Trump Jr. on the Clintons: Americans see the phoniness

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST (voice-over):  Tonight, on this special edition of 'Hannity'...

DONALD TRUMP, R-PRESUMPTIVE PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE:  Crooked Hillary, crooked, crooked Hillary!  She is a crooked -- she is a crooked person!  Hillary Clinton is a weak person.  Hillary Clinton is totally scripted.  Hillary Clinton is a thief!  I think she's pathetic.  I think she should be in jail for what she did with her e-mails, OK?

HANNITY:  Donald Trump takes on Hillary Clinton.

TRUMP:  I think the only card she has is the woman's card.  She's got nothing else going.



TRUMP:  She shouts into the microphone, and it drives everybody crazy!  And frankly, if Hillary Clinton were a man, I don't think she'd get 5 percent of the vote.  Clinton wants to tax and regulate our workers to the point of extinction.

CLINTON:  We're going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.

TRUMP:  Crooked Hillary wants to terminate--she wants to abolish our 2nd Amendment!  Clinton also wants totally open borders in America.  I haven't even started on her.  We haven't even started!


HANNITY:  "Hannity" starts right here, right now.


HANNITY:  And welcome to this special edition of "Hannity: Trump takes on Hillary Clinton."  And tonight for the hour, we're going to show you all the things that Donald Trump can do to defeat Hillary Clinton in a general election.

Now, earlier this week, the presumptive Republican nominee revealed he is preparing to give a major speech that exposes his Democratic rival.  Let's take a look.


TRUMP:  The Clintons have turned the politics of personal enrichment into an art form for themselves!  They've made hundreds of millions of dollars selling access, selling favors, selling government contracts.  And I mean hundreds of millions of dollars!  Secretary Clinton even did all of the work on a totally illegal private server!

I am going to give a major speech on probably Monday of next week, and we're going to be discussing all of the things that have taken place with the Clintons.  I think you're going to find it very informative.


HANNITY:  Now, we sat down this week with Donald Trump, Jr., to ask him how he thinks his father plans to take on Hillary Clinton.  Let's take a look.


HANNITY:  All right, joining us now is Donald Trump, Jr.  All right, so your dad's going to give this big speech on Monday, and he said he's going to bring up a lot of issues involving Hillary.  I actually have, you know, just the list of Hillary scandals.  I mean, let's go through this.  You got...

DONALD TRUMP, JR., DONALD TRUMP'S SON:  Hey, Sean, I only see...

HANNITY:  ... Travelgate...

TRUMP JR.:  ... two or three-hundred of pages of paper there.  That can't possibly be enough.

HANNITY:  Travelgate, Whitewater, Filegate, removing files from Vince Foster's office.  You got the lost Rose firm billing records.  You've got the Commerce Department's pay-to-play junkets, renting the Lincoln bedroom, John Huang, Charlie Tree (ph) and Johnny Chung (ph).

TRUMP JR.:  Yes.

HANNITY:  You got "no controlling legal authority," Al Gore's statement. You got Monica Lewinsky, Katherine Willey, Juanita Broaddrick, Dolly Kyle (ph).  You've got pardongate.  Then you've got the Bosnian sniper lie. Then you got Benghazi, the e-mail scandal, the speaking fees, which are absurd.  They make $50 million in two years, 2013 and 2015, and the Clinton Foundation.

TRUMP JR.:  Great public servants, Sean.  Great public servants.

HANNITY:  Yes, they're really looking out for the people.

TRUMP JR.:  And I think that's -- the American people see that, you know, and it's -- by the way, it's so much more than even that.

But as a basic student of statistics, there can't be that much smoke without fire.  Now, they've been very protected, you know, the media -- I mean, we watched the canned speech the other night, and everything like that, and everyone talks about it like it was the greatest speech given in history of all speeches whatsoever.  I mean, it was (INAUDIBLE) after about line number two, you realize, OK, canned -- it was a phoner.

It's just -- there's so much phoniness there.  There's so much there.  You know now the problem is 95 percent of the media is -- they're backing, so we're up against the big machine.  But I guess the American people see it, Sean.  They're fed up with it.

HANNITY:  You know, there's two schools of thought.  And Newt Gingrich, I think, has a great analysis of your dad, where he says he's always better when he goes big.

TRUMP JR.:  Yes.

HANNITY:  If he goes deep into the weeds Monday on the speech that he's going to do about Hillary -- you know, isn't it really about the judges?  Isn't it about balancing a budget, energy independence, fixing the VA, building our military, sending education back to the states, building the wall, you know, better trade deals?

TRUMP JR.:  It's about jobs.


TRUMP JR.:  It's about jobs, Sean.  Is that -- honestly, if there's one resounding theme to anything that he's done, anything that he's talked about, it's jobs.  That's why he's resonating with blue-collar Americans. That's why, you know, some of the union demographics and some of these demographics that wouldn't otherwise ever vote Republican because their bosses tell them not to -- that's why all those guys come up to me in the streets and say, Hey, tell him to go.

It's about, you know, the police officers and all those guys saying, Hey --I mean, there's not one of those people is going to vote -- because they get it.  They see it.  He's given the hard-working people of this country a voice, the people that built this country, the people that are the manufacturers, the people that made it what it is and made it great.

