Tom Fitton: Comey, Clapper, Brennan have criminal liability

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JEANINE PIRRO, FOX NEWS HOST: Welcome to the special edition of "Hannity: Trump on Offense". I am Jeanine Pirro in for Sean tonight.

After President Trump's tough talk yesterday, the summit with Kim Jung-un maybe back on, because North Korea is signaling a willingness to sit down with the US. Here's what President Trump said earlier today. Take a look.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Mr. President, is the summit still on?

DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF UNITED STATES: We're going to see what happens, we're talking to them now. I was a very nice statement they put out (inaudible) read as well. We are talking to them now. They very much want to do it. We'd like to do it. We're going to see what happens


TRUMP: John, everybody plays games, you know that.


PIRRO: President Trump also tweeted today, quote, "very good news to receive the warm and productive statement from North Korea. We will soon see where it will lead, hopefully to long and enduring prosperity and piece. Only time and talent will tell."

Secretary of Defense James Mattis is also saying, the two sides may come to the table. Take a look.


JAMES MATTIS, SECRETARY OF DEFENSE: Possible some good news. The Korea summit where it may diplomatic and pull it off may have it back on. Even the President sent out a note about that a few moments ago, we'll let you all know that that's a usual give and take, you know, of trying to put together big summits and stuff. Diplomats are still at work. Our plan here at the Defense Department, that's a fine thing.


PIRRO: The president also touted America's increased might during an address in the US Naval Academy. Take a look.


TRUMP: We have begun the great rebuilding of the United States military. We have ended the disastrous defense sequester. No money for the military. Those days are over. And we just secured, you've read all about it, a $700 billion largest ever amount of money to support our great war fighters.


PIRRO: Joining us with reaction, our Fox News Contributor retired CIA Senior Intelligence Officer Daniel Hoffman and US Army Veteran Brett Velicovich, and Co-Author of "Reaper" Brigadier General Tony Tata, all right. Good evening, gentlemen.

I'm going to start with you, Daniel Hoffman, are we witnessing as we look at the last 24 hours from where did it begin with one say Pyongyang saying that the US is looking for an appalling tragedy to occur, and the President yesterday cancelling the summit. And then, if you change your mind though don't hesitate to call.

I mean, this has been a roller coaster of activity; is this the kind of thing that happens in all diplomatic negotiations?

DANIEL HOFFMAN, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Well, I think, probably, it's particular to North Korea, the hermit kingdom, which is one of the most closed countries on the planet with a bankrupt economy and, you know, chemical and biological and nuclear weapons and an ICVM capability to go along with it.

But I think it's important to note is that, the North Koreans played a hand. They tried to behave -- as if they didn't want the summit. Secretary Pompeo said they ghosted us. They rejected planning meetings. And they disparaged our vice-president and the national sanctuary adviser. And the president called their bluff.

And right away, the response from North Korea was conciliatory, not bellicose. And looks like the summit might be back on. I think this can only strengthen our hand as we head possibly to Singapore next month.

PIRRO: And, you know, I'll go to you, Brett, I mean, how different is this in the negotiations during the Iran deal with Obama?

BRETT VELICOVICH, US ARMY VETERAN: Well, it's a lot different. I think if we've learned anything in the last 24 hours is that, the president's chess moves works. I mean, look, if this was the same administration that worked the Iran deal, we would be begging and pleading for them to come to the negotiation table over and over again just to get them to sign some paper, you know, that's a weak deal in the end.

And so, what we're seeing here is a very significant event that is playing out on the world stage, and I think the president in the end did the right thing here.

PIRRO: And General Tata, you know, it was interesting listening to Secretary of Defense Mattis talking about, you know, we possibly got some good news. How evolved is the military in the negotiation stage. It was kind of interesting seeing Mattis upfront there.

TONY TATA, RETIRED BRIGADIER GENERAL: Well, I think that is deliberate on the president's part. And the military is the teeth behind the diplomatic effort, the information effort, the economic effort that is going on here. And the president is masterfully synchronizing all of that.

And so, the defense secretary really has a few roles here. One is to provide the trained and ready forces and to be able to say with confidence that we can attack, we can defend, we can do whatever we need to do. And that message is very important.

Secondly, of course, he advises the president on the readiness and the state of readiness, and the president is very forceful in what he's saying. Is that we have had the most trained and ready force that we've had in the long time, 700 billion defense budget, the biggest ever.

