Trump rescinds DACA, provides room for Congress to act

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DANA PERINO, FOX NEWS HOST: Hello, everyone. I am Dana Perino along with Kennedy, Juan Williams, Jesse Watters and Greg Gutfeld. It is 9:00 in New York City and this is THE FIVE.

Today, the Trump administration announced it's putting an end to DACA, President Obama's controversial program that bars the federal government from deporting illegal immigrants brought to the United States as children. Under the President Trump's plan, DACA will begin phasing out six months from now. And in the meantime, the President is urging Congress to act on the issue.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: I have a great heart for the folks we are talking about. A great love for them. And people think in terms of children but they are really young adults. I have a love for these people and hopefully now Congress will be able to help them and do it properly. And I can tell you in speaking to members of Congress, they want to be able to do something and do it right. And really, we have no choice. We have to be able to do something and I think it's going to work out very well and long term, it's going to be the right solution.


PERINO: And within the last half hour, President Trump tweeted out, quote, 'Congress now has six months to legalize DACA (something the Obama administration was unable to do.) If they can't, I will revisit this issue!' Unquote.

Joining us now with details is chief national correspondent Ed Henry. Ed.

ED HENRY, FOX NEWS CHIEF NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Dana, shout out to Greg Gutfeld of course especially after Labor Day. But what you see the president doing there, is throwing down the -- and saying, Congress has to do with its job. He is facing political minefields from the left to the right. Basically some Republicans warning that the president can lose control.

Republican control of Congress if this issue is not handled well. But people inside the White House tell me, they are still hopeful they can get a compromise where they show the president is moving to the middle. Trying to be humane towards the dreamers and exchange, wants Democrats to compromise as well and get tough on illegal immigration. Either down payment on the wall or other measures to go after illegal immigration.

The attacks though, fast and furious from the Left as I've mentioned, you see former President Barack Obama there breaking with recent tradition of formers of not blasting the decisions of the current acumen of the office because he believes this is a matter of conscience. Obama declaring, quote, 'Ultimately, this is about basic decency. This is about whether we are a people who kick hopeful young strivers out of America or rather we treat them the way we'd want our own kids to be treated. It's about who we are as people and who we want to be.'

Of course, we should note, the former president did not codify this into law when he had a chance to do that. One of the many problems he handed off to President Trump. So, President Trump now taking flak as well from the right. You have hard liners against illegal immigration like Republicans Steve King of Iowa insisting the commander-in-chief should have simply ended DACA altogether, not giving Congress a six-month window to try and codify it into law.

King saying, the president may, quote, 'Cause a great big civil war among the Republicans.' But Jeff Sessions, the Attorney General who took the lead on the issue today insisted compromise can be found. Watch.


JEFF SESSIONS, U.S. ATTORNEY GENERAL: We are people of compassion and we are people of law. But there is nothing compassionate about the failure to enforce immigration laws.


HENRY: And even Senator Lindsey Graham, a Republican who is not a reliable supporter of this President came out today and said there are Republicans like him on 'The Hill' who believe the President stepped up here, put the issue right where it belongs on Capitol Hill. And here's the key, in fact, President Obama said much of the same in June of 2012 when he issued this executive order on DACA. He said look, this is an executive action in the middle of an election year, 2012. He called it, quote, 'A temporary stop gap measure.' Clearly President Obama at that time was saying, he wanted to move forward but eventually, Congress would have to try and codify this into la -- Dana.

PERINO: All right. Ed Henry, thank you so much. Greg, let's start with you because there's been a lot of hysteria which we are going to talk about in the B-block. But maybe by the end when President Trump tweets that tonight, we realize that he just wants to get the status quo and have Congress codify it.

GREG GUTFELD, FOX NEWS HOST: Did I miss something here? I don't understand what this, where the panic is coming from? All Donald Trump is doing is moving like a box from one room to the other. It's like, you know, when somebody leaves, you know, a box of trophies and diplomas in the living room, you go, let's move it to the den. This thing that President Obama left there, another stink bomb that he leaves.

By the way, President Obama is really good at this and to turning people into reverse Santas. He gives something away, knowing that nobody wants to be a reverse Santa. So, he is making Donald Trump, fix his mess. All Donald Trump is saying is, this has to be fixed. This is something that you left, you yourself said it was a makeshift stop gap to help noncitizens. Now, I got to clean up this mess. I just wanted done.