All those jobs that have been shipped abroad, all those companies that have been forced out of the country -- he's talking about bringing them back. He wants to put people to work.

And then guess what you can do with that surplus?  How about educate our kids?  How about take care of vets?  You know, how about, you know, fix this broken health care system?  And you know, of course, I'm sure they won't talk about the new premiums coming out for ObamaCare, you know, until after the election.  But you know, everyone that (INAUDIBLE) you know, when they triple and quadruple the prices on this health care, you know, that's not free health care for everyone.

HANNITY:  You know...

TRUMP JR.:  That's going to be a total disaster.

HANNITY:  So go to the strategy.  Go to the tactics.

TRUMP JR.:  Yes.

HANNITY:  Is it better to -- maybe mention all these things, certainly, but is it better to talk about those jobs and talk about...

TRUMP JR.:  Honestly, I think he's doing it.

HANNITY:  (INAUDIBLE) part of it, yes.

TRUMP JR.:  I think he's going to do both.


TRUMP JR.:  I think he's going to do both because you have to because, you know, the left, and with the media -- you know, again, 95 percent of the media so far on the -- you know, it's like they're looking through...

HANNITY:  It's horrible.

TRUMP JR.:  ... the world with rose-colored glasses, and everyone's great, everyone's (INAUDIBLE) everyone's (INAUDIBLE) You know, I'd love to world to be that way.  The problem is we actually have to deal with reality for a change.

And you know, the liberal media has done such a good job of trying to paint her as this angelic, you know, savior of the people!  I mean, it's crazy, Sean!  I feel like I'm taking crazy pills when I wake up in the morning and I watch the news!

HANNITY:  Don't watch it.  That's what I do.  But it was a coronation, and she could barely cross the finish line against the 74-year-old...

TRUMP JR.:  Socialist!

HANNITY:  ... socialist curmudgeon and angry man!  It's pathetic!

TRUMP JR.:  Yes.  It's scary.  But you know, she's still being anointed (INAUDIBLE) you know, we're not just battling, you know, the DNC.  We're battling the entire media machine.  And we're going to change this.  And my father's done a good job of that and...


TRUMP JR.:  ... is we changed the game.  Let people speak their mind.  Let people actually talk about the truth for a change!  You know, that -- that's what people are forgetting.


TRUMP JR.:  ... so many lies...

HANNITY:  ... overall jobs...

TRUMP JR.:  When you talk about unemployment, another lie.  You know, low unemployment numbers.  It's crazy!

HANNITY:  But I think the most interesting thing, when you say jobs or you sum it up with jobs, is that one in six American men 18 to 34 are out of the labor force or incarcerated.  And one in five American families -- imagine this -- don't have a single family member working!  Not one.  All dependent on government.

TRUMP JR.:  (INAUDIBLE) I don't understand.  I mean, the left and their policies all caused all of this, right?  If we put people back to work, you solve all of these problems naturally, OK?

You solve all of these problems naturally.  And that's what I don't understand, whether it be, you know, African-American youth, 50 percent -- north of 50 percent unemployment.  I mean, think about that number, Sean!  That's scary!  That's crazy!


TRUMP JR.:  Hey, guess what?  You put some of those guys back to work.  Same with the Latino community, right?  There's a lot of unemployment.  And guess where that unemployment's coming from?  They're being undercut by illegal immigration, which is the Democrats -- they love to let everyone in.  They want to ensure (ph) their jobs.  They want to let them in, let them vote, give them health care, pay for it -- you know, the American taxpayer actually has to pay for that.  It doesn't just grow on trees.  It's not magically, you know, we miracle (ph) the health care to everyone.  Doesn't work that way!  It has to come from somewhere.

So you know where that's coming from?  That's coming from hard-working people.  They're basically funding everyone else's...


TRUMP JR.:  It doesn't work!

HANNITY:  You have 11 million illegal people, so you have 95 million Americans out of the labor force.  They're now competing for the limited jobs available and they're driving down wages if you do get a job.

TRUMP JR.:  Of course.  I mean, all of those people should be voting Republican to end some of this nonsense.  It's a farce, but it's something that's been perpetuated within their communities and within their this.  I mean, I hear it.  I've heard it from friends of mine that are (INAUDIBLE) Hey, my friends who are Latin, and you know, work -- whether it's construction (INAUDIBLE) you know, they're saying that even the people that are here legally, they're going to be deported.

You know, there's a whole mechanism out there basically feeding lies into the system, perpetuating the nonsense that's basically oppressing all of these demographics that are hard-working people, that are doing a great job, that went through the process legally that deserve to be here and are great Americans!


HANNITY:  And coming up next on this special edition of "Hannity"...


TRUMP:  She broke federal law by putting her e-mails on a secret private server that foreign countries could easily get to and hack!


HANNITY:  Donald Trump -- he's slamming Hillary Clinton over her private e-mail server scandal.  Judge Jeanine Pirro and Jay Sekulow -- they're here tonight with reaction.

Also later tonight...


