The Real Obama: Saul Alinsky connection

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST OF "HANNITY": Now, what worked in 2008 for Barack Obama is not going to work in 2012, because this time around he has a record to run on and we are vetting it right here on "The Real Obama." And somebody else was doing this work was conservative new media pioneer, our friend, the late Andrew Breitbart.

And before his passing, Andrew penned one final column, highlighting a controversial gathering of left-wingers back in 1998. And according to the Chicago Sun-Times, the event that then-State Senator Barack Obama agreed to appear at was a play called, "The Love Song of Saul Alinsky."

And although the main attraction of the night was the performance honoring the life and the times of left-wing radical Saul Alinsky, the post-game show included a real panel discussion featuring Senator -- although they said Barack Obama -- but it was Barack Obama as well as some of Alinsky's closest friends and even yes, a handful of communist sympathizers.

Here to help vet the president in tonight's installment of "The Real Obama," we have the editor-at-large of, Joel Pollack, and the editor-in-chief of, Ben Shapiro. Guys, welcome back.


HANNITY: You know, didn't you love the coverage after you showed the tape of him hugging Professor Bell. And -- but it's just a hug -- ignoring the radical views of Professor Bell, which was, let's see, my model in life is to live to harass white people. The white boys talking about tenure; his praise of a racist and anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan.

You bring that up, and you say, well, the hug is significant because of who he was hugging, the radical views that Professor Bell had. What was your reaction to this?

HANNITY: What was the reaction you were seeing?

BEN SHAPIRO, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, BREITBART.COM: Well it was shocking to me certainly.


SHAPIRO: And it was shocking. I mean, again, the media covered it up and it was a -- it wasn't just vetting the president. This was vetting the media. Clearly the media didn't do its job here. And the same thing holds true here with "The Love Song of Saul Alinsky."

This stuff has been out there for a long time. I mean, people could've gotten it. And there is a tape, by the way, of the actual play which is being covered up. And by the way, this week we’ve spent a fair bit of time vetting President Obama and what he --


HANNITY: Well, what do you what do you mean it's being covered up Ben?


HANNITY: What do you mean --?

HANNITY: It's there, available.

SHAPIRO: -- person who --

HANNITY: -- we can't get a hold of it.

SHAPIRO: That's right. The person who is in charge of the theater has told us that she -- we have a source, who, she told that she didn't want to release the tape because she's a political believer in 'Baraka Obama.'

HANNITY: Well, that is what they said in the thing. All right. Now, why, Joel, do you think this is significant? And again, it's -- seems to be just an ongoing thing. You know, Professor Bell, Saul Alinsky, ACORN community organizer, Father Pfleger, Reverend Wright, Ayers and Dohrn, and then how he has governed, which is radical left? What do you think this play says?

JOEL POLLAK, EDITOR AT LARGE, BREITBART.COM: That is exactly right.; It's exactly right because, it not only goes to what he believed at the time, which the media avoided or tried not to cover, but it also goes to how he governed.

And Obama still says, in the White House, look, I'm still a community organizer. And when you talk about things like the war on women and the class warfare, the 99 percent, all of that is part of Barack Obama's community organizing.

That's the relevance of his authority on Alinsky, which is why he wasn't just on the panel, but on the poster. You know, he is doing this all the time. The left likes to say, this conservative is using a dog whistle. This is a dog whistle campaign. He starts his campaign speech on class warfare in Osawatomie, Kansas, the site of a famous battle by John Brown, but also the name of the Weather Underground newspaper.These are all signals to his left wing base that he's still the class warrior. He still is the community organizer he was back in 1998.

HANNITY: Explain the connection between the Alinsky model and Barack Obama?

POLLACK: The Alinsky model was basically turn everything upside- down, use outrageous tactics, keep the other side --

HANNITY: Targeted, isolated. All these things we've talked about.

POLLACK: All of that, personalize, freeze and destroy. That’s what Obama has done with Rush Limbaugh. That's what he's done with any number of people, whether it's complaining about doctors chopping people's feet off or whether it's going after the Cambridge Police Department.

Whoever it is, Obama wants to distract by going after a particular personal target a private citizen and aiming the collective might of the mainstream media at that person. We’ve said to the mainstream media, hang on, you need to be vetting the president as well as the other candidates. You need to do your job. Instead of which, they are trying to shut us out, but we keep putting a story forward at

HANNITY: This is interesting. We're laying a foundation because we're going to do this every night until election night. So we're laying the foundation of where Barack Obama developed his views, his campaign promises, his broken promises and then his record as president.

So for those that are saying, all right, why are you talking about some things in the past because I don't think the media Ben, didn't do this in 2008 and I don't think they are going to do it this time either. You know, I think the reason is -- I think all these, you know, NBC, ABC, all has to guys that won't vet Obama are sucking up to him because they all want interviews?

SHAPIRO: That is exactly right. They built a glass wall around him and the job of citizen journalists, but it's our job to pick up hammers and start beating at the glass wall.

And that's all true for all politicians not just Obama, but the fact is, yes, his philosophy matters and yes, his roots matters. And the reason it matters is because we see it being carried forth into the White House each and every day. He says to his friends, look, I'm still a community organizer. He’s community organizing America. He wants fundamental change. In order for to us understand what he means by fundamental change, we have to understood what he has always meant by fundamental change. That means radical change in extreme left direction.

HANNITY: Three parts we're going to look at his past, how he developed his ideology and then we're going to look at promises as a candidate.

We're going to look what promises were broken and then we're going to look at his failed record. That's all coming up. We'll vet the president every night and the media, by the way, from now until Election Day. Thanks, guys for being with us.


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