That's all he's doing. It's just -- it's amazing that how the good guy in this is the guy that created this faulty Band-Aid and the bad guy is the one looking out for American interests and seeking to fix this Band-Aid. It should be the opposite.

PERINO: That is interesting.

GUTFELD: Thank you, Dana. Can we have more of Ed Henry?


PERINO: Do you want?

GUTFELD: Yes. I want four more minutes of Ed Henry.

PERINO: All right. Well, we will try to get that for you in the next block. But first we must go to Jesse Watters for his thoughts on this. Do you think Congress can get it done in six months?

JESSE WATTERS, FOX NEWS HOST: In six months? No. In six years? No.


I don't thrust Congress to do anything. Off of Greg's analogy reverse Santa, this is not of like President Obama for Christmas gives you a stolen car. And then you are riding around in a stolen car real happy but you are looking over your shoulder. And all of a sudden, Sheriff Trump comes along and sees the hot car back and says, you know, what, we are not going to arrest you but we are going to drive you to the dealership, we are going to get you some good numbers on a new lease. There you go. Everyone's mad at Trump. It doesn't make any sense.


I think this was a low and order played done in a caring way. Remember Obama said this was unconstitutional.


WATTERS: Then two years later, turned around and did it anyway. And it causes mad rush of people from Central America, bringing their kids, causing humanitarian crisis at the border. Congress makes immigration law.

The executives doesn't. So, all of these states now sue the executives, Trump says, you know, what? I won't defeat this legal act. Let's kick it to Congress. They will hammer out of play for this as long as these people are protected, that's fine. Now he's the bad guy? Doesn't make any sense.

PERINO: Kennedy, talking about these states that we're suing, one of the things that's -- there's been some commentary about is that, President Trump could have done what President Obama did on gay marriage. So, wait for this lawsuit to come in. Take it to the Supreme Court and then all of the sudden announce, we are not going to defend that. So, basically, making it a de facto law.

LISA KENNEDY, FOX NEWS HOST: No. But he shifted it to Congress. The difference between same-sex marriage and immigration. Congress has an obligation and moral obligation policy in this country. And what the President did, President Obama did was, it was very cool, he talks about cruelty and he talks about morality. He knows how easy it is to undo an executive order. He knows how easy it is to underwrite a memo like that. But he was toying with 800,000 lives.

Eight hundred thousand people who are brought here, essentially against their will. Most of whom, a vast majority, work, they want to be Americans, they've done nothing wrong. If that were so important, so critically important and I argue that our immigration policies, if it's such a mess that it is, then the President back in 2009 had the moral obligation to take care of immigration instead of screwing up the health care system like he did with the implicit failure that is ObamaCare.


KENNEDY: Thank you, darling.

PERINO: There is a compassionate argument to be made about the people who, the eight hundred thousand who might not see it the way we do from a perspective of just looking at this logically. So, if you are worried and you have anxieties that you might have to, you know, start packing things up, you don't know where you might go. There is something to be said about that. And I think they could have done that a little bit in a nicer way.

WILLIAMS: In a nicer way?

PERINO: I think that Jeff Sessions announcements should have been immediately followed by a speech by the President, a statement in the Rose Garden, or something that would ease intentions. That that was his intent ultimately. The tweet tonight saying I want them to get to this so that I can sign it, that probably would have basically turned the temperature down today.

JUAN WILLIAMS, FOX NEWS HOST: Look, if you are trying to dress up what is a brutal, mean act, I mean, there are 70 percent of the American people. This is not even a political divide think that this program should remain in place. Seventy percent. That's unbelievable.

PERINO: So, we should be able to pass Congress?

WILLIAMS: Absolutely. But remember, President Obama got it through the House, it got held up in the Senate. Republican opposition to the overall immigration reform in this country, and we know that story going back to the Bush administration, to your years. We know that, you know, right wing just stopped immigration reform.

PERINO: Can I stop you --

WILLIAMS: Let me finish up.

PERINO: Okay. I'm going to come back to that.

WILLIAMS: So, my feeling is very strongly that what you're talking about here is playing politics with young people, with people's lives.

GUTFELD: Who did that?

WILLIAMS: Because they are going to have --

GUTFELD: A man named Obama.

WILLIAMS: -- anxiety about where the stand. And you are potentially breaking up families by saying, the kids would have to go. And these are people who have served in our military, these are people who are in school, these are people who for the -- I think it's overwhelming have no criminal record. So, what you are talking about is President Trump saying this is about law and order. Oh my gosh! I must have forgotten about Joe Arpaio.
Law and order only goes one way, it goes against little kids but it's okay for Joe Arpaio to be found breaking the law.