TRUMP:  And Hillary, if you look and see a study (ph), Hillary hurt many women, the women that he abused.


HANNITY:  Donald Trump -- he's going after Hillary really hard over her real record with women.  Monica Crowley, Kimberly Guilfoyle -- they're here to weigh in on that and much more on this special edition of "Hannity," "Trump takes on Hillary," as we continue.



HANNITY:  And welcome back to this special edition of "Hannity: Trump takes on Hillary."  Now, the presumptive Democratic nominee's private e-mail server scandal -- well, that's been a major campaign issue.  And Donald Trump -- he's not been afraid to go after it on the campaign trail.  Take a look.


TRUMP:  She broke federal law by putting her e-mails on a secret private server that foreign countries could easily get to and hack!  By the way, Hillary Clinton is missing 30,000 e-mails.  They've been deleted,  30,000!

I think she should be in jail for what she did with her e-mails, OK?

Who would be so stupid to do what she did with her e-mails?  I have people that will retrieve those e-mails!  Frankly, what Hillary has done is criminal, folks!  It's criminal.


HANNITY:  And earlier this week, well, Hillary Clinton -- well, she made this shocking statement to our own Bret Baier.  Let's take a look.


BRET BAIER, HOST, "SPECIAL REPORT":  The Clinton Foundation investigation, the FBI investigation, the e-mail, you're saying zero chance that this is a problem for you in this election.

CLINTON:  Absolutely.  That's what I'm saying.  That happens to be the truth.


HANNITY:  Zero chance.  Here with reaction, the host of "Justice," Judge Jeanine Pirro, and with the American Center for Law and Justice, Jay Sekulow.

From everything that I've been able to ascertain, and all the interviews and investigations we've done -- she deleted the 30,000 e-mails, Bryan Pagliano -- he's now -- he pled the 5th.  Now he's got a level of immunity in his particular case -- tells me that something serious has been discovered.

Is there -- are there laws broken here?  Do we know that?

JEANINE PIRRO, HOST, "JUSTICE":  Look, I think so.  But you do not give someone immunity from prosecution -- and that's just the Department of justice, not the FBI -- unless there is something worth giving...

HANNITY:  It's limited immunity, so you know...

PIRRO:  Well, limited immunity means that he's already given them a proffer of what he intends to say...


PIRRO:  ... and they're saying that, You are protected.  We will not prosecute you if you say that thing.

HANNITY:  Unless they find it independently.  Then they -- they can...

PIRRO:  Right, right, right.

HANNITY:  The same information.

PIRRO:  Unless they find it independently.  But here's the significant part of this.  Her reaction is so smug, it is so arrogant, it is so condescending to Brett Baier -- absolutely no chance.  Well, who told you that, Hillary?  Did you speak to Jim Comey with the FBI?  We know you didn't because you haven't done that yet.  Did you speak to the inspector general?  No, you refused to talk to him.

And what makes you think that you're clear, especially if you don't even remember signing a nondisclosure?  So your memory is good for some things but not for others!

HANNITY:  All right, Jay, let's go -- I've had Rudy Giuliani, Judge Jeanine.  I've had yourself on. We've identified anywhere between 16 and 18 potential laws that were broken.  What do you see in terms of the law? What do we know?  Doesn't she have to, as a top priority, make sure, maintain that -- the safety of these e-mails, and knowingly not doing that is a problem?

SEKULOW:  Yes, and Sean, that included the location of the server.  And what is fascinating is that since the inspector general's report came out -- and this was President Obama's inspector general, so this was not a Republican, a conservative -- that inspector general's report pointed out the fact that no one in the Office of Legal Counsel in the State Department approved this or even was aware of this off-site server situation.

So I keep going back to the initial issue that drew everything in, and that was the server in Colorado by this company that was, you know, hosting it without approval of the government.  We now know that the Office of Legal Counsel within the State Department never authorized it nor approved it or was even aware of it.  That's one.

Number two, the aspect of securing the e-mails is also a federal law.  Now, I'm with Judge Jeanine on this completely.  The idea that she doesn't think this is an issue is, of course, absurd!

HANNITY:  Well, wait a minute...

SEKULOW:  Of course it's an issue...


HANNITY:  The names of CIA personnel...

SEKULOW:  Yes.  Right.

HANNITY:  ... could very well have been compromised here.  That means their lives are put in jeopardy because of the mishandling of this information.

SEKULOW:  Because the designation in those e-mails going back and forth, including some that were released, had information that would point to individuals that were either CIA operatives or on-ground assets, as they're called.  And anybody could have -- you know, sophisticated hackers could have -- in fact, I think they were hacked multiple times or at least certainly attempts.

So Sean, all of that put our national security at risk.  But the question at the end of the day -- Judge Jeanine and I have spoken about this many times.  At the end of the day, here's going to be the question.  Will the -- let's assume James Comey's FBI said, Here's the case, to the U.S. attorney, to the attorney general.  Will they bring and indictment?  And I still think that politically, they're not going to do it.


SEKULOW:  Someone may get indicted, but I don't expect it to be the secretary.

HANNITY:  Will they put forward a criminal referral after the FBI investigation?  Because then it becomes a Justice Department issue.  Then it becomes a political issue because then there's influence of Obama in this.

