.  
Bring us inside the meeting and you agree with my points, the president ran on this, the president took off the rules of engagement.  He actually defeated the caliphate.  He put the sanctions on Turkey.

And he's also keeping a promise whether Republican -- some Republicans like it or not.  He's not going to engage in endless wars with countries if we don't have to.

REP. STEVE SCALISE, R-LA.:  Well, Sean, yes.  And like so many of the things that President Trump has done, he's following through on his words.  
I mean, he's been a man not only of words but actions, taking on ISIS, confronting so many of the problems Barack Obama created.

When Barack Obama, by the way, was the one who called them the jayvee team.  
You know, in there, you've got Nancy Pelosi trying to criticize the president when she herself let Barack Obama's policies not only on ISIS, letting them really become of age, but also what they did in Iran, letting Iran get to a nuclear weapon where they could ultimately if they complied with all the terms would be able to get to a nuclear weapon.  President Trump standing up to Iran, standing up to China, standing up to North Korea, standing up to Russia, by the way, Sean.

HANNITY:  He's already shown --

SCALISE:  You know all this.

HANNITY:  He didn't draw a line in the sand with Syria.

SCALISE:  That was Obama that did the Syrian redline and then let it go.

HANNITY:  He also beat back the caliphate.  He acted.  He also put sanctions in Iran.

I have a funny feeling one day Iran is going to hear from us.  I'm just guessing.  I think I know the president pretty well.

And I would also say if this gets out of control, the president will step in and do it again.  But the president is not wrong in saying endless wars, everybody is all in.  And then they always politicize it.

After American treasure goes fights, bleeds, dies, or loses their arms or legs and comes home disfigured, only to be stabbed in the back by our own V.A. system.  So, you know what?  If we're not going to fight wars to win them, we better fight them the way I'm suggesting, which is the next generation of weaponry, offensive and defensive, and that's having people push buttons and destroy the enemy and win the war.

Gregg Jarrett, let's bring you in on the issue of this impeachment hoax, what I just described you said.

GREGG JARRETT, FOX NEWS LEGAL ANALYST:  What's really frightening is that this is a frontal assault on one of the most cherished principles in our Bill of Rights.  The due process clause of the Fifth Amendment.  U.S. Supreme Court has said due process applies to congressional investigations.  
That includes impeachment proceedings.

But Nancy Pelosi acting unilaterally is essentially launching a secret star chamber in which witnesses are being intimidated.  They are threatened with obstruction of justice.  They are told they can't have counsel.  The White House counsel can't be there.

Apparently there's little cross-examination.  And Republicans are unable to be able to call their own witnesses through subpoena power.  All of these are egregious deprivation of rights and an abuse of power.

And yet, think of it this way.  Nancy Pelosi got 275,000 votes in her election.  She is holding hostage a president who received 62 million votes that put him in office.

There is something fundamentally wrong with this.  Pelosi knows it, and yet she refuses to abide by precedent which federal judges and the Supreme Court cared deeply about.

HANNITY:  Last question, Congressman.  Do you believe as I do she doesn't have the votes and that there's a rebellion among those Democratic congressmen and women that are in Trump won districts in 2016?

SCALISE:  Sean, they are scared to death to vote on this.  It's why she's refused to bring a vote up so far, to shield their members and why she and Adam Schiff are trying to unilaterally hide from the public what's really going on.

I mean, think about this, Sean, and you know it.  They're trying to remove a duly elected president of the United States behind closed doors, in secret.

This is not just a witch hunt.  It's a sham.  People know it.  No due process.

Nancy Pelosi might think she can ram it through.  She will not take away the will of the voters.  There is an election next year.  They are electing a socialist on their side coming out of their nomination.

Donald Trump has done a great job getting the economy back on track and fighting for those hardworking families that have been left behind.  Nancy Pelosi is not going to be able to usurp their will.

HANNITY:  You know what?  I got a lot of crap when the president changed strategies on funding the wall, people said, you're just defending him.  No, I said, he changed strategies.  The president is keeping a promise.  But when they got out of line, we know he will act.  That's what I would bet on.

Thank you both, Congressman.

Gregg, congrats.  Another huge bestseller.

JARRETT:  Thank you.

