The United Nations and the Violence in the Middle East

On September 2, 2004, the U.N. Security Council passed Resolution 1559, which stated in part, all Lebanese and non-Lebanese militias must be disbanded and disarmed.

In order to monitor that, the U.N. continued to support a force of about 2,000 in Southern Lebanon.

Hezbollah was a target of that action, of course. And how did Hezbollah respond? Well, it brought in thousands of long range missiles and aimed them at Israel. — Doesn't sound like disarming to me.

So once again, the U.N. failed in its mission, as it failed in Iraq, Rwanda, Somalia, the Balkans, and just about everywhere else it has attempted to keep the peace.

But undaunted by that failure, U.N. boss Kofi Annan continues to peddle influence. His solution to the outbreak of fighting after Hezbollah attacked Israel is to urge a ceasefire. That, of course, would mean that Hezbollah's rockets stay right where they are, because the U.N. can't or won't disarm the group. If you were Israel, would you make that deal?

There's no question the Bush administration wants Israel to hurt Hezbollah as much as it can. Now that's because the president believes there's a "World War" going on, and all these Islamic terror groups are linked. They might not have the same goals, but they are bent on killing Jews and Americans.

Remember this scene in the West Bank immediately after 9/11? There were plenty of Muslims all over the world, who were very happy to see 3,000 Americans murdered by Al Qaeda. Scenes like these are a grim reminder of what the USA is facing around the world.

The far left in America says it's our fault. The Bush policies created terrorism and feed it. If only we had a progressive outlook, the terror war would vanish.

Kofi Annan doesn't go that far, but he did condemn Israel last night for a bombing that killed four U.N. soldiers in Lebanon. First Annan said the Israelis did it on purpose. Today, he backed away from that.

But it is obvious that the U.N. is not part of the solution to the War on Terror. The organization simply cannot enforce anything. So it is left to us, America, to take the lead against the Islamic fascists bent on creating havoc in the world.

Unfortunately, some Americans are not on board with that for a variety of reasons.

Meantime, death and destruction continues in the Middle East, Iraq and Afghanistan, with no end in sight.

And that's "The Memo."

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

As we have been reporting, professional standards have broken down at many newspaper operations and we spotlight them occasionally for you.

At The Oregonian newspaper in Portland, far-left TV writer Peter Ames Carlin is rarely fair. His latest Valentine to me says "O'Reilly is an expert employer of personal attacks, questioning his targets' sanity and morals as aggressively as he picks apart their positions".

As usual, Carlin fails to provide any examples to back up his attack, but that's par for the cause for this guy.

At The Guardian newspaper in London, it's even worse. That socialist operation continues to spout incredible nonsense: "O'Reilly is famous for his right-wing tirades, calling for Al Qaeda to attack liberal San Francisco."

Sure. Ridiculous off the chart but it happens every single day.