Trump hits Mexico with tariffs for 'passive cooperation' with illegal immigration into US

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: All right, Tucker, great show. Good to see you.

And welcome to “Hannity.”

Buckle up, we start with a Fox News alert tonight. The president is now taking major action to secure our southern border, just moments ago, announcing a brand-new tariff on Mexico, pressing this country now to stem the flow of migrants that are overwhelming our entire immigration system. We'll have a lot more later in the program.

First though tonight, the deep state is in a complete panic mode. The walls are closing in. We are now only days away as we've been told by the attorney general from the release of major documents exposing the corruption at the highest levels of our government.

Now, remember, the attorney general said that he expects the Inspector General Horowitz to report on FISA abuse any day. And then, of course, we have the other four devastating buckets that we keep talking about, exposing what is the real election scandal, to one robbing election and secondly undermine a duly elected president.

But first, as we told you last night, the Russia hoax -- it's dead. It is buried. It's nonexistent.

And, by the way, just hours after his nine and a half minute statement fueling Democrats' hopes once again of impeachment and more hysteria and breathless reporting, Robert Mueller has a ready backtrack, because last night, the Department of Justice and the special counsel, they actually had to release a joint statement to correct what Mueller said.

In other words, Mueller needed to walk back everything he said yesterday in a dramatic fashion because he totally contradicted everything that he had been saying. Now, clarification -- well, it wasn't exactly that, but it said this. For the OLC, Office of Legal Counsel's opinion, that Mueller would have found the president obstructed justice.

Well, the statement entirely consistent with the attorney general's previous remarks in spite of the media mob's coverage. Remember, Barr said that Robert Mueller told him over and over again and numerous other people heard it and explaining just weeks ago, Mueller stated three times to us in that meeting that he emphatically was not saying that but for the Office of Legal Counsel's opinion, he would've found obstruction.

In other words, the Justice Department policy of whether you can or cannot indict a sitting president, was never an issue, period.

What does this mean? As the Attorney General Barr said today, Mueller could have reached a conclusion as to whether there was any criminal activity, but he chose not to. Take a look.


WILLIAM BARR, ATTORNEY GENERAL: I personally felt he could've reached a decision.

JAN CRAWFORD, CBS NEWS CORRESPONDENT: In your view, he could have reached a decision?

BARR: Right. He could've reached a conclusion, the opinion says you cannot indict a president while he is in office, but he could have reached a decision as to whether it was criminal activity. But he had his reasons for not doing it, which he explained. And I'm not going to, you know, argue about those reasons.

But when he didn't make a decision, the Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and I felt it was necessary for us as the heads of the department to reach that decision.


HANNITY: So, the attorney general, and, by the way, that's because Democrats like Jerry Nadler wanted to get rid of the old independent counsel statute. That means the attorney general is the final arbiter. He's made up his mind, along with the Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and the nonpartisan Office of Legal Counsel. They were all crystal-clear.

But the media mob -- let me spell it out for you. Zero findings that the president obstructed justice. None. And, by the way, it has nothing to do with some Justice Department policy. Not because of a legal, constitutional restriction, but because there was no evidence.

Now, make no mistake. This is no cover-up, no case against the president, no collusion, no underlying crime, no intent, no obstruction. In other words, the opposite of Hillary.

But, of course, the radical, extreme, socialist Democrats, the rage Trump media mob, though they refused to focus in on the truth on this major issue. Ask yourself this, why didn't the media mob report with the same intensity, the release of the clarifying remarks of Robert Mueller after he botched it yesterday morning? Why didn't they put the same passion in it as they did the night-and-a-half minutes of Robert Mueller?

Here's another question. Why are they so lazy, so predicable, so partisan, why are they fake news? Why do they feign moral outrage and then purposely fail to tell their viewers, as little as they are, the truth?

How did they become so partisan? How did they become so political, so corrupt, that they refuse simple questions and inform their viewers?

That clarification of Mueller was massive. The correction was massive. So why do they choose to continue to peddle another round of lives and conspiracy theories and advance their hoax yet again? Why did they choose to act as partisan hacks instead of serious journalists?

By the way, 99.9 percent of newsrooms in America, they all got it wrong. It was the talk show hosts, people like us, yes, we do straight news, we do investigative reports, we do opinion, but we're honest about it, and even sports and culture. They say they are objective. They are anything but.

But why are they choosing to put fake news narratives over the facts that after two plus years of lying and choosing to relentlessly smear, slander, besmirch anybody who dares to question their lack of ethics and now objectivity?