HANNITY:  All right.  Well, the House Democrats struggled to take down President Trump from within.  The radical socialist 2020 presidential candidates, they are experiencing their own issues.  We saw it on full display.

Fake news CNN hosting a marathon, dull, boring, three-hour so-called debate-- well, let's say Joe 30330, once again, really disastrous performance.  He could barely put a full sentence together without getting lost in what he's saying.  Watch this.


JOE BIDEN, D-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE:  One of the reasons I'm running is because of my age and my experience.  With it comes wisdom.

You must register that weapon.  You must register it.  When you register it, the likelihood of it being used diminishes exponentially.

I'm the only one that got it moved.  To make sure that we could not have a magazine that had more than 10 rounds in it.

Why in God's name should someone clipping coupons in the stock market make, in fact, pay a lower tax rate than someone who, in fact, is, like I said, a school teacher and a firefighter?

What does the president do?  He says, I believe Vladimir Putin.  I believe Vladimir Putin.  I don't believe our intelligence community.


BIDEN:  It's been the most shameful thing that any president has done in modern history.  Excuse me, in terms of foreign policy.


HANNITY:  It's a sinking ship.  His inability to string coherent sentences together should be a concern to every voter.  You can't really spit out a complete thought without digressing again and again.

And what's even more disturbing is the clear evidence of corruption, cronyism surrounding the Biden family.

Now, the campaign is hemorrhaging money.  Biden has significantly less cash on hand than all the other top rivals.

Speaking of which, from Warren to Bernie Sanders, the Democrats on stage last night all had one big theme in common.  They seemed to believe that America is not a very good place at all and that only Venezuelan style socialism will cure all of our so-called woes.

Keep in mind the cost of the Warren-Sanders Medicare for all plan with no public-private option for health insurance.  Remember, Obamacare -- we have nearly 40 percent of Americans that have one choice, only one provider, and rates went up an average of 100 percent to 200 percent at least.  A whopping $34 trillion for Medicare-for-All over 10 years.

We only take in $4 billion -- trillion a year.  We don't have that $36 trillion.

And Democrats on stage last night, everything is free.  Everything is free for everyone.  Free health care, free child care, for universal basic income, whether you're willing, unwilling to work.  Free housing, free transportation, free government food, healthy food, vacations, guaranteed jobs.

And, yes, environmental socialism.  We won't have oil and gas, the lifeblood of our economy.

What I'm about to say, this is not a talking point.  This is a fact, a reality.  America, the land we love, this is not a cliche.  This is a tipping point.

These people get in office and if you don't send the message to the socialists in the Democratic Party, our great way of life that is created a standard of living that has helped the entire world will begin to cease to exist.  Fixing it will probably become impossible very quickly.

The American system of the American system of capitalism, system of constitutional republic based on your interval rights, foundational principles of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness will forever be altered.  The government will take control of businesses.  And Ocasio- Cortez says, I will tell you how to run your business.  That's how serious it is.

And coming up tonight also, we have brand-new undercover footage from CNN whistleblower, real whistleblower, working with Project Veritas.  He's going to answer a lot of questions about last night anti-Trump debate because you have their fearless leader literally in the control room dictating questions to beat up Kellyanne Conway for 24 straight minutes.  
Wait until you hear the story.

But, first, joining us now, the author of a big new book called "Exonerated", FOX News contributor Dan Bongino, American Conservative Union chair Matt Schlapp.

All right.  Let's start with where we are if we can.  I guess they want me over there.  Let's start with where we are.

Dan Bongino -- so, I'm looking at all of this last night and I'm thinking I think the winners Donald Trump because America's got --


HANNITY:  -- I don't Americans are going to believe, they're going to do the simple basic math and they will understand $94 trillion, $36 trillion.  
That is not sustainable.

BONGINO:  Yes, it's not.  I'm glad you said that, Sean, because there were no winners last night.  I frame it as losers and bigger losers from last night's debate.  There were no winners.

I'm glad you've been harping on the Elizabeth Warren lie, though, because the American people need to hear this.  If you believe in numbers, I know that liberals don't.  They've been largely vaccinated at an early age against facts and numbers and data and things, she is lying to you.

Lying.  Not a misdirection.  Forget the euphemisms.  She's lying to you.