And so, I think that's really two of key pieces that the secretary of defense plays in these negotiations. And of course, there's operational stuff on the ground in South Korea that General Vince Brooks and his team will be doing as they hope prepare and head to Singapore.

PIRRO: And, Daniel Hoffman, you know, in line with what General Tata was just saying, you know, North Korea released hostages. And, you know, whether or not that blowing up of that nuclear site, one would say unusual, we're not sure, but we believe that to be the case. So even while there is this bellicose kind of back and forth, North Korea still doing what it should be doing and President Trump said I will not meet you until you agreement to denuclearize.

HOFFMAN: Yes. I mean, I think kind of the price of admission for a discussion about the summit was, first and foremost, release the hostages and then take care of those nuclear test sites. They have apparently eliminated them.

But, you know, now we'll have to wait and see whether they are really serious about coming to the table. And I think, you know, only time will tell. But, you know, I think we did synchronize the message very well. Secretary Pompeo was very clear that if North Korea doesn't want to negotiate, we'll revert the situation normal, which means military deterrence and maximum economic pressure.

PIRRO: All right. And then, to you, Brett, I mean, demilitarization, OK, a lot of North Korean leaders have promised that. How do we verify it? I mean, even yesterday with the blowing up of that site, I mean, no one was there from our side to substantiate that.

VELICOVICH: Right. And it has to be verifiable and irreversible, and I think that's been the problem a lot of times. I mean, in 2008, you have to remember, we have to look at history here, you know, a bunch of journalist were invited to watch the destruction of this cooling tower that there really to extract weapon's grade plutonium. And what the audience didn't know is that the North Korean had a separate facility that they had already build and ready to go.

And so, they use this explosion just for some media coverage. But in the end, they were deceiving us. And so, one of the things though, that I still haven't really seen defined here is, how do both sides, the US and North Korea, truly define denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, because right now, it sounds like a very one-sided compromise when you think about it on behalf of the North Korean. And I just don't know why they would give up their nuclear arsenal just for loosening of some sanctions.

So in the end, the President is going to have to convince Kim Jong-un who really in the end, really wants some regime preservation in this new face of economic modernization, that he has to convince Kim Jong-un that he can still preserve his regime and give up nuclear weapons in the process.

PIRRO: You know, he makes a very good point, general. And that is, it seems at this point that North Korea is doing the, you know, the moves right now.

TATA: Well, I think, you know, if you look at the letter that North Korea sent back. It talks about the reunification. I think this is a bigger conversation than denuclearization. When you heard what Secretary Pompeo said when he returned, he talked about having North Korea on par with South Korea, I think is the term used.

So what you have got as an opportunity. And let's remember, you know, Kim Jong Un was educated we believe in Switzerland, right? So he's got a Western education and he came to power with really two visions, when his father and grandfather came with a self-reliant nation, a powerful military. Kim Jong-un came with nuclear power and economy, a strong economy.

And so, he may be willing to tradeoff the nuclear power if we come in and with building infrastructure. And remember, you know, there are some families that are still divided from the demarcation line. And they are the same people, the same work ethic, and that North Korea can be an economic powerhouse. And this could be the end game for Kim Jong Un and President Trump.

PIRRO: OK. And, you know, Daniel Hoffman, you know, one of the things that I found so interesting, was that, Kim Jong-un, I mean, he seem to be, almost have, you know, schizophrenic personalities, one day off of the wall, he's rocket man, and the next day, you know, he wants to reunify and connect with South Korea, and games, and his sisters is out there. He didn't go or his people didn't go to a meeting where they were supposed to set up the actual logistics for the meet.

There were some reports that he was afraid of being knocked off. Can you talk about that?

HOFFMAN: Yes. You know, that certainly a challenge for our intelligence community. And the intelligence community, CIA, NSA in particular, will play a very important role in providing intelligence to this administration and to the president on what exactly Kim Jong-un is thinking, and including some of the elites who may be influencing his behavior.

That's a theory that's out there, it certainly possible that some in (inaudible) were concerned that he was moving too fast and they wanted to put the brakes on him. I would caution everyone that Kim Jong-un is in pretty strong control. Remember, he has the habit of killing those who threaten him including with VX in a Malaysian airport.


