Tracking the Three Illegal Aliens Arrested in the Fort Dix Terrorism Case

Three brothers from the Balkans are in custody right now charged with plotting to murder American soldiers at Fort Dix, New Jersey.

Eljvir, Dritan and Shain Duka were in the USA illegally and federal authorities have told FOX News they believe the three crossed the border near Brownsville, Texas as children way back in 1984.

Now as adults the three brothers had beefs with the law, mostly traffic violations in New Jersey. But those violations are amazing. For example, Shain Duka had his license suspended 19 times. Dritan Duka had 11 suspensions. And Eljvir had an astounding 24 suspensions of his driver's license, one he shouldn't have had at all.

Despite that, these guys were never jailed. What would Paris Hilton think?

In addition, The Washington Post is reporting that Shain and Dritan Duka both pleaded guilty to low level drug charges yet they remained in this country for 23 years because the authorities in New Jersey simply didn't want to deal with them.

Sadly this is happening all over the USA and three states, Maine, Alaska and Oregon actually admit they're not going help the feds find illegal aliens who are offending on a low level.

Now the three brothers lived in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, a suburb of Philly. The Cherry Hill police chief William Guchina — Kuchina, I should say told The Washington Post his department knew the men had more than 50 traffic violations but couldn't stop them from driving. That of course is nonsense. — Prosecutors could have charged the brothers under a number of criminal statutes. They just didn't want to be bothered.

This is what anarchy looks like, ladies and gentlemen. This is the result of American authorities at every level not wanting to deal with the immigration chaos.

The pro-amnesty and open borders lobby is very strong and well organized. And the media is solidly against tough action to control illegal immigration. If you can believe it, elements at NBC News actually sneered at the arrests of the Fort Dix six calling them "hysterical" and other media are downplaying the arrests as well.

There is no doubt that the Duka brothers were allowed to violate U.S. law over and over again with no consequence. Again, this happens when a justice system collapses as it has over immigration law.

Now, thank God these guys didn't kill anybody because they easily could have. Even though New Jersey authorities had 54 chances to stop them.

And that's "The Memo."

Most Ridiculous Item

I was all set to compliment The Los Angeles Times, and they hosed us, in the end. Last week their far-left columnist, Rosa Brooks — who works for George Soros, if you can believe it, but The Times doesn't tell its readers that — harpooned me about this bogus Indiana University study that says I insult people once every 6.8 seconds.

Well, "Factor" producer Ron Mitchell has blown the lid off that study and you can see it on I mean, we just destroyed it.

So we called The L.A. Times and said this is a bogus study, you've got to print Mitchell's article. They said they would, and they put it on their Internet site. Not good, you guys. You guys have really got to be more honest. — The Los Angeles Times strikes again.