Trump protests raising questions over mainstream media bias


Is the Media Showing Bias in Their Coverage?

Katie Pavlich: Of course they are. And the reason they are is because the media is full of progressives and these organized protests, these professional agitators are supported by not just far left groups but also mainstream progressives. We saw this in the 2008 convention. When these type of protesters claimed they were going to shut down the convention by all means necessary and then saw them again during the occupy wall street movement and we see them in Ferguson last summer as a result of what happened there. So these people aren't necessarily just protesting Trump. They have been around for a long time and just have a new target and the media is ignoring it.

John Layfield: Yes. You would. And you look at what they with the tea party. And the shooting of Gabby Gifford. I do believe it is media spin. You cannot possibly blame Bernie Sanders for this. Not for these idiots that violate crime but the rhetoric that he's using essential hurt this is and a lot of that is not being brought light. Calling Hillary Clinton a racist comments from 1996 and agitates people who want to protest. They are Americans just like us but then you have these thugs and these idiots that do stupid things. This should be condemned by the media.

Jonas Max Ferris: I don't know you start burning cars and the media covers it. I think it's a little slanted but the media covers it. They were out of line. No one was taking the sides of the protesters so I don't know if it's as slanted as you're letting on. The other, the occupancy wall street. There was drum play. The Bernie Sanders fans I don't think they are going to be punching back. So I don't see it would have the electrophile of level of media.

Gary B. Smith: No. And it never will. You mention conservative protests. Yeah how many times are we really talking about conservative protests that erupt in violence and chair throwing? I think in general conservatives welcome discourse. Liberals say they welcome discourse but they don't. And i think they are taking their cue from this administration. They want to shut down discussion. They want to shut down argument and if you disagree with the liberal point of view you are a looney tune or a thug or a criminal. But it all boils down to as we've alluded to the mainstream media bias. I look back in 2008 of the top 100 newspapers in circulation, 80 percent endorsed Obama. This is a country that is in theory is split 50/50 Republicans/Democrats. Maybe shifts a few points during years but that is how it is. And 80 percent of the nation's largest newspapers in the country endorsed Obama. Whether does that say about the bias? It says anything Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton raises will be met with hallelujah and anything on the right now with trump as the candidate is going be meat with oh my gosh, they are thugs, terrible, orbital. That's just the way it is.

Jonathan Hoenig: The mainstream media is liberal. But the media in a free country is the people. And people. And a lot of people are liberal out there. And isn't trump's appeal supposed to be that he brings that crossover into the party. And there has ban hell of a lot of violence at Donald Trump rallies some of which at least previously he has encouraged. So what is it about the message? To your point you didn't see this at other rallies. So what is it about trump's message that is bringing out whether it's planned or not so much violence?

Bernie Sanders Slams Disney Over Worker Pay: Who Has It Right?

Gary B. Smith: I think Disney does. Just in Anaheim alone they contribute $5.7 billion to the economy. But specifically on the jobs. I think what Bernie Sanders forgets is a job is not just wages. So I went to see what the employees said of Disney. And I went to They were overwhelmingly positive. Look, they all stipulate that they could be paid more. They understand the tradeoffs working for Disney are the work experienced there. The great management. The terrific environment. Like any job. When I was at graduate school I could have went to companies that paid more. I went to IBM because they have the overall best passage. That is what people are offering.

John Layfield: Gary B. Always does a good job researching. I looked up a Bernie Sanders resume from 1980. There is nothing on it. It's been well-documented he didn't have a regular paying job until the age of 40. He's on this quixotic quest for some reason. He's the guy who shows up at the bar and as long as you’re buying him drinks he's pontificate about what social simple. He's on this quixotic quest to knock downwind mills and this demagoguery is just not going to work.

Jonas Max Ferris: Disney basically built the city of Orlando. That said, what's wrong with Bernie is not that he's acknowledging there is this problem with capitalism. Or you can literally pay people $10 an hour and they will keep working and making all this money for people it is amazing. But he doesn't have to be a job creator. But as a politician he should have solutions and proposal.

Jonathan Hoenig: What Bernie doesn't get is wealth has to be created. And before investors showed up. Anaheim was just farmland. Disney trades with millions and millions of visitors. This is how they succeed. Bernie Sanders all he knows is political power. That is power of a gun. So he's going to show up. He's going tell you how much to pay your employees. How much to pay your employees. That is socialism and that is Bernie Sanders.

Katie Pavlich: Totally, according to Millennials it does. I don't think Bernie Sanders could last one day in a minimum wage job at Disney Land. And here a guy living in a shack with a dirt floor because he played the victim and wanted to blame the system rather than do the hard work to make sure that he could make it in America. When he did get his first job it was a government paycheck and has been ever since then. The bottom line is Disney employs people all the way up to the executive levels, both in California and inside the country.

Donald Trump Resurrects Debate Over Keystone Pipeline

Jonas Max Ferris: You can definitely drive the price of oil down to 15 or 20 dollars a barrel again, with the right mix of allowing the industry to explore. But ultimately we need 50 dollar plus barrels of gas, maybe 2.50 or 3 dollar gallons of gasoline. Because there won’t be a domestic oil industry at 20 dollars a barrel. We can’t produce at that price.

Katie Pavlich: I think it will help jobs, but I think politically this helps Donald Trump a lot. Let’s not forget that during the keystone debate, labor unions were very upset with Democrats for blocking Key Stone, they were upset with President Obama for refusing to approve it. Trump has an opportunity here to get the union vote pulled away from Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders which is very positive for his campaign.

Jonathan Hoenig: I get a little skittish when you hear trump say we're going to save the coal industry or any industry. Including fossil fuels. No question it makes it more expensive for us to use the fuel our own backyards. I'm just curious what trump talked about the U.S. Want to get a piece of the action from keystone. A piece of the profits. I that is not cronyism.

John Layfield: Refining capacity is something of national security we could keep here. But the keystone pipeline is ad hoc. It will help jobs somewhat. And so forth.

Gary B. Smith: I agree with Jonathan. I think government should keep out. I don't like the line we're going save the coal industry. I don't think any industry should be saved, spared, propped up. Let the market determine what the price is and let the manufacturers and refiners respond. There will be out there who can make profit on $20 a barrel. Let the market determine the winners and losers.

Stock Picks

Gary B. Smith: (ULTA) ULTA up 50 percent in 1 year

John Layfield: (GPRO) GOPRO jumps 25 percent in 1 year

Jonathan Hoenig: (BAL) grows 25 percent in 1 year

Jonas Max Ferris: (CAG) up 15 percent in 1 year