HOFFMAN: So I think he has a pretty strong control over his country and that may simple be a story that was led out as paint and it might not really be true. But again, I would highlight the value of intelligence in this case so that we step out smartly on his negotiations.

And I would emphasize too, we're in for the long haul here. There's going to be a lot of twists and turns, and really neither side should expect any immediate gratification. We've heard this from this panel about some of the extraordinary complex challenges that await us.

PIRRO: And, you know what, Brett, when you think about it. The president has navigated some extremely difficult waters. Doesn't this put President Trump, I mean, even given as far as he's gone, in contention of the Nobel Peace Prize?

VELICOVICH: Yes, I think so. I mean, look, this is very historic next few months for sure. I mean, no president, no sitting president has ever met a North Korean leader and there's no doubt that this is going to absolutely be historic. I mean, there's no doubt that this is the deal of the century. I will define the president. You know, in his career and he can't fail at this.

And so, I'm rooting for him. I know others are looking to see him fail. But this is something that's bigger than just us in America, it's a deal for the rest of the world.

PIRRO: Really fast, Contention of the Nobel Peace Prize.

TATA: Oh, absolutely. I think this is the art of the deal. I think that the president though wants this for the world, not for the Nobel Peace Prize.

PIRRO: And he has said that. Gentlemen, thank you very much.

TATA: Thank you.

And coming up, President Trump went on offense against the deep state actors who are trying to cripple his presidency as well as the will of the American people. We'll explain and get reaction from Greg Jarrett, Tom Fitton and Charlie Hurt, that and more as the special edition of "Hannity" continues.



TRUMP: It looks like a very serious event but we'll find out. When they look at the documents, I think people are going to see a lot of bad things happened. I hope it's not so, because if it is, there's never been anything like it in the history of our country. This was a terrible situation, what we're doing is we're cleaning everything up. It is so important, what I am doing is a service to this country. We call it spygate. You are calling it spygate. A lot of bad things have happened.


PIRRO: Welcome back to a special edition of "Hannity." That was President Trump earlier this week going on offense against the deep state. And the president didn't stop there.

He wrote on Twitter today, "The Democrats are now alluding to the concept that having an informant placed in an opposing party's campaign is different than having a spy, as illegal as that may be. But what about an informant who is paid a fortune, and who sets up way earlier than a Russian hoax."

The president then wrote, "Can anyone even imagine having spies placed in a competing campaign by the people and party in absolute power for the sole purpose of political advantage and gain, and to think that the party in question, even with the expenditure of far more money lost." The president's comments are causing people like former CIA Director John Brennan to lash out. Take a look.


ANDREA MITCHELL, MSNBC HOST: What's the difference between an informant and a spy?

JOHN BRENNAN, FORMER CIA DIRECTOR: Well, first of all, it is typical of Mr. Trump to mischaracterize. He is a master of mischaracterization and dishonesty. But again, this is something that Mr. Trump is, as you said, masterful at in terms of twisting the truth in order to support his narrative. A lot of people are complaining that the FBI and CIA didn't do enough to uncover what Russia was doing. Well, this is exactly what the FBI was supposed to do and thank goodness they did it.


PIRRO: Joining us now with reaction is the Author of the upcoming book "The Russia Hoax", Fox News Legal Analyst Greg Jarrett, Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton, and Washington Times Columnist and Fox News Contributor Charlie Hurt, all right.

Greg, I'm going to start with you. Did the FBI have a legal basis to start a criminal investigation, do they even have a sufficient intelligence basis to launch an intelligence probe?

GREG JARRETT, FOX NEWS LEGAL ANALYST: They had neither, and the evidence is abundantly clear. And yet they launched this dilating investigation. And then candidate Trump, they continued it with President Trump.

And so the president is rightly outraged and I'm happy he expressing it, that they essentially used a spy to infiltrate his campaign, to elicit and to induce and entrap people in (inaudible) criminating things. If it was done for purely political reason, and it appears it was, that is a crime. It's called abuse of power, depravation of rights under collar of law, they were depriving candidate Trump of his constitutional rights, his right to privacy and fourth amendment rights.

PIRRO: OK. And Tom Fitton I'm going to go with you, you know, there's a lot of the talk about an informant and a spy. What is the difference between an informant and a spy if there is one at all?

