Toyota Deserves Better

God forbid congressmen would want to take a lick of responsibility for U.S. safety folks missing this Toyota mess. Why not just dump on Toyota for the whole mess?

Toyota had a lot of this coming. But Congress better understand what all their grand-standing is doing in Japan, where a lot of folks think we're vilifying a company in an effort to coddle U.S.-rescued companies.

Never mind there are nuances there. Let me be very clear here; Japan knows Toyota goofed. But increasingly in the Japanese press I'm reading, they know something else – our politicians are just goofs making Toyota the distraction from the issues that matter, and not this needless Washington drama that does not.

Especially when the Japanese press write of our selective rage: Unionized American companies good, largely non-unionized Japanese companies bad.

Our politicians aren't saying that. Trust me, their politicians are.

And for a country that takes great pride in honor, nothing is honorable in the way they see us acting, and in our politicians' show-boating.

The Japanese are the first to point out, we owe them nothing, especially when one of their greatest companies screwed up on something. But we have no closer friend in Asia and no bigger holder of our debt anywhere.

Trust me, Japan's not due a thank you, but the way a lot of Japanese see our treatment of Toyota, they’re due a hell of a lot better than a screw you.

Because this isn't about cars potentially crashing, but relations with a great and proud country that already have.

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