Look at this tonight. "The New York Times"? They are now scared, taking notice, and they are realizing, uh-oh, they've been duped by the conspiracy TV media mob. Look at this new report.

"New York Times" is warning editors and reporters against appearing on primetime shows on the fake news CNN and conspiracy TV MSNBC.

Now, why would the "New York Times", you know, not go on their favorite programs, who refused to ask tough questions to begin with, like, did Robert Mueller forget his previous statements in yesterday's remarks, or did he intentionally muddied the waters to fuel the Democrats' unrelenting impeachment rage psychosis?

Now, the president is standing strong, not letting himself be a punching bag, taking direct aim at the former special counsel as he should, and his partisan witch hunt. Let's take a look.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT: Robert Mueller should've never been chosen, because he wanted the FBI's job and he didn't get it, and the next day he was picked as special counsel. So you tell somebody, I'm sorry, you can't have the job. And then you after say that, he's going to make a ruling on you? It doesn't work that way.

I think Mueller is a true and never Trumper, somebody who dislikes Donald Trump. And despite $40 million, 18 Trump haters, including people who work for Hillary Clinton and some of the worst human beings on earth, they got nothing. It's pretty amazing.


HANNITY: Now, the president, he didn't stop there, calling out the special counsel more than a conflict of interest, writing, quote: Robert Mueller came to the Oval Office seeking to be named the director of the FBI. He had already been in that position for 12 years, I told him no back. The next day, he was named special counsel, a total conflict of interest.

The president is right. But here's the big take away of all of this: Robert Mueller, I'm telling you, scared to death to testify. Why? Because you have to answer real tough questions from people like Congressman Jim Jordan, Congressman Mark Meadows, Congressman Devin Nunes, and others. By the way, Devin Nunes will be here in just moments.

He would be afraid to answer questions like this to Mueller, when did you know there was no collusion? And, by the way, if you had all this time to investigate FARA violations, and taxi medallions, and loan applications, and decades-old tax returns, how did you have no time to investigate the origins of Hillary Clinton's dirty Russian dossier that was used to commit a premeditated fraud on the FISA court, undermine a duly elected president after an attempt to steal an election? Oh, and, of course, disseminate the Russian lies to the American people and then spy on the Trump campaign, which as "The New York Times" reported, that dossier was likely Russian disinformation from the very beginning.

And, by the way, Mr. Mueller, why did you hire a team of partisan Democrats? Not a single Republican -- you couldn't find one? No one?

Why would you ever hire a guy, your pit bull, by the name of Andrew Weissmann, a guy who has a horrific history of abuse of power? Remember, Sidney Powell's book, "Licensed to Lie," withholding exculpatory evidence. Weissmann was at the Hillary Clinton's election night party, that never happened. Why would you hire the Clinton Foundation attorney Jeannie Rhee in a case like this?

Remember, Mueller had a wide mandate. How did he in good faith ignore the single biggest abuse of power, corruption scandal in modern political history which, by the way, had to do with the Russian lies and their attempt to steal an election in 2016?

Well, now, Judicial Watch's Tom Fitton, he is fighting back in a huge way. Tonight, he is calling for action on Mueller's attack on the rule of law for turning it on its head and abandoning long-held prosecutorial norms. And, by the way, don't forget, about his cozy relationship with the super patriot James Comey. Didn't like smelly walnut shoppers that like Trump like us.

Of course, the hate Trump Democrats, they don't seem to care. They're still relying on the same lies, the same smearing, the same besmirchment. It happens every single second of every single minute of every single hour of every single day. Why? Because they're on a mission.

They want to take this president down at all cost. It doesn't matter how great of a job he's doing. It wouldn't matter if he cured cancer. To make every single waking moment a public trial against the president.

The president has not only been successful, but under the worst conditions that any president has ever had to start their presidency under, regardless of facts, truth, reality. People who have no agenda to make us more safe, more prosperous, more secure. Has any Democrat talked about that recently?

They have no plans for America's future, for our kids, our grandkids. They have no plan to grow the economy, create jobs, make us energy independent. No plans to solve the crisis at our border. No plans to make a stronger abroad.

And you've got this pathetically weak field of 2020 radicals. They spend their time incoherently rambling about how much they hate the president and the New Green Deal that will eliminate, let's see, the combustion engine, oil and gas, cows and airplanes. Gee, can't wait. And everything else will be free.

Their collusion hoax is dead. It is finished, in spite of all the noise you hear, it's done. Four separate investigations, four, and all of them found -- the FBI nine-month investigation, House intel investigation, bipartisan Senate investigation, and the Mueller report, four of them, no conspiracy collusion. And we now know from Mr. Mueller's retraction, absolutely no consideration of the Department of Justice policy as it relates to whether you can or cannot indict a sitting president.