GUTFELD: How does this mean again? How does this mean again? I don't understand.

WILLIAMS: How does this mean?

GUTFELD: You said, it was mean from the beginning. Oh, I said it was mean. Listen more carefully.

WILLIAMS: I said that it was going to --


GUTFELD: No, but it hasn't happened.

WILLIAMS: The anxiety is happening right now.

GUTFELD: No, he's kicking it back to Congress so it will be ratified.

WILLIAMS: Congress can't even get immigration reform. Here's the kicker to you.


GUTFELD: You want that to happen.

WILLIAMS: President Trump will not stay tonight that he would support this bill separate and apart from the larger immigration reform which is as you heard from Jesse --

PERINO: But wait, let me here what about his tweet tonight?

WILLIAMS: No, I do not. He has not said, I will support this as a separate bill.

WATTERS: No, he said if Congress doesn't give their act together, I will handle it.

WILLIAMS: Oh, so what's he's going to handle? A minute ago you said this was all about kicking it into Congress's court.

GUTFELD: I said that.

WILLIAMS: And you said that as well. But the fact is, so he is going to now take it take and say, I'm going to do -- what is he going to do beyond what President Obama?

WATTERS: He's not going to do it through executive order. But he is going to try to get it done maybe through a path if they do some sort of merit- based system, if they get border wall.


WATTERS: Make it better, get it done.

KENNEDY: Juan, to your point, why doesn't he wait -- my question is, and we are going to talk about North Korea because there's a lot to talk about. With everything going on in North Korea, with Congress, you know, a seeming inability to pass legislation that should be layups for the Republican Party, how on earth are they going to tackle all of this stuff?

WILLIAMS: Well, this is my point, I don't see that they have any real prospects of getting this done within six months.

WATTERS: I bet Republicans in Congress can pass this quicker than they can pass tax cuts. Listen to Paul Ryan. I think you would sign it if it came into a larger package bill.

PERINO: Right. And that's why -- is tricky, can I go back to something because I do want to --

WILLIAMS: Well, but just to reiterate your point. Your point --

PERINO: I'd let you finish earlier.

WILLIAMS: Go ahead.

PERINO: I think that it's not fair to say that it's the right that has played politics with immigration only, it has been both parties for sure.


PERINO: Let me take you back to 2007, when President Bush gave the first ever domestic policy address from the Oval Office on immigration reform, they are very close getting it done. Yes. Some on the right were frustrated. But the votes were there. But guess who pulled it back? Reid and Barack Obama, why? Because Barack Obama wanted to run on the issue in 2009.

WILLIAMS: I don't believe that. You know, who pulled it back? It was, and President Bush, President Bush spoke to this, it was right wing talk radio that built a wall. What?

KENNEDY: Right wing talk radio is not constitutionally bound. If members of Congress and the President--

WILLIAMS: Okay. They stopped --

KENNEDY: Okay. If we saw that it did not go through under President Bush, I understand, and it's interestingly always a bipartisan effort. I mean, it always is, whenever it makes its way through -- it was so critically important. And if you needed these voters so badly to bolster the Democratic Party, if these people were an absolute get me to make sure that Democrats had the presidency from President Obama to eternity, why wasn't that at the top of your agenda? Why did you give Americans horrible, horrible awful meant to fail health care plans?

PERINO: That is something interesting. Because I know that President Bush and his meeting with Obama in that transition period suggested to him to do immigration before he did health care.

KENNEDY: It was obviously important to President Bush who was --

WILLIAMS: The start of it was dealing with the economic crisis. And you don't get health care reform until like, 2010. So, initially, we are dealing with all the economic issues. Then we come to health care. And he had then the Democratic majorities. By 2012, that's different.

PERINO: Economic issues. Last word, Greg.

GUTFELD: Well, President Obama started the fire and tonight he is heckling the Fire Department. Because the reason why you have Donald Trump is because of President Obama. He created the antidote to himself by flouting the laws. There are so many examples of this. And this is one of them, he flouted the laws. And now we are dealing with it.

KENNEDY: And he shouldn't be surprised that another president is using an executive order to undo --

GUTFELD: Exactly.

KENNEDY: -- what he thought he did so easily like an emperor. Oh, I declare!

GUTFELD: No. He has galvanized perception of national neglect that lead you to Trump. If he had done this, this wouldn't be a problem.

