Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine:

Ticket Twist

Some Barack Obama supporters have been told they must complete six hours of volunteer work by Friday if they want a seat at Denver's Invesco Field for the senator's Democratic nomination a cceptance speech. The Rocky Mountain News reports a campaign phone message says volunteering makes one eligible for a ticket, but does not guarantee one.

Well, that phone message is not going over too well.

One applicant says: "It's not fair. It's elitist. And they need to practice what they are preaching." And another calls the conditions "blackmail," adding he was told to volunteer for 12 hours to have a shot at two tickets for the August 28 event.

The campaign originally said the tickets were free and that it hoped to fill half the stadium with Coloradans. An Obama spokesman says only those who indicated on their application they would volunteer have been asked to do so. But no one has explained the phone messages indicating a service requirement for a ticket.

Warehouse Woes

If mass arrests occur during the Democratic Convention, those taken into custody may be jailed in a warehouse. A Denver TV station reports the city-owned location is equipped with dozens of metal cages made out of chain-link fence and topped with barbed wire. There is even a sign reading: "Warning! Electric stun devices used in this facility."

Protesters are calling the warehouse essentially "Gitmo." And one demonstrator says it is "very reminiscent of a political prisoner camp."

Captain Frank Gale of the Denver Sheriff's Department calls it a "secured environment." The TV station says officials had planned to keep the lockup a secret for a while longer.

Too Much Skin?

A Saudi cleric is criticizing the Beijing Olympic Games, referring to them as "the bikini" Olympics that please the devil.

The Middle East Media Research Institute reports Sheikh Muhammad Al-Munajid says in a television interview: "How come modern sports involve the exposure of private parts?" And adds: "No exposure of women's private parts on a global scale could make Satan happier than Olympic Games that include women's sports. It is an enormous satanic issue."

Earlier this month we told you since Saudi Arabia began competing in 1972, it has sent 166 athletes to the Olympics — none of whom were women.

Bikini Diplomacy

Away from the destruction in their homeland, the Georgian women's beach volleyball team beat the Russians today at the Olympics. The New York Times reports there was little animosity before the match, as the two sides shared hugs.

But after the Georgians won, the mood changed.

You see, Cristine Santanna and Andrezza Chagas were actually born and live in Brazil. They were offered Georgian citizenship two years ago to promote the game there.

One of the Russians said: "We're not actually playing against the Georgian team." The other added: "If they were Georgian it certainly would be interesting. But they are not. They don't know who is the president of Georgia, I am sure."

The Georgians took offense, saying they not only know who the president is, but that he signed their passports. One said: "I'm very proud today, not only because it was against Russia, because we played well out there."

FOX News Channel's Zachary Kenworthy contributed to this report.