Here with reaction, the Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton and FOX News contributor Sara Carter.

Tom, we begin with you. Tell us what you are now looking for?

TOM FITTON, PRESIDENT, JUDICIAL WATCH: Well, Mueller has turned out to be a partisan. You would have thought he was above the fray, but his press conference or press event this week show that he was out for Trump, suggested he was a crook and needs to be impeached without basis.

And he took this approach that he may have committed a crime, I'm not sure. But I can't prove he's innocent, which turns the rule of law on his head, as you know. People like President Trump are presumed innocent and to suggest otherwise from the podium of the Justice Department is a wild abuse of power. That's the Alice of Wonderland approach to justice. Verdict first -- sentence first, verdict later.

And he wants to sentence into impeachment? And this is inappropriate for the Justice Department to be doing, certainly an official of the Justice Department to be doing. And there needs to be an ethics investigation and what went on with that statement and, frankly, and ethics audit of the entire Mueller operation, because as you laid out, there are serious concerns about the way Mueller operated that team there and what they did in terms of the early morning raids --

HANNITY: Hiring Weissmann and Jeannie Rhee, and no Republican said it all.

By the way, I want Mr. Mueller to testify before Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows.

FITTON: I agree.

HANNITY: I want these questions answered. I don't think he has the courage to do it. Let's go --

FITTON: Did he interview himself? You know, as the president mentioned. Did he interview himself as part of this obstruction investigation related to the Mueller firing? He's a witness. He's a witness.

HANNITY: Yes, because he's speaking at both sides of his mouth. I understand the point.

Let me go to Sara Carter. Sara, I -- let's go to this clarification. Robert Mueller went into this long, drawn out, nine and a half minutes. We couldn't consider it because of Justice Department policy until the Department of Justice, the attorney general, and the special counsel's office, had to say, oops, we said the opposite in the past number of times. Sorry about that. And, of course, the media ignores it.

SARA CARTER, CONTRIBUTOR: Well, OK, this is what's going on here, Sean. And this is talking to sources and just common sense.

They're deflecting. They absolutely know that President Trump did not commit a conspiracy, there was no obstruction. But they have to focus on that. They have to push everything in that direction because now the attorney general and the Department of Justice have a magnifying glass on all of these former Obama officials who basically violated the law from what we can see based on the evidence that's out there already, evidence that we've already seen.

And remember, there's so much more evidence that we haven't seen yet, so much more information. So, they basically violated the law. There was malfeasance within the FBI. You have James Comey, John Brennan, Clapper, McCabe, Lisa Page, Peter Strzok, others that were involved, and you have the group of bureaucrats. Remember this -- they are the ones that are done. They are no longer in their positions of power.

But you have people that worked for them, people that were part of their group, that are still trying to protect them. And that's exactly what Mueller is doing.

When Mueller went out and gave that nine-and-a-half minute rambling speech to kind of rally up the Democrats, he did that on purpose, because they are now fighting for their lives. They are fighting to stay afloat, because they know that they could be charged.

HANNITY: But the clarification contradiction everything he said.

CARTER: Absolutely, absolutely, because they had to come out and they had to clarify, but Mueller is a smart man. Mueller knew exactly what he was saying when he went up there and did that. What he didn't count on is that he has Attorney General William Barr who isn't willing to back down and is willing to take him on publicly. So, of course, he had to back down from that and say, yes, I throw my hands up in the air now. That's exactly what I have to say.

HANNITY: All right. Tom --

FITTON: He came out and gave us a false statement. He gave a false statement. He said he didn't indict the president because of this OLC opinion. Who was behind that statement? Was it Andrew Weissmann and his staff who come --


HANNITY: The words came out of his own mouth, Tom. I mean, you kind of have to blame the guy who spoke them. He was reading from a prompter or some paper, but we'll get to the bottom of it.

FITTON: It's a big conspiracy, Sean. I believe you may.

HANNITY: Tom, thank you. Sara, thank you.

Joining us now, ranking member, House Intelligence Committee, Republican Congressman Devin Nunes.

It is now inevitable, Congressman. It's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when. We have talked about five separate buckets. We've talked about the FISA applications, 302s, Gang of Eight, exculpatory evidence, and more.

Now, the president has declassified. This is a game changer, and the I.G. report, and Mr. Durham, and John Huber, and the attorney general.

Tell us what you see unfolding and when.