PERINO: Jesse was talking about would be the next big issue which is that if the members of Congress are able to get something pass, and President Trump signs it, then who is going to actually be more mad. Will the base be frustrated?

GUTFELD: They won't be.

PERINO: That's what I think. I think what President Trump -- he can do anything right now.

GUTFELD: Right. That is the point. The point is, it's no longer about ideology.

PERINO: He's got plenty of capital with his base.


WATTERS: If that wall is beautiful, it doesn't matter what --

PERINO: All right. Coming up, some of the most outrageous statements ever from the Left about President Trump's announcement today. We will going to play the tape for you, next.


WATTERS: Welcome back, President Trump's decision to nicks DACA is striking a major nerve, roll the tape.



JOY BEHAR, CO-HOST, 'THE VIEW': None of these kids are from Sweden or Norway. They are all from these so-called brown countries. Brown people who were not white, non-white people. So, there is racism involved here. And why don't they just admit it?

JARED BERNSTEIN, CENTER ON BUDGET AND POLICY PRIORITIES FELLOW: If you guys could zoom in on the Statue of Liberty right now, I suspect she would be shedding a tear. This is a dark day for our country.


WATTERS: I want to start with Joy Behar, Gutfeld. So, she says it's about brown people.


WATTERS: If Canadians were smuggling their kids over the northern border and 70 percent of those people were voting Republican, she would be out there ticketing DACA.

GUTFELD: Yes. By the way, he said it was a dark day, how is that not racist?


GUTFELD: Totally racist, these people. The hypocrisy of course is what makes this story great. If you believe in the law, then why is it okay to break one law and not another? Where can I violate some laws? I just sit there and I go like, okay, he suspended immigration law for what, 1.7 million people. Okay, and then what, President Obama walks away. And now, he leaves Trump being the bad guy. And all Donald Trump is saying, no, we are going to do with the right way. We maybe will be there, may be it will be better. This is the best part about the media. I'm going to love this and I bet you, Juan, $100 that this will happen which is a lot of money for me.


GUTFELD: I bet you.

WATTERS: Not for Juan.

GUTFELD: Not only will this survive, it will be enhanced and be better and the media will not know what to do. Their brains will melt and blow out of their eyeballs and I will enjoy watching it as I collect my $100 from Juan, which I will then spend at Chick-Fil-A.

KENNEDY: My question though, it was kind of to your point and the last block -- we were talking about who gets the blame. Who gets the credit when there is actual, you know, somewhat comprehensive immigration reform? If that happens under a Republican administration, who gets credit for it?

WATTERS: Well, I know who gets blamed.


I would ask you Dana real quickly. I saw this on CNN. They're really holding nothing back here. This is an actual chyron. Harvey victim: Devastated over ending the Dream Act. So, now there's Harvey victims, it's illegal aliens. I mean, the media is going crazy.

PERINO: Well, I think, I would not underestimate the power of some of those stories. Because you have like, for example, the one volunteer who was found dead because he was out there trying to save lives at Harvey. And he was a Dreamer. So, I think that what the Democrats should do instead of listening to a hysterical reaction, is I think they should Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi --

GUTFELD: They should Chuck Schumer.

PERINO: Connell and Ryan and say, tell you what, we will vote on the Dreamer's bill this week. Put it out there. We have the votes. And the President just that he wants it. So, let's just do it. Let's do it.
Let's not wait six months. Let's just do it and see what happens and put the onus on them.

WATTERS: You could probably get a third of Republicans to vote for it. And all of the Democrats could sail right through. Juan, I want to play a little sound of your friend Dianne Feinstein who was asked about the legality of DACA. Roll it.



SEN. DIANNE FEINSTEIN, D-CALIFORNIA: DACA was executive order. Legal is what is the law, the passage of something. You know, there are attorney generals that are prepared to sue. I don't want to get into that. The point is, DACA is here and we have 800,000 young people --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Your answer indicates though, it's on shaky legal ground.

FEINSTEIN: It is. That's why we need to pass a law.

WATTERS: Oh! So Feinstein agrees with the President that's on legal shaky ground and Congress needs to take it up.



WILLIAMS: So, guess what, nobody has taken it up. The Republican majority in the House and Senate has failed to deal with this issue and now you guys sit around and say oh, this is about media hysteria. How about media reflecting the sentiment of 70 percent of Americans and an immigrant community that feels absolutely abused. I mean, that's unbelievable.