SEKULOW:  Well, I think that the inspector general's report, if you just take that, there's your criminal referral, just the inspector general's report (INAUDIBLE) that case out.

HANNITY:  I agree with you.  All right...

SEKULOW:  So I expect that -- I would not be shocked at all or surprised even if a referral comes out.  The question will be...

HANNITY:  All right, let's go through this.

SEKULOW:  ... what the Justice Department does with it.

HANNITY:  All right, we have satellite imaging of North Korea's nuclear sites in this.  We have top secret information.  We have even higher...


HANNITY:  ... special access program clearance.  Now we know that the names of CIA agents -- you know, it was such a big deal when it was Valerie Plame, who wasn't even a covert agent -- that was a big deal.  All of these things we now know.  And 30,000 deleted e-mails that probably weren't about a wedding, a funeral and yoga.

So my question then is, what happens if there's a criminal referral by the director of the FBI?

PIRRO:  If there is a criminal referral, then what happens is the Department of Justice, Loretta Lynch, would decide whether or not it should go into the grand jury and make a grand jury available.

Remember, Jim Comey can't do this.  But I think that the -- you know, if you want to read the tea leaves, here's what you've got.  You've got the president saying, in light of what you just said, Sean -- and you're right, satellite imagery, all that other stuff -- I don't think what she did posed a national security problem.  She didn't endanger national security...

HANNITY:  The president is saying this.

PIRRO:  The president, Barack Obama!

HANNITY:  By the way, he rushes to judgment a lot, Mr. Constitutional attorney.


PIRRO:  ... interfering with this investigation.

HANNITY:  That's a lie.

PIRRO:  So then you say to yourself, why is the president doing this?  You could say he wants another four years, you know, wants his legacy.  I'll tell you why, Sean.  The reason the president is saying this and the reason Loretta Lynch will not put it in the grand jury, because she works for the president, is because Barack Obama was communicating with Hillary Clinton on at least 18 e-mails.  And if Hillary Clinton is indicted, then she will call Barack Obama as a witness!  He will be someone who was knowing or knew that she was not on a secure server!  He is someone that we can...

HANNITY:  But what if he just said, How are you today?  You know, what if they were innocuous...

PIRRO:  It doesn't matter!


PIRRO:  First of all, he responded to two of them.  You think he gives a darn about yoga or the wedding?  No!  When the president of the United States knows that the secretary of state...

HANNITY:  So he may be as guilty as her!

PIRRO:  Exactly!  And that's why...


HANNITY:  All right, but wait a minute.  Then we got to take this to the next step, Jay.  All right, let's say everything Jeanine's saying is right.  OK.  So criminal referral, not indictment in part to protect the president.  Before the president leaves, he has an opportunity he can pardon her and pardon himself!

SEKULOW:  Of course.  Listen, the pardon power is in the Constitution.  The president, as commander-in-chief and as president of the United States, his authority in the Constitution is he can grant pardons.  So of course he could pardon.  But I think what we go back to is because of the e-mail exchange between the president and the secretary of state on the private server -- it wasn't  That's where I think the president's going to be hard pressed for his attorney general to authorize a criminal investigation.  I think you look at that in light of the...

HANNITY:  But isn't it politically as damaging...


SEKULOW:  ... of Secretary Clinton -- I just think it's...

HANNITY:  If the criminal referral's out and they don't indict her, then the argument's going to be she's being protected.  She's in a special class.  She's being treated differently.

PIRRO:  Absolutely!  And that's why she's so sure because the fix is in! But here's the issue, Sean...

HANNITY:  Yes, I think you're probably right.

PIRRO:  In this election, you've got people who believe in Trump and people who believe in Hillary, and there's a very small group in the middle that this is going to matter to.  But at the end of the day, I'm not so sure it does.

HANNITY:  But if James Comey were to resign...

PIRRO:  Yes, Saturday night massacre.

HANNITY:  ... if he puts forward a criminal referral, that would be a huge scandal in the country.

All right, thank you both.  Thank you, Jeanine.  Thank you, Jay.

SEKULOW:  Thanks, Sean.

HANNITY:  And coming up next tonight on this special edition of "Hannity"...


TRUMP:  And Hillary, if you look and see a study (ph), Hillary hurt many women, the women that he abused!


HANNITY:  Donald Trump is exposing Hillary Clinton's real record with women.  We'll check in with Monica Crowley and Kimberly Guilfoyle.  They're here to weigh in.

And later tonight...


TRUMP:  Hillary Clinton also refuses to say the words "radical Islam," even as she pushes for a massive increase in refugees coming into our country.


HANNITY:  Donald Trump calling out Hillary Clinton for refusing to say those words, "radical Islam."  Dr. Walid Phares and Pete Hegseth -- they're here tonight with reaction as this special edition of "Hannity: Trump takes on Hillary," continues straight ahead.



TRUMP:  She's married to a man who was the worst abuser of women in the history of politics!  She's married to a man who hurt many women, and Hillary, if you look and see a study, Hillary hurt many women, the women that he abused.