REP. DEVIN NUNES, R-CALIF.: Well, I want to start by making sure the American people understand what Mueller did yesterday. I think they've done a pretty good job, but people also forget one important point -- Mueller trying to do this a victory lap. He tried to talk about the Russians that they found, the Russians that they prosecuted.

I just want to remind people that the House Republicans on the Intelligence Committee had that over a year ago. And Mueller, or if he's so concerned about these Russians, why did they obstruct our report from getting out? So, our report is still heavily redacted, Sean. So, you know, Mueller --


HANNITY: Can the president declassify that?

NUNES: I think exactly right, he lit the fuse. Yes, the president can declassify that, too.

And you ask about what you come first? I think the thing that should come first is, number one, we still don't even know what Mueller was supposed to be investigating.

We don't have that document. We know that he's talked about conspiracy to collude? Well, when he walked in the door, he knew there was no evidence of collusion. We know that because the lead investigator said so on text messages.

He was so blatantly dishonest yesterday that he says, well, the Office of Legal Counsel says that you can't indict a sitting president. Well, he should have been gone after day two. He has no Russians, except for the Fusion and Clinton Russians, and possibly the dirty cop, the FBI's Russians, those are the only Russians that he has, to show connections to the Trump campaign.

Clearly, the Clinton operation is heavily working with Russians or Russian disinformation. He didn't take time to look into any of that. And you have this, and he comes and says, well, there is no possibility to indict the president on obstruction of justice.

So, you just have to ask yourself sitting back thinking about it, what was that press conference all about yesterday?

HANNITY: What was it? Answer your own question.

NUNES: It was one thing. That was to light -- light the fuse for impeachment because these guys are in big trouble.

Another important point, let me point --


HANNITY: Wait a minute. When he backed off and he had to clarify with the joint statement, what does that mean?

NUNES: Well, that was Barr actually being a grown-up and had to probably remind Mueller, hey, we got you on the record three different times saying that you were not -- you didn't have enough information to indict on obstruction. It had not to do with the position of the Office of Legal Counsel.

But there's another important point that I think people should remember about, and I think that you have Comey with diarrhea of the mouth yesterday in "The Washington Post". He said something Mifsud. Mifsud is the guy that supposedly knew about the dirt on Clinton --

HANNITY: The professor in England, yes.

NUNES: He called him a Russia -- yes, the professor. He called them a Russian asset.

Now, remember, in the Mueller dossier, Mueller stopped short of calling him a Russian asset. So, now, the former FBI director who started this investigation can't even get full communication with the Mueller dossier people.

And just to finish up and put a final point on this, Weissmann, and you were just talking about this in your monologue, Weissmann and another attorney there, handled the Steele dossier in August of 2016. Now, are you telling me -- these are high-level people, Bruce Ohr, Andrew Weissmann, and other people who worked on the Mueller dossier team. Are you telling that in August, these guys, they're sitting there looking at this very salacious and unverified information and not one of them sits there and says, where does this come from, Bruce Ohr? Where did this come from?

Oh, my wife is doing it. My wife is working for Fusion GPS, that's working for the Democrats and Clinton campaign. That was a whole thing.

It's laughable, but it's so serious that you have to trouble -- I mean, you want to laugh. But at the same time, you just hope that justice is actually served for these criminals.

HANNITY: If you listen to the attorney general when he went before Senator Graham's committee, is he interested wanting to get to the bottom of the FISA abuse? We know that Bruce Ohr behind closed doors testified -- yes, he warned everybody that Hillary paid for it, Steele hates Trump. And, by the way, it's unverified. That was in August of 2016.

Ten days before, a State Department official Kathleen Kavalec also warned them before Comey signed off on the first FISA application, it says verified but it's an unverifiable document, because Steele doesn't stand by his own words. Are those people going to be held accountable? Do you see any way they get out of what I would think is an indictment to commit fraud in a FISA court, an indictment to literally rig an investigation in their favorite candidate Hillary Clinton, and then to use Russian lies to take down a duly elected president? Can they get away with that?

NUNES: Well, I think the easiest thing to prosecute on are the leaks, and the lie, and obstructing Congress's investigation. What I will say just in closing is that if you look at what's happened in this whole investigation, you've got a lot of areas for the Department of Justice to look at.

Don't forget the State Department also. You got the dirty cops in the State Department and whoever from the Clinton campaign was working with the dirty cops to get information from Russia. That's how you start a real investigation.

HANNITY: You've seen this information -- would it be fair to say when the American people see what you have seen, it will shock the conscience and soul of this country?

NUNES: Well, I always say, on the FISA application especially, that, you know, you heard Comey call it a mosaic. And let's just find out. People need to see what's there because I think they would cringe if they knew what the government was willing to do to its citizens.