WATTERS: The American public believed sanctuary cities should be defunded --

WILLIAMS: I'm just telling you, what we're talking about here tonight, Jesse is outraged. And again, this is President Trump playing politics and playing to the most basic aspect of our society.

WATTERS: He says he wants to save the Dreamers.

PERINO: You know, what? But Juan, to your point, they all do that. Every president does that. Every party does that. That's exactly what President Obama did. This was purely a political move because he has spent -- there is no way he was going to get immigration past.

WILLIAMS: No, no, you're talking about --

KENNEDY: And he knew that by the time he was out of office, one never going to run again, it wouldn't matter.

WILLIAMS: It's not true.

KENNEDY: Because the consequences of this were beyond his watch. He didn't care --

WILLIAMS: He couldn't get it done, Kennedy because of Republicans insisting that you have --

KENNEDY: Maybe you should have done that first instead of healthcare.

WILLIAMS: No, you are totally out of sync. I mean, again, we were a nation about to fall in to beyond recession. He deals with the economic crisis, which is a major crisis. We then do and you disagree with health care but that's what we did. Okay. And so, now we are talking about Republican majorities that are not dealing with the issue as it stands. So, you get people talking about what Jesse is saying.

You can bring up a discharge position. We have Republicans in fact, Republicans who were saying, they will go to Paul Ryan who supportive of this and get it discharged so they have to vote on something immediately. But even in that circumstance, even in that circumstance, what you were going to have is a history of Donald Trump saying, oh, this is not about the law when it comes to my friend Joe Arpaio. It is about the law when it comes to these --

GUTFELD: Referred that comparison over and over again.

WILLIAMS: I'm going to keep bring it up over --

GUTFELD: But it actually, it's just a way to steer the argument away to something else --

WILLIAMS: I thought it was about the law?

GUTFELD: No, it is about the law.

WATTERS: You're legally allowed to pardon and take care of the Dreamers.

GUTFELD: It's just something to think about. One of the legal aliens gets a job, who is that job taken from? Who could have filled that? A white person or a black person? Did you ever think about that?

WILLIAMS: Yes, I think about it.

GUTFELD: You only see this as race.

WILLIAMS: I don't see it as race.

GUTFELD: I see it as Americans, you see it as a race.

WILLIAMS: Oh, yes. I see Donald Trump talking about Mexicans, who are 75 percent of the Dreamers as rapist and thieves and murderers, right?

GUTFELD: Okay. So, you're deflecting now.

WILLIAMS: No, I am not deflecting. You refused to deal with it --

GUTFELD: I'm talking about a job -- if there was a job --

WILLIAMS: You don't like talking about race because it makes you feel guilty, Greg.


GUTFELD: I can talk about race until I'm blue in the face and I can be blue.

WILLIAMS: Let me just say this, if you do away with Albert Einstein, if you do way with -- you do way with immigrants who came and had acted as --

GUTFELD: I know, I know, you are calling me a racist.

WILLIAMS: I'm not calling you a racist.

GUTFELD: You're calling me a racist, Juan.

WILLIAMS: That would be easy for you.

GUTFELD: Well done.

WATTERS: Gutfeld wants to protect the Dreamers. Juan wants to protect them, I want to protect them and so does Donald Trump. The Trump administration is putting North Korea unnoticed with a stark warning of military retaliation, if the Hermit Kingdom keeps it up with its nuclear mission. That story is up next. Stay with us.


JUAN WILLIAMS, FOX THE FIVE SHOW HOST: Over the weekend, North Korea detonated its most powerful nuclear weapon, the sixth time the country has conducted a nuclear test. The Trump administration has an interesting words to respond to this major escalation.


NIKKI HALEY, U.S. AMBASSADOR TO THE UNITED NATIONS: Nuclear powers understand their responsibilities. Kim Jong-un shows no such understanding. His abusive use of missiles and nuclear threats show that he is begging for war.


WILLIAMS: Dana, this strikes me as something at this moment feels as if it's escalating, as if we don't understand how powerful this moment could be.

DANA PERINO, FOX THE FIVE SHOW HOST: Yes, I think take a step back. The world is facing the possibility of two new nuclear powers in the next several years. That would be North Korea and Iran. That basically would make the treaty moot, because today, Nikki Haley gave a speech at American Enterprise Institute about Iran and walked about very logically what's happening when the President has to certify or not the agreement with Iran and what it means and how Iran -- remember it was only two months away from having a weapon, so if they found out all you have to do is defy the world and just press forward and two months later you have it. We are dealing with it completely different geopolitical situation in the world.