Well, I think the only card she has is the woman's card.  She's got nothing else going.  And frankly, if Hillary Clinton were a man, I don't think she'd get 5 percent of the vote.  The only thing she's got going is the woman's card.  And the beautiful thing is, women don't like her, OK?  And look how well I did with women tonight.



HANNITY:  And welcome back to this special edition of "Hannity: Trump takes on Hillary Clinton."

Now, that was Donald Trump going after Hillary for her real record with women.  Joining us now with reaction, Fox News contributor Monica Crowley and the co-host of "The Five," the hit show, Kimberly Guilfoyle.

All right, she wants to play the gender card.  She's played the gender card, and it has boomeranged back against her because Donald Trump has been so clever in saying, OK, you want to play that game?  We'll play that game.

KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE, CO-HOST, "THE FIVE":  Well, it's fair game, isn't it, because if you're going to say that that is one of your list of few and far between accomplishments, that you're somebody that's going to be a champion of women, you better have a record to back it up.

Unfortunately, the fact pattern does not match her rhetoric in terms of what she's claiming to be.  She needs, obviously, the women's vote to able to succeed against him in the general election.  Look at the record, though.


GUILFOYLE:  I mean, it's abysmal in terms of what happened in that White House and how she treated people, including Monica Lewinsky, people that had, you know, relationships with her husband.

HANNITY:  You know, we played on the show last night, Dee Dee Myers and George Stephanopoulos and all their comments.  She's vicious.  She has a horrible temper.  She belittles people.  This book that is coming out similarly.  But directly on the issue of women, OK, she'll take money from Saudi Arabia, countries that practice sharia, Monica, and has not been critical of those countries as long as they give to the Clinton Foundation.

MONICA CROWLEY, FOX CONTRIBUTOR:  One of the biggest ruse (ph) of her big problem here is hypocrisy, her outrageous hypocrisy across the board, and specifically when we talk about women.  And you raised about taking money from regimes that oppress and persecute women.

The Clinton Foundation, Sean, has accepted between $13 million and $40 million from regimes that do exactly that, including Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Algeria, the UAE.  The Clinton Global Initiative still takes money from those regimes, while the Clinton Foundation, once this was exposed, backed off from taking that kind of money.

She has to answer for this!

HANNITY:  Have you ever been able...

CROWLEY:  The hypocrisy (INAUDIBLE) that she's long been a champion of women and girls, while abusing the women and smearing the women who accused her husband and threatened his political...

HANNITY:  Well, that's a second issue.

CROWLEY:  ... viability!

HANNITY:  Have you ever found a single example where any of these countries that practice very strict sharia -- and women can't drive, vote, go to school, can't -- or work without their husband's permission -- has there ever been an instance that you -- either of you have found where she has spoken out against those practices and those countries?

CROWLEY:  Not when it comes to the Islamic world.  You'll remember back in 1995, when she was first lady, she gave a very famous U.N.-based speech in Beijing, China, talking about women's human rights, talking about freeing women from violence.  But she never directs that message specifically to the Islamic world, I guess because that's politically incorrect.

HANNITY:  Well, but...

CROWLEY:  And she's never put her money...

HANNITY:  But they're also...

CROWLEY:  ... where her mouth is!

HANNITY:  ... getting a lot of money.  I mean, you're talking tens of millions of dollars!

GUILFOYLE:  Right because that's what matters more, influence peddling and access and cash on demand, OK?  They -- they're interested in whoever's going to be the Clinton ATM machine, and it doesn't matter where it comes from, whether it's oppressive regimes that have not been good to women and children.  You're not going to see her stand for that first.  First the money, then we talk.  And that's how they do their deals!

HANNITY:  You know, all right, so basically, they bought her silence as it relates to women.  So her first commitment is to the money, not to be the champion of women's rights.  So I would think that's a pretty effective ad for Donald Trump in this election, as soon as she goes to play identity politics and the gender card.

CROWLEY:  That's right.  And he can specifically target that hypocrisy to the women vote.  Now, yes, she has a large female constituency who love the idea of the first female president in her.  But women generally have high unfavorable numbers geared toward her anyway.  They don't particularly like her.  That doesn't mean they won't vote for her, but they don't necessarily trust her.  Therefore, that leaves a huge opening for Donald Trump...


CROWLEY:  ... to target those kinds of ads to...

HANNITY:  But doesn't she have a bigger problem...


HANNITY:  ... Kimberly...

GUILFOYLE:  Especially those young women and millennials that are supporting Bernie Sanders because they do not like Hillary Clinton!  They don't like what they're hearing about the corruption, about the e-mails, about the record, abysmal record as it relates to the treatment women and harassing...

HANNITY:  But doesn't she have a bigger...

GUILFOYLE:  ... and bad-mouthing people that were (INAUDIBLE) husband.

HANNITY:  ... too, with men, than, say, Donald Trump, which has been chronicled a lot in the media, that he has a problem with women?  But so -- she has the bigger problem with men, and men are flocking to Trump.  And I think Monica's right in suggesting that a lot of those millennial women and others...

GUILFOYLE:  Yes.  Absolutely.

HANNITY:  ... can move over to the Trump side.