Your taxes are not only going to go up with her government takeover of the health care system, they are going to go up dramatically.

And here's the trick she's pulling, the little stunt she's trying to pull her.  She's saying, well, maybe your taxes will go up.  She dances around that question.  But then she says, but your costs are going to go down.

No, no.  Even liberal think tanks analyzing a government takeover, Sean, have shown that not only are your taxes going to double, but your cost for health care are going to go up dramatically, too.  So, it's a twofer loser.  
Elizabeth Warren is lying and I'm glad you're calling her out on it.

HANNITY:  What was your take as you watch this, Matt Schlapp?

MATT SCHLAPP, AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE UNION CHAIRMAN:  You know, basically, I agree with Dan and you on -- remember that old TV show "The Biggest Loser".  You know, the American people -- although Democrats are embracing this term of socialism and the policies that go along with it, including wealth confiscation in the federal government doing everything, the American people are actually pretty troubled by this conversation that we're having.  This is jarring to a lot of people.  This is jarring to a lot of people that went to Europe during World War II and fought these terrible isms, and thought that America stood apart as a unique country and philosophy.

And when you hear what they're talking about, think about this.  Just a few years ago, Sean, Obamacare was such a radical idea.  Now you have 12 candidates on the stage basically trashing Obamacare because they didn't go far enough.  We talked about a couple trillion dollars Obamacare would cost.  We're now talking about tens of trillions, and the admission that Obamacare was really just a facade.  This is very, very radical stuff.

HANNITY:  Well, it's beyond that and, you know, as I'm watching this, to the American people, Dan Bongino, as some point, we've been watching all this rage, all this hate, all this madness, all this bludgeoning we're now pretty much since the day that Donald Trump got elected.  We now know a lot of efforts to stop him from ever winning and then efforts with an insurance policy after.

We see the tools of intelligence abused and turned on the American people, those powerful tools.  We've seen candidates spied upon.  Transition teams spied upon and a president spied upon.

I like to know, hmm, who is it that's leaking all these conversations with world leaders?  It's never happened before.

I'm not really sure that when America really puts this altogether, where they are going to go.  But I will tell you this.  We don't fix these things.  We can't really say with any truth or accuracy that we are a democratic republic anymore, can we?

BONGINO:  Well, not after spygate, Sean.  I mean, that's the kind of stuff that happens in the third world.

I mean, Trump was spied on.  The liberal hacks in the media can call it a conspiracy theory all they want.  The facts don't agree with them.  America has given up on the media a long time ago.

But think about it, right, about 30 percent of each side, the wing of each party are not impressionable, around 60 percent, probably may be 30, 40 percent of America may be persuadable, somewhere in the middle.  Do you think independent, persuadable Americans want to hear about yet another hoax, Sean?  Listen, we have the transcript of whistleblower-gate, the latest hoax.  Every American has more information than the actual whistleblower because the whistleblower didn't even see the transcript we've now seen.

This was, first, we had the collusion hoax, then the Mueller witch hunt.  
Now it's the Ukraine hoax.

Sooner or later, you know, the old Wendy's words (ph), where's the beef?  
Are you ever going to produce the fact that backs up one of your hoaxes?  
And I think independent voters will tire of this, definitely.

HANNITY:  All right, guys.  Thank you both.

When we come back, a "Hannity" exclusive, Donald Trump Jr. is here.  He will react to the Hunter Biden scandal.  That's next.

Stay with us.


HANNITY:  All right.  As cloud of corruption looms over the Biden campaign, well, Hunter Biden is trying to salvage his father's career as he is found at the center of these issues of, oh, cronyism.  Remember that ABC interview that he did that aired yesterday?

Well, guess what?  During his attempted damage control, Hunter took a wing shot at the president's son, Don Jr., who is here to respond.  But let's take a look.


HUNTER BIDEN, SON OF JOE BIDEN:  I have been through some real, real stuff.  This isn't real stuff.  It isn't.  It truly isn't.

That part of it, the Barnum & Bailey, you know, say anything, do anything you want, you know, I mean, like Donald Prince Humperdinck Trump, Jr. is not somebody that I really care about.


HANNITY:  Here with reaction, author of the upcoming book "Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Once to Silence Us", is executive vice president of the Trump Organization, the president's son, Donald Trump Jr.

