Timely Lesson in Cell Phone Etiquette

I'm on a train heading up to New York and, for much of the trip, there's this guy screaming into a cell phone.

Now, I've witnessed this kind of behavior before and I know I've shared such stories with you before as well. But this one beats them all.

Not only is the guy loud, at one point he asks the group next to him to quiet down so "he" can talk — more like scream — on the phone.

Because I mean this dude is chewing out whoever is on the other end. He's blasting away: "That's not what I asked for! And you know that's not what I asked for!"

I felt for whoever was on the receiving end of his wrath. Frankly, I think you can measure the character of a person by his decibel level on a cell phone and what he imparts in private, or in this case, very much in public.

All I know is eventually things got so heated and he got so angry, he actually left the rail car to continue chewing this person out in whatever they call that passageway between rail cars.

I half wanted to see the thing split open and this guy splat onto the tracks below. No such luck. He's still screaming. Still ranting. Still quite audible. And apparently still that way with no matter who was on the other end.

It sounded like he had to take a call coming in from what seemed his wife, girlfriend: "No, don't bother me now... I'm on a very important sales call... just handle it! I'll be home to go over this with you tonight."

I'm thinking to myself, if this is his wife, leave him, or kill him. Maybe leave him, "then" kill him.

I'm just delighted they're not going to allow these things on airplanes now, after all. My luck, this dude would be the one sitting next to me.

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