HANNITY: All right. Thank you, Congressman. We appreciate it.

When we come back, the president's attorney Rudy Giuliani live in the studio.

Later, by the way, Lawrence Jones hits the streets in Portland. A first hand look at the city's homeless crisis. Amazing, it's in every liberal city in the country straight ahead.



CRAWFORD: You don't think that they committed treason?

BARR: Not as a legal matter, no.

CRAWFORD: But you have concerns about how they conduct the investigation?

BARR: Yes, but, you know, sometimes people can convince themselves that what they are doing is in the higher interest, the better good. They don't realize that what they're doing is really antithetical to the democratic system we have.


HANNITY: That was the Attorney General William Barr discussing the actions of the DOJ officials who launched this Russia probe. And as we have been telling you, there are serious repercussions for those for those nefarious, deep state, upper echelon actors -- by the way, not rank-and-file.

And just this morning, famed Watergate journalist Bob Woodward poured cold water on the Democrats' hopes and dreams of impeachment. Watch this.


BOB WOODWARD, JOURNALIST: I hate to go back to Watergate, but you have those thousands of hours of tape recordings where you heard the president say, let's obstruct justice. Let's pay blackmail money. Let's lie. Let's stonewall the grand jury.

And so, that raise the bar on how you deal with the president. And at this point, we do not have that kind of evidence involving Trump.


HANNITY: As a matter of fact, you have zero evidence.

Joining us now is the president's attorney, former New York City mayor, Rudy Giuliani.

Mr. Mayor, good to see you.

You know, we have -- Mueller makes this big splash yesterday. Everybody then ignores he had to clarify, and everything that he said in that nine- and-a-half minute period was not true. In terms of, well, I couldn't look at it because of Justice Department policy. He said to numerous people on numerous occasions that was not the consideration.

RUDY GIULIANI, PRESIDENT TRUMP'S ATTORNEY: He actually said it in the report if you read it carefully.


GIULIANI: First two pages of the report, he said, I cannot conclude that he committed obstruction of justice. End of story. That's when a prosecutor stops, an ethical one.

This whole thing about -- but I can't exonerate him, it's completely made up by Weissmann and him and these completely perverted prosecutors who somehow want Donald Trump to prove his innocence. Well, he actually can, in many cases. But you're not required to prove your innocence, because you can't prove a negative.

So, they have completely reversed American law.

HANNITY: And the media lets them get away with it.

GIULIANI: You want to answer why they didn't cover the retraction, which basically says just what I said? Because they are dishonest, because they are corrupt, and the President is absolutely right. And the people who do that are the enemy of the people, because what they are doing is they are perpetuating a complete lie.

HANNITY: They've done it for two years.

GIULIANI: It's the reason why they won't cover Ukraine. If Donald Trump Jr. got $1.5 billion from the Chinese, you don't think we'd be going crazy?

HANNITY: And Donald Trump is father, in this case, Joe Biden the father?

GIULIANI: Well, Biden's kid got $1.5 billion from China for a start-up private equity fund, while the old man was giving us away to China.

HANNITY: He was flying in Air Force too.

GIULIANI: He flew the kid there.

HANNITY: Flew the kid.

GIULIANI: He flew the kid there.


HANNITY: By the way, he had no background in that field.

GIULIANI: Oh he just been tossed out of the military for being a drug addict and they give $1.5 billion in China because of his expertise? Did they give it to him because Joe had caved into them on the islands, on tariffs, sold us out, so the kid could get $1.5 billion? We're not covering that?

HANNITY: In the Ukraine as well.

GULIANI: And you tell me these people are honest?

HANNITY: Let me ask you.

GIULIANI: They are covering - trying to figure out if Donald Trump got a parking ticket 20 years ago and they don't want to cover $1.5 billion? How about the $5 million from one of the most crooked people in the Ukraine, while Joe is doling out the money to the Ukraine? And then Joe bribes the President of the Ukraine.

HANNITY: He says, you have six hours, fire the prosecutor that's investigating his son, or I'm leaving with America's money.

GIULIANI: The money that would have the country go under. Remember, it wasn't just $1.2 billion, as if that's not a lot of money, they were going to default, if they didn't get $1.2 billion. They were desperate. Poroshenko didn't want to fire the guy. He was the godfather of the guy's kid. He did it because he was extorted. That's the crime, Joe, extorted. And by the way, when he took the money for Ukraine, we call that under our laws bribery.