TOM FITTON, PRESIDENT, JUDICIAL WATCH: There is no practical difference, (inaudible) on the part of the Obama administration, the top leadership, which this week was forced to admit they did have someone targeting the Trump campaign. It was on the payroll of at least one agency, we don't know, maybe more than one agency, which would have been without precedent within at least modern American history, that to go back to the '60s to find anything similar in terms of governmental abuse.

And when you hear Clapper and Brennan, and Comey and the rest, complaining and criticize President Trump for highlighting their corruption, you're looking at a list of people who have in my view significant criminal and civil liability over what went on, on their watch during the Obama administration and after.

And, you know, when you hear Brennan go crazy and attack Trump like he is, you have to wonder why on earth that this -- why do on Earth was he ever allowed near any counter-intelligence investigation related Mr. Trump. He obviously hated him and explains why things went off the rails did they under the Obama administration.

PIRRO: And, you know, Charlie, when Tom said they obviously hated Mr. Trump, I don't think that could be any clearer. You had a whole (inaudible) at the top of the FBI and in the community there, who hated Donald Trump.

And yet, a year ago, when Devin Nunes, and when it appeared that, you know, there was something cooking here and they thought that, you know, the president was wearing a tinfoil hat, Devin Nunes is off his rocker. You know, it's all coming to fruition.

CHARLIE HURT, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: It really is. I mean, remember everybody thought that Devin Nunes, he was behaving bizarrely and he was meeting with intelligence officials in various secure locations at the White House grounds. And all of the press is making fun of him.

And what we're seeing today is that, basically, all of the concerns that he's sort of hinted at back then a year ago, over a year ago, have came to fruition. And as Tom pointed out, even the Democrats are having to acknowledge that yes, indeed, they did insert a spy into the political campaign.

And I think it is absolutely unprecedented. We've, you know, we've heard of hence of this kind of thing back during the '60 and '70s. It was not, I would argue, it's not nearly as bad and as extensive as this. Because among other things, this these people are actually going, you know, they were actually actively punishing people, their political opponents which is shocking.

PIRRO: It is shocking. And the amazing part of it, Greg, is that, you know, you've got the, look, the Republicans now are looking at some people whose names we've only heard of, Bill Priestap. He is a guy who was the assistant director of the FBI counter-intelligence. He was (inaudible) boss. He helped changed the name from, you know, gross negligence to extremely careless. And you've Michael Steinbach and John Giacalone, or whatever, whatever his name is.

These are people at the upper Arsalan of the FBI, being called before Congress. Do you think they are to take the fifth? Do you think they're going to tell us what happened?

JARRETT: So far they have been obstructing the Judiciary Committee, as for a year been trying to question people high ranking officials of the FBI. And the FBI has been refusing. That is obstruction of Congress. It is a classic trope for people to claim that the FBI cannot talk about a pending investigation.

That is true except for Congress which has a constitutional duty and a right under a lawful subpoena to obtain this information and testimony. It's obstruction of Congress to fail to comply. And the president is right to demand as chief executive of the executive branch.

PIRRO: Of that branch.

JARRETT: That the DOJ and the FBI comply with the law.

PIRRO: All right. And, Tom Fitton, you know, I've given you a lot of credit in the past, you have done things that Congress hasn't been able to do. I mean, it's your determination and your perseverance in trying to get records, under for you, that has gotten things that Congress hasn't been able to get.

So, you know, right now, we've got the FBI and Department of Justice, as Greg says, who stone wall, they're stone walling, slow walking and saying they don't have records when in fact they do have records, and they have been lying. What does the president do at this point?

He is the chief executive, the FBI and Justice Department are under him. And what should he do to get this information out?

FITTON: He should order a mandatory declassification review of the documents within a reasonable amount of time, and have his lawyers in the White House Counsel's Office who are some outside experts that he trusts, review these records -- either withholdings and actually want to followup on, to make sure nothing is being withheld improperly.

You know, we've got these FOIA cases out there now. I mean, we're waiting on the text messages. There's a process now in court for these various text messages. He can order the Justice Department and FBI start complying with the transparency law. These agencies don't think they answer to the president, and they don't think they answer to Congress.

And I think what they are doing here, Judge, is they're protecting the Mueller operation which has its origins in all of these spying and FISA warrants, national security letter where they're taking up the phone records on the campaign, unmasking and use of Clinton DNC dossier. That's all part of Mueller's operation now and that's why they are resisting Congress because they know if that gets uncovered, Mueller's operation ends.

