The Pro-Amnesty Forces Take a Hit in the Polls

The pro-amnesty forces take a hit in the polls. A brand new FOX News Opinion Dynamics poll asked in response to a day without immigrants on Monday, the USA should do what? Improve border security, make illegal citizens or mixed?

Sixty-three percent of Americans said improve border security. Twenty-one percent believe illegal immigrants should become citizens. And 12 percent say both. Obviously, a huge vote for tighter enforcement of immigration law.

In response, some pro-amnesty people are lashing out. One of the leaders of the Minutemen got into this confrontation.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You are only creating violence. You are only creating violence.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: KKK, go home! KKK, go home! KKK, go home!


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: KKK, go home! KKK, go home!


O'REILLY: Very nasty. And the University of Minnesota instructor said this.


SUSANA DE LEON, UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA INSTRUCTOR: People from Europe are wetbacks, man! Their back's so wet because they have to cross an ocean to get here. You know, I am so thankful that our ancestors saved your (bleep).


O'REILLY: University of Minnesota should be very proud.

And far-left newspaper columnists like Andres Oppenheimer in a Miami Herald continue to brand people opposed to blanket amnesty as anti-Hispanic, very dishonest, very telling.

Now "Talking Points" believes the American people should decide who can become citizens and who cannot. The politicians in Washington should be listening to the folks on this issue.

Reasonable people can compromise, but one thing is perfectly clear. As Richard Nixon used to say, most Americans want the borders secure. And President Bush should be getting that message. He must step up and lead on this issue, because the ideologues in Congress will not. They're either hiding or demagoguing.

Also, politicians should not make the mistake of relying on the media for their stance on illegal immigration. The American press has moved sharply to the left and media is completely out of touch on the amnesty issue. Both sides are angry, but only pro-amnesty ire is seen on the TV news.

However, every poll says the same thing — securing the border is a must. After that, we can talk.

Exploiting the race card in this debate is simply unacceptable. And those who continue to do that will be exposed on this broadcast. Debate is fine, smears are not. And that's "The Memo."

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Defense Secretary Rumsfeld was heckled by some antiwar protesters in Atlanta today. Here's what happened.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I cannot stay silent. This man deserves to be in prison for your war lies.



O'REILLY: Three protester were escorted away by security. Ridiculous? Of course it is. Just let the guy talk. All right?