Bribery, not some ridiculous obstruction, where there is no underlying crime, and no active obstruction. Here, we got the money, we got the pressure, we got the result, we got the official action, offering money or withholding money for an official action is the classical common-law crime of bribery.

HANNITY: You said the word--

GIULIANI: And the dishonest press will not cover it. And that's why when the President says they are dishonest, when he says they are corrupt, and even when he says they are the enemy of the people, those aren't words - they are proving it.

HANNITY: They have lied repeatedly, knowingly, purposefully for two years. Let me ask you, you said this about Mueller, I dare Robert Mueller to testify. No, no, but I do too. Why did he hire the team, when did he know there is no collusion, why did he ignore the dirty Russian dossier? I have a lot of questions for him.

GIULIANI: Well, I watched him yesterday for 9 minutes. I saw a man read - he didn't give a statement, he read a statement haltingly, little stumbling--

HANNITY: Lot of stumbling.

GIULIANI: --went out without answering questions, press just live with that. I can't remember they ever let me go without answering questions, and I've never been afraid to answer the questions because I'm not deceiving them and I'm not afraid of them because I'm not deceiving them. So I met with that guy once, once.

HANNITY: That's it?

GIULIANI: Every time I had a problem, somebody else we had to met with. Once, when we had a crisis and we took him to task in the Attorney General's Office, the Deputy Attorney General's Office, and I blasted them, he didn't show up.

I saw him a year and a half ago one and only time. I called him "The Wizard of Oz". "We would say, you are doing this, you are doing that, it's wrong. He'll say, we'll take it up with Bob. I used to sometimes say, maybe we shouldn't wake up.

HANNITY: Mr. Mayor, you outlined Hillary Clinton. We know they rigged her investigations, she's guilty. Espionage act, and the intent, and the underlying crime was espionage act. She was eliminating the evidence by deletions and bleach bid and hammers. And then we know--

GIULIANI: We could start doing new things about her. We tell all kinds of new things about her. I just find out from my work in Ukraine that the Clinton Foundation got untold hundreds of millions from Ukrainian crocked oligarchs.


GIULIANI: I wonder--

HANNITY: Let me go into - get to the dirty dossier--

GIULIANI: Do you think Ukrainian oligarchs give away hundreds of millions and not get something in return?


GIULIANI: They are pretty tough guys.


HANNITY: Do you believe these people that abuse their power, that use the dirty dossier, that rigged her investigation, that tried to steal an election, and then undermine a duly elected President, are you confident they will be held accountable?

GIULIANI: Yes, I'm absolutely confident. I'm absolutely confident. Ukraine is just one piece of it. It's much bigger than that. This whole thing with the Steele dossier is dynamite, absolute dynamite. I don't see how Comey walks away from it.

HANNITY: I don't either.

GIULIANI: I mean I would love to prosecute the case. I'd love to cross- examine one of these guys. Oh Man, it would be a dream.

HANNITY: Mr. Mayor, thank you.

GIULIANI: Thank you.

HANNITY: Good job, by the way. Congratulations, thank you.

When we come back, the President taking a huge stand when it comes to illegal immigration, Geraldo, Dan Bongino are next. Later, Lawrence Jones has an exclusive report, another liberal city, another crisis, we will explain straight ahead.


HANNITY: And this is a Fox News Alert, tonight President Trump is taking a bold stand on Mexico and illegal immigration. Fox News Correspondent Trace Gallagher. He is live tonight in the West Cost newsroom with the very latest. This is important, because Mexico has power and they're not helping us. Trace.

TRACE GALLAGHER, CORRESPONDENT: And Sean, the President is making it very clear, if Congress won't act, he taking matters into his own hands. Breaking right now, the Trump administration just announced, beginning June 10, the U.S. will impose a 5% tariff on all goods imported from Mexico, and the tariffs won't be removed until the Mexican government takes dramatic action to reduce or eliminate illegal immigrants crossing the border.

This is not being framed as a trade battle, but rather an immigration battle, and the advisory says if Mexico does not act fast, the tariffs will continue to rise until they hit 25% on October 1. Some critics believe this could undermine the passage of U.S.-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement. The move comes a day after more than 1,000 illegal immigrants were apprehended by border patrol agents near El Paso.

That's the largest single apprehension of migrants ever. The group includes people from Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras. Border stations are already overwhelmed with the influx of migrant families, and border patrol agents cannot patrol the border because they are feeding and caring for those families.

HANNITY: Alright, Trace Gallagher, thanks for that report. And here with reaction, all of the breaking news tonight, Fox News Contributor Dan Bongino; Fox News Correspondent-at-Large, Geraldo Rivera.