I think you're the son most like the father, by the way.

DONALD TRUMP, JR., SON OF PRESIDENT TRUMP:  I appreciate that.  Yes, maybe it took 41 years to get there.  But I guess Hunter Biden has some of that from Joe.  He also mumbles to all of his interviews.  So, I guess I got the oratory skills.

HANNITY:  I'm going to ask one -- I'm not going to let you go.  I want you to respond fully.  But here's my take: He is dumb.  He admitted everything we knew.  He admitted no experience, Ukraine, China.  No experience energy, oil, gas.

TRUMP:  Yes.

HANNITY:  No experience private equity.

TRUMP:  Yes.

HANNITY:  We are talking about a ton -- he lied -- he misled when he said not a penny.  We know he's got equity.

TRUMP:  Of course.

HANNITY:  Probably $20 million.

Here's the thing.  If this was you and your vice president dad -- sorry to your dad about the demotion --

TRUMP:  Yes.

HANNITY:  -- it would be never ending coverage.  Go.

TRUMP:  The end of the world, Sean.  No.  And that's the real -- and, by the way, it's not just then.  How about right out of school?  He gets a high-paying job from MBNA, the biggest bank and the largest employer in the state of Delaware, where daddy is conveniently a senator.

HANNITY:  Uh-huh.

TRUMP:  He then gets on the board of Amtrak.  I believe that was 1996.  So, he was what, about 27?

HANNITY:  What was his experience?

TRUMP: I guess dad took the train once in a while so that made him qualify to do that. It never ends. Then you have that China. You have Ukraine. 
Minor problem: he's never been in energy, doesn't speak Ukrainian. Minor details but it is okay.

By the way more portly than that, they want to question my family. Imagine being in hiding for a month like he's been since we've been talking about this and you come out and that's an interview you give? That is guilt in and of it because it was a pathetic attempt.

HANNITY: He wouldn't have gotten the millions but for his father.

TRUMP JR.: He said it on the stage. Then Joe denies it later on in and of course Anderson Cooper doesn't call, hey mate, despite the fact that CNN, even CNN fact checked them, and said well, Hunter contradicted this. It was pretty disgusting. Like you said if Donald Trump Jr. took $1.5 from China, not $1.5. billion, Sean, just $1.5, we would solve the fake news media problem because their heads would explode and there would be none of them left. It would be over.

If I did that for a no-show job for $83,000 a month in Ukraine, no problem, you know what the difference between the Bidens and us, we were international business people before politics and we gave up doing all new deals going forward. We didn't become magically international business people because of our political position. We put that all aside for years.

HANNITY: Even your brother had to give up raising money for cancer.

TRUMP JR.: It's insane. The double standard is despicable. They utilize that platform with a wink, wink. Joe Biden no knows nothing about it other than Hunter says he does and there are pictures of them playing golf together, right? But he knows nothing about it Joe Biden willing to fire the prosecutor by threatening the Ukrainian government with millions of dollars in aid if they don't get rid of the guy investigating his son.

Give me a break Sean. It never ends and the fact that they are out there pretending like this wasn't - hey. I'm not going to say that I'm not part of who I am because of my father. That would be foolish.

Okay. But the differences we did it as capitalists. We did it as business people. We didn't do it pretending under the cloak of Joe is this great public servant. Here, son. Here's every job you've ever had. Now they do the families off limits. Kids are off limits. Hunter Biden is 50. Okay. I wasn't off-limits when it started at 38. Hunter Biden shouldn't be off limits now.

HANNITY: Barron was ten.

TRUMP JR.: Barron was ten they've had no problem trying to go after him. 
They've made comments about my children as young as 4 at the time when they started making those comment still my little clove. The double standard is despicable. Hey, the difference between us and them.

When there's a question, we put out there. When they say what about this, I put my emails out there. When my father did, here's the transcription. How come they are doing all of these things under the cloak of secrecy? Adam Schiff has seen it. No one no one else's seen it. I'm still hearing about that from Russia. He has seen evidence. They won't show the American people.

HANNITY: Colluding with a Russian. He thinks as the Russians--

TRUMP JR.: What do they have to hide? Why can't they do it in front of the American people like we've been doing it? It's insane. It's not fair. 
American sees it, Sean.

