The Value of Being Likeable

I heard today that Hillary Clinton's campaign is focusing on her likeability. That she really is likable.

I have no idea.

But on this whole likeability thing, I most definitely have an idea.

It's important. In fact, it's everything.

You aren't likable as a candidate, you're going nowhere as a candidate.

I think the whole appeal to Mike Huckabee is the fact he is likable. In fact, he's very likable.

Now his critics are combing his record to point out he has said and done some very unlikable things. Which only seems to make them more unlikable, not Mike.

That stuff matters.

Bosses rarely groom people they don't like or people they fear their investors or employees won't like.

Likeability won it for President Bush against John Kerry four years ago, even among those who acknowledged he otherwise lost the debates on substantive issues.

But on that intangible issue of who appeared warmer or friendlier, the president had it down. John Kerry did not.

I don't know if these things are fair, or accurate, or even right. Just that they are.

You can say your candidate is likable. But that doesn't make them likable.

People know it in their gut. Or they don't.

And I'm not saying the best presidents are the most likable.

I am saying they'd never be president in the first place if they were not.

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