GUILFOYLE:  And it's ripe for the picking.  It's a great opportunity to do that, and that's why you saw Donald Trump wisely in his address the other night, which I thought was very good, single out and talk about the Bernie Sanders supporters because it's more of that kind of, you know, corruption, corrupt Hillary Clinton, to say, Oh, look, lookit, she's trying to steal the election.  She doesn't want to play by the rules...

HANNITY:  So you're saying Trump is going to win this battle.  If there's -- if it's about gender, you think Trump wins, Trump has better arguments.

GUILFOYLE:  I think he has really strong arguments that are compelling and should matter, as it relates to character and integrity.


CROWLEY:  And one thing that Trump does, which we have not really seen in recent Republican presidential candidates, is he always stays on offense.  So he's like a -- he's like a junkyard dog, right?  He sinks his teeth into -- and he keeps going, which is something that the Clintons have not had to deal with over the course of the last 30 years!

HANNITY:  By the way, and that's something maybe Republicans maybe can learn from because they've been spineless and gutless and...

GUILFOYLE:  Well, you know, it's not time now...

HANNITY:  ... timid.

GUILFOYLE:  ... really for a traditional politician that's not going to be -- that's not going to take these shots that you should.  These are like easy layups because the record should be brought up.  She wants to be commander-in-chief, she's going to have to earn it and earn those votes, and she's going to have to answer for her record.

HANNITY:  All right, guys...

CROWLEY:  One -- one last point...

HANNITY:  Real quick, yes.

CROWLEY:  ... on the millennial vote, which Kimberly raised.  There is a method, there's a reason to why he keeps raising Bill Clinton's track record in terms of abusing and assaulting women, allegedly.  And that's because he's trying to reach millennials, both men and women, the younger voters, because the culture has changed. The whole culture of rape culture on campus and so on, they're thinking it's different and they're hearing this for the first time.

SEAN HANNITY, FOX NEWS HOST:  And this is a very different time, you point out.  I think it will be not brushed aside like in past years.  Guys, thank you both, appreciate it.

And coming up next on this special edition of "Hannity" --


TRUMP:  Hillary Clinton also refuses to stay the words "radical Islam" even as she pushes for a massive increase in refugees coming into our country.


HANNITY:  Donald Trump slamming Hillary Clinton for refusing to use that term "radical Islam." And then later tonight --


TRUMP:  Hillary Clinton wants to abolish the Second Amendment.  She wants to abolish it, abolish it.



HANNITY:  Donald Trump is not mincing words, and he's saying that Hillary Clinton wants to abolish the right to keep and bear arms.  We'll have reaction to all of that as this special edition of "Hannity: Trump Takes on Hillary," continues.


JACKIE IBANEZ, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT:  Live from America's news headquarters, I'm Jackie Ibanez.

Mitt Romney with some harsh words for presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.  In an interview, Romney, who ran for president in 2012, says he's worried that Trump is promoting, quote, "trickledown racism" and is appealing to the racist tendencies of some Americans.  Romney even saying he will consider voting for the libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson.

A federal appeals court ruling that Kansas can't block voters from casting ballots because they didn't prove their U.S. citizenship when registering to vote.  Earlier this year a U.S. district judge said the enforcement of Kansas proof of citizenship law had disenfranchised more 18,000 otherwise eligible voters.  Four states have such laws, but Kansas is the only state that fully enforces it.

I'm Jackie Ibanez.  Now back to "Hannity." For all your headlines, log on to


TRUMP:  We're in a war against radical Islam, and unless you name the enemy you will never, ever solve the problem.

Hillary Clinton also refuses to say the words "radical Islam" even as she pushes for a massive increase in refugees coming into our country.

She won't use the term "radical Islamic terrorism," you understand that.


TRUMP:  She wouldn't say it.  She refuses.  You know why she won't?  Because her president won't use it, that's why.


HANNITY:  And welcome back to this special edition of "Hannity: Trump Takes on Hillary Clinton."  That was Donald Trump calling out Clinton over her refusal to say the term "radical Islam." Here now with reaction, Fox News Middle East analyst and foreign policy adviser to Donald Trump, Dr. Walid Phares.  Also with us, the author of the bestseller "In the Arena," Fox News contributor Peter Hegseth is with us.

Walid, when you really think about it, the Hillary-Obama era when she was secretary of state was the era of man-caused disasters, overseas contingency operations, apparently the secret deal negotiations with Iran began at that time, pulling out of Iraq, creating a vacuum for ISIS, all that is her legacy, and I haven't mentioned Benghazi or Libya or China or Putin.  That's not a record I think I would want to run on for foreign policy.

DR. WALID PHARES, TRUMP FOREIGN POLICY ADVISOR, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR:  No.  And I think the American people won't accept that record.  Basically the core of the problem that you just mentioned, Sean, is the refusal, systematic, constant refusal by the Obama/Clinton administration of using the right terms, the right words to designate the foe.  What they have done instead the past seven years, almost eight years now, is to give attributes.  This is extremists.  Of course they're extremists.  Oh, they're violent.  Definitely they are violent.  They are killing people.  What they have not accepted to do is to call them Islamic radical, jihadists.