HANNITY: When you don't have any experience, which he admitted, and you get paid all this money and you are admitting it's because your dad is the Vice President, the thing is why they gave all those money to the son, China and Ukraine, except that they are really buying favor with the father. It's that clear.

TRUMP JR.: Of course they are. When you're the father and your son's entire career is dependent on that, they own you. That's what it is. They bought Biden Inc and they have been doing it both domestically whether it was MBNA Bank, whether it was Amtrak, whatever it was, domestically when he was a Senator and had influence over domestic policy and they started doing it internationally. The second Joe Biden became Vice President and had authority abroad.

HANNITY: I want to know. All of this is going on what your dad, the Democrats are in disarray, and they have done nothing for three years that remotely looks like helping with peace, prosperity, safety, and security. 
Then you got these radical 2020 Democrats that are talking about 94 trillion in ten years, 36 trillion in ten years. I don't see this working for them. I see that your father supporters will be stronger than 2016.

TRUMP JR.: I think without question because honestly people even in the middle, they see the insanity. The other side doesn't talk about issues. 
They don't talk about unprecedented unemployment numbers for every demographic in the country. They certainly don't talk about 6.3 million people removed off of the food stamp roles because guess what.

Those are people no longer dependent on government. That's a real problem for the Democrats. If Nancy Pelosi maybe would act on the USMCA, the deal that they said no one could ever renegotiate failed NAFTA. My father didn't but they won't vote on it. It's good for the American people.

Why won't they bring it up? Because they need impeachment. They can't beat him at the ballot box so they've got to continue the hoax.

HANNITY: I got a question. So a lot of people ask me, when are you running?

TRUMP JR.: I'm not. Right now, honestly my only focus.


TRUMP JR.: As a father is to get my father reelected for 2020 because he's doing an incredible job. He's doing an incredible job despite unprecedented income Sean. This has never happen to an American President. It's disgusting. It's a disgrace to our republic and our democracy and it should never be allowed to happen again.

The only cure for that Trump Derangement Syndrome is four more years. 
That's why I'm spending my time traveling all over the country campaigning for him, campaigning for those in Congress and in the Senate and in Governor seats who believe in him. We can do this and we can get this country on the right track again.

Our issues shouldn't be how many of the 97 genders are we discussing today. 
We have real problems in this country and we have to address it. The Democrats refused to do so and we have to hold them to task.

HANNITY: Donald Trump Jr. We'll see when your book comes out.

TRUMP JR.: Thank you Sean, appreciate it.

HANNITY: Appreciate it. Coming up, you won't believe what fake news CNN Jeff Zucker, what he actually did helping the interviewer during an interview to feed up Kellyanne Conway. We've got that exclusive taper and last night's debate on the so-called facts first network fake news CNN, a disgrace. HANNITY many monologue investigation next.


HANNITY: Fake news CNN being exposed even further every hour of every day it's been nothing more than the arm of the Democratic Socialist Extreme Party and stenographers for the DNC. Today, "Project Veritas" they have exclusively released to this show yet another undercover video which now shows a CNN staffer recounting how their great President, their fearless leader, the guy that is writing the stenographer's book intervened during a segment with Kellyanne Conway. By the way, CNN has yet to respond to our numerous requests for comment. We will let you decide for yourself. Take a look.


CHRISTIAN SIERRA, CNN MEDIA COORDINATOR: Jeff Zucker runs the show. He made, he will personally go into the control room and if Jake Tapper's interviewing Kellyanne Conway, I mean, he one time like you went to control room, during that interview. He was like, keep going. Keep going. Asking the questions. We'll pass the commercial breaks. Keep going. I mean, they turned a 7 minute interview into a 25 minute interview.


SIERRA: Because Jeff Zucker personally got on the phone call with the Executive Producer of Tapper's show.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What was happening?

SIERRA: Oh, he got into his ear. He was interviewing Kellyanne Conway and it was like a tough exchange. She was arguing back and forth with Jake Tapper and Zucker told them in the earpiece keep going, keep going. Don't stop you guys.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Because you were jamming her up?


UNIDENTIFIED MAKE: So, Zucker sees an opportunity and just--

SIERRA: Just nail her.