PIRRO: You know, Tom, I have been very critical of the fact that the Republicans are not doing anything. I mean, I'm not being critical with those in Congress who are doing as much as they can. But it is it time to get this thing rolling. It is time for consequence, accountability that's why Donald Trump is president.

And so, you know, I'll go to you, Charlie. I mean, what do you say to those people who have say, oh, these are just more hearings to make the Democrats look bad or to force these people to testify the things they don't want to testify to, and that they are protected national security issue.

HURT: They are stalling is what they're doing. They're all stalling. And, you know, you look back at all the egregious things, I would say call them crimes that were committed during campaign, and after the campaign.

Why did they do it? The reason they did it with such abandon, was because they thought that Hillary Clinton is going to win the election and none of this would ever come to light, with this matter.

PIRRO: Of course, we know that. So what do we do now?

HURT: And they're doing the same thing now, and they thing that they're going to win control in November, the Democrats will, and they can then go and cover all of it. I think the Tom Fitton is exactly right. What they -- the president should begin declassification everything, they should blow everything out into -- and have an absolutely show down because, you don't-- these people do work for the executive branch. That they are answerable to the legislative branch.

PIRRO: OK. And, Greg, final question to you. The significance of Strzok not testifying, is he cooperating?

JARRETT: No. If I were him I will cooperate. First of all, it's always important to tell the truth. And second of all, he's can got himself a deal because he is in serious legal jeopardy.


JARRETT: But, you know, this is a classic cover up that's taking place in Washington. They always claim a mantel of classified information. And then, when it's later unredacted, we find out it was a lie.

PIRRO: And you know what the problem is, Greg, and I have to add here, we have an absent attorney general, and that is a lost to the American people and the President.

Anyway, thank you, gentlemen. And coming up, President Trump doubles down on calling MS13 gang animals. Sebastian Gorka and Heraldo Rivera are next, as this special edition of "Hannity: Trump on Offense".


PIRRO: Welcome back to this special edition of Hannity.

Trump on offense. Early this week, President Trump participated in a roundtable discussion on immigration and MS-13 gangs. The president called MS-13 a menace and more. Take a look.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Crippling loopholes in our laws have enabled MS-13 gang members and other criminals to infiltrate our communities and Democrats in Congress refuse to close these loopholes including the disgraceful practice known as catch and release of MS-13 gang members.

I call them animals the other day and I was meet with rebuke. They said, they are people. They are not people. These are animals and we have to be very, very touch.


PIRRO: And during an interview on "Fox & Friends," the president explained why our laws need to be tougher against gangs like MS-13. Watch.


TRUMP: Everybody knows what goes on. These are vicious killers and they shouldn't be allowed into the country. The laws are horrible. We're bringing them out by the thousands as you know this. We're setting records, this is a record that I'm not even, I don't like talking about it because it's so ridiculous.

They shouldn't be in the country, but we are doing from the standpoint of law enforcement a great job. The Democrats are sticking up for MS-13. You heard Nancy Pelosi the other day like trying to find all sorts of reasons why they should be able to stay. These are stone cold killers, vicious killers.


PIRRO: Joining us now is Fox News national security strategist and former deputy assistant to President Trump Sebastian Gorka, and author of the Geraldo Show, Fox News correspondent at large, Geraldo Rivera.

All right, gentlemen, I understand, Geraldo, that what the president said about MS-13 was in reaction to what someone had said before about those MS-13 gang members and that's why I called them animals. Even you, a smart person like you, Geraldo, were caught off-guard thinking that the president was talking about everyone as animals. Take it back.

GERALDO RIVERA, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Well, the president's remarks were released piecemeal by people criticizing the president for using those hot button words like animal. And when I first read it, it was not in the context of MS-13. It was just, you know, I thought he was talking about immigrants generally and it was very disconcerting to.

And I complained about it. And I heard from Sean Hannity and others and said, no, read the context of the entire remarks. I was not working that day. So I read the context of their remarks and I quickly amended my statement.

I still think that when you use hot button words like savage or animal you got to be extremely careful that you are not demonizing an entire group and I think that that's what the Democrats seized on. I think the president in some cases creates more problems for himself than it's worth. But I do believe that every effort should be used to crush MS-13.

