The Problem of Criminal Illegal Aliens is Now at the Tipping Point

An alleged terror attack smashed: that is the subject of this evening's Talking Points Memo.

In just a few moments, Steve Emerson will have the inside story about six Muslims allegedly planning to attack U.S. soldiers at Fort Dix, New Jersey.

The reporting on this is interesting: Three of the suspects are illegal aliens, yet as of this afternoon, a few news agencies like NBC and UPI didn't even mention that.

Also, pro-immigration newspapers like The Denver Post and The Dallas Morning News failed to mention the illegal alien angle on their Web sites. — Just thought you'd like to know.

The problem of criminal illegal aliens is now at a tipping point in the USA. As you know, pressure on Virginia Beach authorities forced them to revoke their sanctuary policy and begin reporting criminal aliens to the Feds.

Yesterday, 14 suspected aliens were arrested in Virginia Beach. And the Feds were informed. So good progress is being made at least in the Tidewater area.

But there is no question that the liberal present in America doesn't want to focus on criminal illegal aliens, even if they may be planning terror attacks. Even though a poll in The Virginian- Pilot newspaper showed 92 percent of the folks there wanted the sanctuary policy to end, here's what pilot/editorial writer Roger Chesley said. "Irresponsible media blowhards such as Bill O'Reilly have said Virginia Beach's policies on illegal immigrants were too lenient. This week, [Chief] Jacocks changed the policy, and police will now ask the immigration status even on misdemeanors.

"But as demagogues seek to boost their ratings, they've — as usual— willfully oversimplified the issue. With an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants in the USA, many here for years, there is no easy solution."

Well, what that means is Mr. Chesley has no solutions to the problem of criminal illegal aliens. He despises me because I brought the needless deaths of two teenage Virginia Beach girls killed by a drunk criminal alien directly to the folks. And the insane sanctuary policy was changed.

But Chesley and others like him don't care about solving dangerous problems. They want to feel good about themselves. They want to be compassionate. Not to the families of the dead girls, but to an image of the downtrodden.

Roger Chesley epitomizes the intellectual dishonesty that had led this nation to ignore a catastrophe. There is anarchy in the immigration zone. And the government sits there doing little.

If tough measures are taken, even against criminal aliens, the Chesleys of the world trot out the demagogue label or even worse.

Americans need to begin holding media like The Virginian-Pilot, NBC News, and other distortion factories accountable.

If you can't get an accurate news story about three illegal aliens arrested for a terror plot in New Jersey, this country's in big trouble.

I know where the media problem likes in America. And it ain't here.

And that's "The Memo."

Most Ridiculous Item

Once again, elements at NBC News are attacking FOX News Channel, desperately trying to prop up their dismal ratings.

Last week, ABC News beat NBC News by the largest margin in nearly two years, as Charles Gibson is really hammering Brian Williams.

And a new Gallup poll explains why: While Mr. Gibson enjoys strong approval ratings across the ideological spectrum, Mr. Williams has lost the confidence of many traditional conservative news watchers. That's because NBC News has moved sharply to the left, especially on its cable channels. It's no accident that their presidential debate bombed in the ratings as most Americans want a fair playing field.

With "The Today Show" also losing audience and NBC's entertainment decision dead last, analysts are wondering how long Jeffrey Immelt, the CEO of parent company G.E., will allow the situation to continue to deteriorate.

Now, we have nothing against the people at NBC News. Most of them are pros. But by mixing a committed left ideology into its presentation, that organization has badly hurt itself. And it might be ridiculous.