WILLIAMS: So Jesse come over the weekend, defense Secretary Mattis said if Pyongyang does act, they will be met with a massive military response. What do you think, is it a bluff or is this real? Would we use a massive military response against the North Korea?

JESSE WATTERS, FOX THE FIVE SHOW HOST: I would not want to make Mad Dog any more mad, he already is. I think that is a dangerous game that North Korea is playing. Even Nikki Haley, a U.N. diplomat looks like she wants to hop into a G52 and fly over the DMZ. This is not good situation, they are messing with fire and fury. To use the President's language. It turns out now we want to make sure the Chinese enact some sort of energy embargo against North Korea. Oil and fuel. It's about time. I don't even believe they are going to do it. I think 90 percent of the trade from North Korea comes through China. They have extreme leverage. I think it's time to call their bluff and start messing around with the Chinese and slap some tariffs on these guys. I'd rather have a trade war. I don't like what's going on right now. I'm really nervous about it, for the first time. It seems like it's getting higher and higher and higher and at them before the North Korean dictator was crazy but now I think pretty crazy.

KENNEDY, FOX THE FIVE SHOW GUEST HOST: I think if he wants more, he is going to get war. I think it is interesting because there is a dearth of information in North Korea and we assume that the citizens are the only ones that are victims of that. They don't even have that in China. That is why so many Americans companies basically give away their trade secrets in order to do business there and make billions of dollars. They compromise their selves. American companies have stopped doing that and we have to stand up against intellectual property theft. That is critically important but also, I think that fat man baby may be behind you with pudgy baby hands --


KENNEDY: Hey, Greg.

WATTERS: The camera adds 10 pounds.

KENNEDY: He also suffers from a lack of information. He only has people around him telling him exactly what he wants to hear. Unfortunately, it's disconnected from reality. It's not the truth. But his truth, frighteningly enough is that he may be on a pretty fat March to war and that is terrifying.

WATTERS: I don't think the President is the kind of guy to kick the can down the road to his successor. Obviously. He is there to take action and do business and I think a small miscalculation on the part of this guy, could have horrible consequences for everybody.

WILLIAMS: So Greg, you know we are coming up on the anniversary of the founding of North Korea. People are fearful that that is the day they are going to do something. President Trump then response to the South Koreans by over the weekend tweeting they are guilty of appeasement. You've got to imagine that they are most likely victim if the North Koreans start firing missiles.

GUTFELD: Juan, Juan, Juan, why do you hate the Asians? It's disgusting how much you hate the Asians.


GUTFELD: I'm not that panicked about this. You cook an egg, you've got to boil the water. What we're doing right now it's boiling the water. The egg is going to be a deal. This is a bunch of negotiations and you are right, he is a rational person who's operating on a limited amount of information. How do you get him the information? Sit down and say we don't want a war with you. You don't want a war with us. If you point those missiles, it alarms us and bothers us. Don't point the missiles anymore. You are a cruel, heartless leader but you know what? That is life. Leave us alone and leave our allies alone and everything is good. The thing is, these are rational actors. There's not going to be a war. All this is, is building up. Maybe he sees something in Trump, and ability to deal that he did not see before. Because you are right, he is different.

WATTERS: No one is talking right now.

PERINO: President Obama's decision was basically to not talk to them and ignore them. That was a mistake, people also might say that George Bush's attempt was a mistake, the six Party talks. By going back over all of that ground, it gets you to the point that President Trump today has to make some really tough decisions. It's not just North Korea. It's Iran as well.

WILLIAMS: And it has to deal with what I think is someone is not rational. Coming up, the media at its pettiest. Greg, Mr. Greg Gutfeld will tell you about it when 'The Five' returns.


GUTFELD: After days of hurricane footage depicting countless examples of human bravery and compassion, you probably need something really petty to balance it out. Like Morning Joe.


TRUMP: My hands are too big.

JOE SCARBOROUGH, MSNBC: Yeah, for like a 9-year-old. The front window saying yeah, yeah. You have to take it because the President is putting it in the wrong place, here's -- you've got a whole, like back there, the flatbed part.

SCARBOROUGH: It's where you have bags, you are carrying stuff.