HANNITY: Wow that tells us everything we already knew, doesn't it? Whereas didn't they accused Fox of this, never happened in - now I'm in my 24th year your guilty all. Who needs undercover video one network's most prominent hosts have no problem spinning for the radical extreme socialist democrats right out in the open. Anderson Cooper doing damage control for sleepy creepy crazy Uncle Joe 30330 last night's debate. Take a look.


ANDERSON COOPER, CNN HOST: Mr. Vice President, President Trump has falsely accused your son or doing something wrong while serving on the company board in the Ukraine. I want to point out there is no evidence of wrongdoing by either one of you. My question is, if it's not okay for a President's family to be involved in foreign businesses, why was it okay for your son when you were Vice President?

BIDEN: Look. My son did nothing wrong. I did nothing wrong. What I wanted to make a point about and my son's statement speaks for itself. He spoke about it today. My son's statement speaks for itself.


HANNITY: Oh, that he had no experience and then they got paid millions and millions of dollars probably. Did you get the job with experience and Ukraine, China? No. Did you have or have any experience in this? Energy, oil, gas, private equity? No. Do you think you got the connection because of your dad? Yes, probably.

Oh, okay. So why were they paying you? Because your dad's Vice President. 
That doesn't sound like cronyism? That doesn't sound like why would they do that? Except they wanted favors from your dad. Sounds like Anderson by the way needs a reality check himself because he sounded like he was Biden's publicist.

These partisan hacks, they sink lower and lower every day. They are partisan activists and they have put fake news over facts to continue to fuel one hoax, one lie, and one conspiracy after another. Where is Jeff Zucker's stenographer? Humpty dumpty?

By the way when is he going to hold his own network accountable for their never ending lies, conspiracies, discouragements, false reporting? And when is the self-proclaimed arbiter of all things media going to speak up? Never because he's writing a book about "Hating Fox" probably at the request of Jeff Zucker.

Here with reaction, Media Reporter Radio Host Joe Concha along with Conservative Columnist, he once worked for fake news CNN, Jeff Lord. Jeff, your reaction to that tape?

JEFFREY LORD, "SWAMP WARS" AUTHOR: Well, Sean, I mean, let's stipulate. Obviously, Jeff is a man of the left. CNN is left leaning there is no just question about this--

HANNITY: They are a propaganda arm.


HANNITY: They're state run socialist TV. That's all they are. Hate Trump TV.

LORD: As I think I said Jeff is more like the President of Leftist State Media Inc. I do want to be fair here and say this, I've had an experience where if somebody was in the control room with him and got into my ear and urged me to get in there and fight. What Jeff likes and I have this experience with Van Jones with skip commercials and let us go on in a fairly passionate discussion about then candidate Donald Trump and the Ku Klux Klan.

HANNITY: Is that about the black lash?

LORD: That was election night. This was much earlier when they were trying to say that Donald Trump was refusing to attack the Ku Klux Klan, which was not true. He likes "Good television". He likes to see this, so they would get in my ears--

HANNITY: I apologize, I said black lash.

LORD: A white lash. But my point is that they like it. Sure enough the next day my clash with Van was on the front page of "The New York Times."

HANNITY: Let me say something Jeff, I want to apologize for saying something wrong. They live for three years and they never admit they are wrong. Just like the NS DNC.

LORD: Sean, this is having an effect. When I walk around here and people stop me because they recognized me from TV, they go off on their own on CNN and say that they won't watch it anymore. This is having an effect out here and I think it's a backlash and I think it's helping the President to be perfectly candid.

HANNITY: I agree with Jeff. Joe Concha.

JOE CONCHA, MEDIA REPORTER FOR THE HILL: I always notice that those marathon interviews like with Kellyanne Conway that go on for 35 minutes, where they blew through commercials only happened with conservatives. And the reason why that is, it's no longer an interview it's an interrogation in the name of sensationalism. To maximize headlines.

Like Jeff Lord just talked about, appealing to the lowest common denominator. The debate last night that they held, how do you go for more than three hours Sean and not one question on what's most important foreign policy topic that we face right now and that is China. Not one question on that.

Nothing really on the opioid crisis, nothing on the border crisis, nothing other things that matter to the American people, jobs in the economy rarely come up in those situations as well but Ellen and her friendship with George W. Bush that warranted 20 minutes of that debate and that is shameful.