HANNITY:  Explain.  Why the mysterious reluctance and resistance to identifying America's enemies?  You know, they're not hiding the fact that they're our enemy.  They're saying they're going to attack us.  They say they're at war with us.  Why the resistance?

PHARES:  Because their advisers and their experts have told them that the root causes of terrorism, that violence, is not the ideology.  It's foreign policy, social economics, jobs, what have you.  And of course, it's wrong.

HANNITY:  The Jihadi program that we had discussed at length.  You know, we learned this week, Pete, too, that it's costing $20,000 for the taxpayers for every Syrian refugee we're taking in that we're told by our national director of intelligence, FBI director, assistant FBI director, House homeland security chairman, our former special envoy to defeat ISIS, they're all saying what ISIS has said, they'll infiltrate the refugee population.  And yet we're paying $20,000 for people that will likely come here that are bringing harm to America.

PETE HEGSETH, "IN THE ARENA" AUTHOR:  Which is what ISIS has already done that in Europe.  She does it because she's baptized now in the blame America first, politically correct, progressive ideology that says America is part of the problem.  We should all open our borders and be global citizens.  And yet she likes to pretend like she's some type of a hawk, like she's tough so people give her that credit.  No, she's more likely to be an interventionist, but she doesn't have the toughness to back it up.  That's what you see in Libya.  You get all the intervention without the follow-through so you get chaos.  You're going to get politically correct and no gut willingness to win with all this supposed hawkishness.  It's all bad.

HANNITY:  So she was there at the beginning of these Iranian negotiations which gave them all of the money and a ridiculous deal that nobody should have ever negotiated.  She was obviously a part of the Libya failure, the Benghazi failure, the lies associated with Benghazi.  She won't recognize radical Islam for what it is.  I'm trying to understand, why does she says she has these great foreign policy credentials?

HEGSETH:  Because she flew so many miles around the globe, apparently it's the air miles yes.  She also undid the Iraq surge and the victory there and she misspelled the Russian reset button.  Her resume is I was there, I was present, I was secretary of state, but don't look at what happened under my watch.

When Donald Trump is able to litigate what she has done, what Barack Obama has done, it is devastating what they've done to our nation, to our military, to our stature in the world, and he would be wise to keep going at it.  And there's obvious shiny objects like Libya and Benghazi which need to be litigated publicly so people really understand how much they've abandoned our military and abandoned our war fighters.

HANNITY:  Walid, I think it's something that we don't talk enough about.  To think that our brave men and women fought, bled, and died, our national treasure put their lives at risk.  Many didn't come home, many didn't come home with legs or arms that they had when they went there.  And they won Mosul and Fallujah and Tikrit and Ramadi only to have all of those gains that they fought for handed over to ISIS, which George W. Bush, Walid, said was going to happen.  She was a part of that decision-making.  That to me is criminal to ask people to fight and win and then allow their victory to be stolen?  That's insanity to me.

PHARES:  Yes, I can read you very well.  Look, beyond the battlefield achievements of our troops, there were two projects or maybe three projects that the Obama administration had.  One was a partnership with the Muslim Brotherhood.  No matter what the situation is in Egypt, Libya, everything is burning there now.  The second is the Iran deal.  Completely collapsed.  Iran is all over the place.  The third was the restart button in Russia. Russia is in Crimea and in half of Ukraine.  So that is to tell you how successful these strategies worked.

HANNITY:  Yes.  Not very successful.  All right, guys, good to see you both.  Thanks for being with us.

PHARES:  Thank you, Sean.

HANNITY:  And up next on this special edition of "Hannity."


TRUMP:  Hillary Clinton wants to abolish the Second Amendment, wants abolish it, abolish it.



HANNITY:  Donald Trump saying Hillary Clinton wants to abolish your right to keep and to bear arms.  Leslie Marshall, Eric Guster, Bo Dietl, they're here with reaction.  That and more on this special edition of "HANNITY, Trump Takes on Hillary," as we continue.


HANNITY:  Welcome back to this special edition of "Hannity: Trump Takes on Hillary." 2016 presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump has hammered Hillary Clinton, claiming that she wants to abolish the Second Amendment.  Clearly she does.  Take a look.


TRUMP:  Hillary Clinton wants to abolish it, believe me.  She wants to abolish our Second Amendment.

Believe me, she'll say I don't want to abolish.  You look at what she wants to do.  She wants to abolish the Second Amendment.

Hillary Clinton wants to reverse the Supreme Court decision D.C. versus Heller upholding the right to keep and bear arms.  Hillary said the Supreme Court is wrong on this Second Amendment.


HANNITY:  Now, earlier this week when asked if she agreed that an individual's right to keep and to bear arms is a constitutional right, Hillary had a very hard time giving a straight answer.  Watch this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  Do you believe in an individual's right to bear arms is a constitutional right, that it's not linked to service in the militia?

CLINTON:  I think that for most of our history there was a nuanced reading of the Second Amendment until the decision by the late Justice Scalia, and there was no argument until then that localities and states and the federal government had a right, as we do with every amendment, to impose reasonable regulation.