GUTFELD: They really are America's sweethearts, if by sweethearts, you mean hemorrhoids. I see this as a positive. After seeing Donald Trump handle the catastrophe, they can't call him racist or Hitler or unstable, mocking a photo op is all they've got. When the response is this people. It says that the cartoon demonization of Trump, it's petering out. After seeing how Americans and the president reacted to Harvey, it's dawning on them that America ain't so bad and it's getting better, perhaps even under Trump. Case in point, and not just Dianne Feinstein but Nancy Pelosi have defended President Trump suggesting we should give the guy a chance. Then there's the rise and immediate fall of Antifa. Has any violent mob had a shorter honeymoon then that pile of dung? They made Occupy Wall Street look like Gandhi, so as the hate blows over, Dems realize it's a losing proposition so they are disowning it on the streets and in their own party. What caused this? Maybe Harvey had an effect beyond the obvious damage. It rewound toxic perspectives. What we saw was good stuff coming from bad, morality and motion. The hurricane took the wind out of the whiners, leaving only a few chortling Chuckle buckets, bolstered by forced laughter of co-host quietly wishing for a better gig. Hurricane Harvey has moved on and so with that, so has America. Morning Joe hasn't.

It's easy, Jesse, to make fun of a photo op. They are always clumsy and stupid. I guess he was holding cement for the guy. Oh, my god. What low low-hanging fruit, even for those low-hanging fruit pickers.

WATTERS: I mean technically yes, it is a gap, all right, and he didn't accidentally call himself Muslim or didn't go golfing after an American was beheaded. Did not do the wave in Cuba after a terrorist attack or fly to a fund-raiser after Benghazi. I'm going to give this president a pass on that. I guess maybe he shouldn't have handed it right through their but you really don't know what you're doing. Maybe he wanted to say high to the driver.

GUTFELD: And he wanted to get the guy in the picture. Act like the president has never seen a pickup truck before. The guys doing all of the business around construction sites and his whole life. He is a real estate developer. You never think he had seen hard hat or flatbeds on a truck, Mika, I don't know about Joe, but Mika grew up in Georgetown and Manhattan.
To act like she is down with pickup trucks is crazy. I mean, I'm not really, the last time I drove a pickup truck, there is a lot of damage. She has no legs to stand on.

GUTFELD: Dana, it was an uplifting period as much of a tragedy it was, we saw the America we knew was real, and must drive morning joe crazy.

PERINO: Instead of making fun of him, there's plenty of news to cover. It is not like we are hurting for coverage. And I think that what they are doing also is they are feeding the crowd on policy. While they are making fun on this, they are basically not arguing for the issues they care about.
I also thought about -- your list was great.

WATTERS: I could go on.

PERINO: Photo ops in disaster areas are always difficult. But they fail to remember is that they are in the comfort of -- New York, Washington, D.C. and there the president actually traveled there, he was with the people. In the people there loved it. Republican or Democrat. I'm sure they were happy to see him.

GUTFELD: What do you think Juan? Was Morning Joe just being petty, Juan?

WILLIAMS: I think they are making fun of him. Yes. I don't know where it came from, in the midst of this, he has an opportunity to try to make up for what happened and I think he did pretty well. In the picture, which is what -- you want pictures that convey to the American people that you do have empathy in your heart. You can stand in travel to a place of disaster and act as the comforting in chief. That is what he did.

KENNEDY: He is learning how to be a president, he is learning how to be a politician and he had some missteps, but it's interesting because the Democrats are constantly failing the politics. And instead learning about contrast, because you can actually defeat your opponent if you have a contrasting series of opinions. If you constantly bash him and one time he does something right you say oh, he actually did something right and then he fails on policy -- you could say oh, man, you did so well.

PERINO: If they don't come through with the money for Texas, you can go back and replay that.

KENNEDY: Now, they have weakened their position and they are the Party that cried wolf.

WILLIAMS: The money is interesting, because -- is that part of the budget or not? We will see with the President. We've got, don't forget, hurricane Irma coming up on Florida.

GUTFELD: President Trump called Hillary Clinton crooked throughout the campaign, so why is she blaming another opponent for the nickname? We'll discuss coming next.


KENNEDY: As you probably remember, President Trump had a favorite nickname for Hillary Clinton.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: You know that crooked Hillary Clinton wants to raise your taxes, bigly, just say you understand. Crooked Hillary has not talked about it folks, she does know where to begin. Almost every single poll had us winning the debates against crooked Hillary Clinton, bigly. She is as crooked as they come.


