Too Sexy to Cheer?

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ALAN COLMES, HOST: School spirit turned into an ugly confrontation at San Jose State last month, resulting in the suspension of the school's dance team. The dance team's sexy routine got them suspended. It also provoked an elderly man to heckle dancers. The altercation between the man and dancer Tarah Dinardo was captured on home video and shows Dinardo's arm being grabbed by a university official who intervened.

Joining us now is that dancer involved in the confrontation, Tarah Dinardo. Tarah, thank you for coming on the show tonight.


COLMES: Do you think that you made a mistake by going in and confronting this gentleman who was upset with the dance routine?

DINARDO: Oh, no, not at all. We've been dealing with him for about three years now. And it was my last game, so I figured it was about time somebody said something.

COLMES: What do you think about the allegations that — you know, we showed some of the video. These routines are really sexy, and someone like he, a 74-year-old man, doesn't take to them well. He objects to them.

DINARDO: Yes, he did. I think it's definitely a generational divide, which is why he had to say something.

COLMES: Are you pushed by the school? One of the stories I read, I think, had you quoted as saying you were pushed by the school. They want sexier and sexier routines. Is that what's going on?

DINARDO: Yes, I'm not sure if you know, but right now, San Jose State the past few years has been having a problem in ticket sales in athletics. The school is not making money, and their athletics team is really not doing well as far as ticket sales.

And they told us a few years ago, anything they could do to boost ticket sales for athletics they're going to do. And they said they're starting with the dance team. They don't want the typical cheerleading uniforms and the turtlenecks. They said they want more hair, more makeup, sexier uniforms and more of an NFL-style (search) cheerleader.

COLMES: Is anybody objecting to that other than this man?

DINARDO: We have never had really any complaints to us directly, especially not anybody heckling us in front of any entire stadium before. But we actually have had to change our uniforms four times due to other alumni, mostly women, that objected to some of the sexier uniforms.

COLMES: Should the school, though, be responsive to people like alumni and women who say, you know, "This is not appropriate. We're offended by this. You're representing this school. You're representing us." Can you understand that concern?

DINARDO: Of course. I can definitely understand the concern. And I believe everybody is entitled to their own opinion. But when the school had their chance to approve it, they did. And they actually paid for the uniforms. They saw pictures of the uniforms, and they knew what they were doing. That's what they wanted.

But I think the way the school handled it is the main issue here. And anybody grabbing my arm to try to, you know, confront the issue, I think, is definitely wrong.

SEAN HANNITY, HOST: Hey, Tarah, I want you to explain this a little bit more. Because you're in a confrontation with this man, what, Ray Silva?

DINARDO: Yes, that's his name.

HANNITY: All right. So who grabbed your arm? Wasn't it the athletic director who grabbed your arms?

DINARDO: It was the athletic director, yes, John Glass.

HANNITY: And we're looking at it. Is that it there? I mean, is the athletic director trying to prevent a fight from breaking out?

DINARDO: No, not at all.

HANNITY: Is the athletic director trying to — or is the athletic director on the side of Mr. Silva?

DINARDO: He's on the side of Mr. Silva. And what's interesting is that John Glass, who grabs my arm, is actually in charge of fundraising. And the alumni, the man that was heckling us, is a personal friend of John Glass' as well as a huge donor to the school, which is why I think the main issue was created. It was almost like he felt that the alumni was...

HANNITY: And you have black and blue marks on your arm apparently?

DINARDO: Yes, my arm was red for a couple of days from the grab, and then two days later, it started to bruise up.

HANNITY: And your father has hired an attorney?

DINARDO: Yes, this is correct.

HANNITY: And his comment in one of papers was, "Well, I don't want people to lay hands on my daughter." So obviously you're going to be filing a lawsuit?

DINARDO: Well, we're seeing all of our options right now, definitely. So we're not really sure what we're going to do.

HANNITY: Let me translate. "We're filing a lawsuit."

DINARDO: Who said that?

HANNITY: Well, I mean, "We're looking at our options," I mean, what do you — I'm not sure what I believe here. You are convinced that the athletic director did this not to break up a fight but did this to support the guy that was heckling you. What evidence do you have that that was his motive?

DINARDO: Well, he's in charge of fundraising, John Glass. And his biggest donor has the complaints. And me, as being a young girl, walks up and tries to get the man that was heckling us kicked out.

HANNITY: But did he grab you out of anger, or did he grab you to say, "Let's stop the confrontation?” And show me where he grabs you here. Where is that?

DINARDO: He grabs me with his right hand. And he grabs my left arm right here.

HANNITY: And it wasn't to just stop a fight from breaking out, considering that guy was getting so heated?

DINARDO: Yes, the gentleman — Ray Silva, the alumni — was the one getting very heated. And I just said I just walked up and it shows me walking up on the camera. And I said, "I'm sorry, sir, but this man should have been kicked out of the game a long time ago. He was yelling profanities at my team." And before I even got my sentence out, Ray Silva was the one yelling, "She's a liar. She's accusing me of yelling profanities." And he immediately grabbed my arm.

COLMES: Thank you for being with us. Thanks for coming on the show tonight.

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