The Slippery Slope of Political Correctness

You know what bugs me about this Wendy's trans fat thing? Not that it's not the physically correct thing to do. It is. But that it's the politically correct thing to do. And it shouldn't.

When we cave to those who tell us what we should eat, we're swallowing a lot more than food.

We're swallowing our pride, our individuality, our very freedom of choice.

We're swallowing what made us Americans. Americans who know when they walk into a fast food restaurant they're not there to score points with Jack La Lanne.

Americans who know that they can order a burger or a salad. Their choice. Their consequences. We became who we are not protecting us from ourselves, but being ourselves. Many of us are fat not because of Wendy's, but because of us.

Now there are those who want to protect us... from us. They're policing our food, policing what's put in our food and policing whether we even get that food.

They say they are doing this for our own good. Be careful of such good intentions. Social states are built on what governments think is in our interests, if not in our stomachs.

All I'm saying is a government big enough to dictate what we eat, isn't that far from dictating how we think.

We live in a world where restaurants would rather switch oils than fight lawsuits.

It should be enough to make us all lose our appetites. Because let me tell you something, we're losing something even more: our country.

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