KENNEDY: But according to reports Hillary Clinton is blaming her Democratic primary opponent Bernie Sanders for the crooked name. Writing in her new book that she blames the constant attack of her ties to corporations for quote, paving the way for Trump's moniker. Jesse, how many people that she is going to blame on the road to oblivion?

WATTERS: I mean her crooked I think was called crooked Hillary because she was crooked, not because of Bernie pointed it out. Bernie only said I only care about her damn emails, it was Trump who cooked up the moniker because of the Clinton foundation and the emails. She is also acting like she is the only one who's come out of a bruising primary campaign. I think Ted Cruz -- come

KENNEDY: 16 opponents!

WATTERS: I don't know who is going to buy this book. It is just going to depress Democrats even more.

KENNEDY: Juan, don't you want her to just go away so the Party can move on?

WILLIAMS: I don't have any distaste for her but I think it's off-line. Because it seems to me, she is in a primary fight and Bernie Sanders had every right to try to claim the nomination. And he didn't, as Jesse pointed out, go after what I think its total nonsense -- the email thing.
You know, here in the book, she says he is not a Democrat. This guy is not an LBJ, FDR. Boo, hoo.

KENNEDY: May become authentic candidate, Dana?

PERINO: What she thought about Bernie Sanders, I think we are not going to really get to find out.

KENNEDY: She doesn't have real feelings.

PERINO: No, I think because she doesn't think it's a good idea because Bernie fever has not burned out.

KENNEDY: It is, it's on fire, Greg?

GUTFELD: You know the second or third time she is done this. I wanted to say ex, but people said I shouldn't. Remembers she said she is going to tell Trump to back off. That tells you that she is a liar. She never was going to say those things. Now she is looking and going like well, I wanted to say this but Bill said no. President Obama's that I shouldn't do this. Its lies combining with the blaming. Thank god she wasn't the first female President. She would have been a terrible role model for women.
Imagine having that person is a role model. A liar and a blamer, she is not a strong woman.

PERINO: They are not lies. Basically she was taking advice from everyone else and authenticity is what helped President Trump win the presidency.

KENNEDY: As they often say, there is no there. One More Thing up next.


PERINO: Time now for One More Thing. I will go first, unfortunately, hurricanes are not the only national disasters that America is dealing with. Out west, wildfires are burning in Montana, California, Oregon, and Washington State. When the worst fire season ever in Montana currently 50 active wildfires, in fact one is burning over 100,000 acres. And last week, one fire destroyed the ferry chalet, it was a hotel built in 1914.

It was only accessible by trail at the Glacier National Park. There's a silver lining, like in Houston, we see the volunteer firefighters are working to protect the 103 year old lake McDonald lodge in the park.
Secretary of Interior thanking those volunteer firefighters today. Praised the help of American Red Cross of Montana. They are helping people that were forced from their homes. We are following this story and we have you in our thoughts and prayers. We encourage people to help out if they can.

GUTFELD: Well done. Greg's dog and vacuum news. Equal part dog and equal part vacuum. We have a golden retriever, I believe a mix, being massaged with an Electrolux. Remember when you are doing this, make sure the dog enjoys it. As you can tell by the dock space, just remember always get the dog's consent. That is enough.

PERINO: That is a good way to make sure you not have fur all of your couch. Juan your next.

WILLIAMS: All right so this weekend Walter Becker, cofounder of the legendary rock of Steely Dan, died. Becker played bass guitar and with keyboard player Donald, they cofounded the band in the late '60s. They produced iconic hits such as 'Do It Again' and Deacon Blues' to this day their sounds is one of a kind lyrics I really love them or about life, love, drugs. I think it's the best soundtrack of the ' 70s and '80s and always incorporated jazz. Walter Becker, Steely Dan thanks for the music.


PERINO: Wow, you like songs about drugs?

WATTERS: Say no to drugs Juan.

PERINO: All right Jesse you are next.

WATTERS: Houston, Texas, NFL started raising money for Harvey. Set a goal for $200,000. He has now raised -- you ready? $20 million through all generous support of everybody donating. Just an incredible story. Hats off to J.J. Watt. And hats off to all the American that donated.

PERINO: All right, Kennedy.

KENNEDY: Amazing. William and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting their third child. The duchess suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum, what sounds like a spell at Hogwarts but in fact, it is acute sickness. She had a problem with her other two pregnancies. That is why the cat escaped the bag.

PERINO: Kennedy, I said she would announce that she was pregnant with her third child. Hannity is up next. Never miss an episode of The Five. we will see you tomorrow.

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