It's really simple. Mexico, up until fairly recently, had the most draconian laws about illegal immigrants from Central America. You either went to jail or they deported you. There was no in-between. Now, they are letting the caravans come up here. They have a responsibility, if they want to be our partners, to stop it on their end and they are not.

GERALDO RIVERA, CORRESPONDENT-AT-LARGE: I don't know, I'm not expert enough in terms of the economics of the tariff, whether that's the punitive measure that you employ to get Mexico to cooperate, but I think that what is clear, Sean, and I'm all for compassion and I believe that immigration is a net positive for the country.

But I think that no one can look at these pictures of 1001 group in a single day in a single hour crossing the border and feel that inaction is an option. So we have to do something and Mexico has to be--

HANNITY: Of those thousand people, if there was one that comes here with bad intentions that we don't vet, we are not serving the American people well. It's that simple. We have a right to vet and we have a right to demand that, if you are coming here, you have to be able to take care of yourself.

RIVERA: My feeling is that those kinds of economic issues generally tend to work themselves out. And if you have 11 million undocumented people, and once in a while some bad actor does some awful thing, what if it was city of 11 million? You would expect something like that.

The thing that I emphasize, and my mission - one of my mission's in life, and you know that I have several, is to portray this group as the positive traditional force that a compassionate patriotic person would want.

HANNITY: Hold on. Do we have a wall with a door?


HANNITY: There you go.


HANNITY: Perfect, I don't care where you come from, you just be a part of our family and don't bring--

RIVERA: But treat them with respect.

HANNITY: Everyone - we treat everybody with respect. Dan Bongino?

DAN BONGINO, CONTRIBUTOR: Yes, Sean, here's what I don't understand. Treat them with respect? We've taken in millions of immigrants from all over the world who decided to come here legally, raise their right hand, follow the rules and pledge allegiance to the United States, and thank God for those people.

But, Geraldo, compassion is not a public policy. You can't just say that and magically wave a wand and make these problems go away. We are compassionate. That's just not an accurate thing to say, we need to be compassionate.

One, it doesn't solve anything, and two, it's inaccurate, it doesn't take into account the context of the entire immigration picture in the country right now. People who want to come here, there is a process, if you disregard the process, you can't come here, it's as simple as that.

HANNITY: Let me go to Robert Mueller yesterday and then the clarification. Media breathless, hysteria, oh we get to relive our conspiracy for one more day. But the clarification is massive, which is he had said on numerous occasions to numerous people that Justice Department policy had no sway in the decision that there was no evidence, the Deputy Attorney General, Attorney General Office of Legal Counsel made that decision. That's what these statue calls for.

RIVERA: The first thing I thought of was, if he had picked William Barr to be his original Attorney General rather than Senator Jeff Sessions, the President would've had a tenth of the problems he has.

HANNITY: He wouldn't have had any of this garbage.

RIVERA: He had nothing, it would have been - Barr is so matter of fact, he is so disciplined in his approach, his grasp of the laws, the regulation, and the record is so spot-on that he really helps the President.


BONGINO: What he did yesterday, Mueller, Sean, is disgraceful. And I really can't believe how some other networks are giving him a pass.

HANNITY: I can't believe it, this is what they - they peddle lies and conspiracies every second, every minute, every hour of every day. That's all it is.

BONGINO: But, Sean, it was so transparently obvious what he did. Not guilty is not a standard to impugn someone's character in a press conference where you spend the first five minutes of a nine minute press conference saying how Russians you went after - this literally happened - are entitled to the presumption of innocence.

And then you go and re-litigate a case against the President. You are never as a prosecutor willing to try, and didn't have the guts to try? It's an abomination of justice. How do we, even the biggest Trump haters in the world, not see that?

HANNITY: Alright, good to see you both. Congratulations on your golf tournament today.

RIVERA: Thank you for coming.


--America, right there.

HANNITY: By the way, you've raised money - he raises a lot of money every year. He has transformed how this country treats those that have mental health issues.

BONGINO: We are united in that cause.

HANNITY: 100%. All right, when we come back, an exclusive report, another liberal city, all the spending, all the generosity of the liberals, in a major crisis. Pam Bondi, Emily Compagno, all coming up straight ahead.


HANNITY: Tonight, a new report. Liberal cities are all in crisis. We sent our own Lawrence Jones to Portland to investigate what's going on in that city, just like San Francisco, just like L.A., oh and just like Ocasio- Cortez's district. Take a look.


LAWRENCE JONES III, RADIO HOST, THEBLAZE: Portland, it seems like there may be a homeless problem, would you agree?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yes, may be is a little bit of an understatement, but yes.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Situation in Portland is very bad. The police aren't able to do their jobs.