The president is absolutely right. They are a menace just as the bloods and creeps are a menace, you know, these other -- just like the mafia was a menace and the Russian mob is a menace. They are horrible people. They have no right to be in the country. We want -- they them behind bars or deported for sure. We just have to be careful not to paint with a broad brush.

PIRRO: You know, Dr. Gorka, when I was a judge, I sentenced someone. As I recall I think it was a murder sentence and I called the guy an animal, I said he belonged in a cage which is where I was sending him at the time, the prison. And I got a lot of heat for that.

You know, I think that one of the reasons that people love President Trump and that he is elected is because he is a straight talker. If you take a baseball ball to a 16-year-old and a machete and cut somebody up you are an animal.

And the most frustrating part is that in, I believe it was 2014 when there was this big influx from Central America, they were coming in and they were saying I am a Latin king I'm MS-13 I got all my tattoo and we were letting them in, should we have?

SEBASTIAN GORKA, NATIONAL SECURITY STRATEGIST, FOX NEWS: Look, I'm a little disappointed with Geraldo's, you know, non-apology. Geraldo, you met the president and how can you even pause for a millisecond that he thinks all immigrants are animals. He is married to an immigrant. It's absurd. The fact that he was taken out of context isn't an accident.

The New York Times and CBS had headlines where they said he called undocumented immigrants animals. That's a lie. These people are animals. He talked about MS-13 gang members. This is an organization that its name comes from the violent initiation ritual that you have to go through to become one of their killers.

So, yes, judge, it's amazing to have a president who finally talks the truth and has common sense and that's why he connects with the American people who know these people are killers and animals.

PIRRO: Geraldo, should President Obama have let them in knowing who they were. And everybody knows it to be a member of MS-13 you need to kill somebody, and generally rape someone in front of someone else and then kill them? Should the president have let them in?


RIVERA: I think that -- I think that historically, judge, we have to set the stage here.

PIRRO: No, I don't want to set the stage.

RIVERA: Wasn't it that 2004 that--

PIRRO: I want to talk about Obama.

RIVERA: Wait a second.

PIRRO: No, I'm asking you the question.

RIVERA: I know. But I want to talk about MS-13. MS-13 was really identified as this menacing organization relatively recently in 2004 during the George W. Bush administration.

PIRRO: Baloney, when I was a D.A. I knew they were animals. In 2014 we all knew they were animals. Now President Obama lets them in and said you have to let them in 2014.


RIVERA: I'm talking about-- I think that--

GORKA: This was--

RIVERA: The problem with inflammatory remarks like -- let me -- let me finish my sentence.

PIRRO: Go ahead.

RIVERA: The problem with -- the problem with inflammatory remarks like Dr. Gorka's attack on me just now is that it obscures the big issue.

PIRRO: What's the big issue?

RIVERA: What is the big issue? We as lawyers and people who care about law and order, we want the federal, state and local governments to use every tool in their possession to crush these criminal organizations.

They are organized criminal organizations who have no place in American society.

GORKA: Right.

RIVERA: We want them, immigrant or documented undocumented--


PIRRO: No, kidding, so what's your point?

RIVERA: Illegal citizens and gang bangers have to be crushed; they have no place in American society.

PIRRO: Right.

RIVERA: My point is very simple. When you talk about MS-13 a tiny sliver of the 11 million odd undocumented immigrants the danger is that you paint with a broad brush--


PIRRO: baloney.

RIVERA: -- and it has a racist conclusion.

PIRRO: That's baloney and you know it.

RIVERA: It isn't baloney. It isn't baloney. You may not agree with me but it is -- why do you think that the Democrats had the opening to attack the president and taking him out of context.


PIRRO: Because they lie all the time.

RIVERA: Because you got to be extremely careful.


RIVERA: It's just like -- just like the Italian people complained so bitterly for so many decades having painted by the broad bush of mafia with the stigma that weighed heavily on the Italian-American community.

This, the MS-13, every respectable Latino in this country wants MS-13 eradicated.


PIRRO: of course they do, and that's why we got to be straight shooters I have to say. But I want to finish this, Geraldo. When the truth is, that the immigrants, legal immigrants, illegal immigrants, the chamber maid, the person who's waiting on you, the person who's calling you. They want them gone, so let's call them what they care. I don't care if somebody misinterprets it.