HANNITY:  Now, among her positions on guns, Hillary Clinton supports reinstating the assault weapon ban and tightening what she calls now the gun show and Internet sales loophole.  Joining us now with reaction, FOX News contributor Leslie Marshall, trial attorney, political commentator, Eric Guster, former NYPD detective Bo Dietl.  You're going to agree with me on this, aren't you?  No?

ERIC GUSTER, TRIAL ATTORNEY:  No.  I won't agree with you.

HANNITY:  You do carry a gun.

GUSTER:  I do carry a gun.  Not in New York.

HANNITY:  But where you live, you carry a gun.

GUSTER:  Absolutely.

HANNITY:  I've carried a gun my entire adult life.  Should every American that's law abiding have the right to carry a weapon.

GUSTER:  Yes, with certain provisions.

HANNITY:  What provisions.

GUSTER:  What Hillary is asking is for certain things such as people's mental issues and other --

HANNITY:  That's not what she said.  You're putting words in her mouth.

GUSTER:  No, I'm not.

HANNITY:  She gave an answer.

GUSTER:  Trump has said she wants to abolish the Second Amendment, and that's not necessarily true.

HANNITY:  Listen, if you want to be her spokesman you'd be very good because you just add words she didn't say.  She could not give an answer, Leslie, a specific answer on whether or not she believes that this is a constitutional right for the people to keep and to bear arms.

LESLIE MARSHALL, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR:  Sean, I just watched it.  I heard her very clearly state that she feels the Second Amendment is the Second Amendment.  The Second Amendment is for a well-regulated militia, which means that you have regulation.


HANNITY:  George Washington, John Adams, every one of our founding fathers all said the right of the people to keep and to bear arms.

MARSHALL:  I don't see her --


MARSHALL:  Do you have your gun?


MARSHALL:  President Obama is going to come to take it.

DIETL:  No, he's not going to take my gun.

MARSHALL:  And she's not abolishing the Second Amendment.

DIETL:  It's a very clear choice.  It's either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.  She'll say and do whatever she wants to say for one thing.  She's starting to swing towards the left because of Bernie Sanders' group there.  And she's going to go real left on this thing to try to appeal to that segment --

HANNITY:  Hang on a second.


DIETL:  My problem on it, my problem is --


DIETL:  The choice is obvious.  You know how --


HANNITY:  You and I have -- you have a right to carry in New York.  It took me three years to get my carry permit and I had a license to carry in Rhode Island.

DIETL:  Right.

HANNITY:  I had a license to carry in California, Alabama, and Georgia. Three years and 1,000 death threats, and now I have a right to carry.

DIETL:  And the cities with the toughest gun control, Baltimore, Chicago, have the highest murder rates because there's illegal guns with illegal people on the street, people like law-abiding citizens like Eric, you see something --

HANNITY:  I have a question for these two liberals here.  I've got a question.  All right, somebody breaks into your house, or anybody's house, what are you going to do?

GUSTER:  I'm going to kill them.

DIETL:  Whoa, whoa.

GUSTER:  I believe in rights to protect yourself all day long.

HANNITY:  I know what Leslie's answer is because I did this on the radio with her.  She's going to go into her $5 million safe room.

MARSHALL:  I live in a very -- and this is something I've done my whole life.  I drove a lousy car.

HANNITY:  You have a safe room.

MARSHALL:  I live in a very good neighborhood.  We make sure we are well protected.

HANNITY:  But what about Chicago?  The average person, over Memorial Day weekend, 60 some odd people are shot.  Many are killed.  And the average person in Chicago and New York cannot get a gun, to carry a gun.

MARSHALL:  There are a couple issues.  One, if you look at, and this is something where the Brady campaign and NRA will even agree, 86 percent of the gun dealers in this country are not selling guns used in the commission of a crime.  You're looking at approximately five percent in a sense of --

HANNITY:  I bought an Uzi.  I'm a gun collector.  But I had to get a certain thing.  But I can't get that at an average gun store.

MARSHALL:  But Sean we have more gun owners today and we have more mass shootings.

DIETL:  We've got the mass shootings, a few mass shootings, but the majority, the thousands of people that are being killed are being killed by illegal guns in our inner city.

HANNITY:  If we're in San Bernardino, and God forbid what happened there. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims.  Do you hope somebody like Bo Dietl and Sean Hannity are in that room if two people come in shooting?

MARSHALL:  I answered this before.  I sat with Bo.  And I said of course I would feel more comfortable with police or --

HANNITY:  He would save lives.

MARSHALL:  Element of surprise.  We had two armed guards at Columbine.  Columbine still went down.

GUSTER:  We're talking about two different issues.

HANNITY:  No.  We're not.

DIETL:  Guns don't kill people.  People kill people.

HANNITY:  We come back, more on this special edition of "Hannity" right after the break.  Please stay with us.


HANNITY:  Welcome back to this special edition of "Hannity: Trump Takes on Hillary." Unfortunately that is all the time we have left this evening.  As always, thanks for being with us.  We hope you set your DVR so you never miss an episode.  We take attendance.  We get upset if you're not here.

Anyway, have a great weekend.  We'll see you back here Monday night.


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