JONES: So what do you see?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What do I see? I see a city not doing enough. I see an entire West Coast not doing enough. If you've been to the Bay Area, it's worse. Here, it's pretty bad.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: People are being allowed to do whatever they want. The people who live in the city, we are victims.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I see the streets being more congested with tents and with people kind of congregating around corners. It's changed the way that, I would say, as like an individual woman, where my safety feels alive, I have to be more thoughtful.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: In Portland, I see a lot of drug - like, I've had a homeless guy to me, asked me if I wanted some drugs.

JONES III: What kind of drugs do you see most homeless people in Portland associate with?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Possibly with meth and heroin.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You find a lot of needles, when you go out. You see a lot of interactions happening on the streets.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It's easy to be homeless down here. It's easy to do it. You got to - I sometimes feel like - like I look homeless right now because I just got off the streets like two weeks ago. And it was really just getting up and doing it for myself. A lot of people don't want to do that.


HANNITY: Joining us with reaction, Fox News Contributor Emily Compagno and Former Florida Attorney General, Pam Bondi. Good to see you both. Pam, it's interesting, so when you go to San Francisco, a mile from the beautiful walled gated community of Nancy Pelosi and a mile on the other district to her office, you have people - well feces all over the street, needles everywhere, homelessness everywhere. And why wouldn't she, a multi-multi- multimillionaire, ask her millionaire friends to maybe build a shelter?

PAM BONDI, FORMER FLORIDA ATTORNEY GENERAL: Exactly. Well, because she's behind her gated community, that she's against for our country, but behind her gated community. So no, Sean, it's going to hurt kids, kids are going to get hurt. She has to know that with hypodermic needles, with the drug issues, with the homelessness.

HANNITY: What about that kid who slid into second base and slid into a needle?

BONDI: Yes, it's unreal. And these poor people have mental health issues called dual diagnosis, and they take drugs to mask the symptoms. They need mental health counseling, they need drug treatment. She and all her rich friends can help build shelters, instead of putting bathrooms there to try to keep the feces off the streets. That makes no sense.

HANNITY: How about a shelter that has bathroom, showers, two meals a day and maybe some mental health counseling?

BONDI: A true shelter, exactly. They need drug treatment, they need mental health. And the city of Oregon, the Mayor gave $32 million in his budget towards it, well that's where it needs to go for, not just setting up bathrooms on the street where kids can - you know people with mental health issues could be dangerous to children.

HANNITY: And Emily, I always say this, liberals are very generous with our money. But when it comes to their own money, it's a mile away from Nancy Pelosi's house and office in the other direction, and it's always happening in these big cities, where is the compassion they lecture us about when they want every penny we make?

EMILY COMPAGNO, CONTRIBUTOR: Exactly. And the irony is that the war over this competing compassionate approach to the homelessness problem means that it's paralyzing these cities, right?

It's wasting our tax dollars. And for example, Seattle spends $100,000 for each of its 12,000 homeless. As Pam just stated, the city of Portland is now allocating $32 million up from $15 million two years ago, but to what end.

Here for example the police are discouraged from making arrests with any type of homeless related crimes. Obviously, the DA doesn't prosecute. But when a local journalist, a self designated socialist, by the way, brought up mental health institutionalization, mental health facilities, he was called a Nazi by a Seattle City Council member.

So it's impossible to have any type of reasonable approach and the sufferers are not only those homeless, 80% of whom are drug addicted and mentally ill, but the constituents whose tax dollars are being absolutely wasted and who are unable to use their parks.

HANNITY: Let's get your legal thoughts on what we now see happening with Robert Mueller yesterday and then the clarification because he outright lied in the nine and a half minutes.

BONDI: I'm so glad you asked me that. There was no collusion, there was no crime. Had there been, he would've put it in his report. You know that, I know that, the President knows that, Rudy Giuliani knows that, and the American people know that. And for him to come out and say that at this point was really politicizing everything.

HANNITY: Alright, good to see you. Thank you for being with us. Emily, thank you as always. When we come back, more “Hannity” right after this.


HANNITY: All right, we are literally now days away, because the Attorney General Barr said that the Inspector General any day now will be in fact releasing the investigation to FISA abuse. If we got to the truth, it'll be devastating.

We also have the other four or five buckets that we've been talking about. We must hold these people accountable. They rigged an investigation, tried to rig an election, and try to overturn an election. And we'll get to the bottom of it. We'll never be the media mob. Thank you for being with us. Let not your heart be troubled.

Laura Ingraham, hi.

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