It's about time to say this is right, this is wrong, this is, you know, this is legal and this is illegal.

RIVERA: I just want us to stop making everything about right, left, red, blue. This is something that everyone should stand united. Latinos come to this country the best majority law-abiding hardworking, they want to part of the American dream. They don't want to be, you know, rapists and murderers.


PIRRO: Yes. And you know what--

RIVERA: Every survey indicated the best majority.

PIRRO: And they work hard and they stay here and nobody is looking to get rid of those people. It's the criminal and the animals of MS-13.

RIVERA: Then you and I are absolutely in sync as we usually are.

PIRRO: Coming up -- thank you, Geraldo. President Trump continues to call out obstructionist Democrats. We'll play you the tape and get reaction from Charlie Kirk, Doug Schoen, and Gina Loudon as the special edition of "Hannity" continues.


JACKIE IBANEZ, CORRESPONDENT, FOX NEWS: Good evening. And live from America's news headquarters. I'm Jackie Ibanez in New York.

The meeting between President Trump and North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un might be back on. President Trump called off the planned meeting yesterday but said on Twitter this evening, "We are having very productive talks with North Korea about reinstating the summit which if it does happen will likely remain in Singapore on the same date June 12th. And if necessary will be extended beyond that date."

A Florida judge declaring that state law against smokeable medical marijuana is unconstitutional. Current state law allows medical marijuana to only be consumed orally or by vaping. But a judge today said Floridians have the right to use marijuana however it's recommended by the physicians including smoking in private places. Florida's Department of Health is appealing the judge's decision.

I'm Jackie Ibanez. Now back to "Hannity." For all of your headlines, log on to Have a great evening.


TRUMP: Democrats like to campaign as moderates at election time. But when they go to Washington, they always vote for the radical Pelosi agenda down the line.


TRUMP: Can you imagine having Nancy Pelosi as the speaker of the House? Can you imagine? We will need to elect more members was Congress who will protect life, support our military, and secure our borders and grow our economy and continue making America great again.

But if Democrats gain power, they will try to reverse the incredible gains. These are historic gains. They will try and reverse many of them.


PIRRO: Welcome back to the special edition of Hannity. That was President Trump earlier this week warning Americans what will happen if Democrats win in this year's midterm elections.

And the president continued this morning, today tweeting quote, "Democrats are so obviously rooting against us in our negotiations with North Korea just like they are coming to the defense of MS-13 thugs saying that they are individuals and must be nurtured. Or asking to end your big tax cut and raise your taxes instead. Dems have lost touch."

But according to former Clinton pollster and Fox News contributor Doug Schoen it's the Democrats who could be in trouble.

He wrote an article earlier this week titled, quote, "A civil war is looming for Democrats. Primary results Tuesday in four states explain why." Doug joins us now, but also with us is radio talk show host and member of President trump's media advisory board, Gina Loudon, and Turning Point USA founder, Charlie Kirk.

All right, Doug, let's start with you. Talk to me about your article.

DOUG SCHOEN, CONTRIBUTOR, FOX NEWS: Well, what I'm saying is you've got the progressives who very sadly reflect much of what Donald Trump was saying, then you have moderates like me who believe, no, we don't cuddle MS-13. They are animals and need to be called as such and need to be gotten out of here any way we can, who we make it clear that we don't want Nancy Pelosi as a speaker like Conor Lamb in Pennsylvania.

We want pro-growth agenda, we don't want redistribution, we want compromise on health care and we want compromise on immigration. Put simply, the Democrats can win he House as moderates. They can't win a so-called leftist progressives.

PIRRO: And what are the primary results this past Tuesday prove?

SCHOEN: Well, they prove two things. First, a number of moderates who were outsiders did prevail. The week before it was mostly progressives winning. So we're having a fight about message and where the Democrats come down, judge is they come down just resisting Trump. To win they need a positive pro-growth inclusive agenda.

PIRRO: Isn't that interesting, wasn't that Hillary Clinton's problem that's--



PIRRO: -- for 2016.

SCHOEN: She had no message.

PIRRO: No message.

SCHOEN: She couldn't be. But there is a traditional Democratic message. I'm a Bill Clinton Democrat and we did win with a balanced budget, we did do it with welfare reform and those are the Democrats that I speak to and stand up for.