LORD: It was good for Ellen.

HANNITY: That were you knowing what, like people wouldn't think that - understood we disagreed. And I acknowledged that guy was the best in breaking news ever.

CONCHA: Can you believe Ellen is 62? I just read that, she looks good, doesn't she?

HANNITY: When I make a mistake, we actually admit it and apologize. Anyway, thank you all. When we come back, were going to find out which squad leader their real leaders have the Democratic Party is throwing their support behind, who they are throwing their support behind for 2020? An interesting observation that is next.


HANNITY: Guys we have the new extreme radical Democrats led by Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the real Speaker of the House. 
Pelosi is in name only. They're putting their 2020 support behind comrade Bernie Sanders. What does that mean for the race of anything?

With reaction Fox News Contributor Tammy Bruce and Salem Nationally Syndicated Radio Talk Show Host Larry Elder. How are you both friends? 
Well, what does that mean?

TAMMY BRUCE, "GET TAMMY BRUCE" HOST ON FOX NATION: Well, I think that there are a lot of people who are desperate at this point. You've got these individual women who are looking for some kind of identity separate from the stunts that they pull. They see Bernie Sanders; he's got certainly a very big support base, very serious one. They spend money.

And I think that they believe that they can just maybe perhaps scoop that up in a certain way. It's a cynical thing for them to do. It's difficult to say but what we do know with AOC in particular, she talks about enthusiasm of the voter and what's important to people. With her election, she couldn't generate enough enthusiasm.

Only like 11 percent of Democrats voted in her district. She had endorsed a woman to become DA for that district, a woman who failed, she didn't win, and she lost. So this is a young woman who can't even excite her own base and her own district. And I think all three of them realize that their behavior has damaged them and they are looking for seriousness that they are not going to get from him and it may in fact even hurt whatever legacy he has with his own base.

HANNITY: And Larry, they cling to the squad. They are scared to death of the squad.

LARRY ELDER, SALEM RADIO NATIONALLY SYNDICATED HOST: Well, they are. And I don't think it is good news for Bernie. After all only two of the squad has officially endorsed him, and that is AOC and Ilhan Omar. They are both proponents of the boycott Diverse Sanction Movement. Even Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have denounced at Anti-Semitic and bigoted.

Also why is it news that a Democratic socialist which is what AOC is is supporting the only self-described Democrat socialist in the race? Finally one member of the squad who has not endorsed him is Ayanna Pressley. She is black. The reason that's relevant is the only thing holding up Joe Biden is black supporters.

And last night showed that most of these Democrats don't believe that Biden is a front runner anymore and therefore that black support has got to go somewhere and Bernie Sanders wants it and has been dogged by his lack of black support. It's not good news that Ayanna Pressley has not supported him.

HANNITY: How will this end?

BRUCE: I think that you've got, they know he's not going to be the nominee. That's clear at this point as well, especially with the heart attack and the health issues.

HANNITY: Do you think it is Warren's to lose.

BRUCE: And she very well may but we are still looking at a level of chaos that's fascinating at this stage because nobody quite knows what's going to happen. They are perhaps looking for a seat warmer. They thought Joe Biden incorrectly would sweep in. He can't do it. There could be a possibility and we know Hillary seems to still not want to go away. Imagine a brokered convention. Imagine that.

HANNITY: I don't know if they let to get there. Who is going to get this Larry? We only have 15 seconds.

ELDER: Well, if I'm Michael Bloomberg, I'm smiling. I am looking at these people and I'm saying is this the best there is? So I still think that there could be a surprise but my money's on Elizabeth Warren right now.

HANNITY: Hers to lose.

BRUCE: At this point yes. It is right now no one else.

HANNITY: More HANNITY right after this.


HANNITY: Unfortunately that is all the time we have left. No we do have some news. We are waiting to see, we think, the Horowitz report next week. That is what my sources are telling me but we've been kind of told that before. Hopefully we will get to the truth.

We are never going to stop seeking the truth and after we make a mistake, we will admit it. We will correct it. Unlike the rest of the mob that hates Donald Trump 24/7. By the way, let not your heart be troubled because the news continues. Laura Ingraham is in the other swamp.

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