Those in Glass Houses...

I yap a lot on this program, but here's one thing you'll never hear me say: Eat a salad.

The way I figure it, those who live in glass houses might avoid picking up stones and those at a buffet, a fork. That is, unless you're Bill Clinton.

Look, on the subject of food, Clinton is actually the ideal guy to impart advice. He's lost weight — looks fit. And after this heart scare, he has a right — even a duty — to scare folks into getting in shape. Here's where he does not: the issue of secrecy. And, more to the point, lecturing Dick Cheney on the issue of secrecy.

This past weekend, Clinton was on ABC discussing the vice president's infamous quail hunting accident and said, "I think the White House should have said something about it sooner."

This from the man who had to be dragged kicking and screaming about a relationship with a certain intern... and only then, when it became apparent that intern had a certain dress.

But that didn't stop Clinton from adding, "I think it's gotten a little more light than it would have because the administration has an enormous penchant for secrecy, for not telling anybody about anything."


This from the guy who had an almost bunker mentality on all things Monica. And he's lecturing Cheney?

Best as I can figure, Cheney accidentally shot somebody and — unlike the guy criticizing him — he spent more time worrying about the guy he shot than Clinton did worrying about the young woman he took advantage of or the nation he lied to.

I'm not saying Cheney couldn't have handled this matter better. I'm just saying Clinton is the last person suggesting he should have.

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