PIRRO: All right. Gina Loudon, you know, the left is unfortunately, you know, is siding with MS-13. North Korea, rooting for North Korea and saying, you know, we're going to raise your taxes. I mean, can they possibly win?

GINA LOUDON, MEMBER, TRUMP 2020 CAMPAIGN MEDIA ADVISORY BOARD: You know, in my profession going back years as somebody who does psychological analysis I've seen derangement and people lose touch many times. But I can honestly tell you that in America and even in history, we rarely see an entire population of people so out of touch, that as you point to, judge, that they would pick MS-13 members over American angel moms who lost their children, or a higher taxes over trying American economy or for crying out loud nuclear war with North Korea over peace.

It doesn't even make sense. And as you watch this whole spygate thing goes down -- go down, it begins to remind you a little bit of ghoul (Ph) about at the end of the ring, when you are just watching this self-annihilation happening you feel really bad because it's so grotesque. And you look at decent people out there who just disagree with you like political like Doug, and it's hard to watch.

PIRRO: Well, you know, I don't know, you don't disagree, do you? I mean, aren't you in agreement that tax cuts are good?

SCHOEN: Yes, I would have actually done more tax cuts for individuals, less for big business. But yes, and we reduce the capital gains. Tax cuts were those working--


PIRRO: And MS-13 they're animals, aren't they?

SCHOEN: Look, we got to get rid of them.

PIRRO: OK. I think you are great.


SCHOEN: This isn't politics.

PIRRO: Good, good. All right. Let me go to Charlie. Charlie, what do the Dems have to do? You know, let me start with this premise.

Every first term president midterm always loses, his party always loses and that is almost a historical precedent mandate given. Is that going to happen this time?

CHARLIE KIRK, FOUNDER, TURNING POINT USA: No, I mean, the Democrats have found a way to mess that up. They are doing very well in the general ballot originally but they've -- now you see the Republicans are leading.

And look, Doug, you are old school Democrat, my friend. The Democratic Party of today is not the Democrat Party that you're describing. You're describing like a moderate Republican agenda for America. The modern day Democrat Party they want universal health care for all, they want a 90 percent income tax. They're socialist like.

Bernie Sanders won the primary rightfully and Hillary Clinton stole it from him. So, your blend and your breed of the Democrat Party that's nearly gone extinct.


SCHOEN: I'm trying to bring it back.

KIRK: No, good for you. I'm just going to say you have an uphill battle because the socialist are having much more success than the moderates right now in the base of the Democrat Party.

The final point I'll say is this. This pathological resistance to President Trump is going to hurt them badly in November. I always joke around. What's the Democrat message going to be? Bring back ISIS, raise your taxes and restart the Korean War.

SCHOEN: Come on.

KIRK: I say it fictitiously, Doug.

SCHOEN: That's not fair. That's not fair.

KIRK: I say it fictitiously but you have seen in the last week, you've seen Democrats defend MS-13, you've seen them defend Hamas just because of their pathological resistance to this president and you have to say at what point are they going to finally recognize there is some good coming out of this White House.

PIRRO: And you know, Doug, you can't deny that most of them were rooting for North Korea. You know, they were making fun of the president. The president is clearly negotiating in this difficult water and he's making a difference, I think.

SCHOEN: Look, I applauded like most right thinking Americans when the summit was on. When we stood up in Singapore to plan, the president did the only thing he could which was to pull out. I think like, again, every right thinking American, I want and hope the summit is on, but I do not stand with Hamas. I do not stand with our enemies like MS-13.

I stand with Israel and making Jerusalem the eternal indivisible capital of the United -- of Israel. I'm sorry.


KIRK: Zero Democrats want that.

SCHOEN: I misspoke.

KIRK: Zero Democrats want that.

PIRRO: Gina, I just -- I just have 15 seconds, Gina, you know, I think that we can all agree that this is really more this next election is not just about one person, it's about the direction that we want to take the country. And I think we're in that direction now. I don't think it's going to change, do you think?

LOUDON: I think that this is madness right now that's why the president is polling is so extremely high, much higher than Obama let's not forget at this point.

And I think I'm afraid this big blue wave that they were depending on is going to be more like a big blue wet blanket, judge. I don't think they're going to pull anything off in the midterms.

PIRRO: All right. Thanks so much to all of you.

KIRK: Thank you.

PIRRO: And coming up, more of this special edition of Hannity